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GridCubeso in theory this saturday its release date correct?12:47
GridCubeits there any schedule for us to follow, and by us i mean xubuntu, so i might bother some people to do iso testings etc12:48
maddernickGridCube: thursday, no?13:44
GridCubeapril 25th, its thursday correct, i read 27 and got confused, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RaringRingtail/ReleaseSchedule13:47
luke_hello everyone14:39
GridCube:) hi luke_ 14:40
GridCubeas i said you earlier, if you want to help, at this moment what we need the most its iso testings http://xubuntu.org/news/want-to-help-out-xubuntu-test-raring/14:41
luke_alright thanks GridCude!14:42
luke_appreciate your help14:42
GridCubeafter this week everyone will have lots of free time and there will be more time for helping newcommers :)14:44
luke_ok great14:44
luke_what team are you from?14:44
GridCubeluckly we got some people interested in the last few weeks, we hope they stick around 14:44
GridCubeim xubuntu, user support mostly, and some testings, but not lately :( sadly14:45
luke_how come?14:45
GridCubemy internets are not very helpful, very low rates adn my work its worse, so i cant get the isos14:46
GridCubeluke_, :) https://launchpad.net/~gridcube you can see my badges here 14:46
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micomdo you think that c++ programmer with a little experience can be helpful in the xubuntu?19:56
knomewelcome here as well :)19:56
elfyall channels lead to the same place :p19:57
Noskcajanyone willing to hel pis helpful19:57
knomethey do, they do19:57
Noskcaj*help is19:57
knomemicom, definitely! and there are other contributors here as well :)19:59
micomok lets say that i have a IDE, g++ and etc, what's in your opinion best way to get into xubuntu's development?20:00
ochosiusually the best way is to start with a bug20:01
knomemicom, fixing bugs that scratch your own itch is a very good way to start20:01
Noskcajmicom, get a basic knowledge of python first. i did it in about a day, and learn as you go20:09
knomemicom, xfce is written in C... :)20:10
Noskcajknome, one other thing to add to our list for next cycle: make the release notes link point to xubuntu.org rather than ubuntu.com20:12
Noskcajmicom, have a look on bugs.launchpad.net, see what you can fix. C and python are the main languages. also, testing or translations could be a way to help20:13
knomeNoskcaj, does other flavors do that either? we still share most of the release notes with ubuntu, so i'm not even sure if that's ideal20:14
Noskcajknome, have a look at bug 1065789, it happened for all of this cycle and most of q cycle20:14
ubottubug 1065789 in ubuntu-website-content "the release notes link in installer points to www.ubuntu.com" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106578920:14
Noskcajkubuntu goes to kubuntu.org/news, xubuntu an ubuntu go ubuntu.com, i forget what lubuntu does20:15
knomeNoskcaj, as long as they point to the general release notes, i don't consider that a huge bug20:15
knomeif we wanted it to point to xubuntu.org, we'd have to create our own release notes page20:17
knomefrom that, we probably want to link to the main ubuntu notes as well, so i don't know if that's a shortcut or a detour (xubuntu-specific notes *are 20:17
knome* in the general page as well)20:17
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Unit193Not that it matters much, but as it stands now (or maybe a couple days ago?) http://unit193.ninth.su/xubuntu/quantal-to-raring.txt  this is from unbooted live CDs.20:43
Noskcajis everyone running iso tests? if not, please start.21:32
Noskcajor fixing bugs, that works too21:32
knomeUnit193, umph. we'll need to fix that for S21:33
Unit193Well hey, may actually be more useful than I thought.21:33
knomethe 3.8.0 series kernels do not like my desktop :/21:33
knomewhenever they upload a new one, my system refuses to boot the first time, then proceeds without problems on the second time21:34
Unit193.2 was very good, later hasn't worked yet.21:34
knome(after a hard boot, that is)21:34
knomestaying with 12.10 on the laptop for some more21:35
Unit193I may only be able to upgrade one or two.21:37
knomei was about to upgrade my wife's21:38
knomethen i realized it's a precise system21:38
knomeso going to do the wacko LTS jump21:39
knomeneed to upgrade mum's when we get there the next time21:41
knomei'm pretty sure she's running Q21:41
ochosilive on the edge and upgrade her remotely ;)21:42
knomethat's not completely out of question21:42
Unit193I've done several over SSH, worked pretty well.21:43
knomei've done some less wanted commands over SSH too :)21:43
knomeresulting in questions like "where IS that server even (physically)?"21:44
ochosias long as it comes back on after reboot, it's probably fine/fixable :)21:44
