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jcastroaculich: hey I linked up with tim last week13:08
jcastromarcoceppi: do you have the juju go PPA handy?13:08
davecheneyjcastro: ppa:juju/devel13:09
* davecheney melts into the background13:10
jcastrohmm, so I've noticed we haven't written that down anywhere13:10
davecheneyjcastro: mgz and davey are in charged of putting juju somewhere more official13:10
jcastroyeah, I'm writing the drafts for the getting started pages today13:11
jcastroso we can flip them over on thursdayish13:11
marcoceppihum, I've been using the wrong PPA13:13
evilnickveitchjcastro - i'm doing a getting started as part of the go docs...13:27
jcastroevilnickveitch: ok, so what do I do with the page on the website?13:27
jcastrodo we just remove it when newdocs lands?13:27
evilnickveitchjcastro - yes, thats what the thinking was, it should be able to go on Thursday, though the rest of the docs won't be finished13:28
marcoceppijcastro: we could could just update the header link to go to the getting started page of the docs as the doc layout is nearly identical to the website atm13:28
jcastrothat would be perfect!13:29
jcastroevilnickveitch: I think the only thing we should do is add a little snippet for python users.13:29
jcastro"Looking for older versions of Juju?" and then send them someplace.13:29
evilnickveitchheheh! yes, I can think13:30
evilnickveitchthat would be a good idea. I will make sure to flag it up - i guess i can just point to the old docs (though that seems cruel)13:30
evilnickveitchmaybe some sort of intermediary page13:31
marcoceppijcastro: here's an earlier draft of the design, for reference: http://hostmar.co/canonical/go-juju-docs-go/getting-started.html13:31
jcastroevilnickveitch: well, if they're on python then i think giving them the old-non-changing docs would be the best bet13:31
jcastroat least for thursday13:31
evilnickveitchjcastro, agreed.13:32
jcastroman dude, that is looking _excellent_ btw13:34
evilnickveitchjcastro, thanks! marcoceppi has helped out a lot!13:37
jcastrowe're preserving URLs right? Like with rewrites and whatnot?13:38
jcastroI take it the silence means we're burning the ships? :)13:52
mgzI think it means that no one knows who the we-s are in that context13:54
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marcoceppiDoes pyjuju work with raring on cloud providers?14:14
jcastrowell, it was for me last week14:17
marcoceppimust have just been a bad bootstrap14:18
jcastroman guys14:22
jcastrojust followed the directions14:22
jcastroand deployed wp with juju-core with mysql14:22
jcastroJust Worked(tm)14:22
jcastrothis will be awesome14:22
ahasenack2013/04/22 14:38:23 ERROR agent died with no error14:38
jcastrogary_poster: hey, thanks for that tablet update last week14:39
gary_posterjcastro, np! Thanks for bug report.  Sounds like it was a great event14:40
jcastrohey so I think the only real problem I noticed is everytime m_3 went to deploy something the twitchiness of the click-to-hold + a touchpad gets a bit wonky14:41
jcastroI so want to right click on the box14:41
m_3jcastro: sounds about right... was hard to catch a right click without a move involved too15:01
* m_3 chalks it up to coffee... not nerves ;)15:02
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FunnyLookinHatHave you guys ever set up a wildcard subdomain redirect scenario for scaling?  I.e. have a single box redirecting / managing requests that need to be handled by specific boxes?  I can go into more detail, but don't want to waste your guys' time.  :)15:29
jcastroSpamapS: any objections to the categories: thing in metadata.yaml as policy?17:27
jcastroI know you don't like the entire idea. :)17:27
SpamapSjcastro: I am adamantly opposed to it.17:27
SpamapSits ridiculous and a waste of time. I wish you had brought it up at the summit so I could have lit it on fire :)17:28
jcastrook well, you hate it, but the gui team needs them to make the GUI look nice for 13.0417:29
jcastroso, how can I make you at least not care about it? :)17:29
