SuperMatthey ho07:46
SuperMattfinal push this week07:46
SuperMattall the best guys and galas07:46
MooDoo_hello all07:50
diploMorning all08:05
=== MooDoo_ is now known as MooDoo
JamesTaitGood morning all, and happy International Mother Earth Day! :-D08:27
directhexis there a day to celebrate the wearing of hats? some kind of international milliner appreciation day?08:28
DJonesdirecthex: 26th November http://www.internationalhatday.com/08:33
SuperMattdang, that only gives me 7 months to buy a jaunty hat08:34
SuperMattHOW WILL I COPE?08:34
* DJones has a fedora and a flat cap08:35
SuperMattI have a summer-time hat08:35
DJonesJust need some ferrets to go with the cap though08:35
SuperMattbtu in general, I do not look good in hats :(08:35
JamesTaitdirecthex, even if there wasn't a day for it already, you could choose one and I bet you'd get a following on the intarwebz.08:36
DJonesI need a hat, with hair that makes me feel like a hippy when it gets to 5mm long, I need something to keep my head warm08:36
selinuxiumMorning all   o/08:37
JamesTaitI need a new South Africa hat. This one is faded. :-/08:38
selinuxiumI have many hats... A Sloane, 2 Bowlers, A flat cap, A Fedora,  A Tilley...08:39
DJonesJamesTait: Thats what Ubuntu needs, Ubuntu branded http://www.avalon-guns.com/avalon/18155L.jpg08:39
selinuxiumA Wide brimmed Pork Pie.08:39
DJonesAlthough maybe Australian Akubra felt material would be better08:40
SuperMattah yes, now I remember how I'm going to recognise you people at the meet on thursday ;)08:40
SuperMattlook for the hats08:40
DJonesLeather ones are too heavy to wear here08:40
JamesTaitDJones, that looks kind of Indiana Jonesish.08:41
JamesTaitDJones, maybe we could offer a package deal, Ubuntu branded hats with bullwhips.08:41
DJonesYeah, Indiana Jones or Mick Dundee08:42
MooDooJamesTait: where there is ubuntu w sorted out, the whirling whip08:42
DJonesJamesTait: Heh, bullwhip brings back memories of being in college, everybody had to give a 10 minute talk on something and one of adult students (was about 50ish) came in to do hers, was sat in the canteen and one fell out of her handbag onto the table, as you may expect, there were some interesting comments from fellow students08:44
directhexa bullwhip isn't something you casually keep in your handbag08:45
DJonesTurned out her talk was about when she went on a western/cowboy themed ranch holiday08:45
directhexand, frankly, i don't know who has a house big enough to have space for swinging a bullwhip in the bedroom08:46
DJonesShe may have done, she did live in Wales08:46
* DJones waits for a sheep joke08:46
DJonesAre there likely to be new styles/colours of clothing for 13.04? Wondering whether to order one of these enF!~darren@nat/canonical/x-tllvxjtgejpextfz >  09:48 DJones (+i) 4:#ubuntu08:49
DJonesI like the design on this http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=101508:50
JamesTaitDJones, I don' think the colours will be changing any time soon, no.08:51
DJonesAnd the Raring T-Shirt looks good08:51
JamesTaitFamous last words.08:51
* DJones add's raring T-Shirt and Orange cap to birthday list08:52
selinuxiumFirst time I met AlanBell, he was wearing a tux for the event.  :)09:07
mungbeanas you do.09:08
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:13
AlanBellso I was09:18
BigRedSWhoop! I have a half-day on Friday09:23
BigRedSit's the wrong half, but, still, better than nothing09:23
WhoopBigRedS: lucky you...09:24
* Whoop isnt sure why he needs to know this, but congrats anyhow ;)09:24
bigcalmBigRedS: long lie-in?09:24
BigRedSnah, release parties seem to end at about 3am09:24
kvarleyOT: Does anybody know how I make a composite foreign key via PHPMyAdmin? I'm used to doing it via SQL but want to know how to do it via the webui09:27
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:28
kvarleybrobostigon: \009:28
brobostigonmorning kvarley09:29
kvarleybrobostigon: How goes it?09:29
MooDoomorning morning09:30
brobostigonmorning MooDoo09:30
brobostigonkvarley: better than the last few weeks, and you?09:31
hoovermorning all09:31
hooverHey biggie!09:31
brobostigonmorning hoover09:31
kvarleybrobostigon: Pretty good, knackered though - had a physical day yesterday. On with work today tho :) enjoying 13.04 on my desktop09:31
kvarley\0 all09:31
brobostigonkvarley: :)09:32
knightwise0/ !09:35
brobostigonmorning knightwise09:35
MooDooI went laser tagging yesterday, i'm getting to old for this ..... ;)09:36
