trender  __05:08
nuvolarioh gosh05:21
nuvolariblue monday05:21
nuvolariout of power, and the ups ran out of juice too05:21
Kilosmorning superfly and others05:47
Kiloshi Tinuva 05:47
magespawngood monday05:50
Kiloshi magespawn 05:50
magespawnhow goes it Kilos?05:51
Kilosnot too bad ty and you magespawn ?05:52
magespawnsun is shining with clear blue skies, so quite well, ty05:53
Kilosjust cold here05:53
magespawnstill in shorts and golf shirts 05:54
magespawncool for us 05:54
Kiloswas only 11°c last night05:54
magespawndo sheep handle the cold05:55
Kilosyeah they got built in blankets05:56
Kiloseven walk around in snow05:56
Kilosjust cant take it when it snows heavy like in the eastern cape sometimes05:57
magespawnlet me guess 100% wool?05:57
Kilosonly the big farmers suffer because you cant put a few thousand sheep under cover05:57
nuvolario/ hello's 06:14
Kiloslo nuvolari 06:14
nuvolarihandy andy06:14
nuvolarioh hi oom Kilos 06:14
nuvolaridid you have a good weekend?06:14
Kilosyes ty. and you?06:15
Kiloshiya maiatoday 06:24
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maiatodayHi Kilos06:26
Kiloshi Squirm 06:29
nuvolariSquirm: respect. Configuring transmitters is hard if you do it yourself :P07:02
trendermornin 07:36
superflymorning ki<tab>08:13
superfly*gasp* where's he gone?08:13
inetprogood mornings08:19
Squirmbeing sick is boring09:14
Vince-0yar me too, Squirm09:22
ThatGraemeGuyg'day all10:16
superflyohi ThatGraemeGuy10:19
ThatGraemeGuybusy day I see :)10:23
Kilosyay power has returned at last12:47
Kilosone doesnt realise how reliant we are on electricity12:48
Kilosafternoon all12:48
Tinuvawe dont have that many power outages here in cape town12:57
Kilosi dont think its the cities them selves that suffer, mainly rural and farming areas13:18
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:42
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