SpamapSjcastro: no they don't17:29
SpamapSjcastro: use tags. Weight the tags.17:30
jcastroI don't think they're doing that17:30
SpamapSjcastro: the reason I care about it is that categories are almost always poorly maintained in software17:31
SpamapSIts good to categorize flora/fauna, because you don't have whole new categories of flora/fauna every day17:32
SpamapSjcastro: go ahead and do it.. and while you're at it, tell yahoo to go back to categories too. :)17:33
jcastrowell, as long as you don't hate me17:33
jcastroI don't like categories either17:33
jcastrobut it won't matter17:34
jcastropeople will use google for 95% of the pagehits anyway17:34
SpamapSI lurve you all mang17:34
SpamapSjust think this idea is a time filling "because we can't think of anything interesting to do" waste17:34
sarnoldwhich reminds me, is there any plan for the juju equivalent of apt-cache search?17:34
SpamapSsarnold: jitsu search17:34
sarnold(I haven't really -looked-, but I'd like to know the apt-cache search and apt-cache show equivalents..)17:35
SpamapSsarnold: hits jujucharms.com live tho17:35
sarnoldSpamapS: if it saves me the effort...17:35
sarnoldnice, .29s :) hehe17:36
sarnoldthanks SpamapS :)17:37
marcoceppiThere's charm search as well, but that runs against launchpad17:44
jcastromarcoceppi: branch proposed17:44
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jcastrowe need to sort out icons in policy too17:45
jcastromarcoceppi: you're putting the svg template thing in charm tools right?17:46
jcastrofor `charm create`?17:46
sarnoldmarcoceppi: hrm, that didn't find the first one I searched for.. ('charm search powerdns' didn't return the same results that 'jitsu search powerdns' returned..)17:47
marcoceppijcastro: yeah, I'll have a merge for that shortly17:47
jcastrowe need to merge that into docs too17:47
jcastrobut I am mulling waiting for newdocs17:47
jcastrothen just have that be the first submission to that17:47
marcoceppijcastro: or we could just tell evilnickveitch to slide it in as he writes them. Don't want to be too far out of sync. Though I guess that'd be a good first "test" merge17:48
marcoceppijcastro: we should also document the workflow for submitting changes to the docs when newdocs land17:50
jcastrois what I use17:50
marcoceppiah, perfect17:50
jcastrowe need to snag the content from the mailing list wrt. that default image id stuff17:51
evilnickveitchmarcoceppi, jcastro  What am I signed up for now?17:51
jcastroactually, doing that now17:51
marcoceppijcastro: it's already listed as depreciated in the docs, just need to update AU and make sure it's removed going forward17:51
jcastroevilnickveitch: we need to add the icon stuff to policy, I sent you a mail just now17:51
jcastromarcoceppi: on it17:52
evilnickveitchokay, cool17:52
evilnickveitchI also have a "contributing" page that I have been working on that will be okay to go live at the same time17:52
evilnickveitchIt details the use of the HTML tags I have made use of, etc17:53
jcastroevilnickveitch: hey so what happens to things that you haven't converted yet?17:55
jcastrowill you just pull in the pages as is?17:55
jcastromarcoceppi: hey so bkerensa approved my MP for the docs, lol17:55
marcoceppijcastro: merged17:57
jcastroare you not entertained?18:06
jcastrowhat's next!18:06
evilnickveitchjcastro: hmmm, we'll wait and see on that. I am planning on having all the user guide stuff ready by Thursday18:08
jcastromgz: which PPA will Juju 2.x live for 13.04?18:08
jcastrostable releases I mean, not devel, unless we're reusing ppa:/juju/devel18:08
jcastrojamespage: ^^ in case you know18:09
mgzjcastro: devel I would think18:16
mgzbut we can work out if we want a stable-unstable one at the sprint in a few weeks18:17
mgzbefore actually getting 2.0 we don't need it18:17
ahasenackhi, does gojuju work with lxc yet? I don't remember18:39
