Unit193Use some sort of canuseeme port check, check your router setup?00:30
dfxUnit193: im sorry but i did not get it you mean those sites that tells you if this port its open or no ?? btw if i use my wifi i can ssh but not with 3g and keepin in mind my machine its on that wifi00:31
dfxUnit193: on this site http://www.canyouseeme.org/ he does not see me :S00:33
jayi have disk encryption enabled and all i get is a blackscreen on boot, i seen a gui only once to enter the password, any way to fix?01:28
phillwjay: do have the 'pass-phrase; written down?01:38
jayi know the passphrase yes01:38
jayi can boot into lubuntu just fine with the black screen, im just confused as to why i only seen a lubuntu gui for it once01:39
phillwCan you explain the problem? Can you log onto lubuntu, or is there a further problem?01:41
jayokay well i seen a gui to enter my disk encryption passphrase only on my first boot after install, after then its just a black screen. i can enter my passphrase at the black screen(no text input or anything) and it continues to boot as intended. Im just trying to get the gui back is all01:44
jayand my mouse and keyboard dont respond(i have a laptop) and i have to force shutdown and boot up like 2 or 3 times to fix that issue. thats the other problem. you can take a whack at either if you wanna help. Thanks in advance01:47
jayNOTED ive had these problems on ubuntu, xubuntu, lubuntu, and linux mint, but i am favoring lubuntu and using lubuntu now :)01:49
Unit193What version?  I'd think it could be plymouth or whatever is the crypt program.01:52
jayive went back and forth between 12.04 and 12.10 on the distros ive listed above, but i am sticking to 12.10 for now, unless i should do otherwise?01:53
jayand i do not have a UEFI bios if that makes a difference? i have a Toshiba Satellite laptop01:53
Unit193So https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-gnome-default-settings/+bug/1060123 but for Lubuntu?01:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1060123 in ubuntu-gnome-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Plymouth theme does not show password prompt" [Undecided,Fix released]01:55
Unit193(It would indicate that one of the plymouth-theme-lubuntu* packages needs fixed.)01:58
jaysry im a noob at linux :( how can i fix it, im willing to try the fix. i have nothing on my hdd at the moment. so nothing a reinstall cant fix if things go south lol01:58
Unit193phillw: You know if anyone has done encrypted tests for Raring?02:01
n-iCehi phillw02:01
n-iCephillw: you use plain lubuntu desktop?02:02
phillwn-iCe: w02:03
phillwn-iCe: can you explain what you mean by plain lubuntu desktop02:04
n-iCedefault's desktop02:04
jayi read somewhere that restarting dbus may fix my mouse and keyboard issues?02:04
jaythey usually do not work on cold boot unless i force reboot a few times02:05
phillwn-iCe: I use the default lubuntu,... then I add stuff,02:05
Unit193jay: USB or PS/2?02:05
jaylaptop, built in02:05
Unit193Right, right.  My bad.  I personally don't know on that one, had issues with that and PS/2 mice and reloading the kernel module would help.02:06
jayi made a post on ubuntu forums for my issues and one gentleman pointed me to a page where it stated to add a line to /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/autostart02:08
jayhere http://lxlinux.com/#1802:08
jaybut there is no LXDE folder where it states, so i used the Lubuntu directory in place of it, i have yet to see if it fixed the issue as i just added the like02:09
n-iCeis this link workinf for you guys? http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35272968/Blog/xcompmgr.desktop02:11
jaythe site itself is down02:13
jaywould trying to reinstall plymouth-theme-lubuntu-logo and text in synaptic possibly fix the issue Unit193?02:17
Unit193Can't say for sure, but don't see why.  Worth trying I suppose.  You tried text booting?02:18
jaydont know how unless its in the grub recovery. never even tried though02:19
jayim new to linux, im trying to learn the ropes. id rather be guided until im comfy with the OS rather than taking a whack at things all willy nilly02:19
Unit193The general recommendation on encryption are only use it if you need to, otherwise it can cause issues (as seen here for example.)02:21
jayencryption in general? or is home folder encryption fine?02:21
jayid fond of encryption but agreed, i do not NEED it02:22
Unit193Well, the full disk encryption that is.  I use TrueCrypt without problems, except if I forget a password for an older cryptainer... >_>02:22
jayfull disk encrypt with truecrypt or just file containers?02:25
Unit193I've just used files, not really needed full disk.02:25
Unit193Though, sadly it isn't in the main Ubuntu repos, so I've had to build the package myself.02:25
jaysounds good. ill restart to see if the reinstall helped. thanks for the help02:26
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Guest61038while i wait for nickserv09:01
Guest61038Flash is not working properly in chromium09:01
Guest61038i have restricted-extra installed09:01
Guest61038when flash content loads, its not renderd properly09:01
