thumperI think I've cracked it00:15
thumperah ffa00:18
thumperI've got bootstrap fixed...00:19
thumperbut status fails00:19
* thumper stabs ec200:19
* thumper forceably terminates instance00:20
* thumper waves at mramm in passing02:40
wallyworldthumper: have you run the live ec2 tests on raring? ie in the environs/ec2 directory "go test -gocheck.v --amazon"03:21
thumpernight all05:48
wallyworldjam: meeting?06:03
jamwallyworld: yep06:04
jamare you on mumble?06:04
rogpeppemornin' all06:46
jamhi danilos, I see you on, but you're still muted on mumble07:59
danilosjam: hi, joining (it's only :59 for me :)08:00
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jamrogpeppe: did you land the patch to work around the HTTP breakage with the ppa versions of juju-core?08:05
rogpeppejam: the one that retries the PUT requests?08:05
jamrogpeppe: something about keepalive that dimitern and danilos worked out at the end of last week.08:05
jamthe "closed connection" stuff.08:05
rogpeppejam: that's a problem with the debian go distribution08:06
rogpeppejam: the solution is to use to using go1.0.308:06
jamrogpeppe: well, juju-core being broken is our problem.08:06
rogpeppejam: i know, but there's no good fix AFAIK08:06
rogpeppejam: danilos' suggested fix will break other things08:06
jamrogpeppe: I don't think we can get 1.0.3 into the archive at this point.08:07
jamwe're quite a bit past that point.08:07
rogpeppejam: the real fix is not to use a buggy version of go (that bug was never part of a released version BTW)08:08
jamso some sort of fix is necessary08:08
jamor we won't have juju-core that actually works on Raring.08:08
rogpeppejam: actually that's not the case - it does currently work on Raring i believe08:08
jamrogpeppe: I'm pretty sure the ppa version is borked. I've had 3 people say so.08:09
rogpeppejam: because the problem was seen because we had many versions in the public bucket08:09
jamIf the ppa version becomes the archive version.08:09
rogpeppejam: which put the s3 LIST response over 8K08:09
rogpeppejam: the objects have now been deleted, so the issue is papered over for now08:09
rogpeppejam: it seemed that it *might* be possible to get 1.0.3 into the archive, even at this stage08:10
rogpeppejam: fwereade might know whether it's actually going to happen or notr08:11
fwereaderogpeppe, jam: I kicked it across to jamespage/Daviey08:12
jamespagerogpeppe, fwereade: just getting to that08:12
fwereaderogpeppe, jam: IMO it's still profoundly irresponsible from our POV to switch the language version at this stage08:12
jamfwereade: I would agree with you08:13
fwereaderogpeppe, jam, jamespage: but I concede that from the POV of raring it's a good thing and we have to take our lumps08:13
jamespagefwereade, I actually agree; I won't support pushing 1.0.3 into raring this late08:13
rogpeppefwereade: i still think... well, you know what i think - 1.0.3 is a bug-fix version, and we're being bitten by one of the bugs08:13
jamfwereade: I also wanted to check about Ian's constraint patches. Can it get reviewed and landed before final cut?08:13
fwereadejamespage, yay!08:13
rogpeppefwereade: so how do we fix our code then?08:13
fwereaderogpeppe, we don't, because we left it too late08:13
fwereaderogpeppe, we paper over it because that's the only thing we can do that doesn't risk far worse instability08:14
jamespagefwereade, if there is a critical bug then I'm happy to pull in a single fix but I don't think upgrading even to a point release is a great idea right now08:14
rogpeppefwereade: go1.0.3 is not unstable; and neither is our code when using it08:14
fwereaderogpeppe, it's nothing to do with 1.0.3 itself08:15
rogpeppejamespage: it's a patch release really08:15
fwereaderogpeppe, and our code has not had anywhere near the use and testing on 1.0.3 that it has on 1.0.208:15
* jamespage shrugs08:15
jamespagelots of  patch releases won't make raring now08:15
fwereadejam, honestly I am -1 on wallyworld's constraints changes now08:16
jamfwereade: wfm. It would be nice to have, but it would be a source of breakage.08:17
fwereadejam, I don't know "wfm" but I think we're in agreement08:17
