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amminivalorie: e2fsck of the boot filesystem removed those files. Later I00:28
ammini'd grub-install, update-grub to fix the issue. The system is up and running now. Thanks for the help. Good Night00:28
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Tex_NickRingtail doesn't seem to provide a means to (scale, tile, fill ... etc) a desktop wallpaper/background ... as previous distros ... am i missing something, or is that still in the works ?01:09
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Tex_NickRingtail doesn't seem to provide a means to (scale, tile, fill ... etc) a desktop wallpaper/background ... as previous distros ... am i missing something, or is that still in the works ?02:06
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steve1I installed ubuntu 13.04 beta (amd64) with LVM + whole-disk-encryption.  I'd like to create an LVM snapshot before I mess with some drivers, but I don't know how to do the snapshot.  the articles I've seen either use dm-snapshot or snapshot-merge (which is not in my kernel).  any suggestions?04:58
valoriesteve1: this might be a crazy idea, but dd ?05:00
steve1valorie: yeah, that's one way I suppose.  I was hoping to do it through LVM since that's one of the perks of LVM (right?).05:04
valorieI have no experience with LVM05:05
valorielet's see if ubottu does05:05
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto05:05
valorieif you haven't seen those links, they might be helpful05:05
steve1hmm... reading through tldp.org's pages.  thanks.05:29
mindstreamHow is the status in raring? Is it stable for daily use  ?07:27
yossarianukhi is 13.04 out on the 25th ?07:52
bazhang!schedule | yossarianuk07:53
ubottuyossarianuk: Raring Ringtail (13.04) release milestones can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule07:53
yossarianukDoes that mean kubuntu 13.04 is out the same day (I assume it is.)07:55
bazhangshould be08:03
yossarianukbazhang: thanks - kde 4.10 is awesome btw.08:04
scarecrow_no sound in 13.04 intel 82801CA/CAM AC'97 installed10:27
Guest57501suppose i have my own repository and i want to ask the ubuntu powers/team to include the repo as a possible extension10:51
k1l_Guest57501: you mean you have a PPA and want that to be stock ubuntu?11:00
Touhou11If you are compiling software you would like to appear in the official repositories, your best route is to provide it to Debian first then it will be pulled in automatically11:01
Touhou11Afaik the only software which gets added to custom official repositories is proprietary :S11:02
Guest57501k1l_: not in isos... i 'd like my packages to appear in synaptic by default, without having the user to add my repo to soruces11:03
k1l_what sort of repo is it and what programs is in there?11:03
k1l_Guest57501: i would suggest you read yourself through this topic: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/FAQ11:05
derbarbfriends-app wont start, can someone help?11:08
derbarbgetting a segmentation fault11:08
Touhou11derbarb: File a bug report11:13
Guest57501k1l_: it's a repo with binary only packages aout one program12:06
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jmnozhello. Found myself unable to login via lightdm today. Turns out I had broken the syntax of my ~/.profile. The only way I could find this was to log in via console and check ~/.xsession-errors. I wonder if this could be made better somehow. Like graphical error reporting lightdm or better error handling.12:30
BluesKajHiyas all13:05
derbarbBluesKaj: good morning13:20
BluesKaj'Morning , derbarb13:20
derbarbhow are things with you?13:20
BluesKajgood thanks , and with you ?13:21
derbarbfine, fine13:21
derbarbcant get my friends-app to work.13:21
derbarbit's seg faulting.13:21
BluesKajwhich app is taht ?13:22
derbarbthe new gwibber13:22
derbarbthey renamed it13:22
awcI just installed the updates on my computer, now the "staus bar" (?) at the top of the screen and the dash bar thing are missing13:22
BluesKajderbarb, "Canonical does not provide updates for gwibber. Some updates may be provided by the Ubuntu community." That's aquote from the package manager and frankly I have no experience with gwibber.13:25
awcis there a command I can run via terminal to start them?13:26
awcI just installed today's updates, and it seems to have broken unity or compiz. The status bar at the top of the desktop and the dash/home bar on the left side of my screen are missing. running compiz --replace in the terminal does nothing. What is the command to restart unity via terminal (typing "unity" tells me that I don't have it installed....)13:35
