peyamHow are you?00:01
packetfrogI am not aloud to talk off topic from Xubuntu support in this channel.  maddernick will assault me. ;/00:02
peyampacketfrog: now it is done00:08
packetfrogColored taskbar or theme?00:09
peyamcolored taskbar00:10
packetfrogCongrats :)00:11
peyampacketfrog: http://i37.tinypic.com/fmp7hy.png00:12
packetfrogSorry was rebooting back into Xubuntu.00:14
packetfrogOh I see it. :) irc stays on.    Looks nice and clean, what kind of resolution you use?00:14
peyamdual monitor00:14
packetfrogIts split across two screens?00:15
packetfrogI have my laptop with a flat screen tv above it on the wall and a viewsonic lcd on its side on the right00:16
packetfrogI just use the TV when I am in windows playing games though, and the monitor on its side is for documents/pdfs/what-have-you00:16
packetfrogI suppose if I could afford matching screens I would get one of those fancy three screen setups though.00:16
peyamI have two screeens couse I do programming and I have the specification on the other screent. When I play in windows I do it with my TV00:17
familiaburgeri'm having an issue with my xubuntu 12.10 installation: at boot, unless i specifically enter the GRUB menu (in which case the system boots fine), i get an error that keeps the splash page from showing properly and the system won't boot01:27
familiaburgerthe error output i get varies, but it usually has something about fsck checking /dev/sda1 files and blocks, and alternately something about /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.firefox01:28
familiaburgerwhat i'm wondering is: for a workaround, how can i force the computer to show the GRUB menu every time it is started or rebooted?01:28
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familiaburgerpacketfrog, GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT is an environment variable?01:34
familiaburgerah nvm, found /etc/default/grub01:35
* packetfrog nods01:37
packetfrogThat link links to the grub ubuntu wiki as well...01:37
* packetfrog never had to mess with it so if you cant read it I will for you.. I am assuming you can though. :)01:37
familiaburgerpacketfrog, yeah i was there already actually, it's a longish one ;)01:38
familiaburgeri wish i understood the underlying problem as well, but for now any fix will do01:38
packetfrogStick around  or ask in #ubuntu or #linux01:38
packetfrogI am just a user that can google.01:39
familiaburgeryeah, i will look into it, thanks for the google help :)01:42
packetfrogNo worries, Let me know if I you need help figuring something out, I can at least try.01:42
packetfrogor not01:42
ntzrmtthihu777hallo. I'm looking to migrate from gnome to xfce06:00
ntzrmtthihu777but should like to avoid dragging alotta extra stuff into it.06:01
dBLOODhi people!06:24
dBLOODcould anyone help me with installing btgM06:24
baizonhi dBLOOD06:24
dBLOOD* btg06:24
baizonwhat is btg?06:25
dBLOODit's a torrent client based on rasterbar torrent library06:25
bullgard4 The Application menu does not show a Seahorse menu item. How can I fix that?06:39
baizonbullgard4: search for it in alacarte06:41
baizonor create a entry by yourself06:41
bullgard4baizon: Done. --  Thank you very much for your help.06:44
florentini have a problem with compiz in xubuntu : when i want to reload window meneger from compiz fusion icon my monitor turn black , can enyone help me ?please08:21
[uzver]florentin, i just use xfwm4 --replace or compiz --replace ccp commands08:23
florentinE: Command line option --replace is not understood08:29
antisober552_hi can someone help me change group owner on a folder09:34
baizonantisober552_: http://unixhelp.ed.ac.uk/CGI/man-cgi?chgrp09:35
rhin0im getting crashes on install of 12.04 .. but allows me to continue11:07
rhin0said timezone setup (?) crashed11:07
rhin0.. "partman"11:07
rhin0install just gives me ads -- no progress indicator@?11:08
rhin0ie .. im informed, but not about whether its actually installing11:09
