m_3marcoceppi: setting up that control env now00:02
m_3should be done for your morning00:02
* m_3 making fun of one of your keys though... "Windows"... harumph00:06
imbrandonm_3: heya, sooo check this out , been working on / tweaking a theme for a new site I've been tinkering with launching a week or so … themes only about 80% done or so, but thats not the cool part … check out this hack ( note the comment system ) http://www.cloudhero.net/hello-world ( most of the content is just dummy content while I work on the theme )00:06
imbrandonits got the G+ commenting system thats only been released for blogger, and only a day or so there even … and that is a self hosted wordpress.org install on RAX using it :P00:09
* imbrandon is happy with himself, so much so infact he is making it into a WP plugin for others.00:10
m_3imbrandon: oh, nice00:12
m_3imbrandon: yeah, that looks great00:12
m_3add the plugin to the wp charm too!  :)00:12
imbrandon:) ty still rough edges but its almost there00:12
imbrandonm_3: for sure :)00:12
m_3like the theme in general too...not just the comments bit00:13
m_3nice and clean00:13
imbrandonthanks :)00:13
imbrandonits the first one i've done from scratch in a long time00:13
marcoceppim_3: sounds good, how will I know the address?00:13
imbrandonwell its still bootstrap based, but barely00:13
m_3marcoceppi: still in progress :)... I'll send you the node once I have it bounced00:14
m_3marcoceppi: I'm adding the env config so you can pull that from the node once it's there00:14
marcoceppim_3: awesome, I'm curious to see if this works properly now so I'll check back after the gym00:14
m_3marcoceppi: that way you can control it too... and your keys get injected into everything (tpaas) in that env00:14
m_3marcoceppi: ack00:15
marcoceppim_3: \o/00:15
imbrandonm_3: here is alot of the elements you dont see on the page as well, developing it as a full theme … http://www.cloudhero.net/misc/styleguide.html00:29
imbrandonabout half of the form elements are still funky ( select, combo box, checkbox[alignment] ) and still adjusting the colors a bit … but yea i'm happy with it over all too, tis something fresh to work on that dosent seem like a cheap copy of something else :)00:31
m_3imbrandon: ack00:42
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evilnickveitchwhat causes  "error: cannot log in to admin database: auth fails" ?12:40
smgzmattyw: ^did you get an answer to that error when you ran into it?12:51
smgz(looking at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/juju/2013-April/002301.html attachment)12:53
smgzevilnickveitch: possibly trying to deploy before stuff is ready, what were the steps you took to get that error?12:54
evilnickveitchhmmm. well, just recently - "juju bootstrap" followed by "juju status". so...12:56
mattywsmgz, sorry - just in a call12:58
smgzpresumably just the current breakage then, not sure which of them caused that12:58
smgzcould be the upstart/cloudinit one or something else12:58
evilnickveitchsmgz ok, was just curious :)12:58
smgzare you running from the devel ppa, and have you updated recently? the package from yesterday should be okay12:59
smgz...then the issue is the tools in the bucket aren't updated yet...12:59
evilnickveitchsmgz - ah, where should i be getting it from, just to make sure13:00
mattywsmgz, I seem to remember that I was trying to do juju status too quickly13:02
evilnickveitchyeah, that's the one i have. I will make sure it is up to date13:02
smgzonly built latest at the end of yesterday13:03
rogpeppe1evilnickveitch: you will get that error if the bootstrap instance has failed to bootstrap successfully13:05
rogpeppe1evilnickveitch: can you try ssh'ing to that instance (you can't use juju ssh for that though) and looking at the contents of /var/log/cloud-init-output.log13:06
evilnickveitchrogpeppe1,  thanks. Some more investigating to do.13:06
smgzrogpeppe1: you should really make that error less lame13:07
rogpeppe1evilnickveitch: yeah. i think we should probably change that error message13:07
smgzwhere you=we13:07
rogpeppe1smgz: snap13:07
rogpeppe1smgz: it's bad because clients connect directly to mongo13:07
rogpeppe1smgz: in the near future, command line clients will connect to the API13:07
rogpeppe1smgz: so you won't get that error - you'll just get endless "connection refused" messages, which is arguably better, i suppose13:08
rogpeppe1evilnickveitch: the "auth refused" error means that the bootstrap instance got as far as starting mongo at least.13:09
smgzwell, no, but I need to persuade you guys that bootstrap should be console-log aware still13:09
rogpeppe1smgz: yeah, i agree, but it's awkward to do13:09
rogpeppe1smgz: the command line tools can't know when the environment is bootstrapping vs when it's genuinely unavailable13:10
smgzthey can, for several common classes of problems13:10
smgzif you don't get to cloud-init's happy message, you know something has gone wrong13:11
rogpeppe1smgz: i suppose juju bootstrap itself could know; perhaps juju bootstrap --debug --wait could wait until the instance comes up, ssh to it and tail -f cloud-init-output.log13:11
