gary_posterfrankban, teknico, approved all days off.  good timing for those national holidays :-)12:09
frankbangary_poster: thanks, and yes, really :-)12:10
gary_posterfrankban: Firefox: test_gui_unit_tests (__main__.TestBasics) ... ok12:15
gary_posterYAY!  Rock! :-)12:15
gary_posterFinished: SUCCESS12:15
bacer, :)12:16
bachazmat: i'm investigating bug 1170468 -- you have insight?12:17
frankbancool, and weird, but cool...12:17
hazmatbac, i filed a separate bug.. the nutshell was that setting config/deploying from the gui lead to invalid yaml somehow12:52
hazmatbac, a user tried to deploy haproxy from the gui12:53
hazmatthe backend server does yaml validation, so its not clear why it didn't result in an error12:53
hazmatinstead it lead to a relation error on the broken yaml12:53
hazmatdeploying from the cli worked12:53
bachazmat: do you have that bug number?12:57
hazmatbac, hmm.. no i might have seen jorge's and stopped.13:00
hatchgooood morning13:36
gary_postermorning hatch.13:37
hatchthanks for the review13:37
hatchsorry there were so many steps to reproduce :)13:37
gary_posterwelcome, np :-)13:37
hatchhow was camping?13:37
gary_postergreat! and exhausting :-)13:38
gary_posterfrankban, I was thinking of testing the gui against go (monday qa), and then making a release.  does that duplicate anything you've done or are doing?13:39
hatchfrankban: haha, awesome fix for the CI failures :D13:40
frankbangary_poster: no, and I am available if you need help, e.g., setting up the env or similar13:40
gary_postercool thanks frankban.13:40
frankbanhatch: heh, one loc to fix them all... something in the firefox/selenium/yui ecosystem seems very opaque13:42
jcsackettsinzui, hatch: can i get a review on https://codereview.appspot.com/8910043 ?13:45
hazmatbac, just to be clear for reproduce.. bootstrap/deploy gui/deploy haproxy from gui13:45
bachazmat: yep13:45
hatchjcsackett: ....well I dont' start for another 15minutes....13:46
hatchsooooooo joking....I'm on it :P13:46
jcsacketthatch: if you want to wait 15 min, that's fine. :-)13:46
hatchI am going to grab my coffee first though13:46
* sinzui looks13:48
jcsacketthatch: very reasonable. :-)13:48
jcsackettactually, i'm going to get some coffee as well.13:48
gary_posterfrankban, if you are interested in finding a card I have one that might be of interest to you.  "Investigare adding SetUnits to Go API (replacing AddUnits and RemoveUnits in the GUI)."  Whoever starts this would want to talk to Roger first, of course13:55
gary_posterIt is in Maintenance13:55
gary_posterother options are fine too :-)13:56
frankbangary_poster: sounds good. so SetUnits takes a service name and a number of units?13:57
gary_posterfrankban, exactly.  And delats + GetService would report not only how many services a unit has but how many it is supposed to have13:58
gary_poster*how many units a service has13:58
* gary_poster had three nights of bad sleep in a row :-)13:59
gary_postersigh, delats == deltas :-)13:59
frankbangary_poster: but what happens when a service has more units than the ones specified? do we remove random units?14:00
gary_posterfrankban, this is something to discuss with Roger.  When talking about it with Kapil for pyJuju, he suggested removing the newest instances.  I think arguments could be made for either direction (oldest or newest).14:01
gary_posterMaybe a default policy for flags for other policies would be nice, but also maybe not necessary initially14:02
gary_poster...a default policy *and* flags for other policies...14:02
frankbangary_poster: :-) doesn't the delta already include pending units in the count? 14:03
frankban(I think I have to check for this) gary_poster: last question, following the checklist: why do we want this? :-)14:03
gary_posterfrankban, delta has pending units: yes, but that's different that the target.  The target should be a single number with transactional semantics.  pending units can easily have race conditions.  Imagine having 5 units, then setting count to 8 (three pending), then *immediately* (before pending units resolve) setting the unit count to 3.  removing units is not instantaneous.  At this point we want to be able to say "14:08
gary_posterthe target is 3" but if we don't explicitly keep track of the target there are a lot of confusing intermediate states we can see.14:08