knightwiselol MooDoo :)09:37
knightwiseI just got my hands on a Lenovo X130 with an I3 processor, anyone have any experience with running Linux on a baby like this.09:43
diploAnyone know of any software wiki type a bit like http://www.howtoforge.com/ where I can create categorys on the left with drop downs etc without much coding10:02
diploDon't want to spend to much time on it, but want all my documents in a wiki style thing but with menus to each of the pages10:02
diploI could write something myself but rather not as there is probably something out there10:03
diployeah, sort of but need to do a bit of coding to get it to work how i want it..10:04
ali1234howtoforge is drupal10:04
diploah, so it seems I'll probably have to10:04
BigRedSdiplo: or find a theme to do it10:04
ali1234no, you don't need anything to do that in wordpress10:04
ali1234in drupal you will need 100 modules because that's how drupal is10:04
ali1234but wordpress has all that built in10:04
diploheh ali1234, I hadn't thought about themes10:04
ali1234wordpress is also extremely easy to extend, unlike drupal10:05
diploWill take a look at that, I use wordpress but hadn't thought about using it as a wiki type thing10:05
ali1234well, it has built in page editing, revisions and so on...10:06
diploMy friends company uses a proprietary thing and really liked it10:06
BigRedSyeah, I've seen massive drupal sites replaced with wordpress and a custom theme10:07
BigRedSthere's free themes that're quite close to most layouts you're likely to want10:07
diploDebated alfresco as well, but again a massive thing really10:08
diploNobody documents at my place, I've written lots already but all in odt files and wanted to accumalate them in one place and easier to edit for anyone10:09
diploBut I think wikis just wouldn't work for the majority of staff here10:09
jpdsdiplo: MoinMoin ?10:10
diploheh have that tab open at the moment, only issue I'm finding is displaying the categories/articles10:11
jpdsdiplo: Like this? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CategoryArchive10:12
jpdsI recall that MoinMoin has a page called 'SideBar' that themes can read.10:12
diploSort of, but wanted it listed on the left at all times10:12
jpdsdiplo: See: SideBar. ;-)10:13
diploSo basically I want categories with Sysadmin then sub cats with Nagios/CentOs/Ubuntu/10:13
diploLooking at it now10:13
diploAll the people at my place are developers, but on very old software.. that's all they know.. anything new confuses them, all quite old now with a dieing language :)10:14
BigRedSyeah, our wiki here is basically a collection of about a billion pages, each completely unaware of any other10:14
jpdsdiplo: http://moinmo.in/ThemeMarket/Mandarin10:15
jpdsdiplo: "Change is the only constant". and so on.10:15
bigcalmI do wish that wikis had automatic contents creation10:16
diploTaht's the sort of thing, I think I'm hoping for two much just to add to a category and it displays :)10:16
diploWill give a few a try and see how I get on, thanks guys10:16
BigRedSah, you want to create a load of empty categories?10:16
BigRedSmost things create them the first time something's put in them10:16
diploWell basically want, developing/sysadmin/other/other and then under each of those have specific areas for my notes10:17
diploBut just want it to work rather than spend loads of time getting it to look like I want it :)10:17
BigRedSbut before you've put the notes in? Wordpress creates categories when you put a page in them, as does mediawiki for example10:17
diploWell more just displaying them, from what I'm reading I have to add the cats to the sidebar manually for moinmoin ( wordpress will do it i know )10:18
diploThink I need to play and see how I get on10:18
diplobasically want it to look like the howtoforge site on the left, click a link on the left it displays content on the right.10:20
diploI'll tinker and see how i get on, thanks for the input peeps10:20
=== Guest31671 is now known as NET||abuse
NET||abusehey doods.. made an amazing discovery10:23
NET||abusei was having huge speed problems with my network at home over the weekend, turns out changing from my netgear gs605 8 port witch to a cheep offbrand switch i got from maplins for my mother 2 years ago, sorted it all out.10:24
NET||abusebut what was alarming is that i have a stock of 3 of the gs605 switches, and i cycled through each one and did scp and samba file copies to my nas to test them, turns out each and every one was degraded to the same level10:25
