dfly720i am a young programmer and i want to help the comunity to develope touch :)00:07
dfly720anybody help me?00:07
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Guest13600Hey, boys, I have question for you00:19
Guest13600whether really to stitch Acer liquid mini Ubuntu touch?(GT)00:20
sergiusensogra_: rsalveti frameworks/base went from 1.2G to 7.3M00:53
rsalvetisergiusens: cool00:53
* sergiusens prepares patch00:53
rsalvetisergiusens: only bug I could find is the camera flip/invert that happens after switching from back to front01:30
rsalvetithe rest is good, we can safely tag it01:30
rsalvetiand be done with quantal :-)01:30
sergiusensrsalveti: yeah... gusch found the root cause, but I don't think it's going to be fixed soon01:30
sergiusensrsalveti: I'm moving to raring no matter what tomorrow :-)01:31
rsalvetisergiusens: yeah :-)01:31
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sergiusensrsalveti: http://people.canonical.com/~sergiusens/patches_framework_base/02:44
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rsalvetisergiusens: cool, quite a few, will test them tomorrow :-)03:12
sergiusensrsalveti: sounds good... expect the image to be smaller too03:12
rsalvetisergiusens: awesome03:13
sergiusensa bit smaller, not that much ;-)03:14
paul_test message...05:33
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Requ13scatmi sapete dire se nella versione ultima du ubuntu touch è possibile la connesione dati mobile?06:27
Requ13scatcan you tell me if the latest version of ubuntu touch is able to the Mobile data connection?06:29
dholbachgood morning06:58
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xnoxdidrocks: what should I do to get https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/platform-api/hybris-symbols/+merge/158878 merged?08:38
xnoxand https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/qtubuntu-sensors/symbols/+merge/158884 as well ?08:38
didrocksxnox: pinging the upstream guys once they are around? I think I can merge those, however I think a rapid pointer somewhere on how to get the demangled symbols generated would be useful :)08:39
xnoxdidrocks: <the diff that dpkg gensymbols generates> | c++filt08:39
xnoxplus fiddling with sed to add "(c++)" and quote the demangled symbol =)08:40
didrocksxnox: mind updating that to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DailyRelease/FAQ?08:40
xnoxdidrocks: right.... ack =)08:40
didrocksxnox: thanks! I think a step by step, which package to install and all would be needed :)08:40
* xnox whines at the moon like a dog08:42
filomastersomeone knows if i could intall the ubuntu tablet's image via cwm recovery?08:49
k1l_yes you can08:49
k1l_you need the device .zip and the phablet armhf .zip08:50
filomasterthanks where i can download them?08:50
ogra_filomaster, see the install wikipage, it has a "manual install" section08:52
filomasterthank you ^^ i want to test it on an onda v81208:53
filomasterit would be soo great if these cheap tablets can run with ubuntu08:53
ogra_if the android parts werent ported you wont have much luck with that .... see the porting wikipage, it is in the channel topic08:53
ogra_(and the devices page too, if there is a port yet)08:54
Taiten987have anyone see this before?09:01
Taiten987qml-phone-shell: /build/buildd/ubuntu-platform-api-0.18/src/android/ubuntu_application_api.cpp:51: {anonymous}::Bridge::Bridge(): Assertion `lib_handle && "Error loading ubuntu_application_api"' failed.09:01
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dpmmorning fginther, quick question: do you know what the Jenkins failure in this merge proposal might be? It looks related to packaging to me:09:34
dpm https://code.launchpad.net/~chocanto/ubuntu-docviewer-app/plainText/+merge/15944009:34
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yacukenhi all11:23
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ZDmitrymhall119: ping11:31
Austinuity...Anyone here?11:41
highvoltagenope. just us phones and tablets and phablets.11:47
AustinuityI'm a smartwatch. *puts on hipster glasses*11:48
janimo`sergiusens, rsalveti  is there a description of which project in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-touch-preview corresponds to which feature in the UI?11:55
janimo`I try going by name but cannot find where the battery settings are handled. I guessed the indicator ones11:55
ogra_janimo`, i think thats more an mhall119 or a kaleo question11:55
janimo`ogra_, ah right, I asked the Android folk :)11:56
ogra_well, the phonedations folk :)11:56
* janimo` notices is not quite 9 AM in Brasilia so kaleo may not be around yet11:56
ogra_he is in brazil ?11:57
janimo`ogra_, yes I think he is living there now11:58
ogra_crazy frenchie :)11:58
Orangerfrench ?11:59
janimo`renato, hello, do you know which project/bzr branch has the battery and brightness control code?12:00
ogra_Oranger, kaleo is french afaik ...12:00
Orangerogra_, cool, i'm not the only french here, ahah12:01
didrocksogra_: what about french? :p12:03
ogra_nothing ...12:03
didrocksogra_: be careful, the sprint is just one week away! :p12:03
AustinuityHas there been any word about Ubuntu redesigning their TV and desktop to match u12:03
AustinuitySorry, I accidentaly split the lines there.12:04
ogra_unity next (which you know as ubuntu touch UI) will replace the current desktop unity12:04
AustinuityWill it have desktop-specific stylings?12:05
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AustinuitySuch as the BFB Launcher button remaining in there, etc.12:05
ogra_yes, i think the plan is that the enduser wont really notice the change ... beyond it likely being snappier and more stable12:06
AustinuityAnd looking more unified (Black topbar instead of brown-grey, Move away from Ambiance, etc.)12:07
ogra_no idea about that12:07
AustinuityI don't like Ambiance. At ALL. Or the outdated icon theme.12:08
rsalvetijanimo`: ubuntu-touch-preview is just the project group12:22
janimo`rsalveti, right, I meant which of the dozens of subprojects listed there :)12:23
rsalvetijanimo`: problem is that not all projects are there12:25
rsalvetifrom UI perspective I believe just the indicators are there, and a few apps12:25
rsalvetihttps://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/phablet for the shell12:25
renatojanimo`, lp:indicators-client12:25
rsalvetijanimo`: don't think we have a table or such describing projects and branches12:27