gary_posterfrankban, thank you for asking why, and why now. :-) that might clarify the previous answer14:08
gary_posterI actually think there's an old bug for this, come to think of it.  1 sec...14:08
gary_posterfrankban, #1052675 and #105267614:11
* gary_poster misses _mup_14:12
benjiI hate to admit it, but I miss mup a little.14:12
gary_posterfrankban, those are all in reference to the unit count widget on the service page, if that is not clear14:14
gary_posterfrankban, lemme know if that makes sense--stopping until you ask more14:16
frankbangary_poster: yes it does. And I think we also want to maintain the old AddUnits/RemoveUnits, event if they will be no longer used by the GUI14:18
gary_posterfrankban, +1.  A complication will be that we need to use the old API for pyJuju.14:19
gary_posterand try not to make it more broken than it already is14:19
gary_posterfrankban, an additional complication is that this is the first time we will need to be backwards compatible in the Go API as well!14:20
gary_posterI think14:20
gary_posterwe should discuss with them what we all think is a reasonable support strategy for these sorts of things14:21
* teknico 's mental state aligned with nation's one: thoroughly befuddled14:21
gary_posterteknico, about what I've said, or about your current card, or generally?14:21
teknicogary_poster, second thing you said14:22
frankbangary_poster: yes. so setunits set a target number (on the service doc I guess). if another client (not the GUI) calls addunits/removeunits I suppose we might want to increase/decrease that number accordingly. 14:22
gary_posterteknico, ack.  14:22
gary_posterfrankban, yes.  And Roger said that this will involve a new agent IIRC14:23
gary_posterTo handle converting the number to a reality14:23
frankbangary_poster: ok thanks14:24
frankbanrogpeppe2: could you please ping me when you have time for a call on the SetServiceUnit functionality?14:32
Makyogary_poster, ping14:56
gary_posterMakyo, pong (though I have call in 4)14:56
Makyogary_poster, quick ? then.   Was looking at starting upgrade-charm, but that's not in either juju api. Are we making any changes to pyjuju anymore?14:57
gary_posterMakyo, no more changes to pyjuju AFAIK14:57
Makyogary_poster, alright.  Will come up with a list of other questions for call.14:58
gary_posterMakyo, cool.  Also maybe worth convening a call with luca and myself when you are ready to have a plan for integration within the current transient UX.  It is not in the 13.10 UX either, but I want the functionality in sooner14:59
hatchdoes anyone know (before I go looking) why the environment fires a 'login' event again 5s or so after the environment is fully loaded14:59
Makyogary_poster, alright.15:00
gary_posterhatch, not exactly but I've seen stuff like that caused by...on call.  maybe needs flag15:02
gary_posterfrankban, maybe try rogpeppe again?15:06
frankbangary_poster: talking with him15:06
gary_posteroh cool15:06
hatchi have noticed that sometimes I get a favicon which is bright orange and sometimes it's kind of a washed out orange...anyone ever seen this before?15:14
hatchrick_h_: I saw your post on G+ about the yui2 removal....yay!15:18
gary_posterbcsaller, hey.  Could you please add categories metadata to your charm branch?  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5592852/15:26
bcsallergary_poster: certainly15:26
gary_posterthank you!15:26
hatchbcsaller: when you have a second could you take a look at my multi dispatch branch https://codereview.appspot.com/8883043/15:28
bcsallerhatch: I'll do it now, I've already glanced at it15:28
hatchok great thanks15:28
jcsacketthatch: to make sure i understand your suggestion about the utils thing being an extension. do you mean just create like apiFailingView, which extends view with the apiFailure method? and have other views use that as an extension?15:30
jcsackettor something more like rick's event tracker?15:30
jcsackett(e.g. a whole new object)15:30
hatchjcsackett: can't remember the event tracker...one second15:32
hatchyep just like that15:32
frankbangary_poster: time for a call?15:33
gary_posterfrankban, still on another call.  will ping when off15:33
frankbangary_poster: thanks15:33
hatchjcsackett: do you see why I don't think it is a utility method?15:33
hatchan utility method?15:33
