m_3davecheney: yo00:01
davecheneym_3: wazzup ?00:08
m_3davecheney: just wanted to touch base with you on scaling00:10
m_3davecheney: make sure you weren't waiting on me for anything00:10
davecheneym_3: nope00:14
davecheneydid you use the test harness on friday ?00:14
davecheneyi was going to bring it up to the latest changes and try the 300 node test again00:14
davecheneyHP cloud totally shat itself once I got to 300 node last week00:14
m_3davecheney: saw email on it, but didn't get a chance to play00:16
m_3took a real weekend :)00:16
davecheneym_3: no probs00:17
davecheneyyou should continue to take that weekend00:17
m_3yeah, sprinting this week00:17
m_3conference last00:17
m_3conference next00:17
m_3then another sprint00:17
m_3whoohoooo!  party00:17
davecheneyshit, you travel more than I do00:18
davecheneyyou should sell your house, or rent it out and live in your basement00:18
m_3haha, yeah00:19
m_3it's utah, so it's cheap00:19
davecheneyhouses in australia don't have basements00:20
davecheneyand if they did00:20
davecheneywe'd convert them into garages00:20
m_3we do rack up the hilton points though00:21
m_3unfortunately it's all in my wife's name.... so I'm always Mr Martin00:21
m_3not Mr Mims00:21
m_3and not even Dr Martin00:21
* thumper has installed the ec2 command line tools to try to work out the difference between us-east-1 and ap-southeast-200:48
davecheneythumper: digging in boto is also a good way to figure out how this shit is supposed to work00:49
davecheneypython boto00:51
davecheney_the_ python ec2 library00:51
* davecheney is really wishing he hadn't let the TA talk him into flying via LAX next week00:52
* thumper has AKL->SFO00:52
davecheneybut the only option for SYD -> SFO00:52
davecheneywas flying united00:52
thumperyep, that sucks00:52
* thumper likes Air New Zealand00:53
davecheneyUA flying an original 1970 vintage 747-40000:53
davecheneyfuck that00:53
davecheneyso now I have a 2 hour layover in LAX to clear customs (who are on strike) and land on time (flight controllers are also on strike) and transfer to a domestic flight00:54
davecheneysoooo not going to happen00:54
thumperwhy is everyone striking?01:01
davecheneyair traffic controllers are paid with federal money01:07
davecheneyand it's run out01:07
thumperoh yay01:21
* thumper has just realised a big problem...01:21
thumperwell, bigish01:21
thumperFSVO big01:21
davecheneydo tell01:21
* thumper tries to work this out01:21
thumperwhen running tests we have MakeFakeHome01:22
thumperwhich writes the environments.yaml into the juju home dir01:22
thumperhowever MakeFakeHome doesn't take JUJU_HOME into account, but the code to work out the juju home to write the config file into does01:22
thumperso if any dev has JUJU_HOME set01:22
thumperthe tests will break their environment01:22
* thumper enfixorates01:23
* thumper files bug first01:23
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* thumper thinks about how to side step this panic03:54
rogpeppe1mornin' all07:10
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smgzI need a floating ip on canonistack, has anyone got one I can have?09:57
dimiternmgz, wallyworld_, jam, danilos: sorry guys I might be 5m late for the standup11:24
danilosjam, dimitern, wallyworld_: I am not sure I'll be able to get mumble to work here at all :/ I think I'll drop out to find a new PSU instead of trying to fix the existing one11:25
wallyworld_what's wrong with it?11:26
jamwallyworld_: he is on his laptop, and having trouble getting it working. The PSU apparently blew out some capacitors11:27
danilosjam, wallyworld_: I have mumble working here but with a high-pitched noise (like echo) coming in from the built-in microphone, and I am sure nobody wants to listen to that11:34
wallyworld_danilos: you can maybe just listen in11:34
jamdanilos: yeah you can sit in and listen11:35
smgzso, I can't connect to the standard mumble port right now11:39
smgzit appears to be a day of mumble fail11:39
smgzif there's a public server on 443 I could get to that instead11:39