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janimo`renato, thanks I checked that, but saw no explciit battery settings12:27
* janimo` looks harder12:27
renatojanimo`, inside of plugins folder12:28
janimo`renato, or are the texts there actually images in the icons package?12:28
janimo`gor instance grepping "Remaining charge" shows no results12:28
renatojanimo`, the text came from the server12:29
renatojanimo`, the client only display the information12:29
janimo`renato, you mean the indicator-server bzr repo? I have that checked out as well12:29
renatojanimo`, lp:indicator-power/phablet12:30
janimo`does not seem to have power or battery related code in it12:30
janimo`renato, ok, I wonder how I missed indicator power12:30
janimo`oh I see, it is not listed there in LP  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-touch-preview12:31
janimo`renato, so it is a branch of the regular ubuntu package12:32
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rsalvetisergiusens: should we tag and create a qatracker entry? or just tagging is enough?12:48
rsalvetiit might be useful to have the test results published as well12:49
* sergiusens reads12:49
sergiusensrsalveti: needs balloons for that... I'm not prived enough12:49
sergiusensogra_: I think we are bringing down the 15G considerably12:51
ogra_sergiusens, yeah12:51
rsalvetisergiusens: regarding the #92 image12:51
rsalvetiogra_: today's compressed image is 1.2gb12:52
rsalvetiwe're getting there :-)12:52
sergiusensrsalveti: yup, 92 image for quantal, need balloons or stgraber (iirc)12:52
ogra_yup, i see that :)12:52
ogra_but we need to discuss the plan in more detail i think, thats why i created that wikipage12:52
ogra_especially since we need someone knowledgerable to maintain the toolchain etc12:53
rsalvetiogra_: sure12:54
fgintherdpm, The jenkins failure was caused by a missing PPA dependency. I've add ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-proper and the build is now passing.12:58
dpmexcellent, thanks fginther12:59
fgintherdpm,  you're welcome12:59
Orangeroh hey fginther12:59
fgintherOranger, hello13:00
Orangermhall119 said that you could help me about the fact that Jenkins can't build the ubuntu-docviewer-app in the quantal environement13:01
Orangerubuntu-docviewer-app need the qt5 library but of course she is not present in quantal PPAs13:03
fgintherOranger, That was the same issue dpm ran into, It should be fixed now13:03
Orangerfginther: Ok, i try13:04
Orangerfginther: Thank you :)13:04
dpmOranger, indeed, I noticed the build failing on the doc viewer and I pinged fginther about it. It's the same thing13:04
fgintherOranger, dpm, by the way, the docview-app needs a version bump13:04
Orangerdpm: Oh so that's good13:04
sergiusensrsalveti: I did a repo sync this morning and when tryeing to reapply patches 0007, 0010, 0019 failed... I'll regen them13:04
Orangerit build now, excelent13:04
rsalvetisergiusens: that's weird, nothing changed at frameworks/base afaik13:05
fgintherOranger, dpm, an incorrect versioned package made it into the ppa and a version bump is needed to replace it13:05
sergiusensrsalveti: I know :-/ and it's just an rm :-P13:05
Orangerfginther, yes but i was waiting first that it build correctly13:05
fgintherOranger, dpm, I have an MP to fix it: https://code.launchpad.net/~fginther/ubuntu-docviewer-app/version-bump-0.1.1/+merge/15988613:05
Orangerfginther: Now I can add your patch :)13:06
fgintherOranger, ok, no worries then13:06
dpmfginther, I saw your merge proposals, thanks!13:06
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dpmOranger, are you going to put the version bump changes in your branch? If so, could you mark https://code.launchpad.net/~fginther/ubuntu-docviewer-app/version-bump-0.1.1/+merge/159886 as rejected with a short explanation? Otherwise it might be worth marking that branch as approved, wait for the change to land and you can than update your branch with the trunk version13:08
Orangerdpm: I was thinking about merge the plainText branch in the trunk, then merge the version dump in the trunk13:10
dpmOranger, sounds good13:10
Orangerdpm: Right now i'm just waiting for Jenkins to merge my branch13:11
dpmgreat, thanks a lot for your work Oranger13:11
Orangerdpm: You're welcome :) Thank you too13:12
OrangerBut actually I don't really know what Jenkins is waiting...13:13
dpmOranger, oh, it was waiting for the status of the merge proposal to be set to Approved. I've done that now, and Jenkins should now land the branch into trunk13:18
Orangerdpm: Yes I saw that, thank you :)13:18
dpmI'm not sure how long it takes generally, but looking at another branch from this morning, it took about 15 mins for Jenkins to merge the branch after it had been set to Approved13:18
dpmthis should give you a rough idea, or perhaps fginther can tell us in more detail what's the frequency at which Jenkins does autolandings13:19
Orangerdpm: In the dashboard i can see that he does antolanding every 15min13:20
fgintherdpm, Oranger, yes, every 15 minutes13:20
dpmok, cool, that should answer our question, then :)13:20
dpmwell spotted13:20
Orangeralways good to know :)13:21
persona24I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, can I install Ubuntu Touch?13:28
ogra_see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices13:31
guschfginther: ping13:32
fginthergusch, hello13:32
guschfginther: any idea how to get the bot to run that again? https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/ubuntu-weather-app/weather-first-autopilot-test/+merge/15729813:32
fginthergusch, looking into this a little more closely13:40
guschfginther: thx13:40
fginthergusch, If you want to retry the autolanding, someone from the ubuntu-*-dev team needs to re-approve. If you just want to run a -ci job, you need to be a member of one of the ubuntu-*-dev teams13:45
guschfginther: re-running the -ci job is what I want here13:48
guschfginther: would be weired if I'm not part of an ubuntu-*-dev team13:48
fginthergusch, it's not all that weird, it's just that the automation will not kick in for you. I can run the job manually13:49
guschfginther: would be cool13:49
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fginthergusch, test completed14:05
guschfginther: I pushed a fix already - can you start it again?14:06
Orangerdpm: Every branches are merged ! :)14:06
dpmexcellent, thanks Oranger!14:07
