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three18tiis there a way to tell useradd to copy the files over from skel even if the home directory exists?01:07
resnoim looking for some help configuring snmp? can anyone shoe me some guides?01:52
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Endafy does landscape support baremetal OSX and Windows operations via S5 state like vsphere does?05:24
Endafyim kind of a vmware fanboy and use it for work, but id like to support canonical05:26
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g0uZ[22/04/2013 09:18] <g0uZ> how can I know when a specific pkg version (libpam 1.1.3-8ubuntu1) available in raring will be available in precise (12.04 lts)07:20
g0uZ[22/04/2013 09:18] <g0uZ> I really need to have libpam with audit support....07:20
koolhead17hi all07:25
Don_Lhi, I have a .sql (http://pastebin.com/PsT8Pp7x) but it just hangs, how can I see what's wrong?07:46
Don_Lhi, I have a .sql (http://pastebin.com/PsT8Pp7x) but it just hangs, how can I see what's wrong?08:40
bigonhello, is there any debug symbols for the apache prefox mpm on precise?09:40
bigonI cannot find any :'09:40
mgzDaviey, jamespage: have updated juju packaging, put up new debdiff, can I get it in the queue again please11:04
Davieyjamespage: one for you? ^11:09
jamespagemgz, Daviey: mid css hell - will pickup in a few11:09
mgzthanks guys11:11
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jamespagemgz: is that in a branch somewhere?11:21
mgzjamespage: same place, the mp has the interdiff11:27
mgzer... it has the interdiff if you're in launchpad-beta-testers or whatever, otherwise `bzr diff -r-3..-1 lp:~gz/ubuntu/raring/juju/0.7`11:29
koolhead17mgz: hi there11:41
Kevin`http://pastebin.com/E59XQDWr - why hasn't this bug been fixed :/11:58
Kevin`also, is there a way of preventing the boot messages past the initrd from all being invisible since they show on a tty that doesn't exist instead of the console?11:58
Kevin`this is on 12.0412:01
jamespagemgz, Daviey: uploaded12:04
Davieyjamespage: ta12:05
Arrickhey all, how do I make both of my network interfaces live? I would like to keep one reserved for administering the server, and the other for hosting the sites... When it installed it only configured a "primary" interface, so nothing is in etc/network/interfaces for me to go off of12:20
ArrickI just performed the ifconfig -a | grep eth12:26
Arrickand I see that I have both eth0 and eth1, however eth1 is not in use at this time, how do I enable it, I can configure it from there.12:26
zuljamespage:  we need this one before release12:41
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1170828 in python-keystoneclient "python-keystoneclient does not depend on python-requeusts>=0.8.8" [Medium,Confirmed]12:41
Arrickhow do I change what IP apache2 is listening on in 12.04 lts?12:45
molleruparrick: find the Listen entry in /etc/apache2/ports.conf12:59
jamespagezul, good-oh - please get it uploaded13:04
jamespagejust focus on raring right now - ca can follow later in the week13:04
jamespageah - I see its already uploaded - great!13:04
Arrickthanks mollerup13:05
Arrickmollerup, that line refers to the port.... Here's the deal... I setup the server at home on,  Now, I have it at my office, and of course the IP address was changed for our office network... Now when I point to the site, I am told "This site can only be accessed through"... How do I change this behavior?13:07
jamespagezul, https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/horizon/theme-resync/+merge/16010313:11
mollerupArrick: do you have the IP specified in the VirtualHost definition by chance ? yes I know the Listen only defines port, thats the default behaviour which is the same as Listen *:80 for all IP's13:12
ArrickI specified it once I moved the server, but the address it is saying it listens on is not in there, the one that is on the server is specified.13:13
zuljamespage:  +113:14
jamespagezul, ta13:17
mollerupArrick: I expect you have restarted apache after changing any configs ?13:18
Arrickand reloaded service apache213:18
zuljamespage:  http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/ca/13:19
jamespagezul, does pyparsing build OK with those python3 releated changes?13:20
zuljamespage:  they should lemme double check13:20
mollerupArrick: then apache should listen on all IP's on the machine... maybe a .htaccess or an Allow/Deny rule ?13:26
zuljamespage:  builds fine13:26
jamespagezul, OK: +1 on those updates them13:26
Arricknone mollerup13:26
ArrickI ran into this the other day when I changed the static IP as well (before I rebuilt the server)13:26
