pleia2summaries should be done in the doc if someone has time to move them over and send to editors05:34
pleia2(I am in last stretch before my wedding on sunday, no time)05:34
dholbachgood morning06:45
akgranerI've moved over the summaries to the wiki - I'll pull the stats in about an hour (I'm on a call at the moment)12:36
elfyhi - is there anyone here either able to change something on the fridge calendar or if not be able to point me to where I can do so - thanks15:03
akgranerelfy, I can help you15:14
akgranerwhat can I update for ya15:14
akgranerUbuntu stats are in UWM - now  - going through the rest of it now...15:14
elfyakgraner: cheers - can you change #ubuntu-meeting to #ubuntuforums for the FC meeting 6PM 28th April15:15
elfyI made a mistake - twice, checked room was free - booked it eventually without checking again ...15:15
smartboyhwakgraner, and BTW, can you do me a flavour and remove the QA meetings on Wednesday 14:00 UTC? We cancelled it after 12.10 and it was no use holding the channel there. Thanks!15:16
* akgraner looks now 15:16
akgranerelfy - check now - should be updated15:19
elfyakgraner: cheers - you're a superstar :)15:19
elfyI'll doublecheck next time :)15:20
akgranerelfy - ping me anytime :-) and no worries  happy to help15:20
elfythanks :)15:20
akgranersmartboyhw, done15:22
smartboyhwakgraner, \o/ thanks!15:22
* smartboyhw hugs akgraner 15:22
akgraneraww you all are too kind...:-)15:23
elfyone can never be too kind :)15:23
smartboyhwakgraner, we never are too kind in thanking requests:)15:24
akgranerHey y'all if someone could review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue313  I'll get the in this issue and the security and updates added during my lunch15:31
smartboyhwI hate my own blog post's summary:(15:32
smartboyhwIt is quite OK15:32
=== smartboyhw_ is now known as smartboyhw
smartboyhwIt= The whole draft15:33
akgranerI'll review them before we publish but can't do that for another hour15:33
akgraneryes, just run through the draft please :-)15:34
smartboyhwakgraner:The draft is fine.15:37
akgranerThanks - I'll format it some more during my lunch and run through it one more time15:37
elfyakgraner: now I've managed to get here after 6 years I ought to say I could possibly spare some time to help if it's needed, could certainly check drafts etc if it helps15:39
akgranerelfy  - thanks that is always a help - I'll add you to the volunteers list if that is ok?15:40
elfyI'm elfy everywhere -  here, forum, au, email if you need to get hold of me15:41
smartboyhwelfy: \o/ Happy to see you more active again:)15:42
akgranerThanks a million  - finding that list now :-)15:44
akgranerelfy - you've been added to the list - you should get an email next week :-)15:47
=== toddyhb is now known as toddy
pleia2just went through https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/EditingPolicies/HowToEdit and confirmed it's up to date18:23
akgranerpleia2, thanks18:26
akgranerjust added all the rest of the bits to UWN 313 - I'll read through it once more then publish in  few18:26
pleia2I see it didn't get out this week, but I usually send the email off to the editors sunday afternoon/night or so18:28
pleia2pretty much as soon as I get stuff moved over to the wiki18:28
akgranerpleia2, gotcha - I'll make sure it happens sooner next week18:29
pleia2I come back on May 13th, so I can help with UWN again after that :)18:29
akgranerpleia2, enjoy your wedding and honeymoon - you deserve the break18:30
Unit193akgraner: <a class="https" href="https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/oneiric-changes/2013">https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/oneiric-changes/2013</a> April/012969.html  is malformed, thus dead.23:17
Unit193( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue313#Ubuntu_11.10_Updates )23:18
akgranerYou can fix it :-)23:20
akgranerI don23:21
akgranerOr I can take a look in a few  -  I can't write this second though23:21
Unit193akgraner: Sure, wasn't sure if you posted anywhere else, I normally poke the person that links to it.  (partly, because the wiki always fails when I login. >_>)  Fixing, if it loads.23:22
akgranerOk - no worries   - If you can't just let me know - and I'll take a look23:23
akgranernot trying to be short with ya - sorry if it sounds like I am23:23
Unit193Not at all, works for me™23:23
akgraner:-) Thank you23:28
Unit193No more unexpected errors, expect had one FP on smartboyhw's post, rerunning picked it up...23:35
akgranerJoseeAntonioR,  can you do the fridge post23:47
akgranerand I'll do the forums once I get the search and replace to work :-)23:47

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