KakaduIt is possible to fetch remote changes without changing current revision number (like 'git fetch' does)?11:00
bob2into a repo sure11:01
jelmerKakadu: bzr fetch-revisions IIRC11:05
Kakadujelmer: no such command on my machine11:07
jelmerKakadu: you'll need to have bzrtools installed, I think11:07
Kakaduinstalled already11:08
jelmerKakadu: bzr fetch-ghosts?11:11
KakaduPurpose: Attempt to retrieve ghosts from another branch.11:12
KakaduNo idea what 'ghost' means11:12
* Kakadu is googling11:13
bob2it's uh complicated11:13
bob2I think you basically want what I said, ie use a repo and pull into it11:13
Kakadubob2: i.e. I need to make a repo in another place of my filesystem and pull to it? Am I understanding u correctly?11:18
bob2guess so11:25
bob2what are you trying to do11:25
KakaduI have a tool which gets sources from many locations11:38
Kakaduand we have designed some API which is good for git and darcs11:39
KakaduAPI is here: https://github.com/samoht/opam/blob/master/src/repositories/opamVCS.mli11:39
bob2oh man11:39
KakaduAnd I'm thinking how suitable it will be for bazaar11:39
Kakadubob2: what do you expect? package manager11:39
Kakaduafk 5 min11:40
bob2well, you'll need to read the bzr tutorial then11:41
bob2so you know what a shared repo is11:41
jelmerThat API documentation has a confusing use of the term staging area12:04
jelmerIn Git terminology it usually refers to the index; you seem to be using it more in the context of a repository containing changes that are not yet applied to the working tree/index.12:05
Kakaduit seems that bzr's shared repo is what git has by default...12:15
bob2sort of12:16
bob2you'll need to learn bzr if you want to write a tool on top of it12:16
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