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Guest2610I just installed Lubuntu 12.04 on an old laptop- Toshiba Satellite A105, I think.  I can't seem to adjust the display brightness, no matter what I do.  Any advice?13:33
lubuntu__need help fixing fstab, im running lubuntu live cd right now, where do i start? thanks16:39
pegmanmI am about to deploy 32 servers and am having trouble with how udev is numbering the interfaces. On most machines this appears to be pretty random. IE there is a 4 port broadcom and a dual Intel nic in the host. But numbers goes 0 -2 broadcom 3 intel 4 braodcom and 5 intel. Is ther any easy way to force numbering by card at least.16:40
pegmanmiIndividual udev rules will not work here I have an image and no idea what the mac's will be before deployment. I would just like to have the Intels counted befrore the broadcoms etc16:41
holsteinlubuntu__: i would start with a default version, and add what you need16:51
holsteinlubuntu__: put a default fstab in place, test boot.. edit.. test boot.. etc16:52
lubuntu__i dont know how lol im new to linux, trying to learn the ropes16:53
holsteinpegmanm: since that question is not lubuntu specific, i would try in #ubuntu or the server channel (or mailing lists)16:53
wxllubuntu__: what are you trying to accomplish?16:53
lubuntu__remove a line from fstab on my hdd, currently running on live cd16:54
holsteinlubuntu__: why?16:54
wxlwhat line?16:54
holsteinlubuntu__: the quetsion is, what are you trying to accomplish, overall16:54
holsteinlubuntu__: if you want to remove a line, navigate to it from the live CD and remove it16:54
lubuntu__i added a line in fstab to make tmp noexec16:54
lubuntu__and now i cant boot16:54
wxlwhy did you do that?16:55
holsteinlubuntu__: i would undo that change, and test boot...16:55
lubuntu__idk where to start16:55
holsteinlubuntu__: ?16:55
wxlthe live cd, from my memory, should mount your drives.16:55
holsteinlubuntu__: you start the same as you did before16:55
holsteinlubuntu__: you navigate to the same file, and edit it16:55
wxlthe same way16:55
lubuntu__ok so how do i get read write access on my hdd from live cd?16:56
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions16:56
holsteinthough, you shouldnt have to16:56
holsteinOR< you can use an editor as root, as you did when you edited if before16:56
wxli wouldn't recommend that16:56
lubuntu__ok thanks lemme try it out16:56
holsteinsudo gedit /path/to/file for example16:56
lubuntu__thats what i did holstein, wouldnt let me save16:57
wxl↑ now THAT makes sense16:57
holsteinlubuntu__: i would try again16:57
wxlyeah live should mount drives rw16:57
holsteingksudo gedit or sudo nano... whatever you feel comfortable with16:57
wxlor sudo vi16:57
holsteinas root with the editor of your choice :)16:58
wxlalso you CAN get readwrite with mount -o rw,remount /path/to/drive16:59
wxle.g. /dev/hda1 for example16:59
lubuntu__how do i list drives in term? :/16:59
wxlyou can see all mounted drives with mount16:59
wxlyou can see all drives with sudo fdisk -l17:00
wxlwell, all mounts17:00
wxlsorry, partitions, last correction :)17:00
holsteinlubuntu__: open a terminal17:02
holsteinsudo nano /path/to/file17:02
holsteinlubuntu__: use tab to auto-complete the path17:02
holsteinunless you have a good backup, then you can just cp the backup over the current17:02
wxlwell we know the file: /etc/fstab17:03
holsteinprobably has a mount path17:03
wxlwell yeah17:04
lubuntu__worked, drive was in /media17:05
wxlusually are17:05
lubuntu__it was unlisted in mount and fdisk17:05
lubuntu__idk why but i just couldnt get it last night, i felt i was doing it the same way. Fresh start in the morn helped, thanks guys!17:06
lubuntu__since its a little more active here now, is there a fix for my laptop mouse and keyboard not responding on boot unless i force reboot a few times?17:06
wxlprobably buy new hardware17:07
wxlthat certainly doesn't seem like any sort of a typical issue17:07
lubuntu__yeah toshiba sucks anyway thanks guys!17:07
purplefoolhey all, having a problem with libreoffice calc.  this is not the right place for this question, but i cannot find the right place.  can someone point me in the right direction?  thx all17:15
wxlpurplefool: #libreoffice ?17:18
purplefooltried that but i was alone there...17:18
wxlpurplefool: you're doing it wrong. i just went there and -!- Irssi: #libreoffice: Total of 121 nicks17:19
wxl120 other people != alone17:19
purplefoolhmmm...guess i don't know chat so well.  what do i type in to get there?17:20
wxlok so you're using xchat17:20
wxlwhich i don't know a hoot about :)17:21
wxlare you on multiple networks, or just freenode? if you don't know that, is this the only irc channel you're on?17:21
purplefooli am on freenode and #lubuntu is only channel i am on17:22
wxlthen /join #libreoffice should get you there17:22
wxldon't forget the #17:22
purplefoolok, will give it a try17:22
purplefoolthx man, got it...is learnin!17:23
phillwwxl: as you are hopefully aware, the last spins of 13.04 have landed. As ever, the release team do NOT like doing this so late, but the bug was a show-stopper across the entire family. So, once more... up to the breach :D17:24