diploFirmware updated them ?10:26
NET||abuseuppon further reading, i discovered a blog post by a fellow gs605/8 switch owner, he had read the the switches are suceptible to power surges, so he opened up the box and switched out the4  capacitors for better quality radioshack components,, that sorted it out.10:27
NET||abuseSo i'm remembering where my soldering iron is and ordering the components for a trial run on this and see if it restores them.10:27
NET||abuseshould be a fun experiment.10:27
NET||abusethe 3 netggear switches i have were from an installation my cousin was involved in, they just removed them from an office as they were moving.. and they were free. so he just gave them to me.. i have a stack of about 12 negear switches/dsl wifi routers at home10:29
NET||abuseso i've no fear of breaking one or two of them :010:29
NET||abusehere's the blog post.. http://tinajalabs.wordpress.com/2011/03/20/netgear-gs605-v2-fix/10:30
NET||abuseand there's about 8 or so commentors on that post giving possitive feedback on their own attempts to do this.. it's awsome.. save some gear from being wasted in hte landfill10:31
NET||abuseanyway, i thought it was a cool situation and wanted to share10:31
funkyHatI nearly bought a gs608 (I think?). Glad I went for the el-cheapo option instead ;D10:36
NET||abusenetgear are just letting themselves down it seems10:37
NET||abusebut it's interesting to be able to fix em10:37
funkyHatCompany I worked for before got a relatively expensive netgear 48port gigE switch, that was crap too10:37
funkyHatYeah that's pretty cool10:37
NET||abuseyeh, i've a bunch of the blue "business" class netgear boxes lying around too.. i wonder if they're as problematic,, if you say the 48port gigE one is similarly crap, maybe it's the same problem..10:39
popeyI have GS116 on my desk10:39
NET||abusea gigbit switch should allow you to do samba/scp transfers at about 30MB/s or more10:39
NET||abuseif you just plug 2 devices into the switch and can't achieve that speed,, then you should probably consider this issue if it's netgear10:39
funkyHatI don't think it was the same issue, just had some weird issues with PXE/tftp stuff we were doing10:40
NET||abusepopey: so happy now, have all my video, music and 3 gigs of dev code backed up onto the N40L, mirror'd lvm setup,, was a few days of good learning10:40
* popey tests scp between two GbE machines10:41
funkyHatI have FreeBSD on my N40L, wanted to try out ZFS. I still only have one hard drive in tehre though -_-10:41
NET||abusefunkyHat: hehe, yeh, you gotta have a few disks to really enjoy the benefits..10:41
popeyhow do you speed test scp?10:41
NET||abusealthough, you could just stick in any size disks you have, zfs is nice for mismatching disk sizes10:41
funkyHatpopey: -v ?10:42
NET||abusewhen zfs is generally available in linux under the new kernel module mode, i'll probably look into it.10:42
funkyHatNET||abuse: to be honest md raid still beats zfs in a number of places10:42
* popey hugs btrfs10:42
funkyHatParticularly for non enterprise10:43
NET||abusemd raid didfferent to other raid?10:43
funkyHatYeah. It supports online restriping and conversion from raid1 to raid5, for a start10:43
popeyi look forward to the day btrfs gets raid410:44
popeyer 510:44
popeyI'll live migrate my setup from RAID1 to RAID510:44
NET||abuseyou think btrfs will catch up and overtake zfs?10:44
funkyHatNot so important for a business where you'll probably buy a stack of big drives and upgrade them all at once, but awesome for someone like me who wants to be able to buy drives and add capacity one or two at a time10:45
popeyi dont know zfs enough to answer10:45
Azelphurfriends invited me to play a modded version of minecraft with programmable robots in it... https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3832397/screenshots/2013/Apr/2013-04-22-044547_5120x1440_scrot.png10:45
AzelphurI think I won :P10:45
popeyhah that looks fun10:45
Azelphurit is awesome.10:46
diploStill never played minecraft :)10:46
Azelphurpopey: the bots run LUA, and the webserver is written in python, the bots poll the webserver for instructions and location information, the webserver keeps them all in formation10:46
popeyoh nice10:46
Azelphuryour welcome to come onto the server if you like10:47
NET||abusehhe, minecraft manager, the football manger game for geeks10:51