awcI just installed today's updates, and it seems to have broken unity or compiz. The status bar at the top of the desktop and the dash/home bar on the left side of my screen are missing. running compiz --replace in the terminal is ineffective, and "sudo service lightdm restart" to restart unity results in a black screen with a flashing orange "_"13:49
SuperLagWith Gentoo, certain people maintained certain kinds of packages. Does it work the same with with Ubuntu?13:50
SuperLaglike is there one owner of a certain set of packages... who you can contact about a bug?13:50
genii-aroundWhen you report a bug to Launchpad against a particular package, all the maintainers are notified13:53
derbarbhaving trouble backing up to ubuntu one, getting a bad request error, anyone know why?13:56
derbarber sorry, this is the error i am getting now Access failed: Ubuntu One credentials incorrect13:58
awcI installed today's updates, and it seems to have broken unity or compiz. The status bar at the top of the desktop and the dash/home bar on the left side of my screen are missing. running compiz --replace in the terminal is ineffective, and "sudo service lightdm restart" to restart unity results in a black screen with a flashing orange underscore14:03
derbarbim trying to use duplicity from the cli to backup my computer, but it;s asking me for a gnupg passphrase, can someone tell me what this is?14:04
derbarbawc: have you tried unity --replace?14:04
awcderbarb, unity is the neame of a different package14:04
awcIf I run that command it tells me that unity is not installed14:05
derbarbtry installing unity14:05
awcderbarb, installing unity doesn't seem to have helped. I installed, then ran it, and all the bars at the top of the windows dissapeared, and I was no longer able to type in xchat.14:09
awcafter restarting the computer, the issue remains14:09
derbarbdid you try pressing alt-f2 and running unity --replace14:10
awcalt f2 doesn't do anything14:10
derbarbcan you ru it from the terminal? unity --replace &14:11
BluesKajawc, alt+f2 , type console then run unity --replace in the terminal14:12
awcderbarb, I get an error that says that another window manager is already running on core 0, then I can't do anything and have to restart my computer14:14
snuggldid something upgrade at the graphics side?14:15
snugglwhole unity runs at 3 fps today14:15
awcsnuggl, yours is working?14:16
snuggland also the login screen never goes away, it stays as a desktop background14:16
snugglno not really14:16
snugglit locks down the computer14:16
awcI get a desktop background, but I don't have unity14:16
awcI have to use the terminal to start all my programs...14:16
snugglhad to reboot to windows to get some work done, that wasnt plesant14:16
snuggli couldnt start apps at all14:17
awcI wonder what is different between our installs...14:17
derbarbanyone know why im getting this error when i try to use deja dup to back up to ubuntu one? Access failed: Ubuntu One credentials incorrect14:17
awcdeja dup? maybe it can't access the unity one account?14:18
snugglthe obvious answer is that you typed the wrong credentials =)14:18
snugglbut if that isnt the case i have no idea14:18
derbarbit never asked me for credentials.14:18
awcI think the idea is that with unity one you don't need to use deja dup, it will just mirror the folders you choose14:19
stefan099hi ihave 13.04 and after installation i have no touchpadmouse and no usbmouse only keyboard works?14:22
snuggl13.04 is quite broken atm14:22
stefan099but on the usbstick before installation all works14:23
BluesKajsnuggl, that's a sweeping satatement that's not true for all who use 13.0414:23
awcBluesKaj mybe you could help us then?14:24
BluesKajawc, I tried but I don't use unity/gnome14:25
awcahh, well thanks :)14:26
snugglBluesKaj: everyone here has problems with unity after the weekend14:26
snugglits obviously something that changed for the worse14:26
BluesKajcompiz seems to be your problem ,but that's as much as I'll guess14:26
snugglBluesKaj: if you arent even using the items that are broken thenit does not apply to you, correct14:27
snugglyes, compiz is a part of ubuntu now.14:27
BluesKajsnuggl, Imight be using some , but you haven't mentioned any14:27
snugglwell, unity14:28
