snap-lUgh, computers are no fun00:37
snap-lHad all sorts of fun with a NVidia card at my parents place00:37
rick_h_ruh roh00:38
snap-lFinally decided to say fuck it and get an AMD card00:38
snap-lRather than figure out which of the 5 different driver variations might be the one to make it not crashy00:38
rick_h_and that worked? Everyone is telling me nvidia ftw00:38
snap-lI have an AMD card in this machine00:38
snap-lorered another one00:38
snap-lI'm sure it's great if you have the Geforce uber-fucktard 1e+48 version, but trying to figure out what magic incantation makes the GeForce 7500LE not shit itself is not my idea of an evening well spent.00:40
Blazeixi think you have a reasonably modern card, you won't have trouble with nvidia00:44
snap-lYeah, that's just it. This card is not modern by any stretch of the imagination00:44
Blazeix"reasonably modern" means less than 5 or 6 years. ish00:44
snap-lIt's a shit OEM card00:45
Blazeixjust reassuring rick_h_ that he shouldn't think twice about buying a nice nvidia card :)00:45
rick_h_hmm, yea the ones from system76 aren't on there at all00:50
brouschintel ftw00:51
snap-lIntel FTNoperformance00:52
rick_h_tiles fine here :P00:53
rick_h_but yea, going to get the  GTX 66000:53
rick_h_http://www.nvidia.com/object/geforce_family.html wtf, how many models can one product need?00:55
rick_h_I mean, even MS is looking at that list going w..t..f00:55
rick_h_I did want an AMD card at one point when I found one that would do triple head00:56
snap-lWell, this one is for the desktop series, and this one is for the laptop series,00:56
snap-land this one is for the OEM Inuit PC builders.00:57
rick_h_hmm, so if I get a second one I can do 3 displays?00:58
snap-lI'm not sure how that works00:58
rick_h_gah, a 680?00:59
rick_h_http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/394157-33-will-support-monitors nvm woot!01:02
snap-lYeah, but will Linux support it?01:03
rick_h_up to the nvidia driver I guess. I know awesome can handle it01:03
rick_h_that's for 201101:04
rick_h_so hopefully still works in today's world01:04
rick_h_here we go, closer http://superuser.com/questions/476012/linux-nvidia-surround-3-monitors01:07
snap-lI'm about ready to decapitate something01:15
brouschbeers are in the fridge01:16
snap-lFucking Banshee is locking up01:16
snap-ltrying to import disks01:16
derekvsome chance of new kinesis ergo in 2013 http://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=36195.msg861000#msg86100002:19
rick_h_cool, have cornice hooked up with redis and an api for getting/setting/removing config values.02:29
rick_h_not sold on the error'ing methodology but still cool02:29
derekvi spent all day looking at mountain bikes online.02:31
rick_h_anything good?02:31
rick_h_ooooh, I like this error a lot better02:33
Blazeixrick_h_: nice. so cornice adds rest specification stuff (content-type, verbs, etc) to pyramid?02:39
derekvyea I went to order brake replacements/upgrades for my old mtb but became uncertain because the front fork mount is nonstandard02:42
derekvthen started looking into new ones and fell in love with one ... but its cheap and there's not like anywhere around here i can just ride02:45
derekver ride one02:45
derekvalso trying to figure out a new video card02:46
rick_h_Blazeix yea and csn tie into shpinx for generating api docs and the like.02:48
derekvoh new dr episode03:08
rick_h_Blazeix: http://paste.mitechie.com/show/945/ is kind of how it's working/code. Didn't want to push yet as it's a local mess as I just tinkered with cornice POC03:17
derekvamazon down05:25
snap-lGOod morning11:59
snap-lI hate it when I accidentally hit something on my headphones, and suddenly my headphone explode into stereo because of a bad connection13:13
snap-lWas blaming something in the audio chain (Squeezebox resamplling or something like that).13:14
jrwren_igt tat etitrom static electricitinnthephones to sceand sodetecting change in13:35
jrwren_wow. kb wtf.13:35
rick_h_lol, time to change the batteries13:36
jrwren_i get that sometimes from static electricity in the headphone to source and source detecting a change13:36
jrwren_this was direct on laptop kb.13:36
jrwren_really strange. MAC13:36
