trender  __04:54
trender  U04:56
trender  __05:56
Cantidegood morning '<05:57
trenderwhy up so early on a sunday ?05:58
trendermissus kick you out the bed ?05:58
Cantidei was up at around 6ish06:03
Cantidegoing to bed at 10 helps with that06:03
Cantidetomorrow i need to be up at 04:40 because I have an interview at 05:3006:03
trenderyea up early here as well06:03
Cantideso i need to keep my routine06:03
Cantidei'm not one to stay in bed once i'm wide awake :p06:04
Kilosmorning all06:36
henkjmornign kilos06:36
Kiloshey yourself06:37
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Kiloshehe hows henkj today06:38
henkjwork woke me up at 1206:38
Kiloswhat broke06:39
henkjone server that broke a few other services06:39
Kilosis it fixed?06:40
henkjI think so, turns out there wasn't anything I could do06:40
henkjI was woken up because my service was affected06:40
Symmetriaugh :( this rain must stop 07:01
SymmetriaI just want a few days where I dont have to deal with pissing rain, its driving me crazy07:01
Symmetriaseriously thinking of getting on a plane and going somewhere, anywhere, where its not raining ;p07:02
Symmetriamorning 07:05
trendero sign of rain this side07:05
trenderno sign of rain07:05
Symmetria;p sorry Im just grumpy, lol, it pissed with rain in Nairobi for a solid week and a half, and I mean, hectic hectic rain07:05
SymmetriaI fly back to east london, and its pissing with rain ever since I got back07:05
Symmetriaand I just checked the weather for the next 2 weeks in Nairobi where Im flying back to in a weeks time, and they got rain forecast for the next 2 weeks 07:06
trendereast london is like a small dorpie ?07:06
trenderthink i was up theare years ago on work07:07
Symmetriaheh yeah, small town, but I prefer to live here, means I get a break from the constant traffic, rush and other bullshit I put up with in every other big city I travel to07:07
Symmetriaheh, and since I spend probably less time in town than out of town these days it works out ok :)07:08
trenderyea i prefer that as well07:08
Symmetriaheh got back on friday from a week and a half in .ke, and flying back there in a weeks time07:08
trenderi dont like to travel anymore07:09
trendertime to retire on the plaas07:09
Symmetriaheh I dont mind travelling dependant on where07:10
SymmetriaI have zero desire to travel to the US or Europe 07:10
Symmetriatravelling around africa on the other hand, thats worth doing07:10
trendereish who does07:10
Symmetriathere are sights and sounds in Africa that are hard to explain to anyoen who hasnt been there07:11
Symmetriasomething about standing meters away from a giant silverback who looks at you, then wanders up to you and touches your face that is a little awe inspiring 07:11
trenderyup right before it rips your head off07:12
Symmetrialol nah, those gorillas are pretty cool with people07:12
trendertry hang on to an apple07:14
trenderim sure it will rip yer arm off to get the fruit07:14
Symmetrianah, gorillas are highly intelligent creatures actually07:15
Symmetriayou never watched gorillas in the mist?07:15
trendersmat enough to rip yer arm off and beat you with it :)07:16
trenderi just dont trust them07:16
Symmetriaheh there arent that many animals Im truely afraid of07:16
trenderbaboons and such in the cape have been known to rip peoples faces off07:16
Symmetriahttp://www.alstonnetworks.net/pics/buffalo.JPG <=== that one though, I was scared of :P (sorry about the size of that file)07:16
Symmetriaheh trender, baboons are dangerous animals, gorillas are very very different07:17
Symmetriababoons tend to be *far* more aggressive07:17
Symmetriaheh, that buffalo in that picture, was like, 5 or 6 meters from me 07:17
Symmetriaand he looked kinda pissy ;p07:17
trenderbaboons gorrillas...im not gonna get comfy with either07:18
Symmetrialol, its the same with monkeys, I was at the animal orphanage in nairobi, and there were a bunch of wild monkeys running around, I was hand feeding em peanuts, but I was staying the hell away from the gorillas07:19
Symmetrialol one of the baby monkeys jumped on my shoulder 07:19
trendereish big picture huh07:20
trendertakes ages to load07:20
Symmetrialol, didnt get around to sizing those things down so they are at insane resolution07:20
Symmetriabe glad I didnt put the raw versions on there ;p those ones are only 6meg each, the raw files are 45 meg ;p07:20
