StevenKwgrant: margin:auto doesn't seem like a magic bullet. text-align:center on the container div and display:inline-block on the calender div just results in the widget looking squashed and still on the left of the overlay03:07
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StevenKwallyworld: ^ Can you give me some clues about the above?04:01
wallyworldStevenK: sadly my css foo is not that good04:02
wallyworldcurtis is your best bet04:02
StevenKwallyworld: Fair enough, I might hit up a few friends of mine04:04
nigelbStevenK: Is whatever you're trying to fix, online?04:06
nigelbI mean, can I see it?04:07
StevenKNot really04:07
StevenKIt's a LP branch, but it requires you have a dev environment04:07
nigelbargh. Mine's broken for now :/04:08
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wgrantStevenK: Are your latest changes pushed?04:40
StevenKwgrant: Nope04:40
wgrantPlease do so :)04:40
StevenKwgrant: I have it working now anyway04:40
wgrantI will poke04:40
wgrantAh, good04:40
wgrantWhat'd you need to change?04:40
StevenKI needed to apply 'margin: 0 auto' to .yui3-calendarbase04:41
wgrantWhat remains to be fixed? Wiring up the selection events properly?04:42
wgrantWhich is not CSS, so it's trivial :)04:42
StevenKNo, done04:43
StevenKwgrant: http://wedontsleep.org/~steven/new-calendar-4.jpg04:44
wgrantStevenK: So it writes the correct format to the textbox, and only when the tick is clicked?04:45
StevenKwgrant: Yeah, it will only close the overlay when you click the tick04:46
StevenKIn the case of showing time as well04:46
StevenKwgrant: If it looks good, I can push it up04:46
wgrantStevenK: Sounds good04:47
wgrantStevenK: Were you going to integrate that CSS?05:06
wgrantInto combo.css05:06
StevenKwgrant: Well, yeah05:07
StevenKIt gets pulled into combo.css as part of combine-css05:08
wgrantStevenK: Then why'd is referenced in launchpad-widget-macros.pt?05:08
StevenKSorry, I thought you meant the other bits I changed in css/modifiers.css05:10
wgrantAh, no05:10
StevenKwgrant: So, I can. Not a great deal of pages use the calendar05:10
wgrantStevenK: Sure, but it's pretty small and it sucks to have the four extra requests like that.05:11
wgrantStevenK: Also, you've split the .inline and .hidden rules, but the order between them matters, so they should ideally always be together.05:11
wgrantAnd those skin overrides will want a comment detailing their motivation.05:12
wgrantStevenK: Do you also want to destroy the overlay and calendar when the overlay is hidden?05:19
wgrantAt present you only destroy them on cancel05:19
StevenKHmm, I should refactor that out05:20
* StevenK stabs combine-css for not including the calendar css05:28
StevenKcombine-css really dislikes yui/assets/skins/sam/calendar-base.css05:33
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5591677/05:34
wgrantStevenK: What if you include the -core and -skin separately?05:36
wgrantIt may not like the pre-minfied version.05:37
StevenKcombine-css really dislikes yui/assets/skins/sam/calendar-base.css rather than yui/assets/skins/sam/calendar-base.css works05:41
StevenKIncluding yui/calendar/assets/calendar-core.css, yui/calendar/assets/skins/sam/calendar.css and yui/calendar/assets/skins/sam/calendar-skin.css rather than yui/assets/skins/sam/calendar-base.css works05:41
wgrantStevenK: Right, that's what I meant.05:44
wgrantI wonder if it's a bug in YUI's minification, or a bug in cssutils.05:45
StevenKExcept I need calendar-base too05:45
StevenKxml.dom.SyntaxErr: PropertyValue: No match: ('CHAR', u':', 2, 588)05:45
wgrantThat calendar.css should be redundant with calendar-skin.css and calendar-core.css05:45
wgrantfoo-core.css + foo-skin.css = foo.css05:46
wgrantSo you want to include calendar.css, calendar-base-core.css, calendar-base.skin.css05:46
StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5591691/05:46
wgrantTry that05:46
wgrant+    'yui/calendar/assets/calendar-core.css',05:46
wgrant+    'yui/calendar/assets/skins/sam/calendar.css',05:46
wgrant+    'yui/calendar/assets/skins/sam/calendar-skin.css',05:46
wgrant+    'yui/assets/skins/sam/calendar.css',05:46
wgrant2 and 4 are the same05:46
wgrantAnd 2 and 4 both include 1 and 305:47