smgzright, and then make --no-wait --quiet the non-default passable flags :)13:12
rogpeppe1smgz: juju status on the other hand has no idea if it's waiting for the environment to bootstrap13:12
smgzyou don't need to ssh to get the log13:12
rogpeppe1smgz: no?13:12
smgzyou just call into the nova api (on openstack at least, ec2 has the 4 minute delay thing or whatever)13:12
rogpeppe1smgz: to get any log file on the system?13:13
smgzno, to get the log you care about (dmesg + cloudinit redirection)13:13
rogpeppe1smgz: the one that i find all the useful info in is cloud-init-output.log, which i don't think is the one you're talking about there.13:13
smgzthere's this nice little line in our cloud config, that goes like this:13:15
smgzoutput: {all: '| tee -a /var/log/cloud-init-output.log'}13:16
rogpeppe1smgz: do you think we should change that?13:16
smgzor, in the go code, environs/cloudinit/cloudinit.go line 183:13:17
smgzc.SetOutput(cloudinit.OutAll, "| tee -a /var/log/cloud-init-output.log", "")13:17
rogpeppe1smgz: or does the output also end up in the other log. i'm afraid i am shamefully ignorant of the cloudinit detais13:17
smgzright, what you see in cloud-init-output.log also appears in the console log.13:18
rogpeppe1smgz: ah, ok13:18
rogpeppe1smgz: i wonder if it might be nicer to have a bootstrap-log command. that way even if i bootstrap silently, i can later inspect what went on in the bootstrap process13:19
smgznicer than having bootstrap just working? no. in addition, perhaps.13:20
rogpeppe1smgz: i'm not sure what you mean by "just working" there.13:21
smgzerroring when there's an error, with a clear message, returning 0 when it succeeds.13:21
rogpeppe1smgz: i'm not sure i want the bootstrap command to wait for minutes by default13:22
smgzwe'll have this argument in a few weeks :)13:22
rogpeppe1smgz: i think i'm on niemeyer's side on this on13:23
rogpeppe1this one13:23
rogpeppe1smgz: if the bootstrap process was more reliable, i'm not sure we'd be as concerned about this. there are definitely some places where a retry loop could help things (for instance the metadata service can fail transiently in ec2)13:24
orospakrsay I want to fork a charm (because I want to add an interface to it or something) after I've deployed it.  can I switch the charm or is a redeploy necessary?13:42
marcoceppiorospakr: not really. There's a bug about not being able to upgrade a charm from the store using a local repo13:45
orospakroh wow, yeah, that's the feature I'd want. well, so long as there's already a ticket filed. :)13:46
marcoceppiSo if you've always deployed it from your local repo you can use juju upgrade-charm to update the charm to the newer version, but if you deploy from store then try to upgrade from local - no go13:46
orospakralright, here's a fun question: what is Canonical's business model for this project? consulting?13:46
marcoceppiorospakr: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/104021013:46
_mup_Bug #1040210: can't upgrade a store-deployed service from a local repo <upgrade-charm> <juju:Confirmed> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1040210>13:46
ahasenackhi, there seems to be a packaging problem in pyjuju in raring13:49
ahasenackzookeeper is "suggested", as is apt-cacher-ng13:49
ahasenackbut lxc deployments won't work without it13:49
ahasenackis that expected?13:50
orospakrhm, where is the reference documentation of all the fields permissible in charm metadata?13:50
smgz_ahasenack: yes. you can use juju without the lxc provider, why should those people have to install zookeeper locally?13:52
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ahasenacksmgz: ok, makes sense13:53
orospakrah, probably https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/charm.html14:01
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orospakrwhat's the best way to automate charm upgrades? the goal here is some form of continuous deployment. :)14:47
SpamapSorospakr: bump 'revision', 'juju upgrade-charm service-name' , the upgrade charm hook will run on all units in parallel14:58
orospakrSpamapS, okay. I figured that would be the approach. thank you. :)15:11
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jcastrom_3: do you have that text file from your charm school section? the one where you had an agenda, etc.15:36
jcastroor did you just generate that on the fly?15:36
jcastromarcoceppi: 1 week warning on LISA13 submission deadline15:37
marcoceppijcastro: thanks, I've got a draft I'll send over to you if you don't mind giving it a once over15:38
jcastrofo sho15:38
jcastrom_3: Strata deadline is 5/1615:38
m_3jcastro: one sec15:47
jcastrohey marcoceppi15:48
marcoceppijcastro: yo15:48
jcastrowe need to do a virtual charm school for 2.0ish15:49
jcastrohow does next Friday float for you? I'm thinking G+15:49
marcoceppijcastro: that sounds fine to me15:50
jcastrook I'll schedule something15:50
jcastrook everyone15:54
jcastroI've redone the messaging around 2.0 timeline15:54
jcastrothis gives us goals as to what to talk about based on when things land in 2.015:54
jcastroand we have "general advocacy" on top of that15:54