hatchthat just doesn't sound right...15:33
hatcha utility method15:33
jcsacketthatch: yeah, i'm fine with that--i'm just talking about implementing it as an extension.15:34
hatchahh yeah - you can look at the event tracker or the subapp extension15:34
hatchbasically you have to create a constructor so that the mixin methods know how to mix them together15:35
* hatch wonders if we have a problem when you needmore lines of documentation than the code is long to explain why it's there :)15:41
MakyoExplain your spooky action from a distance. :)15:43
hatchmaybe I'll start commenting // because multi-dispatch15:46
hatchand everyone will just know15:46
hatchI'm very confused about this extra 'login' event, I don't even know where it's being fired from...15:47
gary_posterjujugui please update kanban15:50
hatchbenji: as soon as I get the email i'll qa15:52
hatchemail has been very slow for me today though...15:52
benjithanks hatch15:52
benjihatch: here is the URL: https://codereview.appspot.com/890904415:52
hatchbcsaller: thanks for the review!15:53
hatchbenji: thanks15:53
gary_posterjujugui call in 115:59
Makyohatch, you can branch from your local repo, then lbox submit -for=lp:juju-gui; one way to do it.16:10
hatchoh ok cool, then it will have a proper diff?16:11
Makyohatch, I believe so, but someone correct me if I'm wrong. the diff is part of the merge proposal, which only takes into account the submit branch.16:11
hatchahh ok16:12
Makyohatch, sorry, that should be lbox propose -for=lp:juju-gui, not submit.16:14
hatchalrighty, notes16:20
bacgary_poster: i've figured out the problem.  would like to chat about solution.16:32
gary_posterbac ack will ping16:32
hatchbcsaller: just FYI - yes I could just return the _navigate call but it's return value is pretty hidden under a number of levels of abstraction so if it's ok I'd like to leave as-is. I did remove the navigate() overwite though as it's no longer needed16:33
bacgary_poster: bug 1170468 is updated.  perhaps we can talk after lunch?16:43
gary_posterbac +116:43
gary_posterMakyo, are you blocked?  If you are not I will ping you in about an hour16:49
Makyogary_poster, blocked on the GUI side, but I can start the core branch.16:49
gary_posterMakyo, would five min now help, or just wait till a bit later?16:50
Makyogary_poster, the core branch is pretty clear-cut (as much as it can be), can wait.16:51
gary_postercool Makyo thanks.  will ping16:51
MakyoIt's snowing again >:E 17:00
MakyoEverything just melted over the weekend.17:00
arosalesgary_poster, do you have your staging URL handy?17:13
gary_posterarosales, what do you mean?  http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8080/17:14
arosalesgary_poster, yes, it looks like this is just specific to the gui, thanks.17:20
arosalesI guess the other URLs are for feature flags turned off/on.17:21
arosalesgary_poster, thanks.17:21
gary_posterarosales, exactly.  welcome17:21
* benji remembers to do the pre-branch checklist.17:33
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
* hatch thanks benji for saving lives17:42
hatchbzr question - is there a way to find out which trunk revision I branched my current branch off of?18:05
benjiis anyone familiar with this test failure on the charm trunk? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5593324/18:05
hatchbenji: sorry never seen that one before18:06
gary_posterbcsaller, see benji ^^^18:06
gary_posterMakyo, guichat18:08
Makyogary_poster, sure.18:10
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
bcsallerbenji: uncertain how that happened, but I can check it in the branch I have going18:25
hatchtaking lunch18:27
gary_posterbac, can talk whenever you are ready18:27
bacgary_poster: ok18:27
bacnow is good18:27
gary_posterbac ok guichat!18:28
gary_posterbac, fwiw in juju-core/charm/config.go:18:52
gary_posterbac ^^18:53
bacgary_poster: so it would be trivial to support 'text' in the future18:54
MakyoRunning to coffee shop to leave dogs alone.19:00
benjibcsaller: (I'm back from lunch) I would appreciate it if you can check that failure.19:02
bcsallerbenji: I suspect my review changes went in w/o running the suite 19:03
gary_posterbenji, are you blocked by that charm problem?  It looked like teknico was blocked by some issues in the charm right now19:29
benjigary_poster: nope, I'm pretending the tests pass; seems to be working ;)19:29
