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joaohi, can i install ubuntu on 3g Nexus 7 already?15:24
joaoi am asking because the last time i tried it was unsupported15:25
ogra_that must have been quite a while ago then15:27
joaohm about 2 months ago15:28
ogra_well, it has been supported 2 months ago15:29
darkfaderjoao: did your question also include "does 3g *work"?15:29
ogra_i dont think anyone has touched that image in several months15:29
ogra_(and i definitely fixed the installer issues that made installs impossible around december)15:30
joaodarkfader: no, i merely want to use ubuntu. no need for 3g. However i wasnt able to install it when i tried, it sayed unsupported device "nakasig" (i think)15:30
ogra_oh, you talk about ubuntu touch15:30
ogra_better go to the #ubuntu-touch channel :)15:31
* ogra_ was thinking you talk about the nexus7 desktop image 15:31
joaohm ok, maybe i'm mixing things up. There are two ways of having ubuntu on my nexus?15:32
ogra_there is ubuntu touch ...  and there is a desktop image which isnt touch optimized15:32
ogra_the desktop image definitely doesnt care about crazy names like nakasig15:33
ogra_touch does, but you can just force the grouper image to be used15:33
ogra_which is essentially the same15:33
joaohum ok, thanks that answered my question15:34
joaoquestions, actually15:34
plarsogra_: I've got two nexus7's in the lab that seem to always hang on reboot, not sure if it's on the way down or the way back up at the moment, but I can't ssh after I reboot over ssh15:47
plarsogra_: have you seen anything like that?15:47
ogra_only for devices that are out of power15:48
ogra_they actually can go into a reboot loop in the bootloader15:48
plarsogra_: no, it's plugged into a wall wart16:04
plarsogra_: and someone in the lab says it appears to be on, and has the right ip address, trying to see if they can look at it further16:04
dannfinfinity, ogra_: i added two patches to #1170515 - only difference is that one keeps highbank as a recognizable subflavour, other continues to drop it16:23
ogra_dannf, well, i personally dont care either way buut would like it consistent16:25
dannfogra_: both are self-consistent imo. as i explained in the comment, the only reason i didn't drop highbank from f-k .deb is for upgrades16:25
dannfogra_: but i can see reasons for wanting to keep that support in f-k too (backporting, perhaps switching libd-i back to recognizing highbank as highbank)16:26
dannfbut both should function the same for raring16:27
infinitydannf: I prefer the first patch.16:30
infinitydannf: There's no reason for the second, IMO.16:30
* dannf just covering bases :)16:31
infinityAlso, way to get in just under the line. :P16:31
infinitydannf: f-k isn't built into d-i, right, it fetches the udeb on the fly?16:31
dannfinfinity: correct16:32
dannfand that's the problem here, d-i doesn't see generic listed in Packages.gz for f-k-i16:32
ogra_bug #117051516:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 1170515 in flash-kernel (Ubuntu) "flash-kernel-installer: not installable on generic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117051516:32
ogra_thats the one, right ?16:32
infinityUploading now.16:33
infinityFor S, we'll fiddle all this crap a bit harder, but this works for now.16:33
infinityI didn't want to mangle s/omap/generic/ all over this late in the cycle.16:33
ogra_infinity, so which patch did you take ? the one that keeps it16:34
infinityogra_: Hrm?  The one that does s/highbank/generic/ in the subarch list.16:34
ogra_hmm, k16:35
* ogra_ would have liked it to be consistent ... but whtever16:35
infinityIt is.  There's no highbank flavour anymore.16:35
ogra_wrong angle here :)16:35
ogra_then i'm happy :)16:36
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