pianogmxhey is there a resource on how I can contribute to the kubuntu project?00:15
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Artakhai accidentally deleted ~/.Xauthority, how would i go about getting it back?00:50
Artakhaoh it gets just generated00:51
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rhinuxhi folks! my clock seems to be buggy. it decreases two hours back02:18
rhinuxI#m in timezone berline, UTC+1 +1 summertime02:18
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rhinuxusing kubuntu, installed but deactivated ntp02:19
rhinuxwhen I set time to correct time manually, it sets back the time again in some minutes02:21
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goodtimeuht oh i got a bug in firefox03:56
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GrungemanHi guise.. I already tried google without any luck... I have a compaq cq50 ... the internal mic is not working, I already went to alsa settings and turned everything up all the way... still no go04:31
minbariHi all04:44
Kalidarnhmm, i had a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelBoot04:54
Kalidarnit doesn't say how to get a coredump during a boot04:54
Kalidarnor at least to get the whole output text in a text file somewhere04:54
valorieubottu doesn't know either05:31
ubottuvalorie: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:31
Kalidarndoesn't know ;P05:31
Kalidarni think i might need to use a serial console05:32
Kalidarnthe problem is05:32
Kalidarni'm pretty sure that dup is very early on05:32
valorieKalidarn: you might ask in #ubuntu-kernel05:33
valoriehelpful people there05:34
NakkelShould raring questions be addressed to #kubuntu+1? Do we even have a +1 channel?05:41
Kalidarni asked in #ubuntu+105:41
Kalidarnas i don't think its actually related to kubuntu05:41
Kalidarnits way before that even is a concern05:41
lordievaderNakkel: #ubuntu+1 is for Raring support, for all versions of Ubuntu.05:41
Kalidarnas in filesystems haven't even been mounted yet, and this panic sometimes occurs05:41
Nakkellordievader / Kalidarn: thanks05:42
noaXessis pavucontrol still the only interface to control all volumes?06:09
noaXesscause standard kmix doesn't have a lot functionality06:09
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Kalidarnhas anyone experienced a pause with the kmenu when logging in06:29
Kalidarnwith raring ringtail06:29
Kalidarnlike a hang06:29
BigWigMy stupid clock keeps showing the wrong time...06:38
Kalidarnsure that's not because your system clock is storing utc?06:41
BigWigSystem = Hardware? I set that to the right time. Running hwclock returns the correct time.06:41
BigWigIt happens everytime I reboot.06:42
BigWigthe clock just jumps forward by like 8 hours.06:42
BigWigtrying to set it using ntp has no effect.06:43
BigWigI tried ntpdate and it's giving me the wrong time.06:47
BigWigwhat does the hardware clock need to be set to?06:53
BigWigI remember you! You told me where kde keeps it's configuration files. Then I deleted them.07:01
BigWigNtp servers keep returning UTC time.07:02
BigWigI need Pacific time.07:02
valorieI was just looking through the config files, but didn't see anything about the clock07:04
valorieit seems to me that the time is set in the kernel07:04
valorieoh, kde control module07:05
valoriewhen you right-click on the clock, do you see a choice to Set Date and Time?07:05
valorieand if so, did you set it there07:05
valorieso somehow your selection isn't sticking07:06
BigWigNo, I think it's sticking. Just sticking to the wrong one.07:06
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ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)07:07
valorieany help there?07:07
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dishantphi folks, i built an application from source, and installed it on a local directory using DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX option, however, trash doesn't let me clear it from the trash.09:56
dishantpalso, the files are in, ~/.local/share/trash/files/ , if i delete them , they are automatically being created there again09:57
dishantpok,it is solved.10:06
zuesometimes my volume is stuck like that, with the bar in the middle of my screen: http://i.imgur.com/JqnT6Co.png how can i fix that?11:05
zuei'm using kde 4.10.2 on kubuntu 12.1011:05
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Guest67291hey hey13:18
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Guest12560HI :)13:53
larsiviI'm trying 13.04, but jockey-* doesn't appear to use proxy settings, and also complains about appindicator313:56
BluesKajHi all13:56
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chunkyheadhow to install kde 4.10 on ubuntu14:42
