dholbachgood morning06:44
benonsoftwareAfternoon dholbach06:45
dholbachhey benonsoftware06:45
benonsoftwareHow's it going dholbach?06:46
dholbachbenonsoftware, very well - I came from a hiking trip last night - it was all so nice and quiet :)06:47
dholbachI just uploaded some pictures earlier: https://plus.google.com/photos/109795858099658821877/albums/586955465740371700906:47
benonsoftwareNice. :)06:47
benonsoftwareLooks great. :D06:49
dholbachyeah, it is a beautiful place and I can well imagine making use of my hiking boots more in the next time :)06:49
dholbachhow are you doing?06:50
benonsoftwareI'm going good, just had my first week back at school.06:53
dholbachhey dpm, czajkowski, popey07:59
dpmmorning dholbach07:59
dpmand everyone07:59
* smartboyhw waves for an after school07:59
dholbachhi smartboyhw07:59
dholbachcan somebody please help out and review the pages marked as "needs review" on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityWebsite?11:26
dholbachit'd be much appreciated (and not too much work)11:26
smartboyhwdholbach, em I will try to review some parts;P11:27
smartboyhwdholbach, confirming: The governance page is just copying right?11:30
smartboyhwdholbach, it looks like so:P11:31
dholbachTBH I don't exactly know who provided the content11:31
dholbachit looked good to me, but I thought it'd be good if somebody looked over it once more11:31
smartboyhwdholbach, looking at Translations.11:32
smartboyhwdholbach, translation is OK except I added (United States) beside English11:35
smartboyhwAfter all there is English (United Kingdom)11:35
dholbachdpm ^11:36
* dholbach doesn't want to get dragged into decisions like this :-)11:36
dpmsmartboyhw, dholbach, I'd suggest following the same approach as the rest of the platform and provide en-US documentation as the source, and then have any other translations in addition. This means en-US does not need to be added as a translation11:38
smartboyhwdpm, no it means translating English (US) to other lang11:39
dpmsmartboyhw, ah, I see. This is just an overview. I don't think we need to be that specific there, I think saying just English should be fine11:40
smartboyhwdpm, OK11:40
* smartboyhw deletes:P11:40
dpmsmartboyhw, no worries, thanks a lot for reviewing!11:40
dholbachsmartboyhw, feel free to update the wiki with new statuses11:47
smartboyhwdholbach, laters.11:47
smartboyhwI might help to do support ones11:47
dholbachgreat! :)11:47
dholbachsome of the pieces of text just need a little bit of additional work11:47
smartboyhwdholbach, yep. it's missing the Forums and the Answers (detailed explanation) though11:48
dholbachsmartboyhw, I saw some of them mentioned in other places though11:48
smartboyhwdholbach, oh.11:48
smartboyhwForums is really a good way11:49
smartboyhwTo contribute11:49
popeydholbach: did you setup a hangout on air for tvoss?11:59
popeyI scheduled one with him and others for today at 18:00 UTC11:59
dholbachpopey, no, what was it going to be about?11:59
popeyclient sensor service11:59
popeywhat's the one tomorrow?12:00
dholbach2013-04-23 14:00 UTC: Ricardo Salveti, Tony Espy, Michael Frey, Loïc Minier, Thomas Voß and Seth Forshee will talk about how to handle sensors in Ubuntu in general.12:00
dholbachthat's what rsalveti told me last week12:00
dholbachI never heard about the one for tvoss for today12:00
popeytvoss asked me to set it up too12:00
popeyits that very same one12:00
dholbachI even invited everyone through gcal12:00
popeyso did i12:00
dholbach18 utc I can't make today12:00
dholbachI'm happy to delete the other one if necessary12:01
popeyhang fire12:01
popeydholbach: deleted mine12:02
dholbachglad that's resolved12:03
czajkowskiif only everything was that simple :)12:03
* dholbach takes the dog for a walk and goes to buy some tea12:06
popey\o/ tea12:06
dholbachyeah, totally ran out12:06
dholbachpopey, tea! :)13:28
dholbachanyone who wants to help review a few pieces of text for the new community web site? :)13:29
dholbachhey tiagoscd13:47
dholbachbom dia13:48
dholbachmhall119, the test instance of the community website uses the markdown plugin right?13:49
dholbachpopey, the hangout got moved an hour earlier on tvoss' request - JFYI13:51
