smartboyhwAlanBell, Tm_T Pici funkyHat topyli ping15:29
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funkyHatsmartboyhw: hi16:01
smartboyhwfunkyHat: Hello. Recently the Ubuntu Community Website is undergoing a rewrite. One of the items we have here is to let people contribute through support.16:03
smartboyhwWe have an etherpad in http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-contribute-support16:03
smartboyhwAnd we would like to invite the IRC Council to add in items such that people know how to contribute via IRC support.16:04
funkyHatsmartboyhw: cool, thanks ⢁)16:07
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smartboyhwfunkyHat: :)16:07
funkyHatI am at work at the moment so I can't really spend much time on this right now, but I will try to have a think and log back in this evening or tomorrow. I'm sure the other council members will take a look when they see this16:08
smartboyhwfunkyHat: Thanks!16:10
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