jrwren_i hate mac13:36
brouschI have several rows from the same table I need to update in my web application. What strategy should I use for uniquely identifying form fields so each row's fields can be distinguished from each other?13:47
brouschAdd a -uid to the end of each field?13:48
brouschThat seems ugly and annoying13:49
rick_h_how's the form submitted? JS or normal http post?13:49
rick_h_brousch: and it's all one form you submit at once right?13:50
rick_h_then yea, you have to adjust the field names to match some index/id13:51
brouschThen I have to manually parse it all on the server?13:52
brouschSeems so hackish13:52
rick_h_yep, welcome to the limitations of http13:52
rick_h_if you did it in JS, you could data-id="xx" and parse the fields, json the data, and send a single call with the data nice and objectified13:53
snap-lbrousch: You shouldn't be updating table data on a page anyway. That's what Excel is for14:25
snap-lRight tool, right job14:26
brouschThis is much nastier than I thought it would be14:26
snap-lHm, it's take our offspring to work day on the 25th14:27
snap-lWonder if I could bring my cat to work?14:27
jjesseis your cat your offspring?  if so that is weird and then acceptable14:28
snap-ljjesse: She's my little fur-baby.14:28
snap-l(and no, I can't type that with a straight face)14:28
snap-lSo, who else is gonna pour a forty for Earth day?14:44
jjessei filled my car up with gas today in support of earth day14:51
snap-lI'm gonna turn off the lights and read a book via my Nook.14:52
snap-lbecause i like to miss the point. :)14:52
greg-gI haz almost complete standing desk: http://www.flickr.com/photos/grggrssmr/8672540524/in/photostream15:19
snap-lCool setup, but lose the keyboard. :)15:30
snap-lAlso, the M310 is my favorite mouse. :)15:31
snap-lCheap, but feels awesome15:31
greg-gwhat's wrong with the keyboard?!15:54
snap-lI can't handle those keyboards. They do bad things to my brain15:55
brouschOMG I think I've been fighting a bug in Chrome's inspect element tools16:28
brouschPulling my hair out16:28
brouschYou can see the value in the highlighted input is 2, but in the inspector it says value="1"16:29
snap-lI see the problem16:56
snap-lYou're using KDE16:56
snap-lDoes weird things to the brain, that KDE.16:56
snap-lAlso, did that start off life as 1 and then get changed to 2?16:57
devinheitmuellerrick_h_: Quick question:  what is Bookie using for full text search?16:58
rick_h_devinheitmueller: whoosh17:10
devinheitmuellerAh, cool.  Thanks.17:11
greg-grick_h_: how do you like working with it?17:11
rick_h_devinheitmueller: work project is elasticsearch.17:11
greg-grick_h_: Chris Webber (the Mediagoblin guy) is looking for a search solution17:11
rick_h_greg-g: <3 it. Pure python. Works for scale of around 30k or so web pages.17:12
devinheitmuellerGiven the extremely small dataset I'm dealing with (a few thousand records), Whoosh is probably more than sufficient for me.17:12
rick_h_greg-g: but since it's file based it's disk limited, hard to sync and scale out.17:12
rick_h_devinheitmueller: yea, for small stuff that doesn't need to HA it's awesome and allows for a lot of fine tune'd fulltext tweaking for folks that know what they want17:13
rick_h_much nicer than trying to sync diffs in sqlite/mysql/pgsql fulltext17:13
rick_h_to match whatever db you feel like using with the ORM17:13
devinheitmuellerI've got a fairly small static dataset, so I don't really care that much how efficient it is.17:14
rick_h_devinheitmueller: cool, yea then pure python ftw17:14
devinheitmuellerBasically just trying to build a search engine around a Q/A session:  http://drugfactsweek.drugabuse.gov/chat/2011/index.php17:14
brouschThe big guys use solr17:16
greg-gwe use lucene/solr at Wikimedia17:16
snap-lWow, Vim is amazing17:16
rick_h_man, scary I've got a pair fo 3TB drives and that was because I didn't want to spend the $$ for 4TB :/18:14
rick_h_time to test the syology upgrade process18:14
snap-lrick_h_: I can't fathom having 4TB on a drive18:15
snap-lScared me enough to have 1TB of data in one location.18:15
snap-lOf course that also held true for 1GB drives. :)18:16
greg-gbtrfs raid ftw18:17