danilossmgz, have you tried setting up an ssh tunnel?11:43
wallyworld_jam: forgot to mention - i had goose bot issues as well - it wouldn't land stuff and ssh to the goose bot machine failed11:50
jamwallyworld_: yeah, I haven't been able to ssh into canonistack instances for a while, I was hoping mgz would have some insight, but he only just got back.11:50
wallyworld_jam: so i justed landed my branch manually11:51
jamwallyworld_: right, I've been doing that for the last few patches until we get goose-bot sorted out again.11:51
wallyworld_ok, glad it's not just me then :-)11:51
smgzdanilos: have one now, it's... not going to be much good for voice packets11:54
jamudp over tcp, great latency and reliability at the same time11:55
wallyworld_dimitern: thanks for the review. i copied that imagesFields() function from ec2 - i'll look for a reference to the file format and point to that11:57
smgzalso, because of lack of floating ips, I'm going hpcloud->chinstrap->canonistack11:57
smgzwere I just in the datacenter, it might be more practical11:57
dimiternwallyworld_: cheers!11:58
ahasenackhi guys, I noticed that with go-juju the binaries like open-port, close-port, juju-log and others are in /var/lib/juju/tools/machine-1/13:02
ahasenackI suppose you change PATH, so that all hooks can easily find them, right?13:02
rogpeppe1ahasenack: that's right13:03
ahasenackI just stumbled upon a charm/script that sanitizes PATH to the usual bin paths, and then gojuju broke13:03
rogpeppe1ahasenack: interesting13:03
rogpeppe1ahasenack: where are those executables in py juju?13:03
ahasenackrogpeppe1: /usr/bin13:04
rogpeppe1ahasenack: i'm not sure there's anything we can do about that unfortunately13:04
rogpeppe1ahasenack: we can't put binaries in /usr/bin13:04
ahasenackwhy? Ubuntu policy?13:04
rogpeppe1ahasenack: because we allow upgrades13:04
smgzwe can fix the script...13:04
rogpeppe1ahasenack: and there can be more than one version of the tools binaries on the same machine13:04
smgzor symlink probably, but really fiddingly with path shouldn't be needed13:05
ahasenackone per deployed unit, basically?13:05
rogpeppe1ahasenack: one for each agent - that is one per deployed unit and one for the machine agent13:36
ahasenackrogpeppe1: hm, unrelated, but did bootstrap with raring break again? It was working yesterday13:40
rogpeppe1ahasenack: yes, it's just been deliberately broken again13:40
rogpeppe1ahasenack: pending a proper fix13:40
rogpeppe1ahasenack: which is an outstanding bug in raring13:40
ahasenackisn't raring going to be released tomorrow?13:41
ahasenackno, 25t13:41
ahasenackhardy dies tomorrow13:41
ahasenackso, hm, I can't really test my PATH fix in this charm13:42
rogpeppe1ahasenack: try with a slightly older version of juju-core13:43
ahasenackthe ppa gets rid of the older ones13:43
ahasenackI can postpone this, np13:43
smgzahasenack: you can use the version currently in the ppa13:48
ahasenacksmgz: it's what I had installed, bootstrap wasn't working13:49
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dimiternrogpeppe1: kanban?14:03
rogpeppe1dimitern: i'll see how the network works today...14:03
rogpeppe2darn it!14:08
TheMuerogpeppe2: no chance14:08
rogpeppe2phone company says it might be fixed tomorrow. i'm not gonna hold my breath14:09
rogpeppe2dimitern, mramm: sorry, i'm giving up. my mobile connection (previously quite reliable) doesn't like me now either14:11
mrammrogpeppe2: that's fine14:12
mattywrogpeppe3, ping?14:51
rogpeppe3mattyw: pong14:57
mattywrogpeppe3, I'm trying to run a unit test using the MgoTestPackage stuff in juju-core, do we have a version of mongo that will run on a 32 bit machine?14:58
rogpeppe3mattyw: i'm not sure14:58
mattywrogpeppe3, I think we might be ok actually, we can get the enterpise edition of mongo free for development14:59
rogpeppe3mattyw: cool15:00
hazmatrogpeppe3, is the juju-core api exposed or is it only available internal to the env?15:24
hazmatin a security group sense15:24
rogpeppe3hazmat: it's exposed15:24
hazmatrogpeppe3, cool thanks15:25