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Orangermhall119: Is VladimirMoolle working on the image-viewer module of ubuntu-docviewer-app ?14:43
mhall119Oranger: he said he was in the IRC meeting last week14:49
mhall119but I haven't seen any code or merge proposals yet14:49
shadeslayerChickenCutlass: pingly, I was wondering if you could share how you mounted the rootfs via the initrd14:49
shadeslayermy initrd just hangs waiting for the rootfs to mount14:49
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: so for the nexus4 I just manually added mount /dev/block/mmcp23 /data14:49
shadeslayerand then root=/data ?14:50
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: yes14:50
shadeslayerChickenCutlass: I have access to the boot messages btw14:51
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: via serial console14:51
shadeslayerChickenCutlass: http://paste.kde.org/729668/14:51
shadeslayervia recovery -> /proc/last_knsg14:51
shadeslayerg_serial doesn't work at all14:51
shadeslayernor does fbcon14:51
shadeslayerboth seem quite broken to me14:51
ogra_yeah, seems to be an issue with that kernel14:52
shadeslayerthere's some weird stuff going with the framebuffer at boot14:52
shadeslayerfor eg : [    7.022609] s3c-fb exynos5-fb.1: failed to find bootloader framebuffer14:52
johnjohn101hello all.  I saw that there was a beta for ubuntu touch.  I was told not to install the developers preview.  what is the recommendation for this release?14:53
shadeslayerapparently you can pass a memory address and thats loaded to be displayed on the screen14:53
Orangermhall119: Ok, because I want to work on it, but I hope that we will not work together on the same thing..14:53
ogra_johnjohn101, there was no beta ... thats a flase message14:53
shadeslayerogra_: ChickenCutlass either way, no need for fbcon for now since there's /proc/last_kmsg14:53
johnjohn101oh, so wait until this fall?14:53
ogra_sergiusens, btw, you made it on the front of the two biggest german IT news sites14:53
ogra_johnjohn101, for a real beta ? yeah14:54
XorritoQuick question does Touch support usb host now? My Nexus 7 digitizer broke so i need a mouse to use it. Does this work now, or should I keep waiting?14:54
johnjohn101tx orga_:  give me some time to convince the wife to let me get a new tablet!!14:54
mptCompleted initial "Security & Privacy" settings design for the phone: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityAndPrivacySettings#Phone14:55
ogra_mpt, hmm, "When locked allow" could become hoddily long over time14:56
ogra_i would put that onm its own page14:56
Orangermpt: Wow, great work !14:56
mptogra_, if it does, I certainly will. :-) But I'm expecting it to be initially shorter than that, actually ... maybe only camera. We'll see.14:56
ogra_k :)14:57
sergiusensogra_: how can I have done that?14:58
ogra_sergiusens, Ubuntu Touch Beta announcement14:58
sergiusensogra_: hah... I just said, let the testing begin :-P14:59
mptNext ... Wi-Fi, methinks14:59
sergiusenswhat a way to take things out of proportion14:59
ogra_heh yeah14:59
mhall119Oranger: if you're ready to work on it, I say go for it14:59
mhall119Oranger: you might want to just send an email to the team letting everybody know that you are15:00
Orangermhall119: Yep, I will do, thank15:00
rsalvetisergiusens: yeah, you released a beta version ;-)15:03
rsalvetieven hit slashdot15:03
ogra_i wonder if we need some dholbachication for that :)15:04
ogra_to clearify we didnt do a beta15:04
ogra_on the other hand there were only few people in the channel asking about it yet15:04
johnjohn101how's the product looking so far?  i can wait until october to install15:05
shadeslayerChickenCutlass: does /data need special permissions? ( like /dev is created with 0755 )15:08
ogra_just check the permissions for / on yoour desktop :)15:08
shadeslayeror should I merely do : mkdir /data ; mount -t ext4 -o defaults /dev/block/platform/dw_mmc.0/by-name/userdata /data15:08
ChickenCutlassshadeslayer: I just used the defaults15:08
DampHi! I am trying to run a small app that I wrote (just testing basic elements and such) on UBuntu Phone on my Nexus 4. but the app doesnt display itself. However, If I open another App (i.e. browser) and then quits it, it displays for a second then it disappears. Have anyone encoutered this before?15:08
ogra_shadeslayer, "rw,noatime,nodiratime,discard,errors=remount-ro" should be a good set of options15:09
sergiusensogra_: rsalveti balloons was sort of taking care15:09
ogra_ah, k15:09
sergiusenshe's not online now though15:09
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shadeslayerJust making sure ;)15:10
shadeslayernow to wait for the N10 to get charged15:10
shadeslayerso I can flash stuff15:10
XperiaVKann hier jemand Deutsch?15:21
smartboyhwXperiaV, not sure if any Germans are here.15:21
* netcurli is German15:22
smartboyhwXperiaV, dholbach is one:P15:22
dholbachogra too15:23
smartboyhwdholbach, whoa!15:23
smartboyhwThat's a LOT of Germans:P15:23
sergiusensdholbach: how do we get the word out that there is no beta?15:23
dholbachsergiusens, ubuntu-devel-announce@?15:24
smartboyhwNo beta of what?15:26
Orangersmartboyhw: Of ubuntu-touch15:30
sergiusensdholbach: one more, do you have access to isotracker?15:31
smartboyhwOranger, oh OK15:31
dholbachsergiusens, I'm afraid I don't, but stgraber should15:31
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sergiusensstgraber: can you add build 20130420.2 to these: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/268/builds ?15:32
sergiusensthanks dholbach15:32
stgrabersergiusens: no, those should auto-publish, if they don't, someone should fix that instead of manually pushing new builds15:33
joaohi, can anyone tell me if the nexus 7 3g version is already supported?15:33
ogra_sergiusens, ^^^ do we have a fix that makes it use the grouper image on nakasig frpm phablet-flash ?15:34
rsalvetistgraber: this is the quantal-based tagged build, which we'll not be auto publishing/building anymore15:36
rsalvetiso it might indeed need some manual steps15:36
rsalvetiI know the raring one is already being auto-published15:37
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ogra_rsalveti, well, there are some new hoops i need to jump through when tagging it on cdimage apparently15:37
rsalvetiogra_: right15:37
ogra_though i am not sure there is a proper endpoint on the tracker for these images15:37
ogra_seems cjwatson uses "qa_product_base=ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled" in the sync script15:38