rick_h_snap-l: yea, well it'll be 3TB mirror raid on the NAS18:18
rick_h_snap-l: but still. Crazy. I've got backups of laptops long gone I just keep18:18
rick_h_because it's more work to go through and see if there's anything I need to hold onto vs just rsync'ing /home /etc /var each time I do a new install18:18
snap-lWHen copying over my parents' machine (heir 340GB drive) I realized there were several copies of the same damn files18:19
snap-land a copy of files from their old 486 machine18:19
snap-lAnd you're right; it's cheaper to just copy the damn stuff forward than to actually go through and prune18:20
snap-lWOnder if in the future we'll stop using magnetic media, and just have optical media that is Write Once, Read Many18:21
snap-lbecause the media will be so cheap, and there's no worry of it degrading18:21
rick_h_heh, anyone need any 500GB drives? Pulling out 2TB ones to put in the desktop and 3TB going in. 500GB seems so...quaint now18:24
rick_h_actually have a desktop I need to make disappear shortly.18:25
snap-lrick_h_: What CPU?18:26
rick_h_Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU         E8400  @ 3.00GHz18:26
rick_h_8GB ram18:27
greg-gdefinitely no where near not respectable ;)18:31
snap-lWell, it's a dual core machine.18:31
rick_h_yea, it's a custom built then I put together years ago to be a file server18:32
rick_h_and was running my jenkins builds of bookie, been headless, etc18:32
rick_h_basically been turned off for a long time since I got tired of sync'ing/etc as my laptop is more powerful18:32
snap-lHm, we need to have it do something useful again18:33
rick_h_yea, like fly away and not take up space. :)18:34
rick_h_hmm, formatting 3tb seems like it's giong to take a while18:34
snap-lrick_h_: Ya think?18:34
* rick_h_ wants to start backup!18:34
jrwren_this looks sweet: https://github.com/bulletproofnetworks/ript18:35
jrwren_rick_h_: can I have your old drives?18:35
rick_h_jrwren_: cool18:36
jrwren_i cut a SATA cable to fit ESATA based on snap-l conversation last week but I have no working SATA drives with which to test :)18:36
rick_h_jrwren_: no, going to take my old 2tb ones and put them in the desktop when I get it18:36
rick_h_jrwren_: oh, I've got some spare 500GB sata ones if you need18:36
jrwren_i'll take 2 if you got 'em :)18:37
jrwren_CHC on Wednesday? :)18:37
rick_h_jrwren_: have to get an esata enclosure though18:37
snap-ljrwren_: That means you'll need to come into Oakland County18:37
jrwren_snap-l: for a pair of 500GB drives, I'll come into Oakland Co :)18:37
snap-lHypocrite. ;)18:38
jrwren_rick_h_: part of the test was trying to run drives without an esata enclosure.18:38
jrwren_snap-l: you know it ;)18:38
rick_h_jrwren_: jrwren_ ah, got it18:38
snap-lSpeaking of coming into Oakland County, any of you coming to Penguicon?18:38
snap-lIt's this weekend, in case you were procrastinating. ;)18:41
rick_h_jrwren_: ok, so yea. I've got 3 of them, and one 500GB IDE drive18:42
jrwren_Steve Andre', Marcus Watts - openbsd. every year. kudos to them for doing it every year.18:42
jrwren_rick_h_: they are all 500? I'll take 'em. I can put 'em to use.18:43
rick_h_jrwren_: cool. I've got to pull two out of the desktop. They're not plugged in. I didn't bother re-resetting up the raid5 when I did the last ubuntu install on there18:43
snap-lGood thing they're not 500MB. You'd be hard pressed to put them to use. :)18:44
jrwren_i remember dropping a lot of coin (for me at the time) on a 500MB drive back in '9518:44
jrwren_maybe it was '9618:44
snap-lI remember dropping a lot of coin for a 60MB drive and a SCSI enclosure (along with a SCSI interface for my Atari 800XL)18:45
jrwren_holy crap? seriously?18:45
jrwren_i only had cassette tape for my 800XL18:46
jrwren_i didn't even know you could get HD for them18:46
snap-lYeah, and they had some strange partitioning system where you could map any of the partitions as a floppy disk18:46
snap-lIt was a third-party mod18:47
jrwren_how was it managed?18:47
jrwren_it didn't exactly have a filesystem.18:47
jrwren_manual partition management? I guess I could see that.18:48
snap-lYeah, you basically mapped each parition to a drive letter18:48
snap-lusing some special OS drivers.18:48