rogpeppe3hazmat: are you planning on using it?15:25
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hazmatrogpeppe, yes.. i've got rewriting launchpad.net/juju-deployer on my plate for this week15:27
hazmatits mostly cli forks.. but seems like a nice opportunity to use the api.15:27
rogpeppehazmat: staying in python, or rewriting in Go?15:28
hazmatrogpeppe, not sure yet15:29
hazmatmight be better in go, if there's a desire to move into core15:30
rogpeppehazmat: it's a small enough rewrite that rewriting in Go is probably a net win15:30
rogpeppehazmat: 'cos you can use the api package directly15:30
rogpeppehazmat: you might want to consider putting it under https://launchpad.net/juju-utils i suppose15:31
hazmatrogpeppe, thanks for the link15:32
rogpeppehazmat: speaking of which, here's the current way to open an API client from Go. i plan on moving some form of this function into core: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju/juju-utils/trunk/view/head:/cmd/juju-wait/main.go#L13415:32
rogpeppehazmat: PS spot the deliberate mistake :-)15:33
hazmatrogpeppe, envname ;-)15:33
rogpeppehazmat: indeed15:34
hazmatrogpeppe, i've had problems using any juju-core env.. any subsequent command post bootstrap does.. error: no CA certificate in environment configuration15:35
hazmatrogpeppe, do you know what might cause that ?15:35
rogpeppehazmat: hmm, sounds like the CA certificate isn't being saved or loaded correctly15:35
hazmati am using JUJU_HOME to separate pyjuju/gojuju envs15:36
rogpeppehazmat: are you using the env from different machines?15:36
hazmatrogpeppe, nope15:36
hazmatrogpeppe, same machine, multiple trunk builds w and wo upload-tools, multiple regions.. etc.15:36
rogpeppehazmat: there has been quite a bit of churn in that area since i touched it. i'll just have a look.15:36
hazmatmight just be an issue with JUJU_HOME15:36
rogpeppehazmat: that's what i think15:37
rogpeppehazmat: it's very new15:37
rogpeppehazmat: yes, that's the bug15:38
* hazmat reports a bug15:38
rogpeppehazmat: it always saves it to $HOME/.juju15:38
hazmatand reads from $JUJU_HOME15:38
rogpeppehazmat: yup15:39
rogpeppehazmat: the bug is in environs.WriteCertAndKeyToHome15:39
hazmatbug 117191015:40
_mup_Bug #1171910:  JUJU_HOME is broken, writes cert to wrong location <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1171910>15:40
* rogpeppe welcomes _mup_ back15:41
hazmatis there an lp2kanban instance running on the juju core board?16:10
hazmatrogpeppe, fix in review16:15
rogpeppehazmat: ha, i've done one too16:15
hazmatdoh.. bad coordination16:16
rogpeppehazmat: https://codereview.appspot.com/883904716:16
rogpeppehazmat: very very slow upload speed here16:16
hazmatrogpeppe, i went minimal.. https://code.launchpad.net/~hazmat/juju-core/fix-juju-home/+merge/16042316:17
rogpeppehazmat: if poss, we generally go through codereview16:19
hazmatrogpeppe, understood, having a credential issue with google atm16:19
rogpeppehazmat: i think that fix isn't quite right - the authoritative source for juju home is config.JujuHome()16:21
* rogpeppe is still uploading16:21
rogpeppe56Kbaud FTW16:22
hazmatrogpeppe, ack.. one minor with your branch is that it looses the cert write test if JUJU_HOME isn't set.16:22
rogpeppehazmat: it will panic, actually16:23
rogpeppehazmat: if config.SetJujuHome hasn't been called16:23
rogpeppehazmat: but MakeEmptyFakeHome calls it16:24
rogpeppehazmat: hmm, sorry ignore me16:24
rogpeppehazmat: speaking without looking16:24
rogpeppehazmat: i'm not sure what you mean then16:24
rogpeppehazmat: you mean it doesn't test what happens if $JUJU_HOME isn't set?16:25
hazmatrogpeppe, yes16:25
hazmatrogpeppe, but its not clear if that's auto setup via config to HOME and tested elsewhere16:26
rogpeppehazmat: the right place to test whether config.SetJujuHome is called is in cmd/juju16:26
rogpeppehazmat: the JUJU_HOME env var isn't part of the contract of the environs package16:27
rogpeppehazmat: there is no test, but i'm disinclined to grumble. the call to InitJujuHome is at the start of Main.16:28