NET||abusei always wondered about minecraft, i've seen some folks play but,, is there a resources competitive way to play, that would be fun..10:52
directhexminecraft is a toy, not a game10:52
NET||abuseyeh, i guess.10:52
directhexbut fwiw, it *is* resource-competitive as long as you're in survival mode10:52
directhexno rule saying you need to compete with other players10:52
directhexer, cooperate10:52
directhexanyway, bomb their houses10:52
NET||abusehmm, oh, have people created a walking dead prisona nd town i wonder10:52
NET||abusethat would make perfect sense10:53
Azelphurhow do you flush the DNS cache now days?10:54
NET||abuseoh jeebus, yeh, i hate dns caching issues10:55
NET||abusewhat's the situation?10:55
NET||abusecommand line? browser?10:55
NET||abusechrome yeh?10:55
NET||abusewhat you wanna do is visit chrome://net-internals/#dns10:56
NET||abuseand fight with it10:56
MartijnVdSoooh shinies10:56
Azelphurthanks, that fixed it10:56
NET||abuseahh good, i'm glad10:57
NET||abusethe net-internals view is oddly not widely discussed online..10:57
NET||abusenot like the way firefox's settings thingy is covered10:58
NET||abusei'm such a chrome sheep these days, i can't even remember what hte firefox one is now10:58
* popey hugs chromium10:59
popeyi used to be a firefox person then chrome, now chromium is my fave10:59
popeymulti-user is so handy10:59
NET||abusepopey: i was irritated the other week when i realised the ubuntu chromium isn't kept uptodate11:00
MooDoonever tried chromium to be honest11:00
NET||abuseso i went and got the repo from google's chrome for deb.11:00
popeyyes it is11:00
selinuxiumAny Apache gurus about, I have strange thing going on one of my servers using Name-based Virtual Hosts11:01
popey25.0.1364.160  is the version in every release of ubuntu from lucid upwards11:01
NET||abusei wanted the copy curl thing from the network tab in inspector, and it was only available on chrome(ium) 26, and the ubuntu version even after apt-get update's was only 2511:01
NET||abuseselinuxium: what's the issue? in detail please?11:02
NET||abusepopey: hmm, is maybe chrome's versioning not in sync with chromium?11:03
NET||abuseor maybe the "copy to curl" feature is a google thing only?11:03
mungbeani stoped using chromium when it was insecure11:03
NET||abuseright now my chrome install is 26.0.1410.6311:03
mungbeanwas stuck on v18 for ages11:03
NET||abuseand my chromium is 25.0.1364.160 like yousaid above..11:04
popeyhmm, interesting.11:04
* popey looks at chrisccoulson 11:04
popeychrisccoulson: do we have a schedule for when we land chromium releases in distro?11:05
popey"not release week" ? ☻11:05
mgdmOh, nice11:07
mgdmUnicode is working in my terminal now11:07
MartijnVdSGNU Screen still doesn't do unicode 6 though: 😎11:07
MartijnVdSit does now!11:07
BigRedSMine apparently doesn't :(11:08
NET||abusepopey: do you use a character swtach to cpy paste those in or do you know key codes?11:08
MartijnVdSoh wait11:08
MartijnVdSBigRedS: sorry, I've switched to byobu+tmux11:08
NET||abuseMartijnVdS: apparently tmux is the new hawtness,,11:08
BigRedSunless that was unicode question_mark_in_an_oval11:08
mgdmI'm on tmux and irssi, but recently restarted both after 300+ days of uptime11:08
BigRedSyeah, but tmux's shortcuts are designed to frustrate long-time screen users11:08
mgdmnow it works, and I get full-colour emoji stuff from MartijnVdS....11:08
NET||abusemgdm: the other one there is weechat.. instead of irssi11:08
selinuxiumHey BigRedS, How's you/11:08
BigRedStmux-in-screen is less mental than screen-in-screen, though11:09
BigRedSselinuxium: not bad! You?11:09
BigRedSComing out on Thursday?11:09
mgdmNET||abuse: I've been using irssi for so long that I'm probably not going to change now :-)11:09
NET||abusehehe, that's a good piont, nice to have the 2 apps with default alternate escape keys.11:09
diploI'd like to use tmux but it breaks with Putty on my lappy, just scrolls11:09
NET||abusemgdm: me too, but weechat is almost exactly like irssi, just with more features11:09
diploThe suggestion is to switch to screen11:09
selinuxiumBigRedS, Yeah, I will be out. But sadly I have to be in Camden around 8ish to see Godsized..11:09
funkyHatscreen-in-screen isn't so bad, just have to keep track of how deep you're nesting them ;D11:10
MartijnVdSfunkyHat: same wit ssh-in-ssh :)11:10
NET||abusefunkyHat: i can never figure out how to escape back up a layer of screen?11:10
selinuxiumBigRedS, though I will be at the venue from around 17:1511:10
