* lamont wonders where his launcher went01:03
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pittiGood morning04:59
pittiScottK: I replied to the wl bug with some details, and subscribed so that I'll see your response immediately05:24
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gesergood morning06:32
dholbachgood morning06:45
pittihey dholbach06:53
dholbachhey pitti06:54
dholbachpitti, I was near your home town (or at least where you used to live before) over the weekend :)06:54
dholbachit was a very nice trip :)06:55
dholbachhow are you doing?06:55
pittidholbach: ah, nice! where did you go exactly?06:55
pittidholbach: I'm quite fine, thanks! had a nice weekend (although fairly rainy)06:55
dholbachpitti, hiking in the area around Bad Schandau :)06:55
pittisehr schoen06:55
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g0uZ[22/04/2013 09:30] <xnox> g0uZ: pinging slangasek on #ubuntu-devel irc channel might be better. Or email ubuntu-devel-discus mailing list. // slangasek, there ?07:44
mlankhorstis upgrading to quantal still supported after 12.04.3 ?07:44
g0uZI'm searchinf for a clean solution to have audit support in libpam0 for ubuntu precise 12.04 LTS07:45
mlankhorstI'm worried a bit because libdrm is going to have to break, and if upgrading to quantal is still supported we'd need to offer a way to downgrade libdrm to the quantal version before upgrading..07:46
g0uZits related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pam/+bug/93700507:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937005 in pam (Ubuntu) "pam_tty_audit.so is missing in oneiric/precise" [Undecided,Fix released]07:46
stgrabermlankhorst: I think our standard statement is that 12.04 => 12.10 is a supported upgrade path so long as 12.10 is supported, so yeah, I think 12.04.3 => 12.10 should somehow work and not end up giving you packages that don't exist in the target release07:47
mlankhorststgraber: it can work, but libdrm will need to be downgraded07:47
stgrabermlankhorst: I guess in general we want upgrades from 12.04+enablement-stack to somehow remove all the enablement bits and then upgrade to whatever is in the target release07:48
mlankhorstno, upgrading from enablement stack is unsupported07:48
mlankhorstI don't have to worry about that case07:48
stgraberhmm, that seems suboptimal... so we're basically telling people installing 12.04.2/12.04.3 that they can't upgrade to anything after that? that sounds kinda wrong to me07:49
mlankhorstthey can upgrade to the next lts, that has already been decided07:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1171340 in libdrm (Ubuntu) "Please update dh-exec, llvm-3.2 and libdrm for lts-raring" [Undecided,New]07:50
mlankhorstis what I'm worried about07:50
maxbooi, and semi-related, is it technically supported to upgrade from N->O->P after O EOLs?07:53
stgrabermlankhorst: am I looking at the wrong PPA? the one I'm looking at as the same version of libdrm as quantal, so wouldn't require a downgrade (so long as you make sure to use lower packaging version numbers)07:54
stgrabermaxb: no07:54
stgrabermaxb: it's still likely to work though (you may have to change to old-releases.ubuntu.com depending on how quick we are to archive the series)07:55
mlankhorststgraber: you're looking at the right ppa, and that version was already causing issues..07:55
stgrabermlankhorst: ah, so you're planning on moving to the raring version of it then?07:56
mlankhorststgraber: it's required for the lts-raring stack, yes07:56
diwicpitti, "ImportError: No module named apport" <- has something been renamed recently in apport?07:59
maxbI suppose there's the possibility of 2.4.39-0ubuntu1~really2.4.43ubuntu1, but ugh07:59
mlankhorstmaxb: that would be ineffective if that x-updates ppa was installed07:59
stgrabermlankhorst: and why can't we do the usual trick to copy that raring libdrm backport under a different name? (sorry, as you may have noticed I didn't look much into the implementation of that stuff since when we first specced it at UDS)08:00
mlankhorstand since the steam instructions still contain that, it's going to be a support nightmare08:00
mlankhorststgraber: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/108634508:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1086345 in libdrm (Ubuntu Precise) "Quantal-LTS-stack: Showing low-resolution screen on shutdown/reboot" [Critical,Fix released]08:00