awcA bumb for the new folks that might be paying attention: I installed today's updates, and it seems to have broken unity or compiz. The status bar at the top of the desktop and the dash/home bar on the left side of my screen are missing. running "compiz --replace" in the terminal is ineffective, and "sudo service lightdm restart" to restart unity results in a black screen with a flashing orange underscore. "unity --replace" results in an inab14:31
awcility to do anything, and I am forced to restart my computer.14:31
awcA bump for the new folks that might be paying attention: I installed today's updates, and it seems to have broken unity or compiz. The status bar at the top of the desktop and the dash/home bar on the left side of my screen are missing. running "compiz --replace" in the terminal is ineffective, and "sudo service lightdm restart" to restart unity results in a black screen with a flashing orange underscore. "unity --replace" results in an inab14:48
awcility to do anything, and I am forced to restart my computer.14:48
stefan099hi ihave 13.04 and after installation i have no touchpadmouse and no usbmouse only keyboard works?14:48
mAniAk-_-running 13.04 and i'm having issues with remmina in fullscreen and multiple desktops. when i switch to the remmina desktop from another part of the unity panel disappears, and i can see the menu panels shadow or something on top of my remote desktop session14:49
awcmAniAk-_- when did your issues start?14:49
mAniAk-_-awc: a week ago when a updated to 13.0414:50
mAniAk-_-in 12.10 it was working fine14:50
awchmm. I'll be honest, i don't know much about ubuntu...14:50
awcmy issues started this morning after running an update...14:50
johnjohn101woohoo. last week.  thanks to the ubuntu developers.14:51
duryhi there channel :-)14:53
durywill it be xscreensaver in 13.0414:53
mAniAk-_-https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11054082/ubuntu.jpg thats what it looks like14:54
awcdury http://lmgtfy.com/?q=xscreensaver+in+13.0414:54
Pici!google | awc14:55
ubottuawc: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.14:55
PiciDon't do that her.14:55
atruswow... my video performance under 13.04 is dramatically worse. moving windows around is much slower. ~5fps i think. any thoughts what i should be looking for?14:55
awcatrus, dunno, mine was faster, but my compiz/unity is broken now...14:57
BluesKaj awc have you updated/upgraded since ?14:58
awcyes, this morning I ran the updates on a fresh install14:59
awcwell, not completely fresh, I installed skype,xhat and dropbox14:59
johnjohn101i had compiz crashes last week.  are they fixed?14:59
BluesKajfresh install, have you checked the additional drivers for your graphics , awc ?15:00
awcand i uninstalled the facebook and livecom lenses or whatevery they are called15:00
awcBluesKaj running 313 on my GTX 46015:00
awcfrom nvidia15:00
BluesKaj313 is barely out of the experimental stage15:01
awcwell then... maybe that is my issue. Do you know the terminal coomands to use xorg or 310?15:02
* BluesKaj wonders if unity is ready for 31315:02
awcperhaps not?15:02
awcthis is what my desktop looks like: http://i715.photobucket.com/albums/ww158/awc_/Screenshotfrom2013-04-22105834_zpscbeb30c6.png?t=136664291515:03
BluesKajawc, sudo apt-get install nvidia-310 , this will remove 313 nd install 310 , then reboot15:04
atrusseems my user needs to be added to the "video" group to get 3d acceleration now. interesting.15:05
atrusmuch better now anywoys.15:05
awcthanks BluesKaj !15:06
awcBluesKaj no change :(15:11
BluesKajawc, sorry forgot to mention , sudo nvidia-xconfig15:13
bjsniderawc, what does glxinfo give you?15:13
awc'glxinfo not installed15:14
bjsniderit's in mesa-utils15:14
awclsmod | grep nvidia15:14
awcnvidia               9410995  4815:14
awcso then sudo apt-get install mesa-utils ?15:15
awcbjsnider it gives me a long, long list of numbers...15:16
bjsniderprint the line that starts with "Renderer"15:17
awcthere isn't one...15:17
bjsniderhas that word15:17
awcall the lines look something like this :  0x04f 24 tc  0  32  0 r  y .   8  8  8  0 .  s  4 24  0 16 16 16 16  8 1 Ncon15:17
bjsniderscroll up15:18
awcI did, that is the top line15:18
awcthere is a line in the middle that is different: 311 GLXFBConfigs:15:18
awc    visual  x   bf lv rg d st  colorbuffer  sr ax dp st accumbuffer  ms  cav15:18
awc  id dep cl sp  sz l  ci b ro  r  g  b  a F gb bf th cl  r  g  b  a ns b eat15:18
BluesKajawc try , glxinfo | grep OpenGL look at render string and version string15:19
bjsniderwhat kind of a console sessions is that?15:19