smartboyhwchunkyhead, which release are you using?14:42
smartboyhwchunkyhead, do "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports"14:44
chunkyheadthat was done after that14:44
smartboyhwchunkyhead, "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"!14:44
chunkyheadthat will give me a new interface when i am logging in, right?14:45
smartboyhwchunkyhead, yes:)14:46
chunkyheadthanks! :)14:46
chunkyheadany idea how to install gnome interface14:46
* smartboyhw doens't know much about GNOME so no.14:47
chunkyheadany channel you can suggest?14:49
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smartboyhwchunkyhead, #ubuntu-gnome ?14:50
Artakhawhy would you install both?14:50
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chunkyheadwant to try Artakha14:51
Artakhai see14:51
c2tarunhi friends, is there any site, or thread on any forum or anyplace where people share their awesome KDE configurations and customizations15:07
BluesKajwww.kdelook.org , perhaps c2tarun15:12
BluesKajor www.kde-look.org15:13
Ab3LHi. I discovered that plasma crashes when I open menus of the gimp with right click on the picture. does someone confirm this issue?15:24
Ab3Lhere my data: Linux kernel 3.2.0-40-generic-pae #64-Ubuntu SMP Mon Mar 25 21:44:41 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux ; kde rc 4.8.515:27
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chunkyheadneed a little help, i updated repos, and then updated and upgraded, i'm not getting any option of new interfaces in the login menu15:46
SonikkuAmericachunkyhead: How many have you installed?15:52
SonikkuAmericaThe default is the KDE Plasma Workspace.15:52
chunkyheadi'll tell you what i did15:52
chunkyheadsudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports15:53
chunkyheadsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade15:53
chunkyheadSonikkuAmerica, ^15:53
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SonikkuAmericachunkyhead: So you're trying to use KDE SC 4.10 on your Kubuntu 12.04; is that right?15:53
chunkyheadi have ubuntu 12.0415:53
chunkyheadi thought i could use ubuntu and install kde on it O.o15:54
smartboyhwchunkyhead: Wait a minute you are installing from Unity Ubuntu?15:54
SonikkuAmericachunkyhead: I see. Did you click the little circle by the login subwindow in lighdm?15:54
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chunkyheadyeah smartboyhw SonikkuAmerica yeah didn't see kde option there15:55
SonikkuAmericasmartboyhw: I have a sneaking suspicion he did.15:55
smartboyhwchunkyhead: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop15:55
chunkyheadSonikkuAmerica, why exactly we cn't do that? install kde via unity15:55
SonikkuAmericachunkyhead: Absolutely no reason... but I think you forgot something...15:56
chunkyheadthat is?15:56
chunkyheadsagi kubuntu-desktop?15:56
chunkyheadand i am guessing i'd be the same for gnome then15:56
SonikkuAmericasag upgrade won't fix that.15:56
* smartboyhw has first heard of sudo apt-get install as sagi15:57
chunkyheadsmartboyhw, haha :)15:57
chunkyheadhow do you do that, declare something smartboyhw like that15:57
* chunkyhead hello15:57
chunkyheadSonikkuAmerica, btw any idea how to install gnome interface then?15:58
smartboyhwSonukkuAmerica: I taught him the upgrade option, but I was expecting him to be installing from Kubuntu not vanilla Ubuntu.15:58
SonikkuAmericachunkyhead: [ sagi gnome-shell ]15:58
SonikkuAmericasmartboyhw: I see.15:58
chunkyheadSonikkuAmerica, thanks :D15:58
smartboyhwchunkyhead: sagi ubuntu-gnome-desktop ?15:58
SonikkuAmericasmartboyhw: NO! NOT THAT!15:58
chunkyheadlol wait which one is it?15:58
SonikkuAmericasmartboyhw: Unless you want the whole Ubuntu GNOME falling on your head.15:59
smartboyhwSonikkuAmerica: LOL15:59
chunkyheadwhat's the difference15:59
SonikkuAmericachunkyhead: ubuntu-gnome-desktop is the pointer for the whole Ubuntu GNOME distro. gnome-shell is just for the GUI.15:59
chunkyheadah alright thanks!16:00
SonikkuAmericachunkyhead: Just a warning though: You can't use lightdm for GNOME.16:00
chunkyheadSonikkuAmerica, umm so what do i use instead?16:00
SonikkuAmericagdm (it's a dependency for gnome-shell)16:00
SonikkuAmericaSo select gdm when that screen shows up.16:01
chunkyheadwait so sagi gdm and how to choose it?16:01
chunkyheadiirc last time i installed gnome i could login using the lightdm :|16:02
SonikkuAmericachunkyhead: gdm got itself an overhaul.16:02
SonikkuAmericachunkyhead: And no, all you have to do is sagi gnome-shell; it pulls gdm in.16:03
chunkyheadso how to choose gdm rather than lightdm for login16:03
