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felipecwhen a branch has diverged from the remote, is there a way to get the revision objects programatically?04:22
felipeclike in git, I don't need to do 'git pull', I can do 'git merge', and I see the remote stuff in 'origin/master' (for example)04:26
felipecer, I can do 'git fetch'04:26
bob2sure, bzr missing05:13
bob2or doing the same with git and a repo/clone05:13
felipecbob2: yeah, but I want to do what bzr missing does but programatically05:14
felipecbob2: from what I can tell, the repot revisions are not copied locally, so I would need to query the remote branch to fetch the information05:15
bob2yes of course05:15
bob2if you want it to be like git, use a repository05:15
felipecbob2: I'm actually working on git-remote-bzr (the official bazaar support from git)05:15
felipecbob2: and I wasn't really aware of bzr repositories05:16
felipeconly exploring them right now05:16
bob2you'll definitely want to read the bzr tutorial before trying to write an interoperable tool for it :)05:16
felipecbob2: too late, it's already written, and already released05:16
felipecwhat is the oldest version of bazaar that supports repositories/05:17
bob2thousands of years ago05:18
felipechmm, branch.repository.find_branches() seems to be rather slow05:26
felipecis there some remote repository I can test listing the branches?05:38
bob2thousands on launchpad.net05:39
felipecbob2: for example05:39
felipecpreferably a small one05:39
felipecall the projects I see on launchpad.net have the repository inside the branch05:49
bob2I really would read the bzr tutorial05:52
bob2launchpad just exposes the branches to you, how it's stored does not matter to you as a remote user05:52
bob2and this is unrelated to the above05:52
bob2(if you don't want to query the remote for info every time, you want to clone it into a local repository and ask that)05:54
felipecbob2: I already have05:55
felipecand I cansee the repository: RemoteRepository(bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~felipec/%2Bjunk/test/.bzr/)05:56
felipecalso, I created a local repository, and I get nothing while calling get_branches()05:57
bob2that's not related to your goal of not having to query remote branches05:57
felipecbob2: that's not my only goal05:57
bob2what is your goal05:57
felipecbob2: another goal I have is to be able to clone all the branches in a repository05:57
felipecbob2: I have many goals05:57
bob2suspect it'll be hard to get useful help here without a broader explanation then05:59
felipecbob2: I want to list all the branches in a repository06:00
felipecwhat more explanation do you need?06:00
bob2good luck =)06:00
felipeceven 'bzr branches' doesn't list them06:01
felipecbob2: yeah, thanks for *nothing*06:01
felipecthat's what you get for trying to support a dead SCM06:02
felipeca bunch of users that have no idea what they are doing, but somehow want bzr to magically work on git, one or two developers unwilling to help, unmaintained spaghetti code, and few online resources06:20
fullermdIn some recent version branches started needing some arg (I guess -R) to do the search.06:28
felipecfullermd: yeah, I eventually found that out06:38
felipecI can list the branches now, but with a ControlDir, not with a BzrDir06:38
felipecwell, I can, but it's cumbersome06:38
felipecnow, I'm trying to find the best way to clone all the branches06:39
felipecI guess I should 'sprout' the repository, and then 'sprout' all the branches06:41
felipecthere's no such thing as main, or default branch in a repo, right?07:21
vilafelipec: I don't want to sound rude or anything, but bob2 is right, if you don't start using the right words when asking questions about bazaar, we're all losing time07:23
fullermdMeaningless statement, yes.  Really, repos don't know anything about branches under them anyway.07:23
vilafelipec: there is no such things as a list of branches for a given repo07:23
vilafelipec: a branch on the other hand can refer to one or several repos and all of the revisions in the history of a branch are stored in these repos07:23
felipecfullermd: Repository::find_branches() begs to differ07:24
vilafelipec: I don't think you fully understand what find_branches does then07:24
fullermdTechnically, that doesn't find branches using the repository, only under it.07:24
vilafelipec: it walks the file system findin... yeah, what fullermd said07:25
fullermdAll the find_branch's/find_bzrdir's evaluate roughly to `find -type d -print | xargs hi-there-are-you-a-branch`07:25
felipecfullermd: I did not ask to "find branches using the repository", did I?07:25
fullermd"in" implies (though doesn't require, true) it.07:26