ogra_that would be wrong for the milestones15:38
stgraberrsalveti, sergiusens: so what should be the current version on the tracker? it looks like the last build was 2013042215:38
ogra_thats the daily15:39
ogra_then there are two milestones  monthly-04/ ... (20130418) and monthly-04.1/ (20130420.2)15:40
ogra_i know, pretty messy ...15:40
joaowell, i'm like, wtf have i just read ?15:42
joaostill got no clue if i can install touch on my nexus 3g lol15:42
ogra_joao, go to the install wikipage, pick the manual install method and use the "grouper" images15:43
joaook thanks, i will give it a try15:45
shadeslayerChickenCutlass: doesn't work for me , all I get is http://paste.kde.org/730094/15:55
shadeslayerI'm going to replace the rootfs init with a call to change brightness15:56
shadeslayerlets see if it even works15:56
shadeslayernope, doesn't15:59
itsme_hey guys. is there a image for the razr i planned?16:01
ogra_itsme_, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices16:02
sergiusensstgraber: ogra_ rsalveti the quantal thing is a special case... not following current16:02
sergiusensraring is on current16:03
ogra_sergiusens, yes, but do we want it on the tracker at all ?16:03
ogra_we dont really have a concept of having released milestones on the tracker16:03
sergiusensogra_: well, I would rather run a cycle with the quantal stuff to have it officially closed...16:03
ogra_since they being released somewhat implicates that they have been tested before :)16:04
sergiusensogra_: ack... they have... but we didn't have a place to set the results or anything as we don't have access to it16:04
sergiusensit was a Saturday thing16:04
sergiusensanyways, if it doesn't matter, no need16:05
ogra_well, as long as you think they are good ... the tracker doesnt really matter :)16:05
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rsalvetiogra_: qa tracker was more to keep track of the known issues for that release specifically16:29
rsalvetiuseful for people doing demos based on that image to know what not to demo :-)16:30
ogra_rsalveti, right, but it isnt really designed to be used after releases ... we need to adjust our workflow for this ... i.e. we should have made sure 20130418 and 20130420.2 are definitely kept on the tracker for looking up issues after the milestone went out16:31
ogra_and that both of them have the proper issues tracked16:32
rsalvetiwell, not necessarily need to be at qatracker, but this might be happening again later16:33
rsalvetiuntil everything is moved to the archive16:33
rsalvetias daily images for raring will not last long either16:33
ogra_(hopefully at least)16:36
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rsalvetiogra_: hey, I'm looking at the android flashing method at flash-kernel, mostly at http://paste.ubuntu.com/5593102/16:54
rsalvetilooking at this for, it probes the partition to find a valid bootpartition with abootimg16:54
rsalvetiproblem with the current setup at mako is that partition 6 is boot and 7 is recovery16:55
rsalvetibut both are recognized as boot partition, as as it for goes on, it ends up using 716:55
rsalvetiwhich is not what we want16:55
ogra_we have a db entry that  points to the flash target16:55
rsalvetiogra_: is that on purpose or was it because the other devices the boot was always the last entry?16:55
rsalvetiogra_: right16:55
ogra_we should just make it override that detection method16:55
rsalvetiI'm trying to reuse that16:56
moocow1452Is there a cheat sheet for when your are dealing with a device that boots and stays on a black screen?16:56
ogra_the function was originally written completely differnt by me16:56
ogra_its actually a no-op now16:56
ogra_debian crippled it a lot16:56
ogra_and thats what we got back :)16:56
rsalvetiogra_: but this code is used by ac100 and grouper16:57
ogra_my original code actually *did* compare sizes16:57
ogra_now it just uses the first partition16:57
ogra_... it finds16:57
rsalvetiis that available somewhere?16:57
rsalvetior was it merged at trunk?16:57
ogra_it was in precises flash-kernel or earlier iirc ... but i think we should just use the db entry16:58
ogra_and override the detection altogether16:58
ogra_detecting stuff we dont relly need to detect has the potential of adding bugs ...16:59
rsalvetiogra_: what you mean exactly?16:59
rsalvetibut should we hardcode the partition?16:59
rsalvetisounds like trouble as well16:59
rsalvetias that depends on the previous android version used16:59
rsalvetiright, that's hardcoding17:00
ogra_that takes a partition name17:00
ogra_right, why wouldnt we hardcode ?17:00
ogra_it wont change sinvce the bootloader wont change17:00
rsalvetiwouldn't that depend on the partition scheme previously used by the device?17:00
rsalvetithat might be true for boot and recovery17:01
ogra_it depends on the bootloader completely17:01
ogra_and since we are unlikely to touch it i would just tie the partition to the device17:01
ogra_in the db17:01
ogra_and completely override the detection17:02
rsalvetiright, let me just compare the partitions here to make sure that's indeed fixed17:02
rsalvetimight need to use android as method though17:02
rsalvetiso we know we need to use abootimg17:02
rsalvetiI was just planning on adding a temporary flag to tell if you need to update the initrd, so we can use until we switch the container model17:02
ogra_thats fine, just make it skip the detection if Boot-Device is set and use the value from there17:02
rsalvetiwe can wait as well17:02
ogra_and probably have another codepath that just updates vmlinuz17:03
ogra_and ignores the initrd17:03
rsalvetiogra_: will try something here17:04
ogra_just a plain abootimg -u $Boot-Device -k $path to kernel17:04
rsalvetiogra_: do you know which partition is used by ac100 and grouper?17:04
rsalvetiogra_:yup, that's what I used locally17:04
ogra_on ac100 it varies17:04
ogra_so just keep the old way for it17:04
ogra_on grouper it might too, not sure17:04
rsalvetiwhy it varies?17:04
rsalvetithen we can't hardcode :-)17:04
ogra_because of different models that use different MMCs17:04
ogra_we cant hardcode for ac10017:05
ogra_that why i say do it in the db17:05
rsalvetiright, we might just fix the logic17:05
rsalvetido we have any case which boot is after recovery?17:05
ogra_the code should just react on $Boot-Device17:05
ogra_and for ac00 we simply dont set that17:05