bjsnidernot very useful15:19
awcOpenGL renderer string: GeForce GTX 460/PCIe/SSE215:19
awcbjsnider its the terminal I get with Ctrl+Alt+T15:20
bjsniderawc, sorry, what is the vendor15:20
bjsniderok, so no driver issue then15:20
bjsnidernow try glxgears15:20
awcBluesKaj 4.3.0 NVIDIA 310.4415:21
awcbjsnider 300 frames in 5sec15:22
bjsnidernot enough15:22
BluesKajhmm, unity and compiz not playing nice with nvidia15:22
bjsniderwait, wait15:22
bjsniderhow stupid of me15:22
awcso i should revert to the basic video driver?15:22
bjsniderit's probably just syncing to vblank15:23
bjsnideryou're getting about 60 fps?15:23
bjsniderright, so it's fine15:23
bjsnideropengl is set to sync to vblank is all, but i think your setup is fine, and if it seems slow, it's not an nvidia driver issue15:24
awcmy computer doesn't feel slow, I'm just missing the menu bars15:24
BluesKajyeah "Running synchronized to the vertical refresh". that's the default in nvidia15:24
bjsnidera couple of people in here the past couple of days have said a recent update slowed things down15:24
awcthis is a screenshot of my desktop: http://i715.photobucket.com/albums/ww158/awc_/Screenshotfrom2013-04-22105834_zpscbeb30c6.png?t=136664291515:25
bjsnideri thought i read above you were talking about slowness moving windows and whatnot15:26
awcno, that was someone else15:26
bjsnideryou can check the file .xsession-errors for possible causes of unity issues like you have15:27
awcsure, where can I find it?15:27
BluesKajI recall other unity users having problems with nvidia-313 , hence my suggestion to install the 310 driver15:27
awcbash: /home/andrew/.xession-errors: No such file or directory15:28
awcsame thing with the typo fixed15:29
awcnevermind, found it15:30
awcI/O warning : failed to load external entity "/home/andrew/.compiz/session/107790e42666ac263b136664341771379100000021440041"15:30
awccompiz (core) - Warn: Attempted to restack relative to 0x14000c1 which is not a child of the root window or a window compiz owns15:31
awc** (zeitgeist-datahub:2639): WARNING **: kde-recent-document-provider.vala:160: Couldn't find actor for 'kmess'.15:31
awc(liferea:2289): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_strdelimit: assertion `string != NULL' failed15:31
awc(liferea:2289): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_strchug: assertion `string != NULL' failed15:31
awcBluesKaj bjsnider Here is the pastebin of the file: http://pastebin.com/0ruHbm3W15:32
awc"Please ask your system administrator to enable user sharing." perhaps this is the issue? How do I enable user sharing?15:33
snugglPici: its a very big difference to tell someone to google it and give a link to a pre made googling15:43
snuggloh, scrolled up15:43
snugglawc: no thats just nautilus trying to get info about network shares15:45
snugglthat shouldnt be the issue15:45
awcok, thanks.15:45
awcother ideas?15:45
snugglno, my guess its just broken atm and will be fixed in some future update15:47
snugglit wouldnt be the first time15:47
awcyeah... I thought I had learned my lesson a few years ago with installing betas... I guess not lol15:47
snugglmy guess is 13.04 wont be released in april15:48
snugglweird that they stuff in new things this close to release15:48
BluesKajsnuggl, this is the freeze week , there will be changes but just before the release and it's usually on time15:49
lordievaderGood afternoon15:50
awcwell, just installed an update for something. I'll reboot and see if there is anything different.15:50
awcI'll be back shortly.15:51
snugglBluesKaj: its usually not this broken this close to release15:52
snugglor havent been since i started with ubuntu atleast15:53
snugglmakes me a bit worried15:53
awcno change :(15:54
BluesKajsnuggl, well unity seems to be the problem , and I'm not using it so i can't complain15:54
BluesKajanyway I have stuff to do ...BBL15:55
awcthanks for your help Bluefoxicy15:55
awcBluesKaj oops lol15:55
snugglBluesKaj: im not using ubuntu at all, but i can still complain that a major part of the distribution isnt working15:59
awcok, so this is strange. I just decided to try a guest account rather than my own.... the guest account has all the nessecary menues etc, but mine are missing....16:00
snuggltry nuking your settings16:00
awcterminal command to do that?16:00
awcI would like to wipe my user settings, how can I do that via the terminal?16:04
snugglprobably some .unity directory or similar16:05
awcmeh, time for a fresh install i think16:07