rhin0im ditching hte gui install11:12
rhin0no way11:12
rhin0its not capable of installing 12.0411:12
lderanthe people over in #ubuntu are of no help in this?11:12
lderanah nvm sorry11:13
lderanthought you said ubuntu11:13
lderanjust got up :P11:13
rhin0i do not use ub11:18
lderanaye it was my mistake11:18
knomerhin0, what's the problem? have you filed a bug?11:21
rhin0whats the problem of the whole xubuntu 12.04 failing on a reasonably new pc11:42
rhin0it never worked from the live disk (install) anyway11:42
rhin0on 10.0411:42
rhin0it is a mistake to have xubuntu running to install11:42
rhin0im sure somebody has filed it, as the install doesn't work11:43
rhin0xubuntu 12.04 from the live running version of xubuntu, from a usb key11:43
TheSheep!doesn't work11:44
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.11:44
rhin0"doesn't install" is a reasonably good assessment of "doesn't work"11:44
rhin0if something is built to perform one function and it fails then it "doesn't work"11:44
TheSheepto that I can only answer "doesn't help"11:44
rhin0i am no tgoing to research, file a bug on the in stall11:45
rhin0i am not re-assured11:45
rhin0I think it's a slim chance 12.04 (again) will actaully work for me11:45
TheSheepenjoy your windows then11:45
rhin0its looking very bad as the install failed11:45
rhin0i do not run windows11:45
rhin0what is that, black mail?  there are many linuxes11:45
lderanwell it may be something wrong with the data on the usb key, have your tried making it a live dvd drive again?11:45
rhin0maybe I could cut a ced11:45
rhin0im using the low level install .. alternative11:46
TheSheepso what is exactly the reason you came to the xubuntu support channel, if you don't want to try it?11:46
lderangood luck11:46
rhin0i've been running xubuntu for 3 years sheep11:54
rhin0linux for < 1211:54
rhin0whats more reliable for installation media -- cd or dvd -- reliable ./ faster .. dvd will be faster11:54
rhin0i am about to buy cds or dvds11:55
rhin0i think i'll get cds (cheaper)11:55
rhin0before that I wasn't running windows11:55
rhin0I've never run windows11:55
rhin0i consider it an insult "good luck with windows11:56
lderanwhats wrong with using windows?12:00
lderanah s/hes gone12:00
KerrMDI was wondering if the only diff between Kubuntu and Xubuntu was the "candy coating".12:25
cfhowlettKerrMD, the default applications are different.  for instance, libre office in ubuntu and not in xubuntu12:26
KerrMDSo does XFCE in Xubuntu use qt?12:27
KerrMDOr am I confused?12:27
cfhowlettKerrMD, doesn't show up in my 12.0412:27
cfhowlettor at least no PACKAGE named qt12:28
cfhowlettor at least no PACKAGE named qt*12:28
lderanthink xfce uses gtk+12:28
lderanbut not 100% sure12:28
KerrMDThe reason I ask is that I dislike Gnome anymore since 3.x  and kde has gotten really heavy. I am looking into Xubuntu since the fedora community is a tad lacking imho.12:28
cfhowlettKerrMD, lderan gtk is present in xubuntu12:28
cfhowlettKerrMD, lubuntu is also quite light12:29
KerrMDI just want a desktop that works without all the plasma and whatnot stuff. I do not need a candy coating12:29
cfhowlettKerrMD, you can install and use lxde or xfce4 on your stock ubuntu12:30
KerrMDWould it not be more prudent to install (X|L)ubuntu instead?12:31
cfhowlettKerrMD, as you already have an installation, I'd suggest you test drive both interfaces, figure which one you prefer then get the actual OS...12:31
KerrMDWhat I have right now is Fedora 18. I am moving away because I am not liking the community too much and I have a tendency to gravitate back to the Debian based distros.  As for Xubuntu and Lubuntu I imagine that the core is the same.12:33
cfhowlettKerrMD, correctomundo12:34
cfhowlettKerrMD, note that there is a new official ubuntu flavor ... gnome ubuntu12:34
KerrMDGnome 2x I assume12:34
KerrMDer 2.x12:34
cfhowlettKerrMD, can't say much more about it as I only run LTS ubuntustudio and have never touched it12:34