ogra_not that i know of17:05
rsalvetiright, but the same might happen for the devices we're using17:05
rsalvetia simple break there would already work then17:06
rsalvetiin case it finds a root partition17:06
ogra_i dont think it will since we are using the android nomenclature17:06
rsalvetiwe might even add some more checks to see if it's a recovery img or not17:06
rsalvetiwell, ac100 was made for android :-)17:06
ogra_and for different device models you usually have differnt naming17:06
rsalvetiso is grouper17:06
rsalvetiif if that can change, others can as well17:06
ogra_right, but on ac100 we cant read the android device name17:06
rsalvetiwe got different hw revisions for mako already17:07
ogra_since there is no android17:07
ogra_we also have different ones for grouper17:07
ogra_but they have different names in android17:07
rsalvetithat's why I think we should just improve the autodetection17:07
ogra_(teh 32G 3G model is different)17:07
rsalvetibecause here we're using /proc/cpuinfo17:07
rsalvetiwhich is probably the same for all variants17:07
ogra_well, if you have a clever idea, feel free to go forward :)17:08
ogra_yeah, we shouldnt17:08
rsalvetiyeah, will give it a try later today, just wanted to understand the background better17:08
ogra_for UTouch we should use the UTouch methd we also ise in ubuntu-session imho17:08
rsalvetiandroid is a mess regarding cpuinfo17:08
ogra_cpuinfo is a mess on arm :P17:08
sergiusensrsalveti: going to be switching to this soonish: lp:touch-preview-images/phablet-build-scripts17:39
rsalvetisergiusens: cool, is this based on the latest private branch?17:41
rsalvetiseems so17:41
=== boiko_ is now known as boiko
sergiusensrsalveti: yes it is17:45
rsalvetisergiusens: great17:45
sergiusensrsalveti: I don't like the raring-ubuntu_stamp thing17:46
* ogra_ likes create_stamp 17:46
sergiusensrsalveti: in the image I think I want to change it to ubuntu_stamp17:46
rsalvetisergiusens: +117:46
sergiusensrsalveti: for cdimage we can keep the raring- prefix17:47
rsalvetieven ubuntu_stamp there would be ok17:47
rsalvetiyou could say the series used inside the file17:47
sergiusensrsalveti: that's up to ogra ;-)17:48
ogra_me ?17:48
sergiusensogra_: do all files in cdimage have to have the $series- prefix?17:48
ogra_they usually do i think17:49
ogra_"have to" ... i dont think so17:49
sergiusensogra_: well you decide :-)17:49
rsalvetiI mean, the other files could all contain raring, just the stamp that can be ubuntu_stamp17:49
rsalvetias hopefully the android image will not be directly realted with the ubuntu version used17:50
jozo_anone here?17:50
jozo_Does anyone made port of Ubuntu for Alcatel OT T10 tablet? I know it's shi* but...17:50
ogra_rsalveti, well, it will be related with the release once we have the toolchain packaged17:50
ogra_not necessarily with a daily indeed17:51
rsalvetiogra_: well17:51
rsalvetiit'll be "related", but that will not be a run-time dependency17:51
ogra_no, but i think we should tie it at least to the release17:52
ogra_even if thats atrificial17:52
ogra_the publisher code of cdimage surely seeks for release as the first bit in the name17:52
ogra_but for the android images we will have to have some special casing anyway since we dont want to build them daily17:53
ogra_i also think that we might not need the stamp anymore once cdimage does the builds ...17:54
ogra_apart from the jenkins data it seems to only carry data that should be in a changelog17:55
ogra_sergiusens, so as long as scripts outside of cdimage handle the syncing and publishing it can be as you like ... once cdimage does the builds it will probably not be necessary to have that file at all imho17:57
rsalvetiyeah, stamp will not necessarily be needed later on17:57
rsalvetihopefully :-)17:57
rsalvetiand the android part will be a package or similar :-)17:57
sergiusensogra_: is there a way from /current to know you are downloading a specific build?17:57
ogra_err right even17:58
sergiusensogra_: rsalveti stamp is only used for phablet-flash to download in a specific dir17:58
rsalvetiuseful for debugging as well17:58
ogra_sergiusens, not really, if you pick current it is assumed that you want the latest, no matter what buildnumber that is17:58
sergiusensI can get rid of it right now if I could find out17:59
ogra_therer are stammps inside the images17:59
ogra_but you cant read them without unpacking indeed17:59
sergiusensogra_: ok, but since cdimage only saves the last 3, it would be good to not always wipe current from our downloads17:59
ogra_current gets re-set with every build atm18:00
ogra_thats just about to change btw18:00
sergiusensogra_: how so?18:00
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
sergiusensogra_: or is that to be saved for the sprint? :-)18:00
ogra_instead of re-setting current there will be a pending/ dir that gets re-set with every build ...18:00
* sergiusens can wat18:01
ogra_current/ will only be updated based on test results18:01
sergiusensogra_: oh, yeah, that... that's fine18:01
sergiusensogra_: I'm all for that18:01
sergiusensogra_: rsalveti ok, so I'm getting rid of the stamp all together and keeping it within the image only18:02
ogra_anyway, atm current/ always points to the latest build automatically18:02
=== Robbilie_ is now known as Robbilie
Orangermhall119: Just add a new branch, with it the package work :)18:11
Orangermhall119: If you have time to review it..18:12
rsalvetisergiusens: how will you get the build id then?18:14
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
sergiusensrsalveti: I won't... I'll just get current... it's going away anyways, might as well change once18:29
rsalvetisergiusens: right18:30
rsalvetisergiusens: might just need a better handling when storing them locally18:30
rsalvetior are you always going to download md5, check, remove and redownload if needed?18:30
pmcgowanrsalveti: sergiusens how we doing on our conversion to raring18:31
sergiusensrsalveti: well, I'll add the dated ones to the revision list and they will be downloadable as such18:31
sergiusenspmcgowan: how is it going or how are we doing? It's progressing18:31
sergiusensrsalveti: if md5 does not match, delete I guess18:31
sergiusensrsalveti: but soon we will switch to something else for checksums too... from what I saw in cdimage at least18:32
pmcgowansergiusens: you stumped me with that question18:36
pmcgowansergiusens: we still looking to do another quantal tag18:36