patdk-wkwhere would I file a bug for the ubuntu 12.04.2 kernel dkms modules don't work?13:40
zuljamespage:  https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/nova/nova-last-minute/+merge/16011313:49
jamespagezul, not on your life13:50
zuljamespage:  ok just wanted to check :)13:50
jamespagezul, conductor and compute won't typically be on the same server13:50
zuljamespage:  ack13:50
Arrickhey guys, I know the default answer will be "man grep" but I cant seem to get the syntax correct for searching all files in drive for the word "Allow"13:51
Arrickcan anyone help me out?13:51
jamespagezul, not quite sure how we deal with that upgrade path13:51
zuljamespage:  probably something worth mentioning in the release notes13:51
jamespagezul, almost like we need some sort of orchestration tool13:52
jamespagezul, thats a good idea13:52
zuljamespage:  how do you tag something as release notable?13:53
zuler...something for the release notes13:53
jamespagezul, I just added a task for 'ubuntu-release-notes'13:55
zuljamespage:  cool13:55
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zuljamespage:  btw those updates have been uploaded to staging14:07
jamespagezul, ack - I'm going to sweep up later in the week14:10
zuljamespage:  ack14:10
mollerupArrick: grep -r is what you may be after14:10
Arrickthanks mollerup14:36
Arrickturns out what I was trying to find was limited by the config.php in moodle14:36
jamespagezul, looking at bug 1170312 now14:50
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1170312 in quantum "Quantum cronjobs have invalid continuation characters" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117031214:50
zuljamespage:  quantum have cron jobs?14:50
jamespagezul, yeah - for namespace tidies14:51
zuljamespage:  ick14:51
jamespagezul: https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/quantum/fixup-crontabs/+merge/16013514:59
zuljamespage:  +115:02
jamespagezul: ta15:03
bananapieHey, I want to setup mail filtering rules for my email account on my server without affecting other accounts. For example, I want all emails coming from 'www-data@server' to go into a folder 'Server-Stuff'. Is there any plugin for postfix that does per user filters?15:10
xnoxbananapie: you want procmail or sieve and it will come after postfix in the pipeline.15:15
bananapieCool, searching google for postfix filters gives 100,000 results about spam and viruses.15:15
bananapiethanks :d15:15
xnoxbananapie: np.15:19
tdelamHi, we're using Ubuntu Server 10.04, I am trying to install libapache2-mod-php5 and receive this error http://pastie.org/7697812 here is my sources.list http://pastie.org/7697845 can anyone lend a hand as to what's going on?15:22
RoyKtdelam: strange - I have it installed on at least one lucid server. have you tried apt-get update ?15:39
tdelamRoyK: yes15:41
RoyKI have a lucid test vm - lemme check15:42
RoyKvm currently doesn't have libapache2-mod-php5 installed15:43
RoyKrunning an upgrade first...15:43
RoyKno issues here15:45
RoyKtdelam: here's my sources.list http://paste.ubuntu.com/5592907/15:48
tdelamok thanks, let me give thag a try RoyK15:49
genii-around!info libapache2-mod-php5 lucid15:51
ubottulibapache2-mod-php5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (Apache 2 module). In component main, is optional. Version 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.19 (lucid), package size 2770 kB, installed size 7564 kB15:51
genii-aroundInteresting. Bot says "main" but http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libapache2-mod-php5&searchon=names&suite=lucid&section=all says "security"15:52
RoyKwonder what it's supposed to do there15:52
genii-aroundMaybe it got shifted recently15:56
genii-aroundtdelam: Line 7 in your sources.list is still from Hardy16:00
SoltisI need to get a trace of apache2 and be sure it's using the same config files as using the init script would use; I'm trying to figure out why configuring it a certain way is segfaulting on start16:26
pmatulisstrace i guess, maybe look only at files being read (man strace)16:28
pmatulisSoltis: ↑16:28
RoyKI have a test vm with 7 virtual disks, just added 6 of them to test some raid stuff. however, lucid-1.qcow2 is listed #1 - how can I have lucid.qcow2 become the #1 disk (from which to boot)?16:45
JoeyJoeJoI built a deb package and it worked. The only problem is that my package didn't have anything in /etc and it didn't set itself to start on boot when I installed it. How can I do that16:45
jacobwJoeyJoeJo: update-rc.d17:07
JoeyJoeJoSorry, I meant, how can I make my deb package automatically run update-rc.d?17:09
jacobwJoeyJoeJo: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/packaging-tutorial/packaging-tutorial.en.pdf17:12