* maxb wonders how evil a no-change SRU to quantal to help the numbers sequence right would be08:02
mlankhorstnot that evil08:03
mlankhorstbut some might have xorg-edgers which will disturb things too08:03
stgrabermlankhorst: right... so we're indeed left with two options there, either change the dist-upgrader to allow downgrading when moving to quantal and potentially regressing the system (who knows what other bugs got fixed by the new version) or SRU the raring version to quantal and then to precise08:04
stgrabermy assumption being that you already need to support people using the quantal enablement stack on precise and who will have the raring libdrm, so having the same combo in one more series shouldn't be too much pain08:04
mlankhorstand upgrading libdrm is generally not a pain, only thing causing some issues was nouveau soname bump, but that only affects precise builds of xserver/ddx-nouveau/mesa, and has already been dealt with08:06
stgraberok, so I'd recommend talking to the SRU team about pushing the raring version to both quantal and precise. You'll obviously need serious testing but I guess you already have that anyway ;) then the TB will have to grant a one time MRE for the quantal upload, but I'm happy to do that.08:07
mlankhorstfortunately libdrm is quite boring, the api is mostly a c wrapper around kernel syscalls, so we haven't had to deal with many bugs there :)08:09
diwicpitti, hmm, or is it rather so that all packages installing apport hooks need to (runtime) depend on python-apport ?08:10
pittidiwic: what did you do to get this error?08:13
pittidiwic: might also be python-apport vs. python3-apport ?08:13
diwicpitti, I made a dkms package (with my own framework), which had an error in it. When I tried to install it, the build failed, and then this error came up08:14
pittithe apport module name has never changed08:14
mlankhorstinfinity: ping?08:14
diwicpitti, but it turned out python-apport was not installed08:14
pittidiwic: right, it's not supposed to; we install python3-apport08:14
pittiand stuff is supposed to use python308:14
pittiperhaps there's some script in dkms which hasn't been moved to py3 yet08:15
infinitymlankhorst: Sup?08:15
mlankhorstsee discussion above :) I had to talk with the sru team about backporting libdrm from raring to quantal and precise08:16
infinitymlankhorst: Renamed source and binaries, or updating the current packages?08:17
mlankhorstrenaming has led to problems before, and is quite impossible08:17
infinitymlankhorst: Yeah, I recalled that, which was why I asked about the intent. :)08:17
infinitymlankhorst: I have no problems in theory with backporting libdrm, so long as you test heavily that it doesn't break 3.2.x and 3.5.x kernels.08:18
infinity(Which it shouldn't, AFAIK, but best to get solid statistics)08:18
mlankhorstthat's kernel drm, libdrm is the userspace abi08:18
diwicpitti, hmm, okay, I'm trying to look...08:18
infinitymlankhorst: Yes, but libdrm talks to kernel drm syscalls.08:18
infinitymlankhorst: But it should be all backward compat unless someone effed up, so..08:18
diwicpitti, if anything starts with #!/usr/bin/python, that means python2, right?08:18
mlankhorstyeah :)08:18
pittidiwic: right08:18
infinitymlankhorst: I have no problems with it, just want to see seriously heavy testing.08:19
pittidiwic: that either needs to be converted to py3, or depend on python-apport08:19
infinitymlankhorst: Have there been any drastic packaging changes, or just upstream bits?08:19
mlankhorstactually 2.4.39 -> 2.4.43 hasn't seen much change, was digging through changelog08:19
infinitymlankhorst: Good, good.  That's comforting.08:19
mlankhorstmostly things like minor bugfixes, and adding support for new hardware08:20
mlankhorstand some radeon SI tiling changes, but SI support wasn't in quantal or precise08:21
infinitymlankhorst: Alright.  That's all quite comforting.  Go ahead and prep the SRUs and toss 'em in the queue.08:24
infinity-0ubuntu0.1 and -0ubuntu0.1.1 or something.  Or throw some 12.xx in there.  Whatever.08:25
mlankhorstI'll do the former form. :)08:25
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mlankhorststgraber: do you want a formal application to TB for libdrm?08:56
stgrabermlankhorst: nope, I'll just add the exception to the wiki09:00
mlankhorstok thanks :)09:01
stgrabermlankhorst: done09:02
mlankhorststgraber: what about dh-exec? It requires a newer version to build llvm-3.2 succesfully09:07
