llstarks|sparei'll try to do an nvidia randr 1.4 write up over the next day or so00:01
llstarks|spareworks beautifully despite x limitations that cause tearing00:01
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tjaaltonllstarks|spare: so xserver needs a rebuild04:27
erapplemani'm not sure. libudev0 was needed to even pull in -core. input-all and video-all also got removed with most drivers04:30
erapplemansorry again about nick confusion04:31
tjaaltonwhy do you need the new version again?04:32
erapplemanaaronp said that 1.13.y was needed for nvidia to use randr 1.4 properly. turns out it was actually 1.14.004:32
erapplemanit took us more than a week to figure that out04:32
tjaaltonyou tested with 1.13?04:33
erapplemanthe main problem was nvidia telling us to use .xinitrc instead of .xsessionrc04:33
tjaaltonxserver version doesn't change that :)04:35
erapplemantrue, but nvidia's instructions were bs: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/539322/linux/blank-screen-with-319-12-on-optimus-laptop/04:37
tjaaltonso what issues you had with 1.13?04:40
erapplemanthe x session wouldn't display anything on the backlit screen, same result for everyone who tried to get optimus offloading working04:44
erappleman1.14 works, can't point to any particular commit04:44
tjaaltonhow's powersaving working, or is nvidia enabled all the time?04:46
erapplemannvidia is enabled the whole time. you display with modesetting or intel. there's no vsync due to x limitations.04:46
erapplemanpowermizer does work04:46
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tjaaltonerappleman: I have no problem trying to upgrade to the staging ppa06:43
erapplemanunless i'm screwing up fresh installs, there's an abi disagreement06:44
mlankhorsttjaalton: libudev0 is no longer available07:03
mlankhorstand compiz no longer installs07:03
tjaaltonwhy does it not complain here then07:09
mlankhorstbecause you have the old stuff still installed, I suppose07:10
tjaaltonlibudev0 yes07:12
tjaaltonhuh, intel-gpu-tools depends on it07:13
tjaaltonbest to rebuild it then07:13
mlankhorstI'm tossing a complete lts-raring rebuild in my ppa, for precise07:15
mlankhorstyeah xserver needs a rebuild too07:22
tjaaltonand an upgrade to 1.14.107:22
tjaaltonoh I had a snapshot of i-g-t that depended on libudev007:25
tjaaltonno need to rebuild it07:25
tjaaltonupdated inputproto too07:46
mlankhorstcan you pull the patches from 1.13.3 too?07:47
tjaaltonmlankhorst: could you check xorg-server ubuntu+1 branch that it looks sane08:17
tjaaltonpatches should match what is needed, and they apply08:18
mlankhorstlooks good08:37
tjaaltonthanks, I'll upload it08:44
tjaaltonto the ppa08:44
mlankhorstI'd prefer it if the drm patch was rebased, but meh :P08:48
tjaaltonwhy would we need it still?08:53
mlankhorsthm I guess we don't if the fix is backported to precise too08:55
tjaaltonit will09:00
tjaaltonfighting to get it in raring first..09:00
tjaaltonoh it was evdev that still needed a rebuild against libudev110:32
mlankhorsttjaalton: heh we should be able to land lts-raring as soon as we want to, at least..10:56
mlankhorstSarvatt: I need your magic abilities, how do I fix plymouthd: ply-terminal.c:630: ply_terminal_set_mode: Assertion `terminal != ((void *)0)' failed. ?11:23
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