fullermdIn meaningful use cases, the distinction probably doesn't matter.07:26
fullermdTeally, in meaningful use cases, the whole 'repo' question in the first place probably doesn't matter.  You don't care about the repo one way or another, you just want to clone some set of branches.07:27
fullermdAnd Really even, too.07:27
felipec'in' is not a superset of using, so it doesn't matter07:27
vilaha, nit-picking about word definitions are we ?07:28
felipecvila: wasn't you the one that just complained about the words being used?07:29
felipecand btw, I didn't use any words wrongly, repositoryes do have branches in them07:29
felipecanwyay, moving on07:29
vilafelipec: indeed, I told you to use the right words in the right context and you didn't care07:29
felipecbzr branches -> * (default)07:29
felipecI wonder what that (default) means, and why it's named *07:30
vilafelipec: no, repo do not contain branches07:30
vilafelipec: that's the git definition, not the bazaar one07:30
felipecbzr branches -R . -> and I wonder why that branch is called '.'07:30
fullermdThat's a side effect of 'branches' by default doing something that isn't supported.07:30
felipecvila: I can 'bzr branch' it07:30
fullermdIt's not _called_ '.', because branches don't have names.  Just locations, and '.' is the location.07:31
felipecvila: and I can 'bzr branch' the subdirectories in it07:31
felipecfullermd: and what about '* (default)' ?07:32
fullermdThat would be the something-that-isn't-supported.07:32
vilaa branch can have a repo, so you branch it but you don't branch the repo07:32
felipecfullermd: BzrDir::sprout() is doing that07:33
felipecvila: it doesn't matter... the repo does have branches in it07:34
vilaI've seen people being less than friendly when asking for help but here... what can I say, I've tried but I think my time will be best used somewhere else07:35
felipecvila: if the repository does _not_ have branches in it, why does Repository::find_branches() returns branches?07:35
vilafelipec: read the log both fullermd and I have already answered, repos do not contain branches, their location on the file system though is (in most usual cases) above the branches that are using it, so find_branches() walk the file system to find them07:39
felipecvila: yeah, you are "helping", keep telling you that07:39
felipecvila: all you are doing is trying to correct me, when the code shows you are wrong07:39
felipecrepos do contain branches07:40
felipecas repo.find_branches() shows07:40
felipecthe question was: there's no such thing as main, or default branch in a repo, right?07:40
felipecthe answer was: no07:40
felipecvila: and yet, you never answered the question07:41
vilafelipec: if you know the code better than me why are you even listening to my answers ?07:41
felipecvila: which answers?07:41
vilafelipec: everybody answered your question but you're not listening07:41
felipecall I heard was you trying to correct what I said07:41
vilawhen a question is incorrect, the only way to answer is to first correct the question so it can be answered07:42
felipecvila: but you didn't answer07:42
felipecand it was correct07:42
vilayou're coming with a git background where a repo contains branche definitions, that's not the case in bzr07:42
vilafelipec: so you care more about your question being correct than about a correct answer ? Your choice07:43
felipecvila: I did not ask if a repo contains branch definitions, nor did I say it07:43
felipecvila: it was you the one that cared about the correctness of the question, not me07:43
felipecall I cared for was the answer07:43
felipecwhich I didn't get07:43
* vila stops feeding the troll07:44
felipecvila: you are the troll, I am actually writing a useful bzr tool07:44
felipecby definition, a troll purposedly disrupts the communication in a project, so progress is inhibitted, but I'm the one doing something productive here08:05
felipecI take it you are not programing on bzr.bzr atm08:05
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felipecall right, I've added support for bzr repos in remote-bzr10:29
felipecI whish there was an easier way to detect if a controldir is a branch or a repo though10:30
felipechow does a branch finds it's repositories? checking the directories above?10:45
smgzfelipec: yup10:49
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felipecsmgz: I did fetch a branch repository into another repo, and then sprouted the branch in a directory under the other repo11:08
felipecit seems there are some objects in that second repo11:09
smgzit only ascends to the first repo found11:10
felipecsmgz: I thought vila said above  that a branch can refer to multiple repos11:11
smgzit can, but not via that mechanism11:12