=== SkavenXXI is now known as SkavenXXI-[OFF]
sergiusenspmcgowan: it's done... quantal/monthly-04.118:40
pmcgowansergiusens: oh did not see that18:40
pmcgowansergiusens: did all those other patches make it in?18:41
pmcgowanchangelog not showing them18:41
sergiusenspmcgowan: well there were nightly builds in between18:41
pmcgowansergiusens: but this is a running changelog18:42
sergiusenspmcgowan: yeah, not sure why not, but there were phone-app changes and indicator-client changes18:43
pmcgowansergiusens: ok I will ask rsalveti why we are not picking them all up18:43
sergiusenspmcgowan: you can see them in the ibs diff18:44
rsalvetipmcgowan: will check the manifest, for some reason sometimes launchpad doesn't give me the right info18:44
rsalvetiif I run the changelog generator again it'll probably work better, it's annoying18:44
rsalvetilet me see if this is indeed the case18:45
trashihi, I saw there is a development version out now on ubuntu.com. is there allready a release date for a stable version, too?18:47
=== SkavenXXI-[OFF] is now known as SkavenXXI
pmcgowantrashi: stable version is really 13.1018:51
trashipmcgowan: oh, too bad. i hoped it would be 13.04 :-)18:52
pmcgowantrashi: that would be nice but lots left to do18:53
mhall119popey: you all set for some packaging?18:54
popeymhall119: yup18:55
trashipmcgowan: i heard of that. so at least I will download the ubuntu sdk to experiment a little bit with my nexus. im really excited. it would be awesome to ban android and google bloatware forever from my phone...18:57
pmcgowantrashi: yes do that, there is a lot you can do right now18:57
mhall119popey: surgemcgee here is the stock ticker app developer, and he would like some packaging help18:58
mhall119you can hg clone https://bitbucket.org/surgemcgee/stock-ticker-mobile-app to get his branch18:58
* mhall119 now tries to remember hg commands from 2 years ago18:59
* popey sudo apt-get install mercurial18:59
surgemcgeeI can switch fairly quickly if you all want18:59
mhall119surgemcgee: so, first things first, we need to get your debian/copyright file updated19:01
surgemcgeeAlright, listing...19:02
mhall119line 6-8 need your name, email and license if it's not GPL-3.0+19:02
mhall119and the commented lines at the bottom need to be removed19:02
surgemcgeeOhh, wait that is done already, hold on one sec...19:02
popeydebian/changelog needs a real email address.19:04
popeymhall119: are we building for raring _and_ quantal?19:04
mhall119popey: what do you think?19:05
mhall119we can maybe just target raring now19:05
popeyi think so19:05
mhall119since the device images should be switching over soon19:05
popeyso debian/changelog needs to have raring where it says unstable then19:06
popeysurgemcgee: ^^19:06
mhall119pmcgowan: any apps in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Collection you'd particularly want to see packaged first?19:06
pmcgowanmhall119: I saw stock ticker and it seemed quite nice, also if U1 music works thats a good one19:09
popeyu1music is tricky because it requires the running of a manky py file on device.19:10
* popey makes sure aquarius isn't around to see he said that ☻19:10
mhall119I usually check that aquarius *is* around before I say stuff like that19:11
surgemcgeeAlright I added new copyright files in a new branch  called Packaging19:12
surgemcgeeStill need permissions On that branch though (shrugs)19:12
mhall119surgemcgee: got them19:12
mhall119surgemcgee: did you see popey's comments about about your debian/changelog file?19:13
surgemcgeeYes, dont understand thiough19:13
mhall119also, your copyright file needs the Source: field on line 3 filled in19:13
surgemcgeeI will check it out19:13
mhall119surgemcgee: the changelog lists your email as: <surgemcgee@unknown>19:13
popeysurgemcgee@unknown should be a valid email address19:14
mhall119on line 519:14
popeystock-ticker-mobile-app (0.1) unstable; urgency=low19:14
mhall119also, on line 1, 'unstable' refers to Debian's 'unstable' repository.  You want this to be 'raring' for Ubuntu's Raring repository19:14
surgemcgeeOk, that reminds me, I can just do a dpkg-buildpackage after I change all of these?19:14
mhall119should be19:14
surgemcgeeVery new to the package thing19:14
mhall119surgemcgee: no worries, it's mostly a mystery to me still too, but we'll get by :)19:15
* popey tries packaging Akari 19:16
surgemcgeeAlright Updated and live19:16
surgemcgeeGo Akari, GO!19:17
mhall119surgemcgee: looking good19:17
surgemcgeeCool, why is my icon so big in the dash?19:17
mhall119surgemcgee: there are 4 comment lines at the bottom of debian/copyright that should be removed19:18
mhall119they are boiler-plate comments that will throw warning if we leave them19:18
surgemcgeeWhat command issues warning?19:19
mhall119debuild will19:19
mhall119also, your copyright file needs the Source: field on line 3 filled in19:20
surgemcgeeCookin right along19:22
mhall119surgemcgee: I usually run "debuild -us -uc", this will run both dpkg-buildpackage and also Lintian to check for common problems with the package19:22
popeyhmm copyright-contains-dh_make-todo-boilerplate19:24
popeyahh, comments19:25
Bnic3anyone has ubuntu touch up and running as a daily driver??19:25
popeyBnic3: it's not really ready for use as a daily driver.19:25
popeyunless you don't mind missing out on phone calls and texts..19:25
Bnic3popey: it's for the asus 700t19:25
popeynice device!19:26
mhall119Bnic3: it's my daily driver on my Nexus 7 tablet19:26
Bnic3mhall119: pros/cons?19:26
mhall119Bnic3: pros: It's awesome, multi-tasking is better than anything else I've used, and I can hack it to my heart's content19:27
Bnic3any wifi gps problems? any cons? and is it backed up / restored using similar recovery like clockwork or TWRP?19:28
mhall119cons: not all hardware is enabled yet (no camera or sound on the N7), parts of the shell functionality hasn't been implemented yet, and there's still a small selection of apps relative to established platforms19:28
mhall119well I don't have GPS, but my wifi works fine19:28
=== XenGi_ is now known as XenGi
mhall119I haven't worried with backing it up, since I flash it to the latest daily image pretty regularly19:29
mhall119then again, I haven't worried about backup up my Android phone either19:29
mhall119so maybe I'm just not that into backups19:29
Bnic3how far out is it from a beta or a RC? I only seen a dev preview so far...where are you getting your files that you flash?19:29