SonikkuAmericaIt'll show up as a semi-graphical screen inside your terminal.16:04
kitzuneAnyone try and play around with tomahawk yet?16:05
chunkyheadwait wait, eg i logoff logon then i use tty to login? :S16:05
SonikkuAmericaSonikkuAmerica: Not in the tty, in whatever you run the command from.16:05
SonikkuAmericaoh wow16:06
SonikkuAmericachunkyhead: ^^16:06
chunkyheadwait, gimme instructions after i've finished installing gnome-shell16:07
SonikkuAmericachunkyhead: Make it quick, I have class in 20 minutes16:08
chunkyheadlol, i mean tell me what do i have to do after i am done installing that16:09
chunkyheadgimme instructions now lol16:09
lordievaderGood afternoon.16:09
SonikkuAmericachunkyhead: Run [ sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm ]16:10
chunkyheadi mean after that16:11
SonikkuAmericaLog out.16:11
chunkyheadlightdm goes away then?16:12
BluesKajuhm , is this gnome support you guys are doing ?16:12
chunkyheadBluesKaj, lol yh16:12
BluesKajthen you should be in #ubuntu , chunkyhead16:12
chunkyheadok back to kde16:13
chunkyheadcan i login thru that terminal dm to kde and unity?16:13
SonikkuAmericachunkyhead: Yes.16:13
chunkyheadhow to change interfaces there? ie if i wanna choose between unity kde gnome16:13
SonikkuAmericachunkyhead: Punch your name in gdm and then a menu should show up under the password field.16:14
pablo__alguien de españa??16:14
SonikkuAmerica!es | pablo_16:14
ubottupablo_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:14
SonikkuAmerica!es | pablo__16:14
ubottupablo__: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:14
chunkyheadonce i am logged in, and if i want lightdm back then what to do?16:14
SonikkuAmerica[ sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm ]. But that didn't work with GNOME last I checked.16:15
chunkyheadso i'll log back into unity and do that. it should work fine right?16:15
chunkyheadthanks mate!16:16
chunkyheadoh you went off16:16
rendszergazdarendszergazda@Inspiron-1120:~$ sudo apt-get remove kubuntu16:38
rendszergazda[sudo] password for rendszergazda:16:38
rendszergazdaE: A dpkg megszakadt, saját kezűleg kell futtatnia a(z) „sudo dpkg --configure -a” parancsot a probléma megoldásához.16:38
rendszergazdarendszergazda@Inspiron-1120:~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a16:38
rendszergazdadpkg: error: parsing file '/var/lib/dpkg/updates/0056' near line 0:16:38
FloodBotK1rendszergazda: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:38
rendszergazda `33' mezőnév után : kell ..... ilyenkor mi van?16:38
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lordievaderHey qazwer, how are you?18:43
qazwerHey, Lord18:44
qazwerUh... is kubuntu just like ubuntu except for the kde desktop?18:44
Artakhapretty much18:44
qazwerI just looked at ubuntu but I can't abide gnome :(18:45
lordievaderqazwer: That is one way to see it ;)18:45
qazwerOK, so all the power of Ub, except KDE instead of Gnome, correct?18:46
lordievaderqazwer: Try it out and see for yourself ;)18:47
Artakhaqazwer, the entire desktop is different (ofc) but the packages are the same18:47
Artakhaone could argue that kub is just ub with the kubuntu-desktop package18:47
qazwerOK I will.  Only reason I ask is b/c I just used my last single layer disc on Ubuntu, and will now have to use a double layer one now =|8^o18:48
qazwerYay!  Thanks!18:48
Artakhaqazwer, well as i said you don't necessarily need to waste that disc18:48
Artakhajust install the kubuntu-desktop package18:48
lordievader^ is probably easier :)18:49
qazwerReally?  On top of Ub?18:49
Artakhathey both use the same package repo18:49
Artakhaso yeah you can just install the kubuntu desktop18:49
Artakhaand then remove the ubuntu desktop18:49
qazwerGreat!  I think I'll go ahead and install Ub then.18:50
Artakhagl :)18:50
qazwerThanks guys!  bye.... sk18:50
jimmy51_hello, i was just upgrading to 12.10 when our building lost power.  my UPS depleted and it died.  now on boot i have a black screen with a grey bar at the top.  no response to ctrl-alt-f7 or anything.  what should i do now?18:50
norok2have you tried booting in rescue mode?18:51
jimmy51_norok2: how do i do that?18:51
norok2well, reboot18:52
norok2and by the time grub asks you what to choose18:52
norok2select the 'rescue mode' boot entry18:52
norok2if grub choice does not show up try pressing SHIFT18:53
jimmy51_norok2 : it doesn't ever prompt for boot options.,  i get a grey screen with a gear on it for about a second and then the black screen with grey bar.18:53
jimmy51_press shift while booting?18:53
jimmy51_norok2 : didn't do anything.  does it matter which shift key?18:55
norok2shouldn't matter18:57