KerrMDUbuntuStudio? cannot say I am really familiar with that12:35
koegsit is gnome 3 with gnome desktop12:36
cfhowlettKerrMD, ah well then!  multimedia creation packages built of xubuntu .. desktop publishing, graphics, music apps12:36
KerrMDAh, I just got that from the site. I am not really much of a content creator.12:37
cfhowlettKerrMD, good enough then.  One thing I did change was I dropped the default office package and got libreoffice from the main site.12:38
KerrMDSheesh, this thing has been DDing to /dev/sdc for what feels like forever. :(13:09
KerrMD8GB thumb drive taking a <800MB DD should not take too long I would think13:10
KerrMDComplain and it shal be done. Lol13:11
KerrMDThanks for all the info. TTFN :)13:12
bullgard4Xubuntu 12.04.2 surprisingly after an upgrade and a new login shows a window without a title bar which I cannot delete. It shows a keyboard. When clicking on this keyboard e. g. the key  "b", uxterm on the same workspace will show another letter "b" after the prompt. I suspect a relationship with Orca.  But there is no orca process running. How to delete this window?13:42
TheSheepbullgard4: I would look into the autostarted applications in sessions and startup in settings13:45
bullgard4TheSheep:  What do you mean by "sessions"?13:47
TheSheepbullgard4: if you go to "settings manager" in your "applications menu" there is a "startup and sessions" icon which holds settings for autostarted applications, among other things13:50
TheSheepbullgard4: I would look for anything like "on screen keyboard" there and uncheck it so that it doesn't start on the next login13:51
bullgard4TheSheep:  Applications menu > Settings > Settings manager > Session and Startup > Application Autostart does not show activated anything similar to "on screen keyboard".13:59
ntzrmtthihu777hello. I had ubuntu 12.04 and installed the gnome desktop because I'm rather dissappointed with unity. I ended up installing xubuntu on a friends machine, and playing around with it I find I rather liked it. I installed xubuntu-desktop on my machine, but I still have the lightdm greeter of vanilla precise. could someone advise me on how to get the xubuntu style greeter?14:09
KerrMDntzrmtthihu777:  Try this http://askubuntu.com/questions/174763/how-do-i-change-the-default-log-in-to-xubuntu-on-ubuntu-12-0414:15
ntzrmtthihu777KerrMD: havin a look, thankay.14:17
KerrMDWelcome :D14:17
ntzrmtthihu777hmm, seems to be more of a unity thing here...14:18
KerrMDYou want to change just hte login manager or the display manager as well?14:19
ntzrmtthihu777well you've used vanilla precise? and obviously xubuntu, right? I'm looking to get the login screen of xubuntu.14:21
TheSheepxubuntu uses the same display manager as ubuntu14:21
KerrMDI am sorry to say this but it is bedtime. Not to sound like the RTFM group but Google is a wonderful resource for information.  I wish you luck14:21
KerrMDttfn all and nighty night14:22
ntzrmtthihu777KerrMD: nah its cool. I've been googling on it, but nothing yet14:22
TheSheepit's just a different theme14:22
ntzrmtthihu777TheSheep: exactly. how do I activate the xubuntu theme for lightdm?14:22
KerrMDntzrmtthihu777: TheSheep is right. It's just skinned|themed differently14:22
TheSheepntzrmtthihu777: do you have xubuntu-default-settings installed?14:25
ntzrmtthihu777TheSheep: yeah, and I found my answer I think.14:25
ntzrmtthihu777brb, testing14:25
ochosianyone running 12.10 here? (i need some stats wrt panel's mem-usage)14:28
ntzrmtthihu777got it :D14:29
ntzrmtthihu777now, installing xubuntu-desktop dragged in *alot* of packages that I'm not gonna be using, are they removable without scragging my install?14:33
ntzrmtthihu777oops on capslock, or oops on wrong channel/advice?14:35
drcntzrmtthihu777: They were installed for a reason. Not always a good reason.  I'd use synaptic (not software center) to remove what I don't want and pay close attention to what removing that one package will also remove.14:38
