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krowWas there an issue with the launchpad openid server today?04:44
wgrantkrow: There was a problem with the HTML-based OpenID discovery mechanism a few hours ago.04:45
krowwgrant: Ok… the Jenkins SSO openid plugin failed to work. It was just seeing the URL and couldn't see the username.04:46
wgrantkrow: Is it working now?04:46
wgrantI'm not sure of the details of the problem; login.launchpad.net is nowadays just an alternate skin for login.ubuntu.com, which isn't managed by the Launchpad team.04:47
wgrant#canonical-isd will be more helpful if there's an ongoing issue.04:47
krowwgrant: Yes, it appears to be working.04:47
krowwgrant:  Are they using the same backend? IE one account works at either place?04:48
wgrantkrow: Yes, they're the same database.04:48
wgrantJust different templates and CSS04:48
krowwgrant:  Thanks for answering04:52
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avances123hello, I want to build a package in my ppa which dependes to others in a debian repo17:35
avances123is it possible?17:35
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dobeyan external arbitrary archive url? no, it's not possible to depend on that17:42
avances123can I build locally and upload the binaries?17:45
shadeslayerhi, I have this build failiure : https://launchpadlibrarian.net/138113646/buildlog.txt.gz17:46
shadeslayerI'm not sure whats going wrong since it works on my machine and my colleague's machien17:46
dobeyavances123: no, you can only upload source packages to PPAs. what do you need that's not in ubuntu? your could also just build it in your PPA to satisfy your deps18:07
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