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ornjAny idea how I might take a snapshot from my Ricoh webcam on my Vaio laptop, which I'm not really even sure is being recognized/mounted/whatever?08:32
zequenceI have a Vaio where the cam is not supported08:41
zequenceornj: Try cheese. If it doesn't find your cam, there's still a chance you can enable it08:42
zequenceornj: You'll need to google for it. I know some Vaios may enable their cams08:42
ornjyeah, i'm googling...08:43
ornj'zat mean it's not supported on linux/with 12.04?08:47
zequenceornj: I don't know exactly which cam you have, but according to that thread, someone got it working in the end, just by updating the system. This was before 12.04 was released, so whatever cam he had should work with 12.0408:54
zequenceornj: Did you try cheese?08:54
ornjI did. Black screen.08:54
ornjIt does seem to show the device correctly as /dev/video0 though08:55
ornjSo... I dunno. I'm way out of my league/in over my head, here08:55
zequenceI'm really not an expert on cams and drivers, but it seems the cam is supported08:56
zequenceJust that the driver may not be doing what you'd want it to do, perhaps08:56
zequenceI would find out what the driver is called, and google about that too08:56
ornjSo, I downloaded some firmware thingie... but it said "Failed to find any supported webcams"?09:40
ornjfollowing the step-by-step I found online09:40
ornjor do we think it's already got the correct firmware 'cause cheese recognized it on /dev/video0?09:40
doebiwell it seems like my installation is stuck at "copying logs"15:49
smartboyhwdoebi: Which version?15:50
smartboyhwAnd stuck at "copying logs"? That's a 1st15:50
doebiit says Disabling CD in sources.list15:50
smartboyhwdoebi: Report a bug against ubiquity please15:50
smartboyhwdoebi: It should15:50
doebii dont have a cd drive at all15:51
smartboyhwdoebi: No no no it thinks of your USB drive as an CD image.15:51
smartboyhwNo worries on that part.15:51
doebik. how can i finish install now?15:52
smartboyhwdoebi: Hmm it shouldn't be stuck.15:53
smartboyhwdoebi: Try if an Ubuntu image works, if it does install the Ubuntu Studio packages post-installation.15:54
doebidont want to reinstall15:54
doebiinstalling desktop version would also result in having unity15:55
smartboyhwdoebi: Meh we really can't do much if it freezes (we don't do continuous builds of 12.10 now)15:55
smartboyhwdoebi: Try 13.04 Beta 2 is also a solution.15:55
doebii thought of it first...15:56
smartboyhwdoebi: It's relatively stable now. Or, just wait for four days till 13.04 releases.15:56
doebii can upgrade beta to stable later, right?15:57
smartboyhwdoebi: Sure, it is just sudo apt-get upgrade :)15:57
doebiwell + sudo apt-get update i guess15:58
doebiwell my current problem is, that my pc is stuck and i dont have another pc to create a new bootabke usb15:59
smartboyhwdoebi: Well then. Maybe try re-running the whole installation again.16:00
smartboyhwdoebi: Just to know, what architecture are you installing and what computer it is?16:03
doebiboard: MSI Z77A-G4316:04
smartboyhwdoebi: Do you have Secure Boot and UEFI on?16:05
doebicpu: i7 3770k16:05
doebididnt check16:05
doebii thought i would encounter probs upon start16:05
doebiand there werent so i thought its fine16:05
smartboyhwdoebi: Yeah it would have then.16:05
smartboyhwdoebi: Try re-running the whole process and mark UEFI and Secure Boot OFF before installing.16:06
smartboyhwMark them off in the BIOS OPTIOB16:06
doebiwill do16:06
smartboyhwdoebi: Thanks!16:09
doebithere is no option for secure boot16:15
doebiand uefi is 8th in boot device order16:16
smartboyhwdoebi: Hmm then that isn't the problem then16:22
doebii reinstalled now16:25
doebisame stuck16:25
doebikilled pc16:25
doebirebooted and fine16:25
smartboyhwdoebi: \o/16:31
doebithe distro is all buggy17:21
doebibothing is working17:22
smartboyhwdoebi: Proof!?17:24
smartboyhwdoebi: I'm sure Ubuntu Studio isn't really buggy17:28