fwereadejam, we have cowboyed it up far enough ;)08:17
rogpeppejam: i don't believe it would be a source of any breakage at all. the two releases are fully compatible - 1.0.3 just fixes some 1.0.2 bugs.08:18
jamrogpeppe: I'm talking about the constraints stuff atm.08:18
rogpeppejam: oh, sorry08:19
rogpeppefwereade: we weren't seriously thinking of putting that constraints stuff in *now*, were we?08:19
fwereaderogpeppe, jam suggested it, I said no08:19
rogpeppefwereade: phew.08:19
fwereaderogpeppe, I don;t think he was seriously expecting a yes ;)08:19
fwereaderogpeppe, but it's good to be clear ;)08:20
fwereadejam, rogpeppe: there are lots of things that I want to get onto ASAP *after* today once we have the release in place08:22
jamfwereade: in a "we'd like to have feature parity with pyjuju" it is definitely in the really-nice-to have. But the risk is high enough it didn't necessarily balance it out.08:22
fwereadejam, rogpeppe: but as far as I am concerned we fixed or worked around the *really* critical stuff on friday08:22
rogpeppefwereade: perhaps we should move to using go1.1beta as standard from then08:22
fwereaderogpeppe, I'm fine switching to 1.0.3 after today but not developing officially on a beta language version08:23
jamespagefwereade, just for the record please can someone explain how tooling is prepared, i.e. why 1.0.3 is important in raring but 12.04 only has a much older version08:23
fwereadejamespage, nobody cared until it was an opportunity to snark about me "not wanting to fix bugs"08:23
rogpeppei did care, but i presumed that we'd have 1.0.3 in raring08:24
rogpeppejamespage: i think we just use the unmaintained debian upstream go package08:24
jamespagebut why does 12.04 not matter?08:24
danilosfwereade, jam: do we need to identify exact patch that needs to go on top of already present debian/patches/15-net-http-connection-close.patch and see if it's minor enough for jamespage to include in 1.0.2 package?08:25
rogpeppejamespage: it does08:26
jamespagefor reference:08:26
jamespage    golang |      2:1-5 | precise/universe | source, all08:26
jamespage    golang |  2:1.0.2-2 | quantal/universe | source, all08:26
jamespage    golang |  2:1.0.2-2 | raring/universe | source, all08:26
jamespagedanilos, if we do anything it will be that08:27
fwereadejamespage, I don't think anyone disagrees that it would be good to have, and I'd be +1 on updating it when we are no longer in release frenzy mode08:28
fwereadejamespage, (I think that applies across the board from P onwards actually)08:28
rogpeppejamespage: i think go 1 was only just out when precise was released.08:28
jamespagelooking at https://code.google.com/p/go/issues/detail?id=491408:29
jamespageit appears a revise patch was produced - but its never been picked up in the packaging08:30
danilosjamespage, right, I was wondering if people want me to test that patch on raring and see if it indeed solves our problems so we can ask for it to be included08:35
danilos"that patch" == "patch from https://codereview.appspot.com/6211069"08:35
jamespagedanilos, yes that would be a good idea08:39
rogpeppedanilos: that patch isn't sufficient - it doesn't fix https://code.google.com/p/go/issues/detail?id=196708:39
rogpeppedanilos: which is needed to make goamz/s3 work correctly, i believe08:40
danilosrogpeppe, that patch is already included in the package I believe (one I referenced above, 15-net-http-connection-close.patch)08:41
jamespagerogpeppe, my understanding is the fix for that issue (which is already cherry picked into the packaging) is the one that caused the refression08:41
jamespageregression rather08:41
jamespagedanilos, rogpeppe, fwereade: I still really need a LP bug raising against ubuntu explaining what the current impact is08:42
rogpeppejamespage: the current impact of that go distribution on juju? or on anything?08:43
jamespagerogpeppe, well juju would be a good start08:43
jamespageright now I just have "there is a bug"08:43
fwereadejamespage, rogpeppe: that was also my understanding -- if it's practical to switch to an unfucked *1.0.2*, and that change is genuinely small and precisely targeted to the point where we can analyse its impact by inspection, then great08:44