gary_posterhey jcastro.  https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/service-config.html (in "Creating charms") it says that config.yaml supports "str", "int" and "float" as types.  We also see "boolean" and "string" used, and we support them in the GUI.  (1) are there any other types? (2) The haproxy problem you saw was because we treat str values as text lines (no newlines) not text fields (with newlines)18:40
jcastroahasenack: nope18:40
ahasenackjcastro: ok, thanks18:40
jcastrogary_poster: lots of sections of the docs are out of date18:40
gary_posterIOW the diff between <input type="text" and <text18:40
jcastroif you want to fix it and submit a mp that would be <318:40
gary_posterjcastro, ack, and would like to.  Right now we are asking in order to fix the ODS bug you filed though18:41
jcastroyeah so I have no clue, I usually read the docs heh.18:41
jcastrothis seems like a hazmat question18:42
gary_posterjcastro, lol cool thanks18:42
smoserso https://codereview.appspot.com/8648047/ is merged in, right?19:18
smosercan i get someone to back that out?19:18
smoseri've been told by ubuntu foundations that this will not be a problem.19:19
hazmatgary_poster, only supported types are string, int, float, boolean19:37
gary_posterack hazmat thanks, found in go code19:37
jcastrogary_poster: ack on having the series in the URL20:09
* jcastro wonders if putting the version # in there would be better20:09
gary_posterjcastro, I think we need both20:11
gary_posterbut could be wrong :-)20:11
jcastroin the url?20:11
gary_posteryeah, because isn't precise/wordpress-5 potentially different than raring/wordpress-5?20:12
jcastroI was thinking 12.04/wordpress20:12
jcastroand so on20:12
gary_posterthat might be better for being future-proof...20:12
gary_posterthough in that vein maybe we should wait for the future to be hardened before we change that stuff20:13
gary_postereither way is fine with me20:13
gary_posterthough less work is better than more work, in isolation from other considerations :-)20:14
jcastroI am for whatever gets us through to thursday. :)20:15
gary_posterlol +120:15
orospakrhey, I've Stopped all of my EC2 VMs owned by juju except for the boostrap node/zookeeper.  I'd like to ask juju to ensure that every has been started that needs to be.20:15
orospakrs/that every/that every VM and service/20:16
jcastroso you killed the VMs after you deployed stuff?20:17
smoserwho here can answer my query above ?20:17
smosercan we revert the cloud-init config change at https://codereview.appspot.com/8648047/20:17
jcastrosmoser: I think core is in #juju-dev20:18
orospakrjcastro, I did. note that they are EBS backed and I shut them down cleanly.20:21
jcastrook so you want juju to be able to just fire them back up?20:22
orospakrI'm worried that there are plenty of real circumstances that can cause cloud-hosted VMs to reboot, and as such, I'd like to test that.20:22
orospakrjcastro, well, that would be nice.  If I fire them back up myself, they get stuck in the agent down state.20:22
orospakror at least, that's how juju status reports them, and the services they are meant to host appear inoperative.20:23
orospakris it possible that I'm asking the wrong questions?20:23
jcastroquestions seem fine to me20:23
jcastroI am just not sure how juju agents handle being shutdown20:23
jcastrohazmat: ?20:23
marcoceppijcastro: I would have thought it was added to upstart, but that might not be the case.20:24
orospakrmy general goal is to be sure that I can bring the entire system back up from virtually cold (assuming the EBS volumes remain intact).20:25
jcastroyeah, this might be a better question for the list I think, I think the people who know for sure aren't here right now20:25
orospakralright, I'll start one up manually, and rummage around via ssh to see if everything obvious is running.20:25
hazmatorospakr, its not really supported at the moment because the address changes when the instances are started dont ripple through the graph20:26
hazmatie updating relation addresses20:26
orospakrhum. okay. so, generally, a restart really should involve a redeploy?20:26