BluesKajgnome was ok ,definitelynot my cuppa tea, but unity convinced me to stick with kde16:09
PaulosHi folks, any idea on how to easily report bugs when apport crashes right after clicking "Continue"?17:03
BluesKajPaulos, it's a known bug ..are you on amd 64 ?17:04
PaulosBluesKaj: yup!17:05
BluesKajinstalling a daily ?17:05
PaulosBluesKaj: 13.0417:05
PaulosBluesKaj: raring17:06
PaulosBluesKaj: I'm updating daily though17:06
PaulosBluesKaj: wait, what did you mean?17:06
BluesKajinstalling a dauly image17:07
PaulosBluesKaj: noo, I'm already using an installed 13.0417:07
PaulosBluesKaj: and when apps crash, an error box appears, I click continue and boom... nothing17:08
Paulosnot this time17:09
Paulossomething like "gst_pipeline_test crashed with gi._glib.GError in function(): prvek "ffmpegcolorspace" neexistuje17:10
BluesKajffmpegcolorspace , hmm, which apps are crashing ?17:11
Paulosindividual tests in System Testing...17:11
IdleOnePaulos: you can try from terminal: ubuntu-bug package-name17:11
PaulosIdleOne: I'll try...17:12
IdleOneif that also crashes then you can always go to launchpad.net and click the report bug button17:12
Paulosbut doesn't that only bring up the same dialog box I'm getting?17:12
IdleOneyes, but maybe starting it manually does something a little different17:12
Pauloswell, yeah, it's a bit different...17:13
PaulosI've found the very same bug I'm getting already reported... and marked as duplicate of some other bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/checkbox/+bug/105954517:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1059544 in checkbox (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1059545 gst_pipeline_test crashed with gi._glib.GError in function(): Kein Element »alsasrc«" [Medium,Confirmed]17:16
Paulos(duplicate of a very similar bug)17:17
BluesKajPaulos, do you have any actual applications crashing or just those run from checkbox ?17:19
PaulosBluesKaj: well, there were some that actually crashed, and then those that run from checkbox17:20
PaulosI can't remember what exactly crashed... but I think Apport is crashing as well :))17:21
Paulosyup, and apport-retrace is crashing when choosing the last option of debugging...17:22
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Paulosoh, I'm getting this: ERROR: report file does not contain one of the required fields: CoreDump DistroRelease Package ExecutablePath17:27
Pauloswhen trying to do apport-retrace17:27
PaulosI guess libraries don't have executablePath, right ?:)17:28
Pauloshmm, another known bug from 12.10?!17:30
Paulosoh guys, you still have a lot of work to do... :)17:31
PaulosI don't envy you17:33
Paulosok, gotta go... get better!  I know you can do it :)17:38
SuperLagDo you guys have issues with 13.04 not remembering it when you set Chrome/Chromium as your default browser?17:54
wilee-nileeSuperLag, You can set specific formats to default to it from the properties of it.17:56
SuperLagwilee-nilee: I'm not sure what you mean... specific formats.17:56
SuperLagI'm not trying to open a file.17:57
wilee-nileeSuperLag, If you don't give details it is hard to understand what you are referring to. ;)17:58
atrushrm. pidgin really likes freezing on me in 13.0418:03
PartTimeLegendUnity has turned purple and my wallpaper is just white after a reboot. Any ideas?18:16
wilee-nileePartTimeLegend, Did you install graphic drivers from other than the repos?18:26
PartTimeLegendwilee-nilee: No. I did some updates this morning, my drivers are all supported natively,18:26
wilee-nileePartTimeLegend, Any tweaks to compiz, or custom themes?18:27
PartTimeLegendNothing other than a custom wallpaper18:27
PartTimeLegendBeen fine for about 2 weeks since beta 218:27
wilee-nileePartTimeLegend, Hmm, not sure here I saw another last week with a similar description, did not see any answers though.18:28
ysthis there a raring release candidate available now?18:50
wilee-nileeysth, The dailies are basically the same as the releases except for any last tweaks needed18:53
SuperLagwilee-nilee: had to look up the info on launchpad... broken libwagon2 upgrade. Someone else already filed a bug, thankfully.18:56
ysthI have an older daily; I was just surprised that http://releases.ubuntu.com/raring/ still just has beta 218:56
wilee-nileeysth, lol that is a beta link, what would you expect. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/18:58