fwereaderogpeppe, would this be a sane characterisation of the core of the issue: "ubuntu doesn't have the real 1.0.2 because the upstream contains a bad patch"?08:45
rogpeppefwereade: yes08:45
rogpeppefwereade: but 1.0.2 does have the problem that it ignores the Close field.08:46
jamespagefwereade, exactly - I can also unbreak it for quantal as well if its targetted enough08:46
fwereaderogpeppe, ok -- but fixing that in isolation will also cause us problems with the s3 package, right? ornot?08:46
fwereaderogpeppe, (due to the ignored close field)08:47
rogpeppefwereade: i don't know - applying a random patch and ending up with a version that is again not *quite* one of the official released versions seems to me to be a bad idea08:47
fwereaderogpeppe, sorry imprecise: s/that in isolation/the diff against real 1.0.2 in isolation/08:48
danilosrogpeppe, that's how debian packages usually look like08:48
danilosrogpeppe, and fwiw, I'd test with only this patch (http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5591992/) added on top of the existing package, since we have been using debian-patched 1.0.2 for a while now already08:49
rogpeppedanilos: that's from here, right? https://code.google.com/p/go/source/detail?r=c3cbd6798cc708:51
danilosrogpeppe, yeah, it's verbatim "hg diff -c c3cbd6798cc7"08:52
danilosrogpeppe, note that https://code.google.com/p/go/source/detail?r=820ffde8c396# is already included in the deb package08:54
rogpeppedanilos: yeah08:54
rogpeppedanilos: looking at the list of issues fixed between 1.0.2 and 1.0.3, i see none that might impact us, other than one which might actually fix potential bugs in our code.08:55
danilosrogpeppe, it's still a risk imo (even fixes break stuff :)), but I am not the release manager for either juju-core or ubuntu go package, so I won't comment further08:57
rogpeppedanilos: yes, fixes can break stuff, but we have done quite a bit of testing against 1.0.3 actually.08:58
rogpeppedanilos: i suppose if go1.0.3 is considered too risky, then the above patch would be better than nothing.08:59
danilosrogpeppe, yeah, it will also have the benefit that it's easier to include in raring so we don't have to keep a PPA with go 1.0.3 for people to use to compile juju-core09:01
rogpeppedanilos: but what about this one? https://code.google.com/p/go/source/detail?r=4c333000f50b09:02
fwereadedanilos, won't we need one of those for precise at least regardless?09:02
rogpeppedanilos: hmm, actually, that's server only09:02
rogpeppedanilos: no, i lie, it's not09:03
danilosrogpeppe, there's transport stuff in there as well09:03
rogpeppedanilos: yeah09:03
danilosrogpeppe, I'll test only with the first patch, if that doesn't help, then it'd be better to compile for 1.0.309:04
rogpeppedanilos: this feels a bit like grasping for straws09:04
danilosfwereade, I don't know, since I have no idea how do version numbers compare and whether we can SRU this in precise (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/golang/2:1-5)09:05
rogpeppedanilos: we have a well known version that fixes the issue and is the most well tested version of go overall09:05
danilosrogpeppe, that's how packaging works, yes :)09:05
danilosrogpeppe, I remember niemeyer was saying about problems with 1.0.3 and was-it-juju-gui?09:06
danilos"saying something"09:06
rogpeppedanilos: there is one known problem with trying to hack http redirects in 1.0.3, yes09:06
danilosrogpeppe, btw, for this particular problem, do you know if there's any reason we are using connection:close (since keep-alive worked much faster for me with the Asian Amazon zone)09:07
rogpeppedanilos: the problem is that in general you're not allowed to keep on reusing s3 connections.09:07
rogpeppedanilos: it can break after 3 or 4 tries09:07
danilosrogpeppe, ah, I see, more of an amazon policy rather than technical?09:07
rogpeppedanilos: i think so, yes09:08
danilosrogpeppe, right, understood09:08
