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dholbachgood morning06:45
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ScottKjtaylor: Any thoughts on the pytables FTBFS on powerpc from your sync?13:06
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jtayloraren't ftbfs mails sent anymore from syncs?17:00
jtaylorI don't know how I could have overlooked that :O17:00
jtayloryesterday I looked at pytables (only in pts) and thought hm I forgot to sync 2.4, oh well to late now ...17:01
Laneythey never have been for API syncs17:01
Laneycan't remember if they were for old style ones17:01
jtaylorhm how did it work in debian17:03
jtaylorprobably numpy17:04
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jtaylorlooks like a straightforward fix, they just expect native types to not have the endian prefix, apparently that changed in 1.717:16
jtaylorI guess its still fine to upload that to raring? or remove 2.4?17:16
ScottKjtaylor: Looks like cjwatson fixed it.17:30
jtayloroh good17:32
jtayloremulated ppc is so slow .-.17:32
jtaylorwe really need some stuck in proposed notification system17:33
jtaylorI usually check if my stuff goes through, but such mistakes can easily happen17:34
jtaylorI guess the ppc queue was long or it took ages to build so I went to bed and forgot about it17:34
jtaylor(maybe also relying on a ftbfs mail)17:34
ScottKFor syncs I usually open a browser tab for them and leave it until it's fully built.17:35
cjwatsonMy fix is a bit crappy but it will do17:38
cjwatsonFor now anyway17:38
cjwatsonFeel free to supersede with something better in S :)17:38
jtaylorits the same I would have done :)17:39
jtaylorI'll check with upstream17:39
jtaylorcjwatson: thx for fixing it17:41
ScottKmenesis: Shouldn't your schooltool-book versioin be 2.4.0-0ubuntu1?17:55
menesisScottK: no, it is a native package17:56
ScottKOK.  I see the current package is native too.18:00
ScottKI'd suggest that's probably not the best way to do it for the future, but OK for now.18:00
menesisIt is a new package in raring.18:02
ScottKI accepted it.18:05
menesisScottK: thank you18:08
jtaylorcjwatson: your tcltk upload will fix all the remaining tcltk build failures?18:21
jtaylorwill that be reverted post raring?18:21
jtaylors/all/all that use tclConfig.sh/18:22
crimsunit should take care of the tclConfig.sh subset...yeah.18:22
crimsuni've encountered a couple outliers that do inane things with separate Tcl files; don't think there's a good way to get those18:23
jtaylorfixed one of these yesterday18:24
jtayloruses tclConfig.sh but then for some reason still looks for all headers and files and needs the directory its actually in18:25
cjwatsonjtaylor: I don't see any immediate reason to revert it; it would make the transition easier in Debian, which is generally a good thing, and helps with third-party sources using Tcl/Tk18:39
cjwatsonIts only real downside is that it creates a dependency on dpkg-dev18:39
jtaylorwhy was it done in the firstplace then?18:39
cjwatsonYM wasn't?  Well, it kind of seemed like a dirty hack, but meh, not worth the breakage18:40
* crimsun grumbles about CMake module silliness18:41
jtaylorcjwatson: you could use gcc -print-multiarch and use gcc as dependency instead, might make more sense18:42
cjwatson"YM" -> you mean18:44
cjwatsonis gcc -print-multiarch reliably identical?18:44
cjwatsonon all architectures?18:44
jtaylorI used dpkg-dev in numpy, then quite quickly got a bug from someone who had gcc but not dpkg-dev18:44
cjwatsonif so I agree and would be happy to do that for raring18:45
jtaylorits a ubuntu only patch so far I know18:45
cjwatsoner, for S18:45
jtaylorso it should work everywhere18:45
jtayloryou have to ask doko18:45
cjwatsonI think dpkg-dev from {tcl,tk}*-dev isn't a major problem though18:45
cjwatsonI'd have worried more if they hadn't been *-dev packages18:45
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