MartijnVdS(and the "<enter><tilde>" escape11:10
BigRedSah yeah, I intend to be that sort of early11:10
funkyHatMartijnVdS: haha, yeah11:10
BigRedSI finish at 4:30 in soho11:10
BigRedSso I'll be down at 5ish I'd have thought11:10
selinuxiumI finish same time just outside Liverpool Street.. Depends on whether I walk over or tube it.11:11
funkyHatNET||abuse: ^a a sends ^a to the client11:11
funkyHaterr... by client I mean the thing in the window11:11
BigRedSI was pondering another boris bike experiment...11:12
popeyNET||abuse: it's a macro11:14
NET||abuseohh, weechat draws dotted lines on the channel when you stop looking at it and new messages appear.11:16
NET||abusethat's hany11:16
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: there's an irssi plugin for that ;)11:17
NET||abuseMartijnVdS: hehe,, and it goes away when you switch channels again and come back,, so it's not interupting your scroll back with loads of dotted horizontal seperateors11:19
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: it does that too11:19
diploI want links clickable in putty when using irssi like it does with terminal/terminator but cba to work it out / do it11:19
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: one separator per window max.11:19
MartijnVdSdiplo: regex in putty11:19
NET||abuseMartijnVdS: weechat must just be irssi with those kinds of plugins by default.11:20
MartijnVdSoh wait..11:20
MartijnVdSdiplo: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/wishlist/url-launching.html11:20
MartijnVdSNET||abuse: is it text-based?11:20
diplota MartijnVdS, will take a look11:21
NET||abusei run it just like irssi in a screen,, ahem,, i mean tmux, on my home server over ssh shell from work :011:21
NET||abusealthough, i've not got my home ip today, dsl re-connected i think overnight.. so i'm just doing it in guake drop down for now11:22
diploooh, nutty seems to work but umm some horrible selections of colours11:22
NET||abuseweechat runs as weechat-curses..11:22
NET||abusei wonder do es that mean it has other gui fronts11:23
selinuxiumBigRedS, Do you know Godsized?11:23
NET||abusedoes anyone go to the flag and bell pub crawl meetups?11:37
funkyHatI tried weechat once. Problem is I already had irssi set up pretty nicely.11:39
mungbeanweechat didn't have ssl support on centos5 repos, where my screen session runs11:40
mungbeanso fail.11:40
NET||abuseyeh, i ahve both installed but i wasn't so invested in plugins for irssi, so moving weechat wasn't any barrier for me,, and then i get plugins decided on for me11:40
NET||abusemungbean: ooh, that's failworthy for sure.11:40
NET||abusewonder how i can test that.11:40
NET||abuseif the ubuntu version has ssl11:41
NET||abusedo you have to register for the releas party on thursday?11:41
bigcalmGuess whom is back in MacDonald's for a working lunch?11:41
NET||abusehave a work mate i'm dragging along :) he's  our network engingeer11:42
mungbeanNET||abuse: pretty sure it does11:42
BigRedSselinuxium: the name rings a bell, just tried to listen to some but MySpace disagrees with my flash player11:42
selinuxiumBigRedS, Chekc them out on Youtube.. :)11:43
selinuxiumOff to lunch.. Chat later.11:44
mungbeanguys, if i got a tablet with 3g, i need to open a new contract right?11:44
NET||abuseso i just regsitered on the loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk page, with a +1111:44
NET||abuseujnnnmmm   +1 i mean :P11:44
mungbeanor it comes with 3g ability and i have option whether to stick my own sim in it?11:44
NET||abusethat's the only place i need to register yeH?11:45
BigRedSmungbean: depends how you buy the tablet I'd imagine11:45
mungbeanand galaxy note vs galaxy tab2?11:48
dogmatic69mungbean: you can use pay and go afaik11:50
brobostigonarent there some like giffgaff that do data only payg ?11:51
mungbeanwhat's the diff between the 10.1 inch galaxy note and the galxy tab 2?11:52
mungbeanyou get a stylus with the note- but otherwis?11:52
ormiretNote has stylus stuff and two extra cores11:53
ormiretand an extra GB of RAM11:54
popeyNET||abuse: yes11:58
BigRedSselinuxium: whoah. hairy12:00
NET||abusepopey: thanks12:06
selinuxiumBigRedS, Great aren't they!12:42
czajkowskiselinuxium: boo12:54
selinuxiumhey czajkowski how is you?12:55
czajkowskiselinuxium: not bad now and your good self12:56
selinuxiumWhat happened to the L? You like Madonna now? ;)12:56
selinuxiumI am good thanks  :)12:56
selinuxiumOr has my memory been dulled by my lack of attendance here?12:56