danilosrogpeppe, anyway, if people don't see the value in me testing this patch and we don't want to ask for it to be included with raring, I won't waste my time doing it09:08
rogpeppedanilos: if that's the way things are usually done, and we won't get a fix any other way, then i think it's worth doing09:09
rogpeppedanilos: i would much prefer to be using a well known and tested standard version though.09:09
fwereadedanilos, I don't believe we can adequately test it in time -- I don't see how you *can* without hacking other parts of juju to re-expose the issue09:09
fwereadedanilos, and while that's what we'll have to do tomorrow or the day after or whenever, I don't think it's a viable strategy in which the hours we have before we can land anything continue to tick down through the single digits09:10
danilosfwereade, it was failing consistently for me with ap-southeast-1 region, and so was http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5721759/09:11
fwereadedanilos, is it still doing so today?09:11
fwereadedanilos, sorry, is that the right link? says it doesn't exist09:12
danilosfwereade, sure, but my point is that we can get this fixed in *ubuntu* in the next couple of days so our _users_ would get the benefit of being able to build a working juju-core package out of nothing but standard ubuntu packages soon09:12
danilosfwereade, it was, but it seems ubuntu pastebin removes stuff (I had it open since Friday): new one on http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5592035/09:12
danilosfwereade, I'll try that to confirm that it was not the 8k limit09:13
danilosfwereade, no, it doesn't fail anymore09:14
danilosfwereade, so I suppose it is a moot point09:14
fwereadedanilos, it's still an issue but it's not one biting us *today*09:14
danilosfwereade, right, and I guess we can keep it under control by not allowing our bucket to grow too long? and then we can take the time to resolve the issue properly09:15
fwereadedanilos, I am not proud of the workaround but I think it's the only one with predictably bounded second-order effects09:15
fwereadedanilos, exactly09:15
fwereadedanilos, releasing i386 versions tightens the window, but we can relax it a little by deleting the more recent 1.9.*s09:16
fwereadedanilos, I am more confident that we can keep it out of users sight until we fix it for real than I am that we can fix it for real without unintended consequences given the timescale and associated pressure09:16
danilosfwereade, sure, agreed09:17
fwereadeso... rogpeppe, TheMue, mgz, jam, danilos, wallyworld: aside from the ap-southeast security group weirdness, is anyone aware of any trivially-fixable outstanding issues that would directly impact users if we were to release right now?09:23
fwereade(the security groups are IMO not trivially fixable)09:23
rogpeppefwereade: the security groups could be fixed quite easily, but not in the way proposed09:24
rogpeppefwereade: i could prepare a patch quickly, but i fear it would need more testing time than we've got to make sure it works properly against all regions09:25
fwereaderogpeppe, yeah, that's the heart of it09:25
fwereaderogpeppe, I don't want to fix one region at the cost of another09:26
* rogpeppe finds it very strange that amazon apparently implemented the same software many times independently09:26
fwereaderogpeppe, I'd rather release with "ap-southeast-1 and ap-southeast-2 cannot currently be used"09:26
rogpeppefwereade: well, the fix would use mechanisms that are already used in other regions.09:26
* fwereade hasn't looked under the covers but is terrified we're doing somthing crazy like always using "/current" api versions09:27
rogpeppefwereade: no, istr changing it to use a fixed version09:27
fwereaderogpeppe, <309:27
fwereaderogpeppe, it' a shame it only hit us just now but I think we're over the line09:28
rogpeppefwereade: hmm, the fixed version was just for the metadata09:29
fwereaderogpeppe, aw feck09:29
rogpeppefwereade: ah, but all is not lost09:29
rogpeppefwereade: goamz/ec2 hardcodes 2011-12-1509:30
jammgz: /wave09:30
fwereaderogpeppe, ok, great :)09:30
fwereadeI assert that we should bump the version, and release what we have right now, right now09:31