tiagoscdhey dholbach13:52
tiagoscdhow are u? :)13:52
dholbachdoing well - thanks :)13:53
dholbachhow about you?13:53
tiagoscdall right, thanks13:53
tiagoscdI received your email today13:53
tiagoscdthanks for reply the interview and sorry for not reply your last emails13:54
dholbachno worries13:54
dholbachit took me ages to reply to yours in the first place :)13:54
tiagoscdmy team are on vacation here on work, I'm having a hard month13:55
dholbachdamn - they're all gone for a months?13:55
tiagoscdjust for april13:56
dholbachanother week then :)13:56
* dholbach hugs tiagoscd13:56
tiagoscddholbach: thanks, I need some hugs, heheh13:57
dholbachwe all do :)13:57
dholbachhey jono13:57
jonohey dholbach13:58
mhall119dholbach: yes, it uses the markdown plugin13:58
dholbachjcastro, I heard you like markdown...........................13:58
dholbachthanks mhall11913:58
tiagoscddholbach: :-)13:59
dholbachjcastro, how do I do <li>bla text <br />more text bla bla bla</li>? :)13:59
jcastroyou do it like this, first a blank line14:04
jcastro- bullet point one14:04
jcastro- bullet point 214:04
jcastrobut you need a full blank line ahead of them14:04
jcastroeverytime you need a br do a full blank line14:04
jcastrodholbach: http://askubuntu.com/editing-help14:05
jcastrobut after a while you just memorize it14:05
dholbachjcastro, cool - I'll try that out14:05
dholbachjcastro, ok, that seems to generally work, but wordpress' markdown plugin seems to do some autoformatting of what I put into the textbox, so it doesn't work14:10
smartboyhwelfy, can you add some Ubuntu Forums thing into http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-contribute-support ?14:10
elfywhat is it?14:10
smartboyhwelfy, the Community website for Ubuntu.14:11
smartboyhwdholbach is leading the effort to rewrite it.14:11
jonodholbach, dpm, jcastro, mhall119 can you please take a look at http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-raring/canonical-community-ubuntu-13.04-month-6.html - I want to get thi under control in the next few days14:11
smartboyhwAnd it misses the Ubuntu Forums part for the suport14:11
elfydoesn't mean anything to me - I have no idea what you're talking about smartboyhw14:11
dholbachjono, yep14:12
jonoit looks like dpm has the most TODOs14:12
jcastrowhere are my items?14:12
jonowhat a slacker14:12
jcastromine are on the other one14:12
jonojcastro, actually you are fine14:12
jcastrowhich probably looks like this14:12
smartboyhwelfy, ....14:12
jcastro"Nice burndown, I like how it looks like a flat top."14:12
smartboyhwdholbach, ^ please explain....14:13
dpmjono, otp, I know, sorry working on it :/14:13
dholbachelfy, so we had ubuntu.com/community for a while, which went out of date and generally wasn't very inviting14:13
dholbachelfy, so we're re-doing it and it will be a separate site - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityWebsite shows the current progress on things14:13
jonodpm, np :-)14:13
jcastrodholbach: I've not used the WP plugin, it doesn't have a raw markdown mode like it does for the normal thing?14:14
dholbachelfy, smartboyhw said it'd be nice to include some informations about the forums there too14:14
jcastrodholbach: what's answers.ubuntu.com?14:14
dholbachjcastro, yeah, but when you hit the "update" button it does some autoformatting business14:14
elfydholbach: I'll talk to FC about it and we'll look at it - but quite frankly we don't ever feel to be part of your community14:14
dholbachjcastro, I don't know - I assume whoever put it in there meant answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu14:14
jcastroI figured too14:15
dholbachelfy, what do you mean by "part of your community"?14:15
dholbachjcastro, do you have a link to the page where that's on?14:15
jcastrosmartboyhw: I assume you did the AU section?14:15
dholbachjcastro, nevermind - found it14:15
dholbachand fixed it14:16
smartboyhwjcastro, not me14:18
smartboyhwjcastro, probably jrgifford14:18
jcastroelfy: we should put something good on the page so people know how to get to use and use the forums14:18
elfyjcastro: we will14:19
jcastropopey: man, spotify is awesome, I don't know why I put it off until now14:20
jcastroit's like super-pandora14:20
