InHisNamemorning after pacs11:14
bts3685|vpsso... hi everyone13:55
bts3685|vpsit's been like three years at least since i said anything iin here13:57
SadinNo worries i havent been on in moths13:59
bts3685|vpsalso, i think udev might be going crazy. or my keyboard might be dying. it's randomly inserting multiple "i"'s.14:01
rmg51bts3685|vps, did you miss us?14:05
bts3685|vpsi did! i'm finally back in philly. living in philly proper now, so i can actually make it to meetings!14:05
rmg51we have meetings?14:06
bts3685|vpswell, moreso for PLUG14:06
rmg51we are slowly becoming N.J.14:09
bts3685|vpshow so?14:09
rmg51nothing going on14:09
bts3685|vpsi blame pleia214:10
rmg51and any one else that moved away ;-)14:11
* bts3685|vps coughs14:11
bts3685|vpsLOOK! A DIVERSION!14:11
* bts3685|vps runs away14:11
rmg51and those that just gave up14:11
rmg51and no more PennBot :P14:12
bts3685|vpspennbot nooooo14:12
bts3685|vpswha happen :(14:12
rmg51blame pleia214:13
rmg51poor PennBot was sucking up too many resources14:14
rmg51she killed him14:14
bts3685|vpswas sucking up too many resources.14:14
bts3685|vpswhat the hell is she doing on that box that she needs so much resources? mining bitcoins?14:15
rmg51if she ever rolls out of bed you can ask her14:16
bts3685|vpspff it's 0717 there, i can wait a bit. haha14:18
ChinnoDogbts! You are alive!14:45
bts3685|vpsi am!14:49
bts3685|vpsand in philly proper!14:49
ChinnoDogWhere have you been? Why are you back?15:01
ChinnoDogWill you continue drinking the last beer at fine Philly establishments that are closing their doors forever?15:01
bts3685|vpsi was in louisiana, then the suburbs again, i'm in north central now. i kind of really missed PA, as weird as it sounds.15:03
bts3685|vpsand possibly, if you know of any. :)15:03
bts3685|vpsalso! i was in management for my company but i switched depts to operations. i'm a sysadmin now! and we don't have static schedules, so i'm a lot more flexible!15:03
ChinnoDogManagement to operations is an interesting move.15:07
bts3685|vpsi hated my job.15:07
bts3685|vps(i kind of hate *people*)15:07
bts3685|vpsso it was really for the best15:07
MutantTurkeysundays are quiet at drexel17:31
MutantTurkeyI caved in and borrowed my roommates headphones17:39
MutantTurkeysame as my ones, except mine needs a new cable17:39
MutantTurkeyI'm back in glorious clear audio17:39

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