stgrabermlankhorst: so you'd backport 0.6?09:10
mlankhorstif possible :)09:10
stgraberok, 0.5 basically changes nothing, looking at the 0.6 diff now09:11
stgrabersounds safe to me. I'll add that to the MRE09:11
stgraberI guess you could have worked around this by renamming the .install in the other source, but that'd just be working around a bug, so we may as well fix it09:12
stgraberI'm not even sure you'd need an MRE for that one as all the changes from 0.4 are trivial to test, but I'll add it anyway so it's less confusing to the SRU team :)09:13
mlankhorstoh 0.3 is enough09:13
mlankhorstbut the version in precise is 0.2, which is definitely too old :)09:15
stgraberah so you don't need to update quantal then, just precise?09:15
stgraberone problem though is that dh-exec in precise is in universe, so you won't be able to build-dep on that09:15
mlankhorstsince llvm-3.2 seems to require it, I fear it will have to be pulled into main then :S09:16
stgraberwell, you could just do the same thing as dh-exec directly in debian/rules09:17
Mirvslangasek: FYI I pushed a test build of the (Qt4) qtwebkit-source 2.3.1 in to qt5-beta-proper PPA. if it goes fine, I'll contact Kubuntu people about it.09:17
mlankhorstI don't see where it's using dh_exec though..09:20
mlankhorstmaybe it could simply be dropped entirely09:20
stgraberthat would make things much simpler ;)09:22
mlankhorstI only see it as build-dep, weird..09:22
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mlankhorstseems to build fine without after I removed dh-exec on my system, I'll do a build in my ppa to confirm.09:34
cjwatsonseb128: should friends-identica (+ accounts-plugin-identica) be seeded, or dropped to universe?10:26
cjwatsonIt's not recommended by friends-dispatcher, unlike friends-{facebook,twitter}10:26
seb128cjwatson, I'm not sure, let's check with Ken when he gets online (shouldn't be in too long)10:28
mlankhorststgraber: ok mre for dh-exec can be removed, llvm builds just fine without dh-exec :)10:39
stgrabermlankhorst: good10:39
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ScottKpitti: Thanks.12:41
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mlankhorstogasawara: I'm going to do the same arch support for x with lts-raring, libdrm I'll update for all archs, but everything else including llvm-3.2 will only build for amd64 or i386.13:30
ogasawaramlankhorst: ack13:31
mlankhorstI'm just finishing up on a test build, I believe it should be possible to land the lts-raring x stack any time, depending on a sru admin willing to review it. :-)13:32
ogasawaramlankhorst: I don't think there is any hurry at the moment (12.04.3 isn't till August).  but we should probably start to think about staging both the lts-raring x and kernel packages in a PPA.13:34
ogasawaramlankhorst: maybe we can sync about it next week at the sprint13:34
mlankhorstI can't make it, sadly13:34
ogasawaramlankhorst: boooo :(13:35
mlankhorstbut we could use https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/r-lts-backport again, wouldn't be hard.13:35
ogasawaramlankhorst: works for me, I'll coordinate with my team13:35
mlankhorstit should be a lot easier now at least, I only need the libdrm sru done and then I should be ready for uploading everything :)13:39
ogasawaramlankhorst: and actually now that I check, tim's already been uploading our raring kernel to the r-lt-backport PPA13:39
mlankhorstah good13:45
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mlankhorstinfinity: can you accept libdrm? :)14:39
infinitymlankhorst: I can.  But will I?14:39
ogra_mlankhorst, now ... if you were coming to the sprint you could bribe him14:39
mlankhorstso that just means I can't bribe ;)14:41
stgraberogra_: maybe you can order some voucher for the Trappist, then you don't need to be there in person ;)14:41
infinityI approve of this plan.14:42
ScottKThat or convince someone who is present to provide the bribe.14:43
ogra_proxybribing ....14:44
mlankhorstbut then it wouldn't be me bribing, it would be me ordering a bribe14:45
infinityThe route is less important than the packet getting there.14:45
mlankhorsthow can you be sure it's really my bribe then14:47
infinityYou could sign it.14:48
ScottKSome variant on the RFC 5518 VBR protocol could probably handle it.14:49
ScottKJust bribes instead of email.14:49
mterry@pilot in14:52
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mlankhorstI think having a verifiable trace about a bribe would defeat the purpose of said bribe14:54