dholbachthanks elfy - as this page will be quite prominent, it should help a lot of new folks find the forums14:20
elfydholbach: I've bookmarked it, not working for a couple of days - will look then14:20
* dholbach hugs elfy14:20
elfydholbach: sort of like it used to be when you installed from the iso ;)14:20
dholbachelfy, no, this time it will be a GOOD, very prominent page ;-)14:21
elfyI has logs now :D14:21
dholbachelfy, it's a community effort, so let's make it happen together :)14:21
elfywe've been trying to do that for almost 10 years ;)14:22
dholbachdpm, with the community website being a wordpress site with individual pages for all the bits of text, do I assume rightly that making translations happen would be something like adding the same amount of subpages for every language manually?14:22
elfydholbach: anyway - I'll talk to those who need to be talked with and work on it over next couple of days14:23
dholbachelfy, all work on it will be appreciated :)14:23
dholbachrock on!14:23
jcastrobkerensa: ping!14:35
popeymhall119: come back, all is forgiven!14:39
dholbachjono, do you think you could add an original Jono Bacon quote® to http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-frontpage? not sure who brought up the idea, but I think it's a good one :)14:45
smartboyhwdholbach, I finished the Answers part of the support page.14:47
dholbachsmartboyhw, and? what's your verdict? better than my usual /quit message? :-P14:48
smartboyhwShould we ask somebody from the IRC Council to do the "You can do support in #ubuntu too!"14:48
smartboyhwdholbach, that's much better:P14:48
dholbachsmartboyhw, so apart from the #ubuntu bit we're ready to go on that one?14:48
smartboyhwdholbach, but why is Join an Ubuntu Local Community team and help people near you! http://loco.ubuntu.com14:48
smartboyhwas a support thign?14:49
dholbachpeople in your local group can help you, no?14:49
dholbachit might not be the most immediate option, but I saw how many in Berlin found it helpful14:49
smartboyhwdholbach, add it to the last thing then. sadly I know nothing about LoCos. maybe czajkowski can help?14:50
dholbachsome carried their Desktop computers and CRT monitors to meetings just so somebody could fix them :)14:50
smartboyhwHe's after all in the LoCo Council:p14:50
dholbachs/He/She :)14:51
coolbhavidholbach, :-)14:51
smartboyhwdholbach, sorry I forgotten:P14:51
dholbachbut coolbhavi might be able to help as well14:51
dholbachhe's on the LoCo Council too14:51
smartboyhwdholbach, speaking about this: We really should run a script out of http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-help-keepup-blogs :P14:52
dholbachone step at a time14:52
czajkowskisomeone ping me14:52
czajkowskiwhat's up14:52
smartboyhwczajkowski, yeah!14:52
dholbachfor now I think it's important that we get something out there14:52
smartboyhwdholbach, :)14:52
dholbachwe can add all kinds of crazy stuff later14:52
coolbhavidholbach, any help required?14:52
smartboyhwczajkowski, http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-contribute-support we would like to ask you to add some LoCo support thing in http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-contribute-support14:53
smartboyhwcoolbhavi, 614:53
* smartboyhw bangs his keyboard14:53
czajkowskicoolbhavi: SergioMenesesAFK https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityWebsite  we should talk alater about this14:53
* czajkowski gives smartboyhw a cup of tea, relax 14:53
smartboyhwczajkowski, :)14:53
smartboyhwdholbach, where's that *test instance* BTW?14:53
coolbhaviczajkowski, ah :-)14:54
dholbachsmartboyhw, ^14:54
smartboyhwdholbach, I would like to be added as contact for the support page then:)14:54
smartboyhwIf you don't mind:)14:54
dholbachsmartboyhw, feel free to add yourself to the wiki14:54
dholbachthe more the merrier14:54
smartboyhwdholbach, I would change the status of the translations page to "Needs copying (to test instance) then"14:55
coolbhavidholbach, cool website btw :-)14:55
dholbachprogress *\o/*14:55
elfyit's usually a good thing :p14:56
czajkowskicoolbhavi: you around at 17:30 UTC today ?14:56
smartboyhwdholbach, done \o/14:56
coolbhaviczajkowski, ll try to be as it will be 23.00 here14:57