jrwren_drive letters?18:48
snap-lD1, D2, ... D818:48
jrwren_are you thikning of ST instead of 800XL?18:48
jrwren_huh, cool.18:48
snap-lD8 was usually a RAMDisk18:49
jrwren_hahaha, from teh 64KB of RAM ?18:49
snap-lNope, I don't have a ST machine18:49
rick_h_still formatting...18:49
snap-lIt as more useful on the 130XE18:49
snap-lsince you could only address 64K at a time18:49
snap-lThey used bank-switching to access the upper 64K, so it made sense to use that as a ram disk18:50
snap-lsince no programs were likely to use it18:50
snap-ljrwren_: I'll have to show you the hardware. It was really cool.18:50
snap-lIt was the CSS Black Box18:51
jrwren_makes sense18:51
rick_h_lol, pulled the old HP mini down from the rack.18:52
rick_h_well it was still on18:53
rick_h_but yea, it's sitting on top of the NAS and not doing anything. Time for a office re-org18:53
rick_h_pulling down my old broadvoice voip box off the rack18:53
snap-lEnd of an era18:54
rick_h_so sad to have all this old working computer gear but it's just worthless.18:54
rick_h_no one wants an old slow netbook18:54
rick_h_my Nexus10 with the BT keyboard is a TON nicer to use than this thing18:54
snap-lYeah, we still have the ASUS netbook18:54
snap-lIt's sitting on a shelf18:55
jrwren_might as well be a 486 ;)18:55
rick_h_atom with 1GB of ram18:55
snap-lThat's the funny thing18:56
snap-lI have no problem keeping an Atari machine long past it's prime18:56
snap-lbut if it's Intel based, I'll recycle that things ass in a heartbeat.18:56
rick_h_keeping up an old computer is overhead. It's more maint. to sync up your config/settings. Tracking what's on it. manage the ip addresses/services. Backup data18:56
snap-l(That said, I'm all about getting every last MIP out of the Intel hardware)18:56
rick_h_I started to keep the pypi mirror on there thinking it's low power/etc18:57
rick_h_but dealing with it being on the internal network and when I'm home/away/offline18:57
rick_h_ended up just loading it up locally instead18:57
snap-lthough SSH tunnels are your friend18:57
rick_h_format is done, backup time!19:22
* rick_h_ does some match. 1.2TB at USB2 wheeee19:22
snap-lNo fun19:22
rick_h_it's ok. I realized there's a flaw in my plan. So I ahve to wait for another disk to arrive wed before I can complete this19:23
snap-lDoes it support USB3?19:23
rick_h_"hmm, don't trust the synology to grow the FS after swapping the disks so need to copy to usb. Only disks I have big enough are the new 3TB ones19:23
rick_h_so stuck one in the external carrier, backup19:24
rick_h_then take the second and swap one disk in the NAS19:24
rick_h_but then I need to pull out the 'backup' and replace the second one in the NAS leaving me backup-less19:24
rick_h_no, no usb3. I got the cheap low end model sans esata and usb319:24
rick_h_but it's lower powered atom and such so swapped out for the 99% use case19:24
snap-lWish Unheilig albums were available in this country. Apparently only Puppenspeil is the only one19:35
snap-l(Think Rammstein with more classical influence, and more "soul")19:37
rick_h_hmm, backup state "verifying destination size" for 25min20:16
jrwren_what time is CHC on Wednesday? how late do you usually code?20:19
jrwren_i have Unheilig discgo20:20
jrwren_discog rather.20:20
snap-ljrwren_: Best not bring it to CHC. ;)20:20
snap-lI might have to roll you for it. :)20:20
snap-lCHC starts at 8pm this week20:21
snap-lnext week it's 7pm20:21
snap-llasts until 10pm20:21
jrwren_i don't have it on CD, only mp320:21
snap-lI have the Puppenspeil CD20:21
snap-lWas trying to go legit on some old MP3s that my friend sent me20:21
snap-lbut that's nigh impossible20:22
jrwren_yay. i can make both events... the drivig part will suck, but I'll do both, because, why not :)20:22
snap-ljrwren_: Awesome!20:23
rick_h_jcastro: smoser long CHC wed 7pm 3hr edition20:23
snap-lnext week20:24
smoserrick_h_, thanks for the invite. i dont think i will make it, but i do appreciate the reminder.20:24
snap-lI want to like Duplicity, but sheesh it's a bit of a pig when it comes to backups20:25
rick_h_lol "1d 5hr remaining"21:10
greg-gsnap-l: obnam!21:11

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