Unit193Or sometimes you have to wait half a week or longer to fix your goof... Been there.21:44
knomeyeah. probably better do the upgrade when i'm around and also AFTER RELEASE ;)21:45
knome(moral right to point fingers at others!)21:45
mac_cant wait for 13.04 stable21:45
knomeonly a few days21:46
Unit193He said stable, not relese.21:46
knomeonly a few months21:46
mac_knome are you a team leader?21:47
knomemac_, yeah, the xubuntu team/project leader21:47
mac_how would i get involved with QA?21:48
knomemac_, the best way to get started is doing the ISO tests21:48
knomemac_, this article: http://xubuntu.org/news/want-to-help-out-xubuntu-test-raring/ describes testing pretty well generally21:49
mac_what about code testing like writing units test etc. ?21:49
Noskcajmac_, you want to get involved in QA?21:49
knomemac_, the first thing with that would be to do some planning/investigating work where xubuntu can benefit from it21:50
mac_ok fair enough21:50
knomemac_, some of that is probably best cooperated with the xfce team, but some of it is naturally xubuntu-specific too (and it doesn't hurt to run more tests in xubuntu as well, naturally)21:50
knomemac_, you might want to talk to our developers (micahg, mr_pouit, bluesabre) who could possibly point you to specific things on unit testing21:51
Noskcajmac_, Main things for QA team: ISO tests (easy), Autopilot (nothing fox xubuntu, but a version for post-install would be good) and just running a devel version of something and looking for bugs21:51
mac_who is incharge of the QA team?21:52
knomeNoskcaj is running the calling errands at the moment21:53
Noskcajmac_, for Xubuntu, i'm trialling21:53
Noskcajmac_, come onto #ubuntu-quality. that's were the team is21:53
knomewell, both here and there; #ubuntu-quality is for the ubuntu wide QA cooperation21:54
knomexubuntu-specific issues are best discussed here where the xubuntu people hang out21:54
knomei'd imagine -quality have more pointers on automated testing21:54
ochosipleia2: have fun!22:19
Noskcajpleia2, enjoy. 22:19
pleia2thanks everyone22:19
knomemicahg, can you look at http://unit193.ninth.su/xubuntu/quantal-to-raring.txt someday before release if possible and see if there's some obviously unwanted packages, and get rid of them in our seed? :)22:49
Unit193(Added a couple more comments, some of those are clearly needed changes.)22:52
knomewhat's the story of zeitgeist?22:53
knomeis xubuntu really benefitting from it?22:53
mac_looks like spyware to me22:56
Unit193I don't know the database well, but what's in mine was from UbuntuOne before I purged it.22:56
knomei'll add investigating that to the todo-list for S22:57
Unit193Since we don't ship U1, I don't *personally* see anything using it, but I don't have all the shipped applications any more.22:57
knome(unless micahg deems it unnecessary before R release and drops it)22:58
knomeis it not taking any resources then?22:58
knomei doubt that22:58
knomewe should look in our seed anyway, not because of space or resources, just not to ship something utterly useless :)22:58
knome(but for space and resources too)22:59
Unit193I don't have it running it would appear, and now I've purged the last of it.23:01
knomei seem to have it running23:01
knomebluesabre, how badly catfish needs zeitgeist? what's their connection?23:05
skellatI had almost forgotten this merge request: https://code.launchpad.net/~skellat/ubuntu-seeds/xubuntu.raring/+merge/15575323:39
knomeme too.23:40
skellatProbably needs killing this late in the game23:40
knometbe, i had forgotten23:40
knomei'd say let's do that and other small things in S23:41
knomethough meh, we changed the docs23:41
knomemicahg, when you look at Unit193's link, see the merge request 155753 too23:41
knomei'd consider that low-mediumish23:42
knomeeven more so because R only has 9 months of support, and we're more rolling now23:42
knomewe can probably let ourselves a bit easier with things like this on the interim releases in the future23:43
skellatHow about disapprove it now and we'll consider it in the S cycle then?23:43
knomeif we can get it in, it's fine23:43
knomeif not, then it'll automatically be postponed23:43
skellatThere were supposed to be re-spins tonight.  I don't know if the crew in -release started yet, though.23:44
knomethis doesn't affect any image really23:44
knomeit's just a matter if micahg has time before the release and if it's considered something that can pass through23:44
knomeif not.. then let it be23:46
knomea bit different from "oops, we forgot to upload the new wallpaper" :P23:46
skellat:-)  Been there, done that, got the IRC logs for it23:47
knomethat still wasn't as crazy as the "we know it's after UIF... but can we change our logo?" in 12.04 :D23:48
Unit193knome: /eval.txt too now.23:55

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