bjsniderhd 2400 is pretty old. it should be recognized00:33
bjsnidermaybe it isn't getting power00:33
tor_its the laptop version00:33
bjsnidercheck dmesg and /var/log/X.org.log00:34
bjsnideror Xorg.0.log i mean00:34
tor_same path?00:34
bjsniderprobably find it ain't not gettin' no electricity00:34
tor_is there some kind of filrt to use in dmesg?00:41
tor_i get a lot of [93116.162914] sd 5:0:0:0: [sdb] Asking for cache data failed00:41
tor_[93116.162927] sd 5:0:0:0: [sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through00:41
bjsniderthe log says, if you look at line 102, you don't have fglrx installed00:42
bjsnideryou should install it if you expect to use it00:42
bjsniderotherwise it's using radeon, which is probably better anyway00:42
tor_it is installed00:46
tor_and the cache error/warning i get hundreds of in dmesg i dont get00:50
tor_i do not have a sdb device as i know of00:50
tor_potentially the cardreader?00:51
tor_but it is empty00:51
tor_a couple of lines above you see: Matched fglrx as autoconfigured driver 000:56
tor_but what is the module it failes to load?00:56
tor_or why?00:58
bjsniderbecause it isn't there00:58
tor_it says so above00:58
bjsniderdo this00:58
bjsniderfrom the console, type dkms status00:58
tor_dkms status00:59
tor_fglrx, 9.010, 3.8.0-19-generic, x86_64: installed00:59
tor_virtualbox, 4.2.10, 3.8.0-18-generic, x86_64: installed00:59
tor_virtualbox, 4.2.10, 3.8.0-19-generic, x86_64: installed00:59
bjsniderand then uname -r01:00
bjsnidersudo modprobe fglrx01:00
tor_ERROR: could not insert 'fglrx': No such device01:01
bjsniderline 5 of your xorg log says 3.2.0-37-generic01:02
tor_there is some kind of mismatch?01:02
bjsniderthat log was based on an older kernel01:03
tor_how can that be?01:03
tor_i just copied the content of the file you told me to01:03
bjsniderno, line 7 says it's the right kernel. line 5 refers to the original install i suppose01:04
tor_yes but why vmware?01:05
tor_i mean vmlinuz01:06
bjsniderthat's what it's supposed to say01:06
bjsniderif the module was built and installed in the kernel, which dkms confirms, then maybe there's a missing alias01:07
tor_i installed fglrx just some moments ago. how do we fix/find this alias problem?01:09
bjsniderhave you got this file: /etc/modprobe.d/fglrx.conf01:10
tor_it is a shortcut or so01:12
tor_white icon with an arrow01:12
bjsniderprobably pointing at /lib/fglrx/modprobe.conf01:14
tor_link target: /etc/alternatives/x86_64-linux-gnu_fglrx_modconf01:15
bjsniderand that's a link too01:15
bjsniderpastebin the contents please01:17
bjsniderwell, obviously this file isn't being respected, because it's blacklisting your current driver01:19
bjsniderso i dunno01:19
tor_no way to find out why?01:20
tor_bjsnider: out of ideas?01:31
bjsnideryeah, this is an idea-free zone. might reboot, do flea power01:31
tor_shit, right now i am unsure if i have done a reboot.... that might be the case?01:32
tor_if that is it THANK you!01:33
bjsniderwould have been nice to know that earlier...01:36
ianliuIs it possible to upgrade from 12.04 to 13.04?02:05
sporkeeeianliu, not directly.02:14
ianliusporkeee: I was wondering if changing /etc/apt/sources.list.d works. Any hints?02:15
sporkeeeianliu, not a good idea, no hints there.02:15
ianliusporkeee: ok, thanks!02:26
tor-totSo, reboot went bad. Unity is gone after login. I tried to purge fglrx but no luck getting the old settings/driver. Am i bash now. How to rescue my desktop?02:26
tor-totBrilliant.... not :(02:29
tor-totHow to proper remove fglrx and revert system default02:32
ShapeShifter499I'm noticing some packages stuck at their quantal version although in their package settings shows a raring version, how do I make sure these packages update to their raring version?02:37
bjsniderno idea what that means, if anything03:00
ShapeShifter499bjsnider, in synaptic the package properties shows some packages installed with a "quantal" tag although it shows a "raring" tagged version, I have to "force upgrade" to the raring version of that package, for example bitcoin-qt on my system has this problem03:08
zoos_I was directed here for 13.04 help03:50
zoos_I think my problem is relatively simple, I can't use system shortcuts like fn+VolumeDown anymore03:50
zoos_I can alter the brightness with fn+Brightness, but trying to disable the WiFi radio and altering the volume doesn't work03:51
zoos_Is there a package or system scan that I can reinstall/force to fix my woes?03:51
ddsssif one installs Ubuntu 13.04 beta  how would one the  upgrade to a final?04:26
Kalidarnthere has to be a better way to get a copy of this output during boot,05:24
Kalidarnseems on raring ringtail i occasionally get this kernel panic while booting http://imgur.com/a/FVFOv05:25
Kalidarndidn't used to happen in 12.1005:25
Jack001Hello. Has anyone upgraded from 12.10 to 13.04?05:57
valorieI have05:58
valorie32 and 64 bit both05:59
Jack001After it installed, it said it would restart. But now it's just hanging. Any ideas?05:59
lotuspsychjeJack001: i would clean install05:59
lotuspsychjenot upgrade05:59
Jack001Ok. Would powering off while its attempting to restart corrupt anything?06:00
lotuspsychjedid you install by crom?06:00
Jack001Installed from the software updates in 12.1006:01
lotuspsychjeright my bad06:01
lotuspsychjeyes try a reboot06:01
bcbc2Jack001: Alt+SysRq R-E-I-S-U-B06:01
