tjaaltonwhy can't he stay on the channel for a bit longer..00:14
tjaaltonthe ppa should just work now00:14
erapp_000_i'm here tjaalton 00:17
erapp_000_windows blue is just stupid00:18
erapp_000_i checked the ppa a few hours ago against a fresh raring daily. no go.00:18
tjaaltonerapp_000_: and?00:19
tjaaltonjust keep one nick :)00:19
erapp_000_i'm juggling 2 machines atm00:20
tjaaltonabout to crash myself, so guess you're on your own00:21
erapp_000_thanks, i'll try again00:21
erapp_000_i must be overlooking something00:21
tjaaltonI'll check tomorrow if there are any issues left00:22
=== erapp_000_ is now known as llstarks
bjsnidereverybody in here is llstarks02:10
Sarvattllstarks: if you're here in any form you have something installed not compatible with xorg-video-abi-14 keeping it held back, maybe an old nvidia package or virtualbox04:16
tjaaltonoh debian backported drm from 3.4.x to the wheezy kernel, and now someone is basically asking us to do the same07:33
tjaaltonfor precise07:34
jcristausorry :)08:48
tjaaltontoo bad that the backport stack(s) are not discoverable to 12.04{,.1} users09:34
llstarksping bryce and mlankhorst: http://i.imgur.com/vLFnnur.jpg23:19
llstarks|sparex-staging reqs libudev0 (not in raring archive) and the drivers built against the new abi23:57
llstarks|sparefigured this out the hard way23:57

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