czajkowskicoolbhavi: ah no worries, tomrorwo when you'r eonline shout and we can do a hangout and catch up14:57
czajkowskituesday has to be less busy than monday14:57
elfydholbach: do you know who I need to talk to to get something changed on the fridge calendar?14:57
dholbachelfy, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fridge/Calendar#Adding_Events_to_the_Calendar14:57
coolbhaviczajkowski, sure btw I am replying to your mail14:58
elfynot add - change :)14:58
elfydholbach: ^^14:58
dholbachI think that's the way you change things too14:58
czajkowskicoolbhavi: cool14:58
smartboyhwWhere's balloons?:(14:58
dholbachsmartboyhw, ill14:58
dholbachnot around today AFAIK14:58
smartboyhwdholbach, srsly? :(14:58
czajkowskismartboyhw: we are allowed holidays :)14:59
jonodpm, will be just a min, baby transition in process14:59
jonodholbach, surely, will get a quite together14:59
* smartboyhw would want somebody to remove the QA meetings in the Fridge calendar, it wasn't held for a full cycle14:59
elfydholbach: mmm - not sure how that would work then - but thanks anyway14:59
smartboyhwczajkowski, I know.14:59
smartboyhwJust wondering:(14:59
dholbachelfy, the people in #ubuntu-news might be able to help out14:59
dpmjono, np :)14:59
elfydholbach: k - thanks14:59
smartboyhwdholbach, Whoa! GREAT!@15:04
smartboyhwBTW is this the Catalan -l10n team working?15:05
smartboyhwI mean the photo in the link15:05
dholbachsmartboyhw, yes, if it's dpm in there, that's the Catalan mafia15:05
smartboyhwdholbach, :P he is:P15:05
dholbachsmartboyhw, :-)15:05
dholbachsmartboyhw, and now... one piece of text at a time :-D15:06
smartboyhwdholbach, :-D15:15
dholbachI like it... there's more and more green on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityWebsite now :)15:17
smartboyhwdholbach, \o/15:17
smartboyhwput green and green together: That's DONE:P15:17
czajkowskidholbach: deep down you;re irish with your love of green :)15:19
dholbachI must be :)15:19
smartboyhwczajkowski, +115:19
* dholbach is wearing a green hoodie today15:20
elfydholbach: thanks - fridge all sorted15:20
dholbachelfy, rock!15:20
smartboyhwdholbach, give us a photo of you wearing it:P15:20
* smartboyhw can (sort of) tease dholbach then:P15:21
dholbachsmartboyhw, http://daniel.holba.ch/temp/2013-04-22-172438.jpg - good enough? that's the best I could get out of "cheese"15:26
smartboyhwdholbach, you rather look like Tom Cruise in this one:P15:26
elfyit's a bit green dholbach :|15:26
elfywho wears green :p15:26
dholbachelfy, yeah, that's what the discussion above was about :)15:26
* smartboyhw directs amplified laughter at dholbach :P15:26
dholbachelfy, it's Spring - got to start wearing some colours again! :)15:27
smartboyhwdholbach, should I ping someone from IRCC to help add the IRC help things into the "support" thing? (You haven't answered:))15:27
smartboyhwdholbach, green is really a good colour in spring15:27
elfydholbach: +1 to that15:27
dholbachsmartboyhw, sure :)15:28
elfydholbach: I need the lamp :)15:28
dholbachthe lamp?15:28
elfydholbach: looks like a lamp by the window :)15:32
dholbachahhh yes :)15:32
=== smartboyhw_ is now known as smartboyhw
dholbachIIRC it was a present, but I think you can get it in every IKEA store15:33
elfyI just need the outside - cat thought it useful as a scratching post one evening :(15:33
smartboyhwdholbach: IKEA is very popular in HK.15:33
dholbachelfy, ugh, I can imagine how the lamp looked afterwards15:34
elfyindeed ;)15:34
dholbachsmartboyhw, that seems to be the same everywhere :)15:34
elfypossibly not burma15:34
smartboyhwelfy: And North Korea:P15:37
dholbachprobably the next easy ones from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityWebsite are all the ones which are "needs review"15:38
dholbachif somebody could skim through them and give me a +1, I'll copy them over as well15:39
smartboyhwdholbach: Looking15:40
smartboyhwdholbach: Development looks really awesome and detailed:) +115:41
smartboyhwdholbach: For documentation, I'm unsure about the last part.15:44
dholbachsmartboyhw, can you leave a comment in the pad page and/or on the wiki?15:45