felipecsmgz: so under what mechanism then11:12
smgzit's called stacking, and don't do it.11:13
felipecsmgz: I might need to if I don't find a way for all the branches to use the same repo11:14
smgzjust put the repo in the parent directory (create with `bzr init-repo`) then branch into it11:15
felipecsmgz: I am not using the command line11:17
felipecsmgz: it's not finding it: bzrlib.errors.NoRepositoryPresent: No repository present: "file:///home/felipec/tmp/test/.git/bzr/alt/clone/master/"11:40
smgzwhat fun, you get to debug the logic when there's a .git directory involved. try --no-plugins11:41
felipecsmgz: it's not the command line11:42
smgzthen you get to debug your code directly.11:43
felipecsmgz: it's not my code that is triggering that error11:44
felipecsmgz: same happens from the command line11:50
felipecbzr: ERROR: No repository present: "file:///home/felipec/tmp/test/.git/bzr/alt/clone/master/"11:50
felipecln -s $PWD/../.bzr/repository .bzr11:57
felipecand it works11:57
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felipecah, create_repository(shared=True)12:16
Jeeves_Hi all13:35
Jeeves_Q: Is there any documentation available on how to use the bzrlib python modules?13:36
smgzJeeves_: you mostly want to refer to the docs under developers, and the docstring/api documentation, for instance at <http://people.canonical.com/~mwh/bzrlibapi/bzrlib.html> (not sure what version that's for...)13:37
smgz(you can generate your own though for local browsing if you like)13:38
Jeeves_smgz: I'll have a look. Because http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/en/ seems just about how to use the program, right?13:38
smgzsee the "Developer docs" link on that page13:39
smgz*linked from, <http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.dev/developers/>13:40
Jeeves_That seems to be about working *on* bzrlib13:41
smgzsome parts13:41
smgzyou want to read overview.html at least13:43
Jeeves_ok, thanks13:50
yacc|2Any idea what the branch url for bzr-svn is?13:52
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yacc_Any idea how to make bzr know that some url is a svn repo? Seems the auto-detect fails badly here: http://www.fpaste.org/5g1w/15:20
qenghojames_w: Hi. I'm interested in picking up the libv8 packaging in Ubuntu.  It is Debian's, so far, with in-branch sources. Is it smart or possble to convert that to a debian/ -only branch and not break things?16:13
james_wqengho: you can't convert the official branch16:16
james_wbut you could have your own version if you wanted16:16
qenghojames_w: hrm, thanks.16:17
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rossouwapHello, noob here: I'm trying to figure out why a bzr update is going extremely slowly. 3-10 kB/s. Any ideas?18:11
qenghojames_w: Er, should the quilt ".pc" directory be versioned? That seems wonky.18:15
qenghoIn a UDD branch, I mean.18:15
qenghorossouwap: Hrm, what branch format? ("bzr info") What transport?  Is it CPU bound?  Disk bound?18:17
rossouwapqengho: format 2a, not sure what you meanby CPU bound or disk bound18:19
james_wit is a bit wonky indeed, but it's currently intended behaviour18:20
qenghorossouwap: it could be "normal". I'm not sure. If you're branching something big, then initialize a "shared repository" in the parent dir so that branches of the same family after this one are very cheap.18:26
qenghorossouwap: ("bzr init-repo .." or some place upward in the dir structure.)18:27
rossouwapqengho: thanks. I'll have to read more before I do anything I think (I'm still learning bzr). Was just alarmed to see an update work so slowly. Project is hosted on launchpad, and initial clone put +-800 mb onto disk. I'm sure I'm using ssh as well, as it asks for my key passphrase.18:31
qenghorossouwap: After your branch finishes,"mv new-dir to-be-removed && bzr init-repo . && bzr branch to-be-removed new-dir && rm -r to-be-removed;"  That will fill a shared repository by branching locally and discarding a copy, so you don't see that cost again on this computer. The only disadvantage is that you can't move that branch outside of this directory.18:35
qenghojames_w: Either there's a bug, a bad import, or I'm dumb.   http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5596373/19:08
james_wqengho: that looks like a bug to me19:39
qenghojames_w: Reported.   https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-builddeb/+bug/117199919:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 1171999 in bzr-builddeb "On import-upstream, unapplying checked-in .pc/ quilt patch-state makes unversioned conflicts" [Undecided,New]19:56
qenghoLongest bug summary ever.19:56
james_wthanks qengho20:06
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