ntzrmtthihu777yeah, such and such needs this, so and so needs that14:38
drcyup...dependency hell.14:38
ntzrmtthihu777well at least its not dll hell, lol14:39
drcSlackware has a point...a time consuming, frustrating point.14:39
* packetfrog lar lars14:39
ochosintzrmtthihu777: by default all recommended packages also get installed14:43
ochosintzrmtthihu777: if you want to avoid that you can e.g. do "sudo apt-get install $packagename --no-install-recommends"14:44
ntzrmtthihu777yeah, but quite frankly I don't need ailseriot solitair14:44
ochosi(synaptic also has a gui-checkbox in the settings to disable that feature)14:44
ochosieasy enough to uninstall14:44
ntzrmtthihu777I personally use apt-fast to install most things; does the change in synaptic affect it/apt-get?14:45
ntzrmtthihu777question: is the terminal in from-the-iso xubuntu the same as from-the-iso ubuntu?14:50
ochosintzrmtthihu777: potentially no, ubuntu uses gnome-terminal afaik and xubuntu uses xfce4-terminal14:50
TheSheepntzrmtthihu777: xubuntu uses xfce4-terminal14:51
TheSheepntzrmtthihu777: ubuntu uses gnome-terminal14:51
ntzrmtthihu777I knew the latter, but not the former14:51
ntzrmtthihu777functionally, any difference?14:51
TheSheepthe xfce one will not load all the gnome libraries into memory...14:52
TheSheepbut I guess they both do a fine job of a terminal emulator14:53
TheSheepntzrmtthihu777: meaning that it will probably start faster and use less memory when running14:54
ntzrmtthihu777mhmm, I like that.14:54
TheSheepother than that, there are probably some small differences, but I used the gnome one long ago, so can't really tell14:55
nikolamI get lsb_release bug reports that automatic reporting can not report, but crashing itself14:56
nikolamit bugs me almost since 12.04 install14:56
ntzrmtthihu777yeah, because quite frankly I don't need 2 programs that do the exact same thing15:00
ntzrmtthihu777alright, ya'll use thunar instead of nautilus. same/similar level of functionality?15:02
bekksntzrmtthihu777: You'll have more difficulties to cleanly remove one of them than saving that few MB will save space.15:03
ntzrmtthihu777yeah. its seems dropbox needs nautilus :/15:03
baizonntzrmtthihu777: nautilus-data, not nautilus15:04
ntzrmtthihu777I really like the customizability of the panels, lol.15:07
recon_laphi, is it just me or has xubuntu just become very unstable. got a hard lock 2 day running now.16:05
DeepfriediceHey #xubuntu, I've just removed the propriety nvidia drivers off my laptop, and the screen resolution is stuck at 640X480. I assume this is some kind of fallback mode, but I have no idea how to fix it. Any thoughts on where to start looking?16:08
kgbDeepfriedice: why not use them?..16:08
[uzver]Deepfriedice, maybe u need to install opensource driver - nouveau16:09
DeepfriediceThey seemed to be causing issues with wine. Something to do with RandR or something.16:09
kgb.. check out whether nvidia-config made the file: /etc/X11/xorg.conf16:10
kgb(you may be able to just remove it and reboot, but back it up first :))16:10
Deepfriediceuzver: I believe I have. nouveau is provided by xserver-xorg-video-nouveau, correct?16:11
Deepfriedicekgb: looking now.16:11
Deepfriedice# nvidia-xconfig: X configuration file generated by nvidia-xconfig16:12
Deepfriedice# nvidia-xconfig:  version 304.48  (buildmeister@swio-display-x86-rhel47-05.nvidia.com)  Sun Sep  9 21:29:02 PDT 201216:12
kgbright, so MAYBE, you could just remove it and log-out the session and reboot16:13
kgbbig maybe, though =)16:13
DeepfriediceThat explains why X was unhappy, the config files didn't match the installed driver16:13
Deepfriedicewill do.16:13
kgbcool, cool, hope so..:)16:13
Deepfriedicekgb: It works, thanks!16:18
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xubuntu200hola soy nuevo aqui18:02
Unit193!es | xubuntu20018:02