wgrantcalendar and calendar-base are separate components05:47
wgrantThey each have -skin.css, -core.css and .css files05:48
wgrantThe .css file (without -skin or -core) is the combination of -skin and -core.05:48
StevenKwgrant: However, now combine-css croaks, so one of the unminified files causes the same thing05:48
wgrantStevenK: Hopefully you can narrow it down.05:49
StevenKJust doing so05:49
StevenKBoth yui/calendar-base/assets/skins/sam/calendar-base.css and yui/calendar-base/assets/skins/sam/calendar-base-skin.css05:50
wgrantStevenK: Remember that one of those files is a superset of the other.05:52
StevenKOh, -skin is unneeded05:52
wgrant-skin is the source05:53
wgrantcalendar-base-skin.css is a subset of calendar-base.css05:53
wgrantSo if you want to continue isolating, the next step is to drop to just the -skin05:53
StevenKxml.dom.SyntaxErr: PropertyValue: No match: ('CHAR', u':', 12, 19)05:54
StevenKwgrant: Line 12 of yui/calendar-base/assets/skins/sam/calendar-base-skin.css05:55
wgrantThat's what I guessed from looking at the file.05:56
wgrantStevenK: btw, if you want to purge yui 3.5.1, it's probably safe now05:57
wgrantStevenK: http://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-announce-list/2009-August/007679.html05:58
wgrantSearch for DXImage05:59
wgrant>>> parser.parseString(".yui3-skin-sam .yui3-calendar-content {\nfilter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient( startColorstr='#f9f9f9', endColorstr='#f2f2f2',GradientType=0 ); /* IE6-9 */\n}").cssText06:00
StevenKI see that06:00
wgrantWARNINGProperty: Unknown Property name. [2:1: filter]06:00
wgrantSeems to work with that enabled :)06:00
wgrant'.yui3-skin-sam .yui3-calendar-content {\n    filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr="#f9f9f9", endColorstr="#f2f2f2", GradientType=0);\n    /* IE6-9 */\n    }'06:00
StevenKwgrant: I need the .set line?06:01
wgrantStevenK: Yes, before you instantiate the CSSParser06:01
wgrantOr you may be able to set it on the CSSParser itself06:01
wgrantNot sure06:01
wgrant(we are using the latest cssutils as of last week, btw, so an upgrade won't help)06:02
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StevenKwgrant: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5591715/06:06
wgrantStevenK: Looks reasonable. Push and I'll rereview?06:11
StevenKOh, wait, I can go back to the original CSS06:17
StevenKwgrant: Sorry, was on the phone since :0806:18
StevenKI'll check if the original CSS works06:18
wgrantStevenK: good point06:22
StevenKIt does06:22
StevenKwgrant: Changes pushed06:22
StevenKwgrant: And diff updated06:25
wgrantStevenK: + 'yui/calendar/assets/skins/sam/calendar.css',06:28
wgrantWhy aren't you using the one in yui/assets/skins/sam like the others?06:29
StevenKwgrant: Good point06:30
StevenKwgrant: Pushed that too06:32
StevenKwgrant: Diff updated06:35
StevenKwgrant: We no longer build 3.5.1, or do you want it dropped from sourcedeps?06:35
StevenK% grep '^YUI_VER' Makefile06:36
StevenKYUI_VERSIONS := 3.9.106:36
wgrantStevenK: r=me06:36
wgrantOh, did you already do that?06:36
wgrantI forgot06:36
wgrantSo you did06:36
StevenK% bzr di | diffstat -s06:47
StevenK 80 files changed, 1 insertion(+), 26238 deletions(-)06:47
StevenKThat felt good.06:47
StevenKwgrant: The checkwatches cronspam was python warnings?06:49
wgrantStevenK: Yeah06:51
wgrantThere's also one Trac instance that returns truncated lines06:51
wgrantBut the main spam was from the RT deprecation warnings06:51
StevenKTruncated lines is just awesome06:51
wgrantThat was the third most common avoidable cronspam on launchpad-error-reports, behind the process-upload encoding issues (which I fixed last week) and the process-upload build for superseded source exceptions (which are as-yet unfixed, but tolerable)06:52
StevenKSo it's still a firehose?06:52
wgrantMuch much better now that the process-upload encoding issue is fixed06:53
wgrantStevenK: I wouldn't land the YUI2 removal until the new calendar is deployed and we're happy with it07:02
wgrantJust in case we need to revert07:03
StevenKBut I'd thought I'd put it up07:03
StevenKMostly so I can gloat07:03
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