rogpeppefwereade: +109:32
fwereademgz, ping09:33
* fwereade slopes off for a quick ciggie to see whether anything else plops into his mind, brb09:34
mgzhey jam09:34
mgzfwereade: we should probably just do a release, though I'm still not sure what exactly we should do with it09:36
fwereademgz, I think we should release 1.10.0 and put that into raring, then switch to 1.11.0 and GTW on the various things we haven't managed -- I feel like your statement alludes to things I have not thought of?09:46
fwereademgz, I suspect there are maybe things to do with the "series" of juju-core that should be done, but this is completely outside my ken at the moment09:48
mgzso, we can't bump the go version, though I think the issue that helped with we landed another fix for? and we still need to get stuff past the archive admins.09:48
fwereademgz, we papered over the go version one by trashing old releases in the juju-dist bucket09:49
fwereademgz, I don't think there's anything else we can fix today that will affect users09:49
mgzah, that was the swift bucket listing one09:49
fwereademgz, s3 but yeah09:50
mgzho ho ho, that's the reverse getting the names backwards from normal09:50
mgzopenstack is winning09:50
fwereademgz, can I leave the release in your hands then, and inform Daviey and jamespage that you will have 1.10.0 for them imminently?09:51
mgzyeah, though I also need to argue with the release guys for the other packaging as well.09:54
mgzso, nothing landed after the tagging on 1.10.0 that we want in?09:54
mgzthe various bugs were all otherwise worked around?09:55
fwereademgz, we reverted that actually09:56
fwereademgz, but we didn't release anything from the briefly-1.10.0 source09:57
fwereademgz, so I think we're good to just bump and go09:57
fwereademgz, there were a couple on friday that I can't even remember today :/09:57
fwereademgz, but neither I nor anyone else can AFAICT think of any way to make the release *definitely* better in the next couple of hours09:59
fwereademgz, so I see no further reason to delay10:00
fwereademgz, sorry, I missed that: the "other packaging"?10:02
mgzthe python juju changes to make go juju installable under the same names10:05
fwereademgz, ah, hell, I had understood that that was already in hand10:09
fwereademgz, is it not?10:09
fwereademgz, if it isn't it kinda feels like we're irreversibly boned regardless...10:10
mgzthe upload was rejected, and I need an archive admin's attention to get any new packages in10:12
fwereademgz, well, crap10:13
fwereademgz, that seems to justify a certain amount of frothing and screaming -- do you know to whom we should be directing it?10:14
fwereademgz, or is it in fact just a straight-up can't-be-done sort of issue?10:17
mgzthe faceless bureaucracy of ubuntu, but don't froth, I'm on it.10:17
fwereademgz, ok, cool10:20
fwereademgz, so, the things we need are (1) bump to 1.10.0 (2) release 1.10.0 (3) bump again to 1.11.0 (4) get juju 0.7 into raring (5) get juju 1.10 into raring10:21
mgzI'm currently on 4, and will move onto 5 after10:21
fwereademgz, ok, I will propose a bump to 1.10.010:22
jamespagemgz, Daviey is looking at the rejected package10:24
Davieymgz: Should i be looking at the rejected one.. or wait out?10:26
mgzI'll forward the email I got from stephane10:29
mgzI have a trivial diff that I think is all he wants10:29
mgzjamespage: what should I use to test install of a deb I've just built in canonistack? schroot?10:30
jamespageschroot it good10:30
jamespage(generally what I do)10:30
mgzcan you give me a quick example of your procedure? I wasn't watching closely enough last time you did it10:32
fwereadeanyone want to give me an LGTM on https://codereview.appspot.com/8759045 for form's sake? :)10:33
TheMuefwereade: done10:37
fwereademgz, ok, that is submitted10:42
mattywrogpeppe, can you spot anything odd we're doing here? https://pastebin.canonical.com/89643/10:42
* rogpeppe gets his 2-factor key10:43
fwereademattyw, is there another package-level Test* function that doesn't use MgoTestPackage by any chance?10:44
rogpeppethat was my question too10:44