xnoxhow would I crash ext4 filesystem such that next mount would require a journal replay? is there a way to toggle such a flag in the ext4 superblock?15:01
ogra_dd some crap into it while its not mounted ?15:02
xnoxogra_: any suggestions at resonable amounts of "crap" to dd and offsets? =)))))15:05
ogra_not really ... but thats what i would try ...15:05
ogra_just dont overwrite the superblock :)15:06
nemoI wonder if umount -fi would freak it out15:06
nemo(while it was doing writes)15:06
xnoxnemo: sounds more interesting. Let me try scripting something here around that =)15:08
nemoxnox: you know. if it is in a VM, you could just power it off while it is doing writes15:09
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nemoprobably a better real world sim anyway15:09
nemowell. you could do it on physical too, but ew15:09
ogra_heh, yeah, just pull the power  of the disk15:10
nemoogra_: hm. yanking a flash drive probably less damaging15:20
nemoxnox: ooh. yeah. journaled ext4 parition on a thumb drive, yank that?15:21
mlankhorstwhere's the fun in that ;)15:21
dunkel2-j unity3d15:21
nemoheck. writing to it over USB1 would make yanking it while writing really easy :)15:21
nemowell. I guess just using /dev/urandom would work too15:21
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smoserslangasek, ping15:36
smoseror jodh15:36
jodhsmoser: hi15:37
smoseri'm looking / hoping for something on bug 1124384 or bug 110388115:37
ubottubug 1124384 in cloud-init (Ubuntu) "reload-configuration can confuse upstart" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112438415:37
ubottubug 1103881 in upstart (Ubuntu) "cloud-final is never executed if upstart is upgraded during initialization of the image " [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110388115:37
smoserif this upgrade issue isn't fixed, we're going to see people do really stupid things like suggested here:15:37
smoser(ie, specifically handle upgrade on 13.04 differently then anywhere else)15:37
jodhsmoser: working on it as fast as I can :)15:38
jodhsmoser: any update from the kernel team on the fix for the original problem (bug 882147)?15:39
ubottubug 882147 in coreutils (Ubuntu) "overlayfs does not implement inotify interfaces correctly" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88214715:39
smoserjodh, well, that is only half the problem. and i doubt it will fixed any time in near future. overlayfs has lots of shortcomings.15:39
smoserthe larger issue is upgrade of upstart loses state.15:40
smoserthe only real solution i have for that is to hold upstart.15:41
jodhsmoser: the bug has been around for a long time seemingly as nobody has ever tried to reload whilst booting. It's a ref-counting issue, but somewhat delicate.15:42
smoserit is not present in 12.1015:43
jodhsmoser: using your lxc testcase the behaviour is seen in 12.10.15:44
smoseri can avoid 'reload-configuration' , and have disabled that code in cloud-init 12.1015:44
smoserer... in 13.0315:44
smoserer... in 13.0415:44
smoserso we don't 'reload-configuration' now when an upstart job is written.15:44
smoserbut i can't avoid a potential upgrade to upstart.15:45
smoseri assumed that i'd be impossible/unlikely to fix 'apt-get upgrade upstart' without fixing 'initctl reload-configuration'15:46
smoseras i assumed that the former is "heavier" than the latter.15:46
xnoxsmoser: are you allowed to "reboot"? write the new jobs out, reboot "for real" and clean-up / finish initialisation.15:49
xnoxsmoser: another possibility is to step down run-levels until it's safe to reload configuration, and step up again, at which point a reboot would be cleaner.15:49
smoserxnox, i dont want to reboot.15:49
smoseri'm thinking right now of holding upstart15:50
smoserand un-holding later.15:50
smoserbut i really dont want to expose such sillyness to juju (or anyone else using ubuntu).15:51
smoserie, i really do not want code like that in juju.15:52
smoserjodh, you have feelings on the above ? my suggestion is to hold upstart prior to cloud-init initialized upgrade, and then unhold it in "final" (rc.local level).15:58
smoserand to continue as we're doing right now, not reload-configuration on addition of an upstart job.15:59
jodhsmoser: slightly confused - this bug isn't related to stateful re-exec - it's just a "reload whilst jobs and event are in-flight" issue.16:03
smoserjodh, 2 bugs.16:07