gary_posterbenji :-P ok19:30
hatchis uistage broken?19:39
hatchoh someone must have just deleted everything19:40
hatchhas that entry point always been broken?19:41
hatchis there a way I can check from a view if Landscape is enabled?20:01
hatchjujugui ^20:02
Makyohatch, var env = this.db.environment.get('annotations'); if (env['landscape-url'])...20:03
gary_posterhatch, that entry point works for me--it just shows the environ first.  benji might have filed a related bug, not sure20:04
hatchbut that will only happen if a delta is fired though no?20:04
gary_posterMakyo, doesn't the landscape object offer some kind of abstraction for that as well?20:04
benjihatch: topo.get('landscape') looks like the easiest way to see if landscape is enabled20:05
hatchand topo would be env?20:05
benjihatch, gary_poster: yep, I filed a bug about it20:05
Makyotopo is the topology in the environment view.20:05
benjiit is caused by bug 117003120:05
Makyoand topo.get('landscape') returns the landscape view.20:05
hatchok so if I go env.get('topology').get('landscape') it will be undefined if landscape isn't enabled?20:06
MakyoThe topology belongs only to the environment view.20:07
hatchbenji: gary_poster: ok I am rewriting a bunch of this stuff - it appears to solve the console errors on that entry point, and the flash of env20:07
gary_postergreat hatch!20:07
Makyoget the environment model from the db and see if it has a landscape-url annotation.20:08
gary_postersort of like "great scott!" except that it's your nick, not Mako's last name20:08
hatchahhh back to the future, what a great show20:08
MakyoOh, the amount of that I got in high school... :)20:09
hatchMakyo: making that check doesn't work20:10
hatchthe landscape-url annotation appears to always be there20:10
hatchi'll try this.get('landscape') as benji mentioned20:11
MakyoThen line 423 of app/views/utils.js is not valid, which I don't believe is the case.20:11
hatchby default is it enabled then? on devel20:12
Makyohatch, are you running improv or sandbox?20:13
Makyohatch, It is enabled if you're passing -l to improv20:14
hatchok here is a little more info...20:14
hatchon the root service view we call20:15
hatch      views.utils.updateLandscapeBottomBar(this.get('landscape'),20:15
hatch          env, service, container);20:15
hatchwhich has the check you said20:15
hatchwhen I add the same line to the constraints view20:15
hatchI get an error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'hide' of null20:15
hatchwhich is fine...20:15
hatchbut the issue is that `this.get('landscape')`20:16
hatchis an object, and the url annotation is there20:16
MakyoSo the attribute landscape is overloaded with an annotations object instead of being the landscape extension?20:18
hatchthe attribute landscape is an instance of views/topology/landscape.js20:19
MakyoI guess I'm a little confused.  You just said it was an object with the URL annotation.20:20
hatchsorry, what I meant was the env.get('annotations')['landscape-url'] property exists and there is an instance of the landscape d3module even though landscape is not enabled20:22
hatchso both mentioned techniques don't give me a way to reliably check if landscape is enabled20:22
Makyohatch, I broke on the render function for service constraints view and: this.get('db').environment.get('annotations')['landscape-url'] === undefined20:24
* gary_poster thinks we ought to have a shared abstraction (like a function) for that20:25
MakyoThat could be part of the landscape extension, yeah20:25
hatchMakyo: that's so odd because the updateLandscapeBottomBar method is throwing an error from within that if check20:25
hatchohh, I figured it out20:26
* hatch bows head and sulks into a corner20:26
hatchthanks for dealing with my stupidity Makyo :)20:27
Makyohatch, What was it?  Curious, because now I'm thinking of ways to improve he landscape handling.20:28
gary_posterMakyo, I'm having another instance of that crazy jumping service (when you start to drag) :-/20:28
hatchcontainer.one('.landscape-controls').hide() was throwing an error and I am apparently dislexic and read the wrong line number20:28
Makyogary_poster, sandbox in chrome?20:29
gary_posterMakyo, no, Go environment in chrome.  Was trying to qa for release :-/20:29
