kblinhi folks04:46
kblinI'm the owner of a project on launchpad, and would like to change the maintainer of a subproject as the original maintainer is AWOL04:48
kblinis that possible? I can't seem to be able to change the subproject owner04:48
wgrantkblin: Which projects?04:50
wgrantProject groups mostly just display aggregated information from the projects within them.04:51
wgrantThey can also give people *driver* privileges over all the projects, but not owner/maintainer privileges.04:52
kblinwgrant: the project is https://launchpad.net/worldforge, the subproject is https://launchpad.net/cyphesis04:52
kblinbut Al is owner and driver of the latter04:53
wgrantHe's done a couple of things this year04:54
kblinyeah, he sent an email to our mailing list two weeks ago that he had to step down due to a new job, and pretty much stopped responding to email immediately afterwards04:55
wgrantWhich mailing list?04:55
kblinwgrant: http://mail.worldforge.org/pipermail/general/2013-April/007585.html04:56
wgrantkblin: Sounds reasonable. He also owns mercator and wfmath, do you want those transferred as well?04:57
wgrantErik Ogenvik owns a few projects too. You might want to get him to transfer them to the team to avoid this sort of situation in future.04:58
kblinwgrant: good point04:59
wgranthttps://launchpad.net/~alriddoch/+related-projects and https://launchpad.net/~erik-ogenvik/+related-projects04:59
kblinwgrant: transferring all of Al's worldforge packets would be great, I'll prodd erik to do the same04:59
wgrantkblin: Great. Just so we have a paper trail, can you file a request at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion, linking that mailing list message?05:00
kblineven though erik is ne new maintainer of all of this for the moment, but management-wise that should be dealt with within the team :)05:00
kblinsure, thanks for the help05:00
kblinwgrant: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/22719805:07
wgrantkblin: That's done.05:15
kblinwgrant: thanks again. :)05:19
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vinicius3ctahello! I sent an email by mistake in the list of ubuntu and ubuntu-sp-phone and wish they could erase it13:34
czajkowskivinicius3cta: we dont remove emails from lists13:38
ScottKAnd it wouldn't help if you did as email archives are widely mirrored so you'd never get them all.13:39
czajkowskiScottK: pretty mcuch it's out of our hands13:39
ScottKThe good news is mail archives more than 10 years or so old get hard to find, so it probably doesn't actually last forever.13:41
vinicius3ctaok, thanks13:42
vinicius3ctais there any way to delete this?13:43
tiagoscdhey folks13:45
tiagoscdI think that vinicius3cta requested to delete an email from some lists on Launchpad13:45
tiagoscdthere's no way to delete an email on it?13:45
czajkowskitiagoscd: hi as I just explained to vinicius3cta there isn't13:45
czajkowskias it'd be caugh up elsewhere on another mail server like mail archive which we have no control over.13:45
tiagoscdthanks for help czajkowski13:46
vinicius3ctaok czajkowski :/13:47
tiagoscdczajkowski: do you know if canonical-sysadmins have access into this mail server? If they have I could try to open a ticket maybe13:49
czajkowskitiagoscd: they'll tell you the same thing I'm telling you.13:49
czajkowskiwe do not delete mails from the lists13:49
tiagoscdczajkowski: ok, thanks again13:50
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dobeyyou can't delete e-mail once it's sent. even if it managed to deleted from archives, all recipients would still have a copy14:03
radixI have a super old bzr branch on launchpad that bzr was failing to fetch, so I tried to upgrade it16:08
radixand that completely broke it so I can't even browse the code on the site :-(16:08
mgzradix: you should be able to sftp in and get the backup16:11
radixok, I'm trying that16:12
radixmgz: great, thanks. upgrading locally worked16:18
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