czajkowskino idea what L is12:57
cocoa117i edit visudo file with this line "nagios  ALL=(root) NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/smartctl", but i still get Permission denied error message, any idea what's wrong here?13:12
SuperMattwait, what are you trying to do?13:13
SuperMattgiving nagios root access is not a good idea :/13:13
cocoa117allow nagios uid have root access so it can do smartctl on hard disk13:13
cocoa117SuperMatt, only for single program, otherwise, no way to allow it to work13:14
MartijnVdScocoa117: you can change the permissions/capabilities of smartctl so user 'nagios' can run it13:14
SuperMattright, well sure you can do that, but there's other parts of a nagios conf where you'd have to change the command from /usr/sbin/smartctl to sudo /usr/sbin/smartctl13:14
cocoa117SuperMatt, ohhh, yes, right, i think i miss that, thanx for point it out, :)13:15
cocoa117i go have look13:16
ali1234does anyone here actually use facebook on a regular basis and understands how it works?13:19
ali1234i'm trying to put a like button on a webpage and it just doesn't work13:19
ali1234the twitter button and g+ button work fine. i think facebook is just rubbish13:20
popeyusing https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/  ?13:22
BigRedSI use facebook frequently, but I wouldn't have thought I knew what was wrong with a like button...13:26
ali1234what happens is i click the button and then the flyout appears13:26
ali1234as soon as i mouse over the flyout to type a comment it disappears and the like button changes to "confirm"13:26
ali1234i click confirm and it opens a popup box where i have to confirm i want to like the page13:27
ali1234then after that the flyout reappears and i can type a comment13:27
ali1234then i click "post" and nothing happens13:27
ali1234this means that the like only appears on my activity, and not in my timeline, because there is no comment13:28
ali1234here is an example http://dev.drumoff.tv/v/269/13:28
ali1234also the inline button now doesn't appear at all13:28
ali1234i think this might be caused because i have clicked the like button about 8 millions times in the course of trying to make it work13:30
ali1234or perhaps because i have the world's most locked down facebook account13:30
ali1234but it is pretty much impossible to tell13:30
popeyi thought stuff doesn't necessarily always appear in your timeline13:33
=== C_S_B is now known as C-S-B
popeyyou have to pay to promote stuff now13:33
ali1234but i can't post it at all13:34
diplo//$this->debug('Finished :' . date("F j, Y, g:i a"));13:36
diploArse :-/13:37
* bigcalm flops back into the hot seat13:42
* bigcalm now had _mostly_ working DAB in his car :)13:52
kvarleyEasiest way to disable (or set an unlimited) timeout for PHP?13:53
bigcalmkvarley: set it to 013:53
BigRedSyou might need to also set it to 0 in suhosin13:53
diploHad enough php recently for everyone!13:54
diploWant to go back to being a sysadmin full time i think13:54
kvarleyThanks diplo and bigcalm13:56
=== Hornet- is now known as Hornet
kvarley\0/ it works14:02
bigcalmkvarley: next you'll be making a fork bomb14:03
kvarleybigcalm: It's fine, the code is pointed at google14:03
kvarleybigcalm: Geocoding lots of postcodes14:03
kvarleyOnly doing it with ~30 postcodes until I get a business account setup tomorrow14:03
kvarleyThey restrict to 2500 requests a day, 100,000 with the a biz account14:04
MartijnVdShttp://www.freethepostcode.org/ ;)14:06
Myrttiand now for something different: http://fotcorn.github.io/StarRSS/#http://feeds.bbci.co.uk/news/uk/rss.xml?edition=uk14:11
bigcalmHaha, nice14:12
Myrtticomment from a friend: "News became immediately more interesting"14:12
MartijnVdSMyrtti: http://fotcorn.github.io/StarRSS/#http://www.reddit.com/.rss14:14
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bigcalmMartijnVdS: was it you talking about moving from VM to BigV on Bytemark?15:00
mgdmbigcalm: I think I might have once?15:10
bigcalmmgdm: oh, okay. I asked Bytemark if it was worth my while moving over to BigV and they said no :)15:11
NET||abusehehe, i've ended up with branches called "list" and "status"15:14
mungbeanchild benefit form. second child recently born "how many children are you claiming for on this form?"15:25
mungbeanis the asnwer 1 or 2?15:25
SuperMatt2... I would have thought15:26
mungbeani'm thinking 115:27
SuperMattwhy's that?15:27
mungbean"How many children are you claiming for on this form?"15:27