mhall119Bnic3: the phablet-flash tool will download the latest daily preview image19:29
Bnic3mhall119: lol noted.19:30
mhall119I don't know when there's going to be something tagged "Beta"19:30
Bnic3is this where I can get the latest that has the update tool??... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/tf700t19:30
mhall119ah, phablet-flash only works on the 4 devices Canonical builds images for19:31
mhall119so, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, 7 and 1019:31
Bnic3great... -__19:31
Bnic3- __ -19:31
mhall119there should be instructions for installing other images, like for tf700t, on the device's wiki page19:31
Orangermhall119: Just added a new branch, with it the package work :)19:32
Orangermhall119: If you have time to review it..19:32
mhall119Oranger: nice work!  I'll review it in a bit19:32
mhall119surgemcgee: you still with us?19:32
Orangermhall119: Thank you a lot !19:32
ZDmitrymhall119: just ensure - did you recive message about new revision of konsole-qml-plugin and corresponding ubuntu-touch-app?19:33
mhall119surgemcgee: so you've got a lot of files here with the executable bit set, which don't need it19:33
mhall119can you "chmod -x *" in that directory?19:33
mhall119surgemcgee: actually, that should only be done on the files, not directories19:35
popeymhall119: what do we do in .desktop files where no icon is present (besides an avatar@8.png) ?19:38
mhall119popey: request an icon from the author19:39
mhall119we really should have one before putting it in the PPA19:39
sergiusensrsalveti: ping19:45
rsalvetisergiusens: ponga19:45
popeymhall119: mailed author, any preference which one I look at next?19:46
mhall119popey: nope19:47
sergiusensrsalveti: remember caipirinha19:47
sergiusensrsalveti: nah, I didn't ping you about that19:47
* popey looks at exfm19:48
rsalvetisergiusens: ;-)19:48
ZDmitrymhall119: I mean corresponding revisions of ubuntu-terminal-app and it's plugin. I added new qml item there. Did you see them?19:48
sergiusensrsalveti: these would need to be expedited: http://people.canonical.com/~sergiusens/patches_stamp/19:48
rsalvetisergiusens: on my way19:49
mhall119ZDmitry: I got the links to the branches, but haven't looked at them yet, it's on my TODO for this afternoon19:49
ZDmitryThen everything is ok )19:50
rsalvetisergiusens: doing a quick build, but they look good19:59
=== brion__ is now known as brion
kgunnbfiller: ping20:09
bfillerkgunn: pong20:09
sergiusensrsalveti: ack20:14
rsalvetisergiusens: https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/touch-preview-images/phablet-build-scripts-fixing-ubuntu-archive/+merge/16019820:15
sergiusensrsalveti: that fixes the changelog problem?20:16
rsalvetisergiusens: yup20:18
moocow1452Is there a cheat sheet for when your are dealing with a device that boots and stays on a black screen??20:22
popeymhall119: https://launchpad.net/~popey/+archive/ppa/+builds?build_state=pending20:23
popeymhall119: sorry, https://launchpad.net/~popey/+archive/ppa/+build/451232020:23
popeyif you want to test it on your device before we push to the ppa20:24
mhall119popey: what's the branch?20:26
mhall119I'll build it locally and copy it over20:26
popeymhall119: https://code.launchpad.net/~popey/+junk/exfm_plus_packaging20:26
popey← not good at packaging /!\ WARNING20:26
mhall119that's okay20:27
moocow1452Can anyone help? I managed to build the bootloader for the Nook Color and adb into it, but I dunno how to fix the black screen.20:27
mhall119popey: did you forget to bzr add ./debian/ ?20:28
sergiusensrsalveti: there's no autoland for that yet20:30
rsalvetisergiusens: thought so, want me to merge it?20:30
Orangermhall119 *subliminal message* review *end of subliminal message*20:34
mhall119popey: I also seem to be missing ExFmSongList.qml20:34
mhall119Oranger: still on my list, I haven't forgotten :)20:35
popeyhmm, odd, sorry mhall11920:35
Orangermhall119: Woops sorry :x20:35
popeyah, it's because I did some silly things to muddle folders around20:35
sergiusensrsalveti: sure...20:37
sergiusensrsalveti: so remember that series issue/MR we had... might need to implement something like that anyways :-/20:37
* rsalveti trying to remember20:38
rsalvetisergiusens: sorry, what was the issue?20:38
sergiusensrsalveti: need to determine series from when getting old tagged stuff and new20:42
rsalvetioh, right20:43
popeymhall119: pushed btw20:43
mhall119popey: ok20:43
mhall119popey: pmcgowan: stock ticker packaging has been finished, I just pushed it to build on the PPA20:44
mhall119popey: it's also trying to install a couple of exfm-*.png icons that aren't in the branch20:45
mhall119and JSONUrlListModel.qml20:45
popeytell you what, I'll try and build from the branch first then tell you okay? ☻20:45
mhall119popey: while you're in there, remove the .qmlproject file from debian/install20:46
rsalvetisergiusens: git patches pushed (the latest ones)20:46
* popey notes "bush" is not a valid bzr command20:46
mhall119it should be20:46
mhall119bzr alias is your friend20:47
olyEvening, i updated the details for my app on this list is there anything else i need todo so it get included in the collection ?20:48
olyits the resistor app :)20:48
mhall119oly: is there packaging for it already?20:49
olythere is in launchpad, and it already builds into a ppa20:50
mhall119oly: ok, let me take a look20:50
popeymhall119: rev4 builds here, and installs20:50
popeyand runs from the dash ㋛20:50
popeyappreciate the help mhall119, packaging is one of those things I've done once every 2 years, and never do it again so forget it all20:51
popeyhopefully with collections ppa it'll cement in my head, doing more of it20:51
mhall119popey: me too, it's only through the saintly patience of didrocks and dholbach that I know what I know20:51
netcurlipopey: hi. I saw you are doing packaging stuff for my Akari game app. It says on the wiki "Waiting on author".. should I have received an email from you?20:55
surgemcgeeAnyone seen an app with a exit button?20:58
netcurlisurgemcgee: you should be able to exit an app from the HUD menu20:59
popeynetcurli: yeah, i emailed you about an hour ago21:00
netcurlimh.. .I didn't get an email21:01
netcurlifrom you21:01
sergiusensrsalveti: ty21:02
popeynetcurli: to your lima-city address?21:02
netcurlithat is a jabber adress?!21:02
netcurliI have an email adress there, too, but without the "jabber." part21:03
mhall119oly: still around?21:14