mattywfwereade, there definately is yes10:44
fwereademattyw, that'd be the problem then, drop that and use this, I think10:45
rogpeppemattyw: you should only have one top level Test function10:45
mattywfwereade, rogpeppe I'll move it, thanks guys10:45
rogpeppemattyw: np10:45
fwereademattyw, cheers10:45
wallyworldfwereade: just got back from soccer and saw your question - i'd love to get the constraints stuff for openstack in the release, but maybe it's too late?10:46
fwereadewallyworld, I'dlove to too but I thought it was too late on friday really10:46
wallyworldok, no problem10:47
fwereadewallyworld, we can get that into the first server-side update and get a lot of value10:47
wallyworldi think we are doing a 10.1 release soonish anyway?10:47
fwereadewallyworld, I think10:47
fwereadewallyworld, that is the plan10:47
fwereadewallyworld, as far as I am concerned we are now frozen10:47
wallyworldfwereade: also, i really see a lot of value in the image-id constraint. can we discuss sometime?10:48
fwereadewallyworld, definitely -- it's a use case we should have in mind, but I really don't think it's a constraint10:49
* TheMue is at lunch, bbiab10:50
wallyworldfwereade: did you want to pop i on Blue's standup soon?10:50
fwereadewallyworld, honestly I don't think I can do it usefully -- I ran out of energy on thursday, friday was past my limit, and my first weekend off in a month was not enough to reset me10:51
mgzbah, this is still borked10:51
wallyworldok no problem :-)10:51
wallyworldfwereade: we can discuss later this week perhaps10:51
fwereadewallyworld, I'd love to10:52
wallyworldsure. i am off thursday so maybe wednesday or tomorrow10:52
fwereadewallyworld, weds would be perfect10:52
mgzah, no, probably just a bash quirk10:53
wallyworldok, wed it it10:53
fwereadewallyworld, cheers10:54
fwereademgz, will you be doing the 1.10.0 release or should someone else pick that up for you?10:54
fwereademramm2, heyhey10:59
dimiternjam, i'm very sorry i missed the 1-1 today11:01
wallyworldfwereade: i'm sad you rejected my mp. i agree with rogpeppe about binary compatibility. i'd like to think that the landing bot would do the tests on precise, but we really need to run "bleeding edge"  tests locally on the latest series to minimise risk for future deployments11:04
mgzfwereade: what does the release consist of in this case? build, tools to public bucket, and announcement on list?11:04
wallyworldfwereade: i guess we need to add that to our wednesday agenda :-)11:05
mgznote for self for next time... `sudo schroot -c juju -u root` as I don't know how to easily configure fancy permissions...11:06
fwereademgz, yes please, I think that's it -- maybe a note that 1.9.* will be removedimminently, and actual removal of 1.9.* in a day or 211:09
markrammmgz: yes those things seem to be the sum of what doing a release for go juju require ;)11:10
fwereadewallyworld, I consider the failure entirely mine, it's fundamentally about communication11:10
fwereadewallyworld, I'm not sure what's meant by the binary compatibility question but I'm afraid I'm done thinking for today11:12
wallyworldfwereade: i don't think you failed. but that aside, in past projects and fundamentally, i think local devs should test against the latest system release while the landing bot tests against the stable release11:12
fwereadegents, you're all great, but I'm wiped out for now11:12
wallyworldfwereade: ok, talk later11:12
fwereadewallyworld, cheers :)11:12
dimiternjam, mgz: mumble poke11:30
danilosjam: stand-up time11:33
* dimitern lunch12:25
hazmatanyway familiar with this error, "2013/04/22 08:50:19 ERROR command failed: no CA certificate in environment configuration"12:51
rogpeppewe really need to upload the 1.10 tools13:04
rogpeppecurrently we can't use juju bootstrap with the tip version without using --upload-tools13:05
mgzrogpeppe: building from recipe in the ppa now13:12
rogpeppemgz: thanks.13:13
rogpeppemgz: i wonder if every time we upload a new version, we should delete the oldest version currently in the bucket13:13
rogpeppemgz: to avoid running afoul of the bug13:13
mgzright now, probably13:14