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smoserbug 1103881 is a result of stateful reexec (as a result of upgrade)16:07
ubottubug 1103881 in upstart (Ubuntu) "cloud-final is never executed if upstart is upgraded during initialization of the image " [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110388116:07
smoserbug 1124384 is 'reload-configuration' confuses upstart.16:08
ubottubug 1124384 in cloud-init (Ubuntu) "reload-configuration can confuse upstart" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112438416:08
smoseri had assumed that reload-configuration was a subset of stateful reexec.16:08
jodhsmoser: they are completely different.16:08
ScottKpitti: Replied in the bcmwl/jockey bug.  Please let me know what you think.16:09
smoserok. then i suggest that 1103881 is significantly more critical.16:09
jodhsmoser: so, if holding + no reload can be made to work for you, yes I'd do that for now until we can fix these issues.16:11
smoserjodh, i can do that. the only problem is that that works around the issue for a very small percentage of ubuntu users.16:12
smoserdo you have a feeling as to how bad this is ? at what points is a upgrade of upstart safe?16:12
smoseror will all users lose state the first time we SRU upstart to 13.0416:13
mgzjust as a note, juju does not restart machines as part of the boot16:13
mgzso, if there's any upstart upgrade on top of the 13.04 release image that will break like this, we need some kind of solution that doesn't involve manual interventions16:14
jodhsmoser: your scenario is the only upgrade issue I'm aware of.16:14
smoserjodh, but what is that scenario?16:16
smoserafaik it is "user runs apt-get upgrade"16:16
smoserjodh, do you know the scope of the problem? such that i could reduce my work around to that? or possibly you could add a work around into upstart16:21
smosersomething like "can't upgrade self now, add a task to do it later"16:21
cjwatsonGiven that we know the area of upstart code involved in this failure, I think it would be more appropriate to focus on fixing it properly in an early SRU than in spending time on hacky workarounds16:22
smosercjwatson, i had generally accepted that, and assumed it would get fixed.16:41
smoserbut given the choice of "work around it in cloud-init" and "let juju, heat, puppet, chef, salt, insert-service-orchestration-tool-here", i'd rather do it in cloud-init than all of those. and rather do it in upstart than cloud-init.16:42
smoserit seems that at least some people understand the scope of the problem. i'd like to have such information so i can try to work around.16:45
smoseri'm not trying to be a jerk. i'm rying to come up with a solution so as to avoid juju having to know about this.16:48
bdmurraytjaalton: are you planning on working on the sru for bug 1095052?16:50
slangaseksmoser: like cjwatson, I think it's counterproductive here to focus on a workaround when the correct fix is in progress.16:50
ubottubug 1095052 in gnutls26 (Ubuntu Precise) "Client certificate authentication fails" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109505216:50
smoserslangasek, i'm not following.16:54
smoserare you suggesting that cloud-init not try to work around? or upstart not try to work around?16:54
smoserhow about juju ?16:54
smoserhaving zero workaround in place (that would then have to be backed out, possibly languishing well beyond their necessity) is clearly the best case scenario. but doing that means juju and cloud-init are broken anytime there is an upstart upgrade.16:56
smoserif i'm told "there will be no SRUs of upstart to 13.04 that do not fix this problem, and fix it in-place", then thats acceptable.16:57
smoseri realize now that the hold of upstart is insufficient as i'd have to dpkg-hold libc6 and all other dependencies also. :-(17:01
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seb128cjwatson, oh, btw, kenvandine says that friends-identica and accounts-plugin-identica should go to universe17:22
cjwatsonseb128,kenvandine: Righto, thanks - done17:23
seb128cjwatson, thanks17:23
kenvandinecjwatson, thanks17:23
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tjaaltonbdmurray: yeah, about to upload it after a test build17:42
bdmurraytjaalton: cool, thanks17:45
tjaaltonbdmurray: built fine, uploaded17:48