Symmetrialol trender, I actually got myself a new toy yesterday so I can take better pics07:21
Symmetriacheck this:07:21
trenderhrm ok checking07:22
trenderis that a disposable camera :) ?07:26
trenderlooks like canon07:26
trenderi also have canon but a canon toy i ned to replace07:27
trenderbought my canon second hand 6 years back had an optic fault turns out canon recalled and repaired my camera for free ***good service***07:28
trenderwas related to a sony optic fault i think07:29
trendersony parts in a canon camera go figure07:29
Symmetriaheh its a canon07:30
trenderis that a box of instant soup next to the camera Symmetria ??07:30
Symmetriabut it definately isnt disposable ;p07:30
trenderi will definitely buy annother canon07:31
Symmetriahaha empty box ;p my dog dragged it into the room trying to play with it07:31
trenderi wasnt happy with my canons shutter speed, without flash you need a tripod07:33
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trenderelse you get motion blur07:34
trenderfor close object only though like taking a closeup picture07:34
Symmetriaheh lower end canons can do that, though also depends on the lense you're using07:34
Symmetriatrender, this was a hand held picture at full 500mm zoom:07:35
Symmetriafrom far away :)07:35
trenderim more interested in taking closeups of very small objects07:35
trenderlike a 2 rand coin closeup07:36
trenderthose tend to blur easily without tripod07:36
trendereish evil dog with glowing blue eyes07:38
trenderperhaps a little outta focus07:39
trenderah when you scale down it looks ok07:40
trenderi pose thats the general idea or reason behind them 40meg pictures07:40
trenderrescale those raw images and you get premium quality07:41
Symmetrialol my doggie isnt evil07:41
Symmetriashe's cute ;p07:41
trenderblue eyes are not normal mate :P07:42
Symmetrialol she's flying on my bed watching me07:42
trenderbeats the red eye thing07:42
Symmetrialying on my bed I mean07:42
trendereish those images ahve eaten all my ram lol07:43
trender***close some programs before you lose yer work***07:43
trenderwell thats a smart looking camera mate07:44
trenderyou buy it local or import it ??07:44
Symmetriaheh bought local07:46
Symmetriabrb I need a cig07:46
* Squirm looks around07:58
trender  __07:58
CantideSquirm, it rained again last night... and the sharks lost -.-07:59
Kiloshi Squirm 07:59
Kilosya sad hey Cantide 07:59
Cantidei think the sharks were unlucky08:00
Cantidebut the Cheetahs did outplay us, they were definitely the better team08:00
SquirmCantide: I know they lost. But to be fair, the last try that went to the Cheetahs was al ittle rubbish :P08:00
Squirms/al little/a little08:00
Squirmthe ref played no advantage :/08:00
Cantidebut the sharks failed in a number of areas of play08:01
Squirmbut did you see their almost try at the end08:01
Cantideespecially at the breakdown08:01
Cantideyeah! Paul Jordaan <308:01
Squirmhmm, maybe that's why my throat is sore08:01
Squirmah well, all in all it was a good time08:03
Cantidethe bulls / kings game was quite exciting, well, the first half at least08:05
SquirmI was about to hurt you :P08:06
Squirmwent to Rovers after the game, watch it08:06
Squirmwell, watched half of it then got bored08:06
Cantidei watched "Oh shucks! Here comes UNTAG" instead :p08:09
Cantidei forgot how much Afrikaans was in that movie -.-08:25
Cantidesome parts were difficult to understand08:25
SquirmI've never heard of it08:31
Cantidehi Squirm 14:24
Squirmhey Cantide 18:36
Cantidehi :p18:37
Cantidei'm going AFK for a bit though18:37
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Kilosevening superand others19:07
Kilossuperfly: 19:07
superflyhi Kilos19:09
Squirmhi Kilos, superfly19:18
Kiloshi Squirm 19:18
superflyyo Squirm19:19
Squirmprobably going to wake up sick tomorrow :/\19:19
Kilosfrom getting wet last night?19:20
Squirmone of my glands swelled up on about Thursday19:21
Squirmfelt a bit iffy yesterday and today19:21
Squirmhmm, spell check on XChat seems to think 'iffy' is a correct work19:21
KilosMaaz: define iffy19:58
MaazKilos: iffy adj 1: subject to accident or chance or change; "a chancy appeal at best"; "getting that job was definitely fluky"; "a fluky wind"; "an iffy proposition" [syn: {chancy}, {fluky}, {flukey}, {iffy}]19:58
Kilosnight all sleep tight20:25
trendervening peeps20:37
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