mgzis it always safe to remove old tools, even if there are environments currently running them?13:14
mgzI guess not if we're good about major/minor compat discipline13:14
rogpeppemgz: there's probably a window during which a started instance can fail because the provisioner finds some tools and puts the url in the cloud-init, only for the tools to be removed before they get chance to run13:16
rogpeppemgz: and there's the compatibility issue too. but i hope we're going to be much better about that from now on.13:17
mgzso, I don't have creds to the juju-dist thing as far as I can find in my email archive, but it's pretty trivial for anyone else to download the debs and run the release-public-tools script13:35
rogpeppeyay, look at these ping times http://paste.ubuntu.com/5592594/13:55
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dimiternmgz: no, i haven't brought that cloudinit workaround for raring to smoser's attention13:57
dimiternmgz: maybe we should though, you're right - afaics it works, tested live and all, but some subtleties might have escaped me13:58
mgzlet's bug him and see13:59
dimiterncan you do this please - since you're handling the release anyway?13:59
mgzdone, though, as stated^ I'll need someone else to upload the binaries to the public bucket(s)14:01
dimiternrogpeppe: kanban?14:05
rogpeppedimitern: i'll give it a go. network connect still v dodgy.14:05
gary_posterhey niemeyer.  _mup_ seems to be sleeping, at least on #juju-gui.  Could you wake him up?14:12
niemeyergary_poster: WIll check it out14:13
gary_posterthank you14:13
dimiterngary_poster: _mup_ was on crack here as well - not answering to bug 0123456 as well since few days now14:32
gary_posterdimitern, yeah, I thought I saw that.  thanks for the confirmation :-)14:32
dimitern(it seems it still is)14:32
niemeyergary_poster: Launchpad seems to have changed the bug URL that mup looks for14:39
gary_posterniemeyer, ah :-/14:39
gary_posterthank you for investigating niemeyer.  Is that something you plan to address soon, or no time?14:40
niemeyergary_poster: I'd like to see if fixed for sure.. I'm having a deeper look just now14:40
gary_posterthanks again14:40
niemeyergary_poster: np14:42
gary_posterhey jam.  I think you had talked about adding tarmac support to lbox.  Do you know if that has gone anywhere beyond that initial statement of idea?  We would like that for the GUI.14:50
* jamespage high 5's mgz15:34
jamespagepy juju accepted....15:34
mgzright, now for go...15:37
mrammjamespage: mgz: AWESOME!15:43
niemeyergary_poster: Found the issue with wgrant's and andreas' help17:18
niemeyergary_poster: We're taking the chance to update the machine as well17:18
gary_posterniemeyer, fantastic17:18
niemeyergary_poster: mup will be awaken soon :)17:18
gary_posterheh cool :-)17:18
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rogpeppe1i'm off now17:41
rogpeppe1see y'all tomorrow17:41
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ahasenackguys, with go-juju, how are the open-port, close-port, etc commands inserted into $PATH?19:32
ahasenackI just deployed a service and got19:32
ahasenack2013/04/22 19:14:24 INFO worker/uniter: HOOK /var/lib/juju/agents/unit-lds-quickstart-0/charm/hooks/install: line 329: open-port: command not found19:33
ahasenackI logged in, and these tools are in /var/lib/juju/tools/machine-1/19:33
ahasenackis that in the hook's shell env?19:33
ahasenackok, it's the charm that changes PATH19:39
smoserplease can we have https://codereview.appspot.com/8648047/ reverted?20:18
smoserthis problem should go away "forever" after released images on thursday.20:18
smosersee my comment in that bug for more information.20:18
smosermgz, ^20:18
mgzsmoser: I'll propose that.20:29
mgzhm, the r1111 change to make .lbox.check actually verify the build works is going to screw me20:37
mgzbecause the build has *never* worked for me20:37
mgzit just doesn't fail in an important manner...20:37
thumperman, perhaps I should have a coffee before tackling the emails...21:11
* thumper goes to make that coffee21:42

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