ubottuxubuntu200: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #xubuntu-es; escriba "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro. Si nadie responde, puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.18:02
xubuntu168hello, just installed xubuntu. i have a little stupid question: where can we find the folders from an external usb plug?18:11
peyamopen a file18:11
peyamand on the left hand you see if it is mounted18:11
peyamor windowskey + t and write thunar /home/18:12
xubuntu168ok, indeed, i was trying to plug my external disk, the pb comes from it. doesn 't detect it. detection ok with normal usb keys.18:16
peyampull it out and in again. it should work18:16
peyambut I usually i go to my home folder and choose it from the left menu18:17
xubuntu168no, i already tried a couple of times. the external disk makes a continuous bip bip...18:17
recon_lapxubuntu168: do you have some way to test the HD on a different comp?18:18
peyamxubuntu168:what is the name of your hd? try sudo mount thenameoftheHD18:20
xubuntu168ok, just tested on another comp. no detection either. HD dead i guess. plus the bip bip, not normal anyway18:22
xubuntu168any idea how to get back the data? probably need to go in a shop18:23
recon_lapxubuntu168: yep, what i though. might be the cable, do you have a short data cable18:26
xubuntu168already tried with another cable. the bip bip is a sign it s dead i think18:27
recon_lapwell, if the data is important stop messing with it now18:28
xubuntu168yes, i ll try to get it fixed in a shop. tks anyway18:28
recon_lapxubuntu168: if the drive won't mount I would be surprised if a shop can help, you probably looking at a couple of hundred and a proper lab.18:31
xubuntu168ok... well, probably give up in this case18:32
recon_lapxubuntu168: well, if you not that concerned about the data I'd let a shop have a go.18:34
xubuntu168doesn't really matter, only pics and music18:34
recon_lapxubuntu168: couple of taps with the back of a screwdriver might work :)18:34
xubuntu168:-) tks! i ll give it a try18:35
recon_lapxubuntu168: as a last resort, and a lot of shop will try on a no fix no fee18:35
ntzrmtthihu777its official, I'm in love with xfce18:36
ntzrmtthihu777I got the compiz desktop grid effect without compiz18:37
recon_lapI'm the opposite, firefox has hard locked me two days running18:39
xubuntu696hello again, i need to activate the microphone for skype. how can i do that?19:27
lderanhave you checked the skype options?19:30
lderanunder sound devices19:31
xubuntu696yes but i cannot find the microphone options19:32
lderanah its controlled by pulseaudio19:32
lderanif you go to your sound settings, by clicking on the speaker icon in the top bar or under multimedia in your programs list you can go to input devices19:34
lderando you see your microphone in there?19:34
ShannonHello, I am brand new to linux / ubuntu - I just installed the os and used a guide to install drivers for my primary video card raedeon 7950.  From what I can tell, the os doesn't recognize the second pcie video card - a pcie raedeon 6950.  Could anyone give me a bit of advice?19:53
ShannonIt's a working video card.19:54
peyamwhat  is the default font in xubuntu?20:52
peyamcan anybody tell me that20:52
SunStardroid mono20:55
peyamyes :)20:57
peyamskype is Estonian?20:58
peyamfirst time I read it20:58
peyamI though it was swedish20:58
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An_Ony_Moosehttp://soundray.org/linus/unreadablename.png this is on a fresh install of the 13.04 beta. Why is the name of the machine in such a colour that it's barely readable?22:20
fez_can anyone help me?23:55
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:55
fez_trying to install xubuntu 13.04 beta 2 and the installer hangs on the "preparing to install Xubuntu screen"23:56
fez_same thing happens with ubuntu 13.04 installer23:56
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience23:57

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