ysthum, no it isn't a beta link, it is a releases link that should have the latest "release", whether beta, release candidate, final release, or later update (e.g. 10.04.4 at /lucid/)19:04
firefly_hallo, ich habe mir gerade ubuntu 13.04 beta geholt und alles läuft bis auf eins einwandfrei, ich verwende zwei Monitore und wenn ich den Arbeitfälchenumschalter (super+s) verwende ist die ansicht auf den größeren Monitor leider fast umbrauchbar da nur die helfte sichtbar ist siehe link  http://img3.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/bildschirmfotooxkjfcwgbt.png weiß wer wie man das fixen kann?19:16
bazhang!de | firefly_19:17
ubottufirefly_: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!19:17
genii-aroundbazhang: But I doubt there's a +1-de ;)19:17
pedorwhen the release candidate will be available?20:37
lordievader!schedule | pedor20:38
ubottupedor: Raring Ringtail (13.04) release milestones can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule20:38
pedorlordievader: it should be 3 days ago20:39
k1lpedor: ubuntu or another *buntu?20:41
pedork1l: kubuntu20:42
k1lthey dont do RC20:42
pedork1l: really?20:43
k1lthat was asked quite often this time in here20:44
StFSHi. I just installed ubuntu 13.04 on a second HDD but I can't boot it. At first I just got the GRUB prompt but then I managed to boot into my old setup (on my first hdd) and ran grub-install and now I'm getting some message about it not finding the HDD with that entry (and gives the UUID for the second hdd). Anyone have a clue?21:37
StFSsorry... I ran update-grub221:37
wilee-nileeStFS, have you had the installed HD as first read in the bios, soundss like the bootloader was put where do you know?21:38
StFSwilee-nilee: well that was one thing that struck me as weird as well. I remember the installer asking me where I wanted to install the bootloader but this time it didn't, so I had no say in where it got put.21:39
wilee-nileeStFS, Easiest way to see what is up is with this app and the bootinfo summary being rub, post the url of it. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair21:40
StFSwilee-nilee: I'm going to try to figure out if I can tell the bios to boot from the second hdd. Gotta switch computers then.21:40
Jordan_UStFS: Also, what is the exact grub-install command you ran?21:40
StFSwilee-nilee: yeah, I did run that and asked it to repair... that's how I got out of my first pickle (when I got booted into the GRUB prompt)21:41
wilee-nileeJordan_U, You get that steam engine MS installed. ;)21:41
wilee-nileethat was funny21:42
StFSJordan_U: sorry, I ran update-grub2... I never ran install-grub21:42
wilee-nileeStFS, Did you save the url generated for the bootinfo? also Jordan_U Is a awesome helper here.21:42
StFShmm... there was a url? sorry didn't even notice that...21:43
Jordan_UStFS: update-grub only re-writes /boot/grub/grub.cfg, it doesn't install grub or touch any other files.21:43
StFSwell.. I can see that it finds my 13.04 installation... and it adds it to the boot list... but when I select it it says that it has the wrong UUID for the disk21:44
StFS"Found Ubuntu Raring Ringtail (development branch) (13.04) on /dev/sdb1"21:44
StFSthis is the last line from update-grub221:44
wilee-nileeStFS, You in the sda HD now in the original ubuntu?21:45
StFSyou mean am I logged in now? then yes... going to reboot now (but my IRC is on a different server so won't miss a thing here)21:46
wilee-nileeStFS, If you are in the original ubuntu you can reload the bootloader to the mbr, sounds like the raring was put in the sda mbr21:47
wilee-nileetheoretical separate HD's and grub in a mbr should work, but at times does not21:48
StFSwft... I'm looking at the bios and I can't find the second HDD... except it says "This SATA port is disabled because the system has been configured for ATA Mode"21:52
StFSfor one of the SATA ports21:52
StFSI must assume that this is my second hdd21:52
wilee-nileeStFS, The second drive a slave?21:52
StFSyou mean the jumpers on it? no... it's an ssd, there are no jumpers21:55
wilee-nileeStFS, Is the bios set for sata?21:57
StFSno... it seems to be set for ata but I can't change it21:57
wilee-nileeStFS, Not sure then a more knowledgeable helper is needed.21:58
StFSthanks for trying anyways :)22:03
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wilee-nileeStFS, With a look on the web I see references to passwords and ATA, the bios can have a password I believe as well you might look around in there for that, and the web.22:40
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