jimmy51_norok2: neither one did anything.  Still booted, gear screen for a bit, then blank.18:57
norok2maybe you don't have grub installed18:57
norok2you could try booting from a live usb18:57
jimmy51_norok2: ok.  i'll see if i can get someone to burn one for me18:59
jimmy51_norok2 : in the meantime, is there anything else worth trying?19:00
jimmy51_norok2: ok, i've got an 11.04 liveCD booted.  I was running 11.10 or 12.04, and trying to upgrade to 12.10.  i'll go check my grub config to see if i can force it to boot to rescue i guess.19:07
jimmy51_i've booted to liveCD, edited grub.cfg to have a 30 second timeout in all cases, and selected recoverymode.19:17
jimmy51_now i'm at the Recovery Menu.  what option should i choose?19:17
jimmy51_(lost power during 12.20 upgrade)19:18
jimmy51_repair broken packages?19:18
genii-aroundjimmy51_: That would probably be the first thing to try, yes.19:19
jimmy51_genii-around: it had an error about lib6 when dpkg'ing.  i've dropped to root shell. is there a manual way to say..... fix all packages and restart 12.10 update?19:25
genii-aroundjimmy51_: Considering your power went out midway, I'm not holding out much hope. However, there are a few things you can try. eg:  rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*    and try apt-get update   and apt-get -f install19:28
genii-aroundjimmy51_: When you do the apt-get update     do the URLS have quantal in them or another name like precise ?19:29
genii-around( may have to turn on the network adapter with something like  dhclient eth0       ...first )19:29
jimmy51_genii-around : E: Internal Error, No file name for libc6 (when i try apt-get -f install or dpkg --configure -a)19:29
jimmy51_genii-around oh... yeah, already enabled networking19:30
yofeljimmy51_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/+bug/98354319:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 983543 in dpkg (Ubuntu) "Internal Error, No file name for libc6" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:31
genii-aroundI think the deb file it was in middle of d/l / install was likely that one, and is corrupt19:31
yofelthat bug seems to have some working steps to work around the issue at least19:32
jimmy51_yofel, genii-around : making some progress.  this seems to be the key:  dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb19:33
genii-aroundSo long as you did the "clean" command first they should be uncorrupted now19:34
jimmy51_genii-around (sorry... not used to this IRC client).  yeah, i did a clean first.19:34
jimmy51_!info bluez19:37
ubottubluez (source: bluez): Bluetooth tools and daemons. In component main, is optional. Version 4.101-0ubuntu6 (quantal), package size 965 kB, installed size 2375 kB19:37
genii-aroundjimmy51_: Is it still chugging along?19:55
jimmy51_genii-around : i had to remove bluez... that seemed broken like crazy.20:04
jimmy51_genii-around:  then i booted normally and reached a GUI.20:20
jimmy51_logged in... package manager wants me to install a million updates, so i'm doing that now.20:20
* genii-around makes more coffee20:24
genii-aroundArtakha: Although perhaps I'll drink yours ;)20:26
zardoz_hi there20:36
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jimmy51_genii-around: it looks like it is good to go!  thanks for the help.  yofel too.21:44
genii-aroundjimmy51_: Glad you didn't need a complete reinstall :)21:45
jimmy51_me too!21:48
* jimmy51_ heads out to find a good sandwich21:48
masterWhere can i find more kde styles not based on qtcurve?22:28
masterkdelook seems to be only qtcurve nowadays22:28
mastergtk3 themes are all dirt ugly, so i avoid gnome22:30
mastermeh, ill just stick with oxygen and polyester for now them it seems22:31
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sergeрусские есть?22:52
masterNa Zdrovie22:57
kitzuneWhere is the icon folder that changes the icons for everyhting in kubuntu?23:05
master/usr/share/icons/hicolor is still the path for the default app icons i think23:12
masterthe rest is any theme you like23:13
kitzuneThank you master23:14
Artakhawhy on earth does kubuntu seem to associate .txt files to libreoffice of all things by default?23:21
masterwhat file manager?23:29
Artakhadolphin - but it's a system association23:30
masterover here it opens in ether mcedit or nano.23:30
masterbut yes, i think it is defined in the xdg options to pick the most capable available one by default23:31
masteryou can just change it23:31
giuseppe_!me buongiorno23:34
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Artakhayeah i know but.. eh23:38
=== Guest12690 is now known as tronix
zardoz__could someone help me with a dns problem?23:57

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