mungbeanonly matches a pdf for the form15:27
SuperMattsurely you'll be claiming for the second though?15:28
SuperMattI mean, why wouldn't you?15:28
mungbeanbut i already am15:28
SuperMattI see, but are you adding an additional child, or updating your previous claim?15:28
mungbeannew sprog born so making new claim15:29
SuperMattbecause this is the kind of gumph that really messes with people's heads15:29
mungbeanthe help form skips this question15:29
SuperMattI would call and ask15:29
mungbeanthere's space for 2 on the form and the help form has space for 2 more15:30
mungbeanhence, looks like (1) is the naswer15:30
mungbeanbecause lots of families have >2 kids15:30
mungbeanso it must be for the edge case that triplets born15:30
mungbeanor adoption of 3 kids at once etc15:30
popeyI initially wanted 6 kids15:32
popeyThis was quickly vetoed by wifey15:32
mgdmevery 3rd kid being an LTS?15:33
mungbeangonna go for 115:34
TheOpenSourcererWe wanted 4 but got too old too quickly ;-)15:34
NET||abusemy step mum has 18 siblings15:38
NET||abuseand only 2 of the 18 are twins15:38
NET||abuseyeh, it's a nuts family.15:39
NET||abusepretty awsome though15:39
NET||abusehaha, yeh, irish catholic15:39
mungbeani always ask, and they always are.15:39
NET||abuse:P racist!15:39
popeyCatholics are a race now?>15:39
NET||abuseleft handers too!15:40
* mungbean is left handed15:40
NET||abusegingers are definately their own race also!15:40
mungbeanthey have no soul, i heard15:40
NET||abusethey angrily protest that claim15:40
* bigcalm kicks mungbean 15:40
mungbeanman, ISAs are a pain now15:41
mungbeannothing is worth it unless a fixed ISA.15:41
NET||abuseISA,,, gateway microsoft thing15:41
mungbeanso in 3 years you have to shovel expired ISAs into another ISA, AND shovel the fresh money into a new ISA15:41
Laneyyeah, seems like you have to open two per year15:43
Laneyonce to transfer your old fixed term one and one for new money15:43
NET||abuseI think people who are cynophobic should also be their own race..15:43
NET||abuseit's just wrong to be scared of dogs... der so cewt!15:43
mungbeanhttp://ubuntuone.com/39evXtJFneLPMjL0StQuot << look at my screen corruption :(15:44
mungbeanmight open a five year one to put off doing the shovelling15:44
NET||abuseahha,, i copied the url and tried to paste it into a curl command to view the image15:44
NET||abusecopied from one term and tried to paste into another terminal..duh15:45
Laney5 year rates are so crap atm though15:45
Laneytransferring is quite easy in my experience15:45
mungbeanmy theory is everything is deliberately difficult to make sure you don't do it15:47
Laneyi look forward to when you can put all of your allowance in cash isas15:47
Laneystocks and shares, now there's a pain in the arse15:47
mungbeanis it free to trade S&S if they are in an iSA?15:48
mungbeaneg. i want an ARM ISA15:48
Laneyyou don't pay CGT or tax on dividends etc15:49
Laneystill other fees though15:49
bigcalm........EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.E........... 126 / 211 ( 59%)15:49
Laneyor maybe s/don't pay/pay a bit less/?15:49
awilkinsAnyone use Org-mode ?15:49
bigcalmRead that in the voice of Mini-Me15:49
Laneyi don't have one, just read a bit about it15:49
Myrttimeh, I should call specsavers15:54
Myrttinot interested at all.15:54
mungbeanworried about bug 114071616:04
lubotu3bug 1140716 in linux-lts-quantal (Ubuntu Precise) "[regression] 3.5.0-26-generic and 3.2.0-39-generic GPU hangs on Sandybridge" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114071616:04
mungbeanloads of ppl getting shafted on it, but all eyes on 13.04 atm i guess16:04
SuperMattyea, well raring doesn't use 3.5 or 3.216:06
SuperMattbut I guess if it's affecting many people, it still needs to be worked on16:06
SuperMattI assume that users can choose a different kernel at boot time?16:07
awilkinsSo : Emacs, does it cause as much RSI as the lists of keyboard shortcuts lead me to believe?16:07
mungbeani jumped to 3.5 to fix this16:07
mungbeanearlier in the thread was rec'd16:07
mungbeannot convinced 3.2.40 is actually fixed16:08
mungbean276 people say it affects them16:08
mungbeanthats high for lp16:08
Laneythe bug statuses indicate that it's fixed but not in ubuntu yet16:10
bigcalmSuperMatt: how's the daemon?16:12
popeyi had lockups in 3.8 too16:12
popeyon raring16:12
MartijnVdSah, so it's not just me 8-)16:12
popeybug 104179016:13