jcastroso if like, a milestone slips in core we can do other stuff15:54
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m_3jcastro: that was one-off... I can reproduce it if you want17:01
m_3jcastro: usually just make notes for myself before each talk... based on the anticipated audience17:01
jcastrom_3: yeah so what I'm going to do17:03
jcastrois break up a charm school into "15 minute" chunks17:03
jcastroand then write them all down17:03
jcastroso we can assemble them like legos17:03
jcastroso like "this is not a toy example" is one17:04
m_3I can reproduce my general notes17:04
m_3maybe next week17:04
m_3convert them to video segments17:04
m_3relation sequencing17:04
m_3managing service lifecycle17:04
m_3adding and removing relations17:05
m_3anatomy of a charm17:05
m_3service config17:05
m_3I like a "juju basics" right up front... "the point"17:05
m_3then charms, then advanced juju17:06
imbrandonsounds like what http://lullabot.com does with http://drupalize.me  … its a huge hit17:55
imbrandonmost vids are like 10 to 12 min but then they combine for an overall topic of about 1.5 to 2 hours total17:56
imbrandonjcastro / m_3 / marcoceppi ^^17:57
imbrandonhttp://drupalize.me/videos/overview-drupal-theming  <-- like that one on D7 theming is 7 min17:58
m_3imbrandon: yup... exactly18:01
m_3trick imo is to keep each vid to a single topic18:01
m_3one problem at a time18:01
m_3then it's easier to tag/search for what you want18:02
m_3and link from askubuntu and jujudocs18:02
imbrandonless seeking in the vid too trying to get to "the good part" whatever that is at the moment18:02
imbrandonthe actual drupal "distribution" ( read: drush makefile ) that lullabot uses for drupalize.me storage and playback interface is opensource / well maintained too , should you all decide u wanted to use it … i'm sure something less complex to begin with tho18:05
imbrandoneven just a wiki with youtube links is a start18:05
* imbrandon heads back to lurking mode and off to do some more work/tweaking on cloudhero 18:07
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robbiewjcastro: m_3: http://www.openstack.org/summit/portland-2013/session-videos/presentation/juju-with-openstack-workshop20:36
jcastroThanks! I was wondering when that was going to come up20:37
jcastrowill share right after this call20:37
m_3robbiew: thanks20:53
* m_3 watching now20:54
jcastrois anybody else getting a "your browser doesn't recognize the video format blah blah" on this page?21:07
marcoceppijcastro: nope, it works fine here21:08
jcastroman, I do say "Ummmm" too often in charm schools21:08
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robbiewworks good for me21:22
jcastrook posted to the world21:22
jcastro43 views so far21:22
marcoceppiI'm ~45 mins in, great job so far21:23
jcastroI am glad I switched to the gray ubuntu shirt21:27
jcastroinstead of those white snowball polos they had21:27
scuttlemonkeyjcastro: ++21:32
mwhudsonjcastro: i get the format blah message in firefox21:33
jcastromwhudson: do you have flash installed?21:33
mwhudsonyes, but i think i have the "html5 trial" or whatever enabled21:33
mwhudsonthere is a link to youtube.com/html5 where the video should be21:34
scuttlemonkeyjcastro: I haven't played w/ juju much on an openstack setup...how is it for deployment there on grizzly/havana stuff shaping up?21:35
scuttlemonkeyall my juju testing has been on ec221:35
jcastroscuttlemonkey: you should be good to go21:35
jcastrothe openstack provider doesn't do constraints yet I don't think21:35
jcastrobut they'll be doing like biweekly releases of core now21:35
jcastroand the nice thing is juju is upgradable now21:36
jcastroso you can wait for what you need, then upgrade21:36
scuttlemonkeyyeah, my plan is to move my entire test rig over to DreamCompute21:36
jcastrowithout tearing it all down21:36
scuttlemonkeysince I'm on the hook for an in-ceph-tion-y talk about deploying ceph on ceph there21:37
scuttlemonkeythat's great news21:37
jcastroyeah so the idea is21:37
jcastroif you want a core feature faster21:37
jcastrowhine more21:37
scuttlemonkeywhile it isn't hard to destroy environment on a test rig...the ability to have many other things running live will be happy-making21:37
jcastrowe're almost to feature parity so sooon we'll be moving forward instead of trying to reach the line of scrimmage again21:37
scuttlemonkeywell in that case I will be the squeakiest wheel that ever squeakied :)21:38
scuttlemonkeybut first I need a platform...so I'll go squeaky at Dreamhost first21:38
jcastroyeah I am waiting for Rackspace's cloud to be fixed so we can run on there21:39
jcastrobut they posted how they plan on getting closer to trunk or whatever, so the openstack provider should Just Work there soon21:39
scuttlemonkeyaight, time to go hunt down some dinner.  Great vid21:40
jcastroI'll ping you later, I should get a list of things you want from you21:42
jcastroand then we can bug mramm together21:43
sander_Is there a video tutorial I should watch to learn how to write charms?21:53
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