slangaseksmoser: things are already broken on upstart upgrade right now, and as has been noted, this is not a new bug; the timeline for the proper fix in upstart here should be measured in days, not weeks; and yes, there aren't going to be other SRUs of upstart into 13.04 prior to this fix landing17:58
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mterry@pilot out18:26
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ScottKdoko: The handbrake update that you sync'ed from experimental (a month ago) is depwait due to missing libav bits.  Should we just remove it from -proposed or is there some other solution?18:46
cjwatsonThe plan was to move it to s-proposed once that's possible18:46
cjwatsonIt'll be fine in S once we do the libav9 transition18:46
cjwatsonAnd it's not vital that -proposed be empty for release - we should just understand everything in it18:49
ScottKIt'll never be buildable in raring though.18:51
cjwatsonYeah, but we can delete it out of raring once we've moved it to S, no?18:51
ScottKOK.  Makes sense.18:51
cjwatsonDaviey,zul: Should cinder-backup, quantum-lbaas-agent, and quantum-plugin-midonet be moved to universe, or should they be seeded?18:51
cjwatsonThose are the last three (I moved python-pybabel to universe, since it's a transitional package)18:51
zulcjwatson: seeded please18:52
cjwatsonOK.  Could you do that somewhere appropriate?18:52
zulcjwatson:  as in the server seed?18:52
Davieyzul: platform not cd please.18:53
zulDaviey:  ack18:53
cjwatsonThat's unlikely to be appropriate.  The server seed is automatically installed on every server installation.18:53
cjwatsonThat> the server seed I mean18:53
Davieyzul: supported-server, lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/platform.raring18:55
Davieynext cycle, we should probably bust that out into a dedicated openstack seed file.18:56
tjaaltonslangasek: hey, is the new plymouth job good enough for raring?19:00
slangasektjaalton: yes, I think so - we're in SRU territory at this point, however19:00
tjaaltonslangasek: right, sure19:00
slangasektjaalton: so this is less urgent than some other stuff that's going on - but if you could fix up the bug info to get it on track for SRU, that would help19:01
tjaaltonslangasek: yep I'll do that tomorrow and upload to -proposed(?)19:02
tjaaltonsame for lightdm19:02
slangasektjaalton: sound sgreat19:02
tjaaltonI'll add some other *dm's too19:03
GundarrI have one question.  It is quick and requires the expertise knowledge of our hallowed Ubuntu dev's.  It is not a question asking for support.  I just want to know:  Does the Linux 3.5.x kernel and the "xserver-xorg-video-radeon-lts-quantal" software packages drop support for the legacy AMD FGLRX proprietary graphics driver (FGLRX version 8.960)?  I'm trying to make an informed decision before I perform a potentially ris20:04
Gundarrky 'apt-get' action.20:04
cjwatsonIRC is asynchronous; it is expected to need to wait perhaps some time20:07
cjwatsonBut you might try #ubuntu-kernel or #ubuntu-x (I'd suggest picking one rather than crossposting) as more specialist channels20:08
mlankhorstfor the record, I believe it does..20:09
slangasekbryce: are you still able to reproduce bug #1080701?20:36
ubottubug 1080701 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Raring) "After 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' screen, raring installation hangs" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108070120:36
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bryceslangasek, I haven't seen it so far this year20:58
jtaylorI had it when I tried to install raring a few weeks back, though I don'T have more to add than already is in the bug report21:01
jtaylorI could try it again if you need some specific information21:03
slangasekbryce: hmm, alrighty21:06
slangasekjtaylor: well, we need someone who can actively reproduce it, to work with the QA team to turn it into a reproducible test case21:07
slangasekjtaylor: so if you can still reproduce it, I guess plars would like to have info about your disk layout (partition table, etc)21:07
plarsjtaylor: what kind of system was this on?21:07
jtaylorits like most other reports, lots of partitions, mix of real, lvm and one of them is windows21:08
jtaylor+ an external ntfs and ext4, which caused issues in the past, but unplugging them did not help this time21:08
slangasekjtaylor: the devil is likely in the details here... if we could get an exact partition table, plus enough info to set up a matching set of filesystems, that would probably go a long way21:09