orospakrfor instances hosting services that are effectively stateless, like application servers, that's not a big deal. for instances hosting more persistent things, like postgres and mongo, I'm keen to have a better story. Is the final answer just automatic backups?20:27
orospakrfwiw, I just confirmed that jujud does come up on my instances when I manually restart them.20:29
orospakrthey remain agent-down, however.20:29
orospakr(according to bootstrap node/juju status)20:30
hazmatorospakr, final answer atm is not supported, long term instances should re-record their address and propogate to their relations20:31
orospakrhazmat, OK. is there a best practice to avoid losing data and bringing platform back up quickly after solar flares happen to, say, knock out EC2 East Zone for a while?20:34
FunnyLookinHatIs there any way for me to deploy multiple "instances" of a service to a single VPS? i.e. let's say I have a simple PHP app that manages a to-do list and I want to deploy a copy of it for each user I have on the fly - can that be currently accomplished with Juju ?20:34
FunnyLookinHatAs far as I can see right now - each "instance" gets it's own VPS20:34
sarnoldFunnyLookinHat: that's a long-term goal for the golang juju implementation; you can bodge it together using the jitsu 'deploy-to' command, but that isn't exactly a supported mechanism20:36
FunnyLookinHatsarnold, Right right - I read up on that... if I were to use deploy-to I'd have to put some fancy into my charms to handle that as well, correct?  Otherwise they'd probably just go ahead and overwrite themselves.20:37
sarnoldFunnyLookinHat: yes, you'd need to write the charms to be careful; that's probably going to be required of the eventual golang supported solution too20:38
FunnyLookinHatsarnold, Ok great - thanks :)20:38
hazmatorospakr, atm its manual snapshot and cross region snapshot copy20:54
hazmatorospakr, i've been putting together  a suite of aws services exposed as charms.. rds, elb, route5320:54
hazmatwas just working on an aws-snapshot one20:54
hazmatthe other ones are @ http://jujucharms.com/search?search_text=aws20:55
orospakrhazmat, well, the restoring from snapshots still would seem to suffer from the issue you described before: address changes not properly re-propagating after a restart.20:57
hazmatorospakr, yup20:59
hazmatorospakr, but the data is around as a sanity check20:59
hazmatorospakr, volume management is slated for juju for13.10 at which point hopefully this will get better. i expect we'll have a public roadmap out mid may. all the devs has been working hard to get the new version/rewrite out the door21:00
orospakroh wow, cool.21:02
orospakrwell, thank you very much. :)21:02
hazmatFunnyLookinHat, -force-machine to force non conflicting services to the same machine in go juju.. in pyjuju its available as the jitsu deploy-to add on21:17
thumpermorning hazmat21:20
hazmatthumper, greetings21:21
b1tbktdid a 'destroy-environment' and released all nodes from maas (at which point they showed 'Ready). subsequent juju deploy is now just hanging at 'connecting to environment' after four hours.21:43
b1tbktdo I need to delete ssh keys somewhere, maybe?21:43
b1tbktnm...system console was waiting for me to see its complaint about pre-existing lvm on its disk21:49
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mwhudsondoes juju-go work on arm?23:39
davecheneymwhudson: it should23:41
davecheneyi've tested the client a few times on arm a while back23:41
davecheneythere are no problems compiling it23:41
mwhudsondavecheney: ok23:42
mwhudsondavecheney: https://launchpad.net/~juju/+archive/devel doesn'23:42
mwhudsondavecheney: https://launchpad.net/~juju/+archive/devel doesn't appear to have arm builds23:42
davecheneymwhudson: it will for the next build23:43
davecheneyit wasn't a priority before23:43
davecheneyif you are running armhf you can build from source23:43
davecheneyif you are running raring, you might even be able to run all the unit tests23:44
mwhudsoni might just wait 24 hours :)23:44
davecheneymwhudson: probably a better move :)23:44

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