skellatcanthus13 thafreak Derath-Srvr TheErk Ping20:06
skellatcanthus13: Hello20:14
skellatJust trying to an alternate route than e-mail to follow-up after the ReLoCo leads inquiries were sent out two weeks ago trying to see how the ReLoCos are doing and if they're still active20:15
canthus13skellat: There never really has been a Toledo reloco.  I got put into it as a placeholder more than anything. :/20:23
skellatcanthus13: Okay20:23
skellatThank you.  You're the second person to respond.20:23
skellatWe may have ReLoCos out there but they don't seem to exist anywhere that can be found or communicated with20:24
Unit193Just soon-to-be two here locally, soo...20:24
skellat"We have over 400 members claimed.  45% choose to receive mailing list e-mail.  0.05% are active in the IRC channel."20:25
skellatI'm still in the middle of writing out the explanation of next steps.20:26
skellatAnd I do think before the end of the month we're going to have a telephone conference call via TalkShoe.20:27
skellatAnd Cheri is gone20:28
Unit193She'll be back, it was a quit not a part.20:28
skellatUnit193: Alrighty20:29
skellatWe've got a release coming Thursday and not enough people in one geographic area to round up for a release party20:30
skellatI dunno.  Are there enough people who could converge on Cleveland Friday or Saturday?20:32
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skellatStatewide Conference Call (Raring Ringtail Release Party) is set for Thursday night at 9 PM via TalkShoe.com.  Call-in to 724-444-7444, conference ID is 127739, then hit 1# unless you have a TalkShoe account.  Everybody joins the call muted initially.  No set length for the event.22:14
Unit193For what reason?23:30
skellatUnit193: For what reason what?23:39
skellatAs to everybody being muted initially, it just allows for a clean start to the event23:41

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