rogpeppehazmat: and juju.InitJujuHome itself is well tested16:29
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rogpeppehazmat: and that's where the $JUJU_HOME / $HOME logic is16:29
rogpeppei'm done for the day17:12
rogpeppesee y'all tomorrow17:12
TheMuerogpeppe: cu, and much luck with your phone line17:12
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gary_posterhi.  I want to announce the GUI Juju core support today.  What is the end user expected to do to start up juju core?  I'd like to try it from that direction and make sure it works18:06
mrammgary_poster: that sounds awesome18:07
mrammyep, ppa18:07
mrammhttps://launchpad.net/~juju/+archive/devel is the latest18:09
gary_postermramm, cool, thanks that's what I was hunting for.18:09
ahasenackgary_poster: is bootstrap working on raring yet with juju-core?18:39
ahasenackit wasn't earlier today18:39
gary_posterahasenack, my raring machine is still updating :-P .  are you getting "error: no matching tools available"?18:40
ahasenackgary_poster: yes18:40
ahasenackgary_poster: they said it was broken on purpose today until the right fix lands18:41
ahasenackgary_poster: so maybe you should check before announcing18:41
gary_posterahasenack, oh! ok.  Yeah id does that on quantal too.  I was wondering if they expected people to use --upload-tools until release or something18:42
gary_posters/id does/it does/18:42
gary_postermramm do you know of a timeline when that will be resolved?  I agree with ahasenack that it would be nicer to announce when the story is smoother18:43
sidneihola! heard rumours that the go version has reached feature-parity with the python version. is this what the announcement is about?19:02
gary_postersidnei, my announcement would be that the GUI works fully with juju core, with feature parity.19:04
sidneiah, so pretty close19:04
gary_postersidnei, the other announcement may be waiting in the wings, dunno :-)19:05
sidneidoes juju-core work with canonistack yet? or does it still need public ips?19:05
gary_posterI have not tried that.  Still using pyjuju for that19:05
mrammgary_poster: I think mgz was working on it19:21
mrammgary_poster: I'll check in with him first thing in the morning (his time)19:21
mrammso I'll know before you get in to work ;)19:21
mrammsidnei: go juju works with canonistack19:22
sidneimramm: no more public ips issues?19:22
mrammsidnei: but it does not have constraint enforcement for openstack yet (code in a branch, will be merged in the next release)19:22
gary_posterthanks mramm19:23
mrammsidnei: well, there are public IP issues on canonistack, but there are ways to get around it built in19:23
sidneimramm: not even instance-type for constraints?19:23
mrammthere will be mem, cpu/arch constraints (cross platform constraints) as soon as john's branch lands19:24
mrammbut there was a lot of arguing about provider specific (instance-type) constraints, so those are not yet implemented at all19:25
sidneimramm: what about those workarounds to get around public ip issues, is it written down somewhere?19:25
gary_postermramm, probably already known, but fwiw, when working with the PPA, juju bootstrap --upload-tools works fine in raring and quantal, but juju deploy on raring is giving me "error:cannot log in to admin database: auth fails".  Works fine in quantal.  Maybe I am doing something wrong; will investigate later19:29
ahasenackI couldn't get it to work with canonistack the other day, some error when trying to contact swift, I think 40119:29
ahasenackbut then the bootstrap errors started, and I didn't try again with canonistack19:29
mrammsidnei: I believe it is written down, but I can't find it at the moment19:30
mrammmgz and jam would know19:30
mrammgary_poster: that seems like something I am not yet aware of -- will look into it19:30
hazmathm.. if you have multiple relations, and one is in error, you can't tell which one has the error.22:53
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hazmatpip install jujuclient23:30

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