phillwand speaking of libeoffice, there is a major bug!17:24
wxlphillw: been busy at work and home so haven't been testing :( what's the bug?17:27
phillwkeyboard shortcuts are no longer working.... provoked a 'WTF' from a still poorly balloons (Nicholas, head of all our QA teams).17:28
wxllike any of them at all?! :O17:29
phillwthat is libreoffice bug. the one that would cripple the rest of is https://launchpad.net/bugs/108070117:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1080701 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Raring) "After 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' screen, raring installation hangs" [Critical,Fix released]17:30
wxloh well nevermind libreoffice :)17:31
phillwsoz, too many open tabs!17:31
wxlso this shouldn't affect alternate, no?17:33
phillwI am now starting to understand Julien's cunning plan of adding me to him as a release manager for lubuntu.... It's the usual 'fun' but with added responsibility17:33
phillwwxl: it would, the alternates get re-spun real quick :D17:34
phillwthey were there within 20 mins of the 'respin the world' being issued.17:34
wxlwell ubiquity != debian-installer is what i mea17:34
phillwno, it is a partitioner issue17:35
wxloh yikes17:35
phillwand, as colin said.. it would affect alternate and server.17:35
phillwdinner is server... talk later.17:36
Hiiganyone know how to get file sharing to work between lubuntu and windows 7?17:54
phillwHiig: !samba18:06
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.18:06
Hiigi have samba installed on lubuntu. downloaded it on windows as well, but i dont know how to open it up18:06
Hiigthere is no exe in the installation folder18:06
phillwfor lubuntu?18:07
phillwthere are no .exe's18:07
Hiigfor windows18:07
Hiigits already installed on lubuntu18:07
phillwto install samba on windows, you would need to read up on the tutorials for windows18:08
phillwHiig: I cannot comment, as I do not use it.. but a quick look gave me http://www.noobslab.com/2012/03/configure-samba-sharing-between-ubuntu.html18:09
Hiigproblem, is i cannot access via ip either18:10
Hiigahh fuck it. ill set up a web server on my windows computer18:10
Hiigwho knew transfering one stupid file would be so damn hard18:10
phillwHiig: I've skim read the article and with the instructions and plenty of screen shots, you should be okay :)18:12
Hiiglike i said, i cannot access via the IP18:12
Hiigsomething must be wrong on the windows end18:12
phillwthat article does also cover how to set up windows, which is what I needed to see to ask you to look at it.18:14
Hiigfile sharing wont turn on, amongst other things. windows is just messed up18:15
Hiigi thought it was going to be a straightforward process18:15
phillwHiig: as it appears to an issue at the windows end? I cannot help. SAMBA is not my strong area, and I've never used it on a windows install. Sorry :(18:20
Hiigahh no worries. im looking into web servers instead18:20
cerebratei wanna run fallout tactics on my laptop ;s;18:21
phillwHiig: you may ask on #ubuntu-server someone there may be familiar with using it.18:22
cerebrateuh :x i think it runs winee 1.5 on lubuntu :I18:22
cerebrateo/ :D18:23
KneferilisHomeI installed lumuntu in virtual box and it finished installation and now it is trying to shut down, but it is taking it too long19:18
KneferilisHomeany ideas?19:18
jjpintorforce it19:18
KneferilisHomejjpintor: what if that ruins it?19:20
KneferilisHomeit just finished installation and it wants to reboot19:21
KneferilisHomeis this normal behaviour?19:26
KneferilisHomeit takes long to reboot?19:26
KneferilisHomeafter it installs?19:27
wxlKneferilisHome: has it rebooted yet?19:27
wxl…or is it still trying to shut down?19:27
KneferilisHomewxl: it is still trying to shut down19:27
wxlKneferilisHome: then remove the (virtual) cd (the iso file) and hit enter and see what happens.19:28
wxlKneferilisHome: if nothing there, just pull the plug on the vm and boot it up. it'll work.19:28
jjpintoras wxl said. do it19:29
KneferilisHomewxl: no cd, ok thanks19:29
KneferilisHomeI will do it now19:29
wxlKneferilisHome: well whatever you used to install it19:29
wxleject it19:29
wxlyou don't want the restart to cause it to boot to that again19:29
wxltypically the install process ends in a restart. before it restart it says to eject installation media and hit enter. and THEN it restarts.19:29
jjpintordo you know how to automate workspace switching?19:30
wxlso that a particular program opens on a particular workspace?19:30
KneferilisHomejjpintor: no, I don't19:30
KneferilisHomeso, it worked and it booted19:31
KneferilisHomewhy powering it off, didn't ruin the installation?19:31
KneferilisHomethanks for the tip for the automation19:33
wxlKneferilisHome: cuz the install's already done19:34
wxlrestarts don't have a lot of value in linux XD (( except for kernel updates ))19:34
wxlbetter yet: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_emoticons19:36

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