gary_posterMakyo, reloaded and can't dupe now.  Wonder if it is related to ghost -> drag -> confirm -> drag...20:31
Makyogary_poster, Oooh, I didn't try that when I tested.20:31
gary_posterMakyo, yes!  I made one without the ghost drag and it is fine, and then made one with a ghost drag and it is hosed...20:33
Makyogary_poster, A good starting point, then!20:33
Makyogary_poster, Maybe reopen that bug with ac omment?20:33
hatchok I think I can FINALLY push up this service stuff20:33
hatchfamous last words I'm sure20:34
gary_posterMakyo, db attrs from bad and good service: see lines 22 and 23 from bad service20:36
gary_posterMakyo, the x and y are being copied over20:36
hatchfamous last words20:37
Makyogary_poster, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5593719/20:38
gary_posterMakyo, !! cool!  Thanks!20:39
Makyogary_poster, I'm not actually running it, but I think that should work?  Does it?20:39
Makyo Oh, that makes it jump back to the default location.  Hmm.20:41
MakyoBut just temporarily.  Let me see if there's a better way to do it.20:41
gary_posterMakyo, fwiw, the attrs are copied over when the model is set on the bounding box.  app/views/utils.js line 75620:42
gary_posterSo in theory we could exclude x and y20:42
gary_posterbut would be nicer to actually fix it earlier20:42
Makyogary_poster, yeah.20:43
Makyogary_poster, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5593738/ worked for me.20:44
MakyoAfter reverting the previous patch20:44
gary_posterack trying20:44
gary_posterMakyo did not work for me.  Digging.  x and y are still set. 20:49
gary_posterMakyo, bah, code did not refresh20:49
gary_posterMakyo, +1!20:50
* Makyo would dance, but is in a coffee shop :)20:50
Makyogary_poster, Should I make a trivial branch for that, or will it be part of your release stuff?20:52
gary_posterMakyo, the only thing not necessarily trivial is the test.  Have not investigated yet.  wdyt?20:53
gary_posterMakyo, reopening bug atm20:53
Makyogary_poster, quick check, may be fairly easy.20:55
gary_posterMakyo, you up for pushing a branch with fix/test through?20:56
gary_posterMy EoD is soon20:56
Makyogary_poster, sure.20:56
gary_posterThanks Makyo.  Will put into Maintenace Active Code...20:56
Makyogary_poster, https://codereview.appspot.com/8750047 (may be past EOD, sorry)21:12
gary_posterMakyo, looking!21:12
gary_posterMakyo LGTM, with exclamation marks21:13
MakyoGood to land?21:14
gary_posterMakyo, sorely tempting, but we can probably get a quick +1 from hatch?21:15
Makyogary_poster, sure.  hatch, 'tis only a wafer thin mp...21:16
MakyoGoing to run home once submit finishes.21:18
MakyoSupid sideways snow.21:18
hatchyikes - it's sunny and melting here21:18
gary_posterthank you both21:18
hatchno problemo, I'm going to propose my WIP branch to get some input but I can't land it until I, or someone fixes the multi login event issue21:19
MakyoAlright, back in a few.21:23
hatchI think the only thing worse than writing tests....is fixing tests22:09
hatchwhat's the truck to get the console logging in the tests working again?22:30
rick_h_huwshimi: howdy23:04
huwshimirick_h_: Hey there.23:04
rick_h_huwshimi: I was out today, under the weather. I tried to keep tabs though23:05
rick_h_huwshimi: so lots of bugs files from UX folks23:05
huwshimirick_h_: Yeah :)23:05
rick_h_huwshimi: I started to go through a few. If you get a chance can you see about giving them a run through. Some need discussion/comments/clarifications23:05
rick_h_huwshimi: so I'd like to get our questions/etc ready and lined up for calls tomorrow23:06
huwshimirick_h_: A lot were on my to do list anyway, but I'll have a look through them all23:06
rick_h_huwshimi: yea, bugs make for handy todo list and a good way for them to know where we are so I say let them file away :)23:07
huwshimirick_h_: Yeah, it's good.23:07
rick_h_huwshimi: as for new stuff, I didn't get anything new, but jcsackett was working on landing your branch and had one that started search out23:07
rick_h_huwshimi: so have fun and let me know if you need anything.  Any bugs I should bring up in calls let me know and I'll make sure we get info.23:07
huwshimirick_h_: Yeah, looks like he landed my branch. I have a list of stuff to get through. I'll let you know if I have questions. Thanks Rick.23:08

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