lubotu3bug 1041790 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[snb] GPU lockup IPEHR: 0x0b160001 IPEHR: 0x0b140001, workaround i915.semaphores=0" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104179016:13
MartijnVdSthey resolve quickly for me though16:13
MartijnVdSjust a few seconds of "hang" once of twice a day16:13
popeyi get none now16:13
popeyi have that workaround though16:13
MartijnVdSooh, trying that tomorrow at work16:14
popeyhmm, all of precise & precise-updates & precise-security, binary only i386, main, universe, restricted and multiverse takes up 57GB16:14
popeywonder if that would fit on a 64GB USB stick16:14
MartijnVdSyou'd need "binary-all" as well16:15
popeythis has that i presume16:15
MartijnVdSIf it has _all.debs it does16:15
popeyalan@homeserver:/srv/repostick/www/ubuntu/pool$ find . | grep -c _all16:16
popeylooks good16:16
ali1234i bet a large number f those packages are mutually exclusive16:16
popeyi expect so16:16
popeyalso, multiple versions of many16:16
ali1234i would download a torrent if you make it work tho16:16
ali1234i hate how nearly everything useful is missing from the default install16:17
ali1234but wait16:17
ali1234you need all the debug packages too16:17
* popey wonders if everyone has ssh attempts from university-security-research-see-https-pki-net-in-tum-de16:17
popeyauth.log.1:Apr 18 03:50:28 homeserver sshd[4554]: Invalid user university-security-research-see-https-pki-net-in-tum-de from
ali1234has anyone tried fenrus btw?16:18
MartijnVdSpopey: well, the important bit is "" :)16:18
ali1234it uses some kind of magic to provide debug symbols on demand, any time, without messing up the system16:18
ali1234for 100% of packages16:19
ali1234nothing in my logs from that ip or similar hosts16:19
MartijnVdSwow.. a big Dutch pharmacy chain has a QT/Linux version of their photo app.. ordering photos Just Works :)16:22
awilkinsHmm, is it just me or is emacs totally unusable in Unity because Unity commandeers the "Meta" key?16:23
ali1234awilkins: it;s not just you16:23
MartijnVdSwell you can remap the Unity key16:23
awilkinsNot an Emacs user but I was just following the tutorial and every time it prompts me to hit Meta the d16:23
MartijnVdSor use ESC instead 8-)16:23
awilkinsdash opens16:23
ali1234you can unbind meta and super from unity. i find that makes it slightly less annoying16:24
ali1234it's in ccsm16:24
awilkinsYeah, I already have capslock rebound to be a meta key because my favourite keyboard doesn't have one :-)16:25
ali1234you mean super i guess unless your keyboard is really weird16:25
awilkinsali1234, No Windows key16:25
awilkinsali1234, Old IBM Model M16:25
awilkinsI may be mixing them up16:25
ali1234windows = super16:26
ali1234alt = meta16:26
ali1234in ccsm anyway16:26
awilkinsAh, that works OK16:26
awilkinsAs long as you use combos and don't "tap"16:26
ali1234hud should really be bound to the context key16:27
ali1234i mean it's not like anyone ever uses it for anything else, ever16:27
awilkinsDon't have one of those either :-)16:27
ali1234sure, but on a model m you don't have much at all16:27
mgdmusing Unity on a PC laptop with a Mac keyboard is 'fun'16:27
mgdmthings popping up all the time16:27
ali1234except tinnitus16:28
awilkinsali1234, Just 0 and 1 ; but they are a real pleasure to use :-P16:28
awilkinsEmacs is already making me go "urrrr"16:31
ali1234as well it should16:31
ali1234it's not the only program that has had trouble with unity stealing the alt key though16:32
awilkinsI mean, ctrl p, n, b, f for up down left right??? even vim makes positional sense16:32
mgdmprevious, next, back, forward16:33
mgdmbut yeah, not ideal16:33
awilkinsI get the mnemonics but they're sprawled all over and need a modifier key16:35
* awilkins perseveres16:35
awilkinsOnly reason I'm doing this is to see if Org-mode is interesting16:35
ormiretawilkins: you're supposed to disagree with emacs defaults - emacs isn't an editor it's a very good system to build an editor in.16:36
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MartijnVdSpopey: http://www.kcrg.com/news/local/Elvis-Impersonator-Holds-Des-Moines-Police-at-Bay-204031911.html17:04
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ali1234hmm i'm really confused now22:09
ali1234all the posts on my devsite are getting loads of likes and +1s and i have no idea why22:09
ali1234still at least it works22:09
ali1234great, facebook thinks i am a spammer23:26

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