jacobwJoeyJoeJo: That's a good index of everything you need to be aware of when packaging for Debian17:12
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smoserjcastro, can you ack someone for ubuntu-etherpad for me?17:33
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Arrickok.... someone suggested mailutils to me friday, and I had it successfully working... however, now I cant get the emails delivered that are being sent... any help will be greatly appreciated.18:11
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DeadlyDayshello, I am getting an "Input Signal out of range" from a fresh 12.10 Server install, can anyone help me?19:21
DeadlyDaysnevermind then, I guess I will reimage with 12.0419:31
Arrickok, guys I am being asked in some "instructions" "setup a rood cron task to call the file (path to file here) every 5 minutes. The cron watcher script needs to be called directly, not by fetching the page through the web server (e.g. using wget or similiar) as it needs sufficient permissions to be able to to kill the cron process if it has crashed. This would normally done by using a command like this on the crontab: php /path/to/site/admin/cro20:05
Arrickn_watcher.php > /path/to/logs/watcher.log 2>&120:05
ArrickHow to I figure out what logs to point this to?20:05
sarnoldArrick: if you're completely lost, perhaps a "locate watcher.log" or "find / -name watcher.log" would help you find it20:09
sarnoldArrick: .. though presumably something earlier in the instructions told how to change the log location20:09
Arrickyeah, it didnt say (It's totara moodle)20:09
Arricklol there wasnt one.20:10
Arrickso, I get to create it.20:10
Arricknow I am getting an error of "/path/to/site/admin/cron_watcher.php":0: bad minute errors in crontab file, can't install20:13
Arrickany suggestions sarnold ?20:13
sarnoldArrick: paste the entire line?20:13
Arricksarnold, paste what entire line?20:26
sarnoldArrick: your crontab entry20:27
Arricksudo crontab /var/www/mwtraining/admin/cron_watcher.php > /var/www/logs/watcher.log 2>&120:27
tdelamI am trying to install php5-gd and receive this error http://pastie.org/7699394 I am not sure why this would be, I checked dpkg -l and noticed php5-gd was installed at one point http://pastie.org/7699415 I am not sure why it or how it was removed but I need it installed. Could anyone recommend how I can fix this?20:28
Arrickif I put the php after crontab, it tells me no such directory in the log file.20:28
Arricktdelam, it installed automatcially with php5 for me yesterday20:30
sarnoldArrick: which crontab did you try to put this into? an /etc/cron.daily/ or something? or a user's crontab?20:30
Arrickthrough terminal20:30
ArrickI ran that command from terminal, under my users profile20:30
sarnoldArrick: ... and do you want to run the command as root? or as your user? or as some other user?20:31
Arrickam I doing something wrong?20:31
Arrickit is supposed to run every 5 minutes as root20:31
ArrickI'm actually feeling like an idiot right now, I've never taken this long to get a single server up before in my life.20:33
sarnoldArrick: then you'll want to edit /etc/crontab with an editor of your choice and add a line like this:  */5 * * * * root php /var/www/.../cron_watcher.php >> /var/www/logs/watcher.log20:33
Arrickahhh that explains it.20:33
sarnold(your > will overwrite the log; my suggested >> will append to the log; mine will grow without bound, yours will never be very big)20:34
Arrickok, how about if I need to run another one in /var/www/admin/cron.php every 15 minutes?20:35
Arrickdo I need to have the php in there as well/20:35
tdelamArrick: I thought it did as well20:36
tdelamArrick: do you know if there is a way to tell if the php being used on the server is one from apt or from source? I'm wondering if they compiled from source for some reason20:37
sarnoldArrick: the 'php' depends if those files are executable or not; if they are executable and have the proper shebang line then you don't need the 'php'. it's easier to just include the 'php'20:37
Arricktdelam, it did on mine, load up a php file with <?php phpinfo(); ?> in the contents and point to it with a web browser.20:37
Arricknow to get postfix or something working so the site can send emails out... thats all that is left.20:39
ArrickI had postfix working last week, but broke something drastically, less time to rebuild (or so I thought at the time)20:39
Arricknow to get it to connect again.20:40
ArrickI can telnet the smtp server from the server, but cant get it to send out mail.20:40
sarnoldArrick: perhaps re-running dpkg-reconfigure postfix   might get you there most quickly..20:41
