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jnhghyHi, I have a basic question that I'm having a hard time to answer, I'm trying to build a python app, I'm using quickly. I've created my first window, created a menu but I can't seem to find where I can link a button from my first window to link to a new window, can somebody help pls.09:18
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DampHi! I am trying to run a small app that I wrote (just testing basic elements and such) on UBuntu Phone on my Nexus 4. but the app doesnt display itself. However, If I open another App (i.e. browser) and then quits it, it displays for a second then it disappears. Have anyone encoutered this before?13:49
xnoxDamp: try asking on #ubuntu-touch. As it might be a bug with the phone image and not your app.14:15
Dampxnox: Thank you. Maybe I should try to reinstall15:07
DampBtw: This is just one of many bugs (like the keyboard not going away when I lock the phone) but I guess its just that way because of the earlt preview?15:08
qwertzui11Damp: ofc, yes15:21

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