DarkEraif nothing is working then i ask myself how you are here on irc, unless you're on another machine :D17:29
DarkErawhat version is it you're using?17:29
smartboyhwDarkEra, he's using 12.10 and he's on mobile I think.17:31
DarkEraok, thanks for letting know smartboyhw :)17:32
doebidarkera: i am here using my irssi session my server17:49
smartboyhwDarkEra: (doebi) darkera: i am here using my irssi session my server17:51
smartboyhwYou missed that sentence here:)17:51
zequencedoebi: Disabling CD means, it's disabling the CD repositories in /etc/apt/sources.list .CD means whatever medium you are using to install with, so it could be USB17:52
doebiwell good to know. but does it solve my problem?17:53
zequencedoebi: It's unlikely you will find issues with Ubuntu Studio concerning installation that you won't find with at least Xubuntu, and maybe also any other Ubuntu flavor17:54
smartboyhwdoebi: You need to tell us what "everything" is buggy.17:54
zequencedoebi: Did you check the medium for corruption?17:54
doebime: booting, update manager: i have updates, me confirms, update manager: i am stuck17:55
doebime rebooting. same problem17:55
doebime trying to create startup disk. usb disk is full , me erasing. ersser stucks "unknown filesxstem"17:57
zequencedoebi: I'm sorry you are having problems, but just remember, we are volunteers working on this project. I'm the project lead, and will happily help you with any problems you may have. Did you check the install medium for corruption?17:58
doebime switching to colleagues pc(windows) fornating disk, transfering image (all working fine)17:58
doebiso medium is fine17:58
zequencedoebi: Did you check the ISO for corruption?17:59
doebinope. my torrent client did18:00
doebianytime i am troubleshooting linux indtakls i hear of checkng iso.. <.<18:00
doebino better solutions?18:00
zequencedoebi: You said your install got stuck18:01
doebii should switch back to win18:02
zequencedoebi: Well, I'm sure Gates will be on IRC every to give you support, if you do18:02
doebiwell. know what. he doesnt need to. cause install works on win18:03
zequencedoebi: As I said, we're volunteers. If you have a problem, let us know. We don't need the attitude18:03
zequenceYeah, Win always works ;)18:03
zequenceI'll go and do something constructive..18:03
doebii rly appreciate ur work and want to contribute18:03
doebiotherwise i wont be here18:03
doebibut its so frustrating when u spend whole day installing with tons of sticks18:04
doebiand nth is working18:05
doebii installed standard ubuntu now. and so far it went fine18:05
doebicurrently updating18:06
zequenceThe internal parts of how that works is not much different between Ubuntu and Ubuntu Studio.18:06
funkyHatdoebi: if that works for you then I would suggest just installing the relevant packages from ubuntustudio - it's the same base after all18:06
doebifunkyhat: thats the idea18:07
doebii realized one bug18:07
doebion hd encryption pw prompt. i have graphic bugs18:07
doebibut when entering pw and hitting enter all works18:08
doebijust for the record, i never said win works all the time. but at least installation works18:12
doebido you guys need any more details on my system for recovering the bug?18:13
doebimy guess its cause of the ssd18:13
funkyHatdoebi: if you could file the bug yourself that would be the most help. `ubuntu-bug plymouth` in a terminal18:15
funkyHatdoebi: that way it will collect various details about your hardware and attach them to the bug automatically18:15
funkyHat(I'm guessing the issue is with plymouth as I think that's what draws the encryption password prompt)18:16
doebiactually i was taking about the stuck at install bug18:17
doebii kind like the grsphucs bug. its scaring ppl away if they try to access my pc :D18:18
doebiah finally a REAL keyboard again :D18:18
doebiok i crashed default ubuntu aswell18:40
doebicompiz crashed twice18:40

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