Arrickyeah, i have done that a couple dozen times, thinking I found the issue, to no avail, i did document my settings last week.20:41
ArrickI have been trying to set it up with the satellite system,, because our exchange server will accept the emails from it.20:42
tdelamArrick: yea, I did that and compared that with my other server which i know has a working gd installed20:46
tdelamand sure enough it's not installed on the problematic server20:46
Arrickapt-get update?20:46
tdelamand when i do apt-get install php5-gd it says that error i pasted above20:47
tdelami did that too :(20:47
Arrickdo an apt-cache search php5-gd20:47
Arrickcheck your repos and make sure they are correct20:47
Arrickare you on 12.04 or an older/newer version?20:47
tdelamphp5-gd - GD module for php520:47
tdelamshows up fine in the search20:47
tdelamI am 10.04 LTS20:47
Arricktry apt-get purge php5-gd and see if it will remove it, then try installing again.20:48
tdelamdid that just now, and get the same error... so weird20:48
Arricknot sure what to say now.lol20:48
tdelamyea me neither20:49
tdelamI've never seen this weirdness before.20:49
Arrickdid you remove php5 and reinstall that?20:49
tdelamhaha, yea, let's not go there :p20:49
tdelam100+ sites went offline20:49
Arrickyeah I know, lol20:49
tdelamand the error came up when it came time to reinstall php5 again20:49
tdelamsame E: Package php5 has no installation candidate20:49
Arrickyour repos have to be skewed20:50
tdelamquickly restored from an image and things were fine but a slight nightmare20:50
tdelamthese haven't changed, ever, lol.20:50
RoyKtdelam: did you try my sources.list file?20:50
tdelamRoyK: I don't think I received those20:50
RoyKI pastebinned it20:51
tdelamlet me try20:51
RoyK17:48 < RoyK> tdelam: here's my sources.list http://paste.ubuntu.com/5592907/20:51
tdelamyea, I checked my buffer, I forgot about that20:52
tdelamjust did now20:52
Arrickyeah, his are ALLL different20:52
tdelamapt-get update as well, no errors20:52
tdelamE: Package php5-gd has no installation candidate20:52
tdelamsame thing :(20:52
tdelamapt-get update Fetched 13.5MB in 8s (1,592kB/s)20:52
Arricksince you cant get it working, might as well (LOL) upgrade to 12.04 now right?20:53
* Arrick hides20:53
tdelamha, that involves quite a bit of changes, that would require a migration plan and some time :)20:54
tdelami don't understand20:54
ArrickI dont understand how postfix can be installed one day, and it work, and then the next time the machine fires up, it dies, lol20:59
genii-aroundtdelam: I think I mentioned the last time that you pastebinned your current repos .... the one on line 7 is from Hardy, not Lucid which you are running and should probably be commented out20:59
tdelamgenii-around: I am no longer using that sources.list20:59
Arrickif you arent using it, it needs to be removed or commented, or did you just post your last pastebin?21:00
Arrickbbib,, heading to the house where I have relaxation and all night to figure this out.21:00
tdelammy new sources.list http://pastie.org/769956821:00
tdelamas per RoyK's fresh 10.04 install sources.list21:01
tdelamI removed the hardy from my original sources.list btw genii-around I was notified of that mis-matched one earlier as well and had since removed it :)21:01
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RoyKtdelam: then try an apt-get update && apt-get -y dist-upgrade21:03
genii-aroundtdelam: Should probably remove everything in /var/lib/apt/lists/   before the apt-get update21:04
* RoyK goes to bed - nite all21:06
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HSakaI think i did something to my unbuntu server21:49
HSakawhen i rebooted I'm getting like this21:49
HSakaEXT4-fs(db1): remounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro21:49
HSakahda-intel: no codecs found!21:49
HSakaThe disk dirver for /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not ready yet or not present. Continue to wait or press s for skip or m for manuel recovery21:50
genii-aroundtdelam: How goes with the php5 installation issues?22:04
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delinquentmeI feel that theres got to be some hella simple like *pre installed* code which would do something like this23:26
delinquentmeits 1) monitoring user connections 2) seeing whos plowing the server with a ton of work ( assuming massive IO ) 3) and a log of the server response times23:26
delinquentmeSurely theres some obvious tool for the job no?23:27
lolcatprobably is23:28
delinquentmewhat about something which could monitor processor utilization ... and let me know who dumped a job which is maxing it ?23:31

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