smartboyhwThe BT has been inactive for quite a while. It's getting revived now, but they are calling on removing focus groups15:45
smartboyhwdholbach: Can't now in mobile.15:45
dholbachsmartboyhw, do you know who we could contact about the beginners team's focus groups?15:46
elfyI do15:46
smartboyhwdholbach… Ask elfy, the Forums guys are experts in BT. +1 for the OnAir pages, BTW.15:47
dholbachsmartboyhw, 谢谢15:48
smartboyhwdholbach: Wow thanks for saying thank you in Chinese. Let me translate Thank You into German first:P15:48
dholbach"danke" :)15:48
elfydholbach: I'll check out BT doc stuff for you15:49
dholbachelfy, perfect - I think smartboyhw was referring to one of the last paragraphs in http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-contribute-documentation15:49
elfyyea - saw it15:49
smartboyhwdholbach: Danke! And as for the governance thing, although it's copied it's still good nowadays.15:49
smartboyhwSo +115:50
dholbachsmartboyhw, perfect15:50
dholbachlet me update the page15:50
dholbachsmartboyhw, 多谢 - let's see how translate.google.com pronounces it and let's see how long I can remember it ;-)15:50
smartboyhwdholbach: :-)15:51
elfydholbach: mailed someone who should know, I'll deal with the page as soon as I know15:52
dholbachelfy, thanks a bunch!15:52
dholbachI like the look of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityWebsite now15:52
dholbachlooks like we're actually getting somewhere :)15:52
smartboyhwdholbach: :)15:53
elfydholbach: you know if I'm online I'm usually about - if you needed something reviewing, looking at I'm usually also happy to help where I can ;)15:54
dholbachif we get the missing content together quickly, we should hopefully be able to get a database dump of the test instance copied into a real site15:55
dholbachwhich would give us a very nice first cut of community.u.c15:55
dholbachand then we can go about adding all the crazy ideas :)15:55
smartboyhwdholbach: LOL15:55
smartboyhwdholbach: What sort of crazy ideas we have in the queue? ;P15:56
dholbachtoo many, as always ;)15:57
smartboyhwdholbach: ROFL15:57
dpmdholbach, sorry, I wasn't ignoring you, I've been in calls until now. Wordpress does not fully support translations, but we could install a plugin so that translations are a bit nicer to do than publishing separate pages. I have to remind myself of which plugin was it which could do that, and it would then serve the right page according to the browser language15:57
dpmsmartboyhw, indeed, that was the Catalan team at work :)15:58
dholbachdpm, I'll drop you an email15:58
smartboyhwdpm: :)15:58
dholbachand now call time16:00
jonodholbach, dpm, mhall119 call16:00
smartboyhwdholbach: Nice page!16:01
dpmdholbach, the developers page on the community site is looking good!16:50
dholbachdpm, yeah, we're slowly getting there :)16:51
dpmoh, and the other ones too :)16:51
dholbachmore green: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityWebsite :-)16:56
dholbachall right16:57
dholbachtime to get some dinner and get outside for a bit :)16:57
dholbachsee you all tomorrow!16:57
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=== toddyhb is now known as toddy
bkerensajono: any word on the certs?18:57
jonobkerensa, not yet18:58
jonobkerensa, getting close, just finalizing the new budgets18:58
jonoand then I can pull the trigger18:58
jonofew things blocked on the budgets right now18:58
czajkowskipleia2: I can't see you :( https://twitter.com/OpenStack/status/326419670687162368/photo/119:39
czajkowskiI can see Julie from ireland there though :D19:40
pleia2czajkowski: I'm below the woman with the red jacket19:42
* elfy thought so - but wasn't going to join in :)19:42
jonojcastro, can we push back our call a little while I finish something up?19:56
jonothanks, jcastro20:01
czajkowskipleia2: ohhh20:04
czajkowskipleia2: my mate julie is the one with the redhat on her20:04
czajkowskiwe were in college together.20:04
jonojcastro, free now?20:27
jcastrolet me pause the MEGADETH.20:28
jonojcastro, joining now20:29
bkerensajcastro: the juju video still going strong :)21:08
bkerensajcastro the juju evangelist: https://plus.google.com/115750270177636397262/posts/7Z42ea5vRTc21:16

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