lifelesscjwatson: how much of the start of each disk did you need for my grub-fails-to-recognise-raid6+lvm bug ?21:10
jtaylorlet me download a fresh iso and check if I can actually still reproduce it21:10
slangasekjtaylor: thanks very much21:10
plarsjtaylor: and did it at least get to the popup asking if you wanted to unmount? or did you not even mount any of those before trying to continue the install? That bit seems to be mixed in the bug21:10
jtaylorI get it with nothing mounted21:10
jtaylorwhen I mounted the stuff I got the umount dialog21:11
jtaylorbut still hang21:11
plarsok, some said they reproduced it by mounting one of the drives, I even tried doing that and holding a file open, but the unmount works fine for me21:11
jtaylorseems like I can still reproduce it21:23
xnoxjtaylor: can you dd the whole hard-drive somewhere to preserve the reproducer? =))) is it a VM?21:24
jtaylorno its my regular system21:24
xnoxjtaylor: is your main system 64 or 32 bit, how are you booting 64-bios/64-uefi/64-secureboot/32-bit images? via cd or usb?21:25
jtaylor64 bit, I think msdos partition table, no uefi (to my knowledge) usb 64 bit image21:26
xnoxjtaylor: what else is installed? are all partitions / filesystems clean and fsck reports nothing? Do you have obscure filesystems, left-over lvm metadata?21:26
jtaylorI didn't fsck them all in a long time21:28
jtaylorhow do I check for leftover lvm metadata?21:28
xnoxjtaylor: well vgscan -ay && vgs21:31
xnoxand maybe it will print something.21:31
jtaylorno nothing21:34
xnoxjtaylor: would you be able to follow this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5593864/ and collect /var/log/syslog & /var/log/partman21:35
jtaylorhm whenI opened gparted I got a message that it found a invalid gpt on sdb21:36
xnoxjtaylor: that's ok. our cdimages have broken gpt table on them.21:36
xnox(known bug opened against cdimage)21:37
xnoxbug 106273721:37
ubottubug 1062737 in libisofs (Ubuntu) "hybrid images do not include a valid GPT" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106273721:37
jtaylorxnox: will starting ubiquity with --debug be enough?21:45
jtaylornot sure how I boot the image with debut-ubiquity21:45
tonyyarussoI take it the odds of a non-critical merge request being reviewed anytime until after the 25th are pretty much zilch, huh?21:46
xnoxjtaylor: --debug & debug-ubiquity is the same.21:46
xnoxtonyyarusso: depends on the bugs it fixes, if it's a leave package it can still get in. Or any bugs can go in as 0day SRU.21:47
jtaylorok whats the best way to send you the logs?21:48
xnoxjtaylor: paste.ubuntu.com is great =)21:48
tonyyarussoxnox: Not expecting it to get into this release at all frankly - just a question of whether anyone has time to review it.  It's a fairly trivial improvement to update-notifier.  (Attached to Bug #1167621)21:48
ubottubug 1167621 in update-notifier (Ubuntu) "apt_check.py can't be used as a module" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116762121:48
xnoxtonyyarusso: there is apt/dpkg nagios plugin out of the box on debian & ubuntu systems that also works with icinga and check_mk.21:49
xnoxtonyyarusso: or are you trying to improve it? also look into python-apt & aptdaemon both of which have api and provide middle & higher level apis.21:50
jtaylorxnox: syslog http://paste.ubuntu.com/5593912/21:50
jtaylorxnox: partman http://paste.ubuntu.com/559391721:50
tonyyarussoxnox: Well, this started from finding a shortcoming in the nagios plugin stemming from a faulty assumption about the repository structure, then in the process of trying to figure out the best alternate approach found this.  :)21:51
jtaylorxnox: installer/debug  http://paste.ubuntu.com/559391921:51
xnoxApr 22 21:44:38 ubuntu ubiquity: mount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'21:51
jtayloranything else you need?21:52
tonyyarussoxnox: (The nagios plugin looks at whether a package came from -security, but -security gets mirrored to -updates, so after the first couple hours the security update detection breaks.)21:52
xnoxalso your ubiquity/d-i connection got lost, as there are loads of "Apr 22 21:42:01 ubuntu ubiquity: Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/DbDriver/File.pm line 44." quite early on.21:53
xnoxjtaylor: it would be better to have syslog with "/bin/partman" edited to have "set -x" as a second line and only go past prepare step in ubiquity after that is in-place.21:54