Jack001So like hold the power button? It's only showing my desktop image without any icons or menus.06:01
sporkeeeJack001, follow bcbc206:02
bcbc2Jack001: no safe reboot http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key#Uses06:02
Jack001Doesn't seem to be doing anything.06:03
Jack001Alt+SysRq didn't do anything.06:05
bcbc2Jack001: if you've done it correctly (try it again to make sure) and there's no hard drive activity then you can hard reboot. Alt+SysRq does nothing by itself. You need to press the other keys (one after the other after waiting a couple of seconds)06:05
bcbc2so to be clear, hold down and keep holding Alt+SysRq and the press the other keys REISUB06:06
Jack001O it rebooted06:07
Jack001Ok. I'm trying to load into it now.06:08
bcbc2you could try recovery mode as well06:08
Jack001I'm in. I booted into Ubuntu fine. Anything I should do now? Should I uninstall and do a clean install?06:10
valorielotuspsychje: why do you advise clean installs over upgrades?06:10
valorieboth of my test boxes went fine06:10
lotuspsychjevalorie: many upgrades brake thinks06:11
bcbc2Jack001: I'd just keep using it as long as it boots ok06:11
valoriethey used to, years ago06:11
valoriein recent years, they are generally without incident06:11
Jack001Alright thank you so much. I really appreciate it.06:11
lotuspsychjevalorie: they still do, i format like 40 ubuntu computers a year06:11
Jack001I'll have to remember this channel.06:12
lotuspsychjevalorie: your system cant run smoother then a clean install06:12
bcbc2Jack001: it'll be dead in a week or so when 13.04 is released ;)06:13
valorieso far so good for me06:13
bcbc2#ubuntu is the most active support channel06:13
valoriethis computer has a clean install, and it's about the same as the older boxes which I use for testing06:14
lotuspsychjevalorie: did you try ubuntu tweak?06:14
valorieI run Kubuntu06:14
bcbc2Jack001: Normally there's little activity at the beginning of a new development cycle06:14
lotuspsychjei use it after i clean install to clean up stuff06:14
bcbc2it peaks around release06:14
valorieno tweaks needed06:14
lotuspsychjetill it go even faster06:14
bcbc2which is now06:14
Jack001O ok. Did you guys ever have performance issues with 12.10?06:15
bcbc2not me06:16
valoriein general, I've seen kubuntu just get better and better through the years06:16
Jack001It always seemed slow when opening Firefox and the terminal would sometimes stop responding.06:16
valoriecan't comment on gnome or unity, because I never use them for long06:17
bcbc2Jack001: I don't use firefox but didn't notice anything. Maybe you have some hardware incompatibility06:17
Jack001What browser do you use?06:18
valorieFF doesn't seem to be keeping up, while Chromium just keeps getting better06:19
Jack001Alright. Is there a quick way to check hardware incompatibility?06:19
Jack001I use chrome on windows, I've been trying to get used to ubuntu though.06:20
bcbc2I normally check the graphics card first. If you have nvidia or radeon it can affect performance and hangup unless you use the closed source drivers. Searching with your brand/model and "ubuntu freeze" is usually a good way to find issues and fixes06:21
Jack001Alright thank you again for all the help.06:23
Jack001I greatly appreciate it.06:23
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warren-hillgksu and gksudo do not work in raring.  Is this a bug or a deliberate change?09:19
alankilagksu/sudo not even installed on ubuntu-gnome-desktop.09:28
alankilaI don't think they are installed with the ubuntu-desktop metapackage either09:31
warren-hillIn previous versions of ubuntu to edit a config file as root you would type gksu gedit path_to_file.  What should you  do in raring?09:31
alankilatry installing gksu and see if that allows you to continue what you are used to doing09:32
warren-hillIt doesn't.  It asks for a password but doesn't accept mine09:32
warren-hillI can go to a terminal type sudo -i then use only command line apps but nothing with a GUI09:33
alankilaperhaps a problem with your sudoers configuration... Though if that is the case then you can't edit that configuration either.09:33
alankilaoh sudo works? still more data. Doesn't help me to guess why gksu wouldn't work though.09:33
warren-hillI have read that gksu is depreciated in favour of pkexec but can't find clear instructions on how to use it09:34
alankilaIt should be 'pkexec program arguments'...09:36
alankilaI have that program but I tried to fire up gedit and it couldn't open X display suggesting that there's some setup it didn't do. Sorry, I know very little of this.09:36
warren-hillI've tried it too same response.  I'll come back later when with some luck one of the developers is arround.  They are sometimes09:37
Kalidarnprobably not on the sudoers list10:28
Kalidarnor in the sudo group10:28
moppershi all11:13
moppersi am running raring in a VM, the display is much slower than Precise VM --- is this just vbox, or is it raring?11:14
moppersi notice the animations, for example the fade-in/fade-out when opening the dash, are slower: can i turn these off?11:15
moppersIt's almost un-usable11:18
moppersdoes raring not have a 2d mode or something for machines without a newer GPU?11:53
moppersIt seems to work but the graphical performance is awful12:00
moppersok i see it's using LLVMPipe12:05
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BluesKajHi all13:56
=== jbicha_ is now known as jbicha
zachHey everyