=== highvolt1ge is now known as highvoltage
highvoltagestgraber: hey. remmina crashes on start :(08:33
highvoltagestgraber: I guess it's too late to remove, so would it be something that would have to be fixed via -updates?08:33
stgraberhighvoltage: well, we couldn't really remove it ourselves, we inherit it from Ubuntu08:35
stgraberhighvoltage: so if it's broken in stock Ubuntu too, that probably should get fixed ASAP ;)08:35
stgraber(doesn't seem to crash on start here)08:35
highvoltagehmm, maybe it crashes on low screen resolutions or something (this was in a low resolution virtualbox), I'll go investigate further. it's comforting that it works somewhere, at least.08:39
stgraberI didn't try to connect or anything but the main dialog at least showed up on my laptop (64bit clean raring install from yesterday)08:42

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