xnoxtonyyarusso: better to use launchpad api for queriying that. But I see your point.21:55
xnoxtonyyarusso: can you open a bug report against nagios / nagios-plugins saying that security updates check is broken?21:56
jtaylorxnox: syslog relevant part  http://paste.ubuntu.com/559394221:57
tonyyarussoxnox: Sure - getting to that.  Figured I'd start with the more responsive upstream first.21:58
jtaylorI'll put -x in the initial thing too21:58
tonyyarussoxnox: Looks like someone beat me to it.  Bug #103168022:00
ubottubug 1031680 in nagios-plugins (Ubuntu) "check_apt always report 0 critical updates" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103168022:00
xnoxtonyyarusso: well, I can recommend to use landscape =) it reports critical updates correctly. But yeah, it's serious bug, I'll try to look into fixing it, thanks for flagging it up.22:01
tonyyarussoxnox: np :)22:02
xnoxjtaylor: hmm... what comes after/before the last line in that syslog? can you compress and send all of it to me?22:04
jtaylorI'm just trying to track where ita ctually stops by adding -x everywhere ._.22:06
jtaylorit goes to hang on an infifo22:19
jtaylorbut the problematic lvm partition seems to be my lvm-swap partition22:19
jtaylorI wonder if it works when I delete it22:20
xnoxjtaylor: can you please22:21
xnoxjtaylor: get me the tarball of /var/lib/partman/devices ?22:21
xnoxas is right now?22:21
jtaylorbefore the echo or after?22:21
jtaylorthe partition before it hangs is a ext4 partition with debian on it22:22
jtaylorcould also be that one22:22
xnoxjtaylor: shouldn't matter. Did echo cause it to progress by the say?22:22
jtaylorthe syslog progressed a bit22:22
jtaylorit hang on an cat in the outfifo22:22
xnoxjtaylor: send the the syslog (hopefully timestamps should indicate when you echoed it"22:23
xnoxjtaylor: and the /var/lib/partman/devices  (that's just the state of all connected hard-drives as viewed by the the installer)22:23
jtaylorafter the echo it printed  -d lvm-root (precise) and now it hangs on a infifo22:23
xnoxcan you $ apt-get install pastebinit and pastebinit the whole thing?22:24
xnox(the thing being syslog =) )22:25
jtaylorits 12MB now :/22:25
jtaylorhow can I reset it?22:25
jtaylorbeen restartint ubiquity a few times so there is lots of garbage in it22:26
xnoxjtaylor: cat /var/log/syslog | gzip -9 > /tmp/syslog.gz22:27
xnoxjtaylor: but then you need to mount somtething to copy it across, or like email to my-irc-nick @ubuntu.com22:27
xnoxjtaylor: or run ubuntu-bug ubiquity22:27
xnoxand see if that files a bug with the whole-lot =)22:27
xnoxjtaylor: it should print a url which you can paste / copy /retype here. (upto the end of UUID) or pastebinit the url =)22:28
jtaylorI'm just trying a few things first22:32
achernyaHi -- I've been trying to find documentation on what sort of security support universe and multiverse are supposed to get. (I understand it's volunteer MOTUs and best-effort). Is it 3 or 5 years for LTS?22:37
xnoxachernya: better contact security team at #ubuntu-hardened. But in general 0-security support is guaranteed, but security uploads on volunteer basis are accepted as long as -security pocket is open, which is 5 years for precise. So contributions are welcome.22:39
xnoxfor -universe and -multiverse that is.22:40
jdstrandachernya: tbh, it is up to the people doing the contributing. if the security team is given good, well tested patches, we'll sponsor them22:40
xnoxachernya: main and restricted receive guaranteed 5 years LTS security support on precise.22:40
achernyaxnonx, jdstrand: Thanks, that's what I expected.22:41
jdstrandin practice, people tend to not contribute to an older LTS. eg, people give us more patches for 12.04 than 10.04, but that isn't policy-- that is just what people tend to do22:41
xnoxjtaylor: I'm off to sleep. If you have anything more posted to the bug report bug 108070122:46
ubottubug 1080701 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Raring) "After 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' screen, raring installation hangs" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108070122:46
jtaylorxnox: it hangs after closing 15reuse or 25replace, randomly, syslog: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5594150/23:43
jtaylorclosing dialog in 15/2523:44
jtayloras its random its possibly some kind of race23:45
jtaylor< offline back tomorrow evening23:45

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