mhall119oly: got a few fixes for ya21:14
olyah cool beans will take a look :)21:16
mhall119oly: I'm going to go ahead and push this with my changes to the Collections PPA21:16
olyokay, i am merging into mine as well, cheers for that its sometimes hard to know exactly what is needed as it changes a lot :)21:17
mhall119oly: no problem, you made it easy by having it pretty much all done already :)21:18
DampHi! I have a problem with transferring apps to Ubuntu Phone, have anyone had a problem where your app wont show, but if you open the task meny and close an app you can see it for a brief second?21:19
olyhehe, been getting the hang of packaging with launchpad, as you can probably see by my two ppas :)21:19
olymerging changes is new in bzr though, but seems to be pretty simple21:19
olywhile i am here any suggestions on how i can do a hint as to color selected ?21:25
olyI have a row of buttons each with different colours, when you click one it updates a band on the resistor, is there a good way i could highlight the related button perhaps ?21:25
olyi was looking through properties of the button and could not think up anything21:26
mhall119oly: maybe give the button a colored border?21:27
=== SkavenXXI is now known as SkavenXXI-[OFF]
olythink i tried that, but it did not seem to accept border on it21:27
olyperhaps i was doing it wrong :)21:27
DampDoes anyone of you encounter the bug where your app wont show on the phone when you are testing it?21:28
OrangerDamp: I don't understand your bug..21:29
OrangerDamp: You don't see the app ?21:29
netcurliDamp: how do you start the app on the device? with qtcreator?21:31
DampAh, Let me explain it further. I have med some test apps just to get comfortable with QML. But when I create my App and tries to run it on my phone it just wont whow. But if I open another app and then closes it I can actually see it for a brief second befor it disappears again21:31
DampYes, I start it with QTCreator21:31
olyor perhaps i need to use button or rect instead of UbuntuShape21:32
mhall119Damp: what does your .desktop file look like?21:33
DampI have absolutely no idea. Should I ssh into the device and look at it?21:33
mhall119Damp: or just pastebin what you have in your code directory21:33
DampThe code for one of the test apps? Sure21:34
mhall119Damp: do you have a test2.desktop file?21:35
DampIs that on the same directory as my project file?21:36
mhall119it would be, usually21:36
DampOh, no. There is no such file in my project directory no21:36
Dampmhall119: Is there a start guide where it explains why and how I make that .desktop file?21:40
mhall119Damp: it's probably easiest to start by using the Ubuntu templates in QtCretor, it should make it for you21:40
mhall119Unity uses the .desktop file for window management, so without it Unity doesn't really know about your app21:41
DampRight now when I start a new project I use Application -> QtQuick 221:41
mhall119Ubuntu Touch -> Simple UI21:41
mhall119or Tabbed UI21:41
DampI dont have that choice, maybe I have forgot a plugin or something?21:42
mhall119did you install QtCreator and the Ubuntu Plugins from the PPA?21:42
mhall119Damp: http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/gomobile/ has instructions for installing everything21:43
DampI followed the quick start guide, I think. Let me find the page I read this on21:43
DampThats the one I followed, Ill try to reinstall it :)21:44
Dampsudo add-apt-repository ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-proper && sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk notepad-qml21:44
Damp0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.21:45
DampSo, I ahve installed it21:45
mhall119do you see an Ubuntu logo on the left-side of QtCreator?21:45
mhall119huh, you should have those templates then....21:46
mhall119Damp: come back around tomorrow during Europe's working hours and I'll ask the SDK team for help21:46
DampI do have the Ubuntu choice. But not Ubuntu Phone?21:48
DampAllright :) Its annoying not getting to try to display my apps on the phone I bought to try this :p21:50
DampIs there a place that has some great guides to test swiping and multiple views?22:01
mhall119Damp: you can look into generic Qt/QML tutorials for most of that22:12
mhall119Damp: http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/app-developer-cookbook/mobile/ might also have some stuff to help you22:13
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=== SkavenXXI is now known as SkavenXXI-[OFF]
Orangermhall119: If we want to display images on docviewer it will be obligatory to use a c++ plugin to know the MimeType of the file..22:27
=== SkavenXXI-[OFF] is now known as SkavenXXI
mhall119Oranger: we can't just use the Image component?22:30
mhall119Oranger: on your MP, if you want to move or rename a file that's under bzr version control, use "bzr move"22:31
Orangermhall119: Yes but how to know if you have to display an image or a text22:31
mhall119this will track the rename/move as part of the source history, so if somebody makes a change to a file before the rename, you can still apply it after the rename22:31
mhall119Oranger: ah, I see what you mean22:32
mhall119Oranger: is that something your launcher can do?22:32
mhall119or something you can add to the launcher22:32
mhall119to inject both the filepath passed on the commandline, and also the mimetype for the file?22:32
Orangermhall119: Yes, I think I will create an object with all that informations22:33
Orangerpath + mimetype + size22:33
mhall119Oranger: cool22:33
mhall119also, your .qmlproject still lists docviewer.qml22:34
Orangermhall119: Oh yes... I did it but not in my bzr directory...22:34
Orangermhall119: To fix the problem with the moved file, I have to uncommit + push, right ?22:35
mhall119Oranger: you can, or we can just take it as-is this time22:39
mhall119it was more for future reference22:39
Orangermhall119: Hum ok, thank :) I fix the .qmlproject now22:39
Orangermhall119: Done, now everything should be ok22:42
mhall119cool, I'll give it another look22:42
mhall119thanks Oranger22:42
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alexfeldo you know how many functionalities have the most recent build of ubuntu?23:31
alexfeli'm testing it on my nexus 423:32
RobbyFI think i'm going to get the HTC One and use my nexus 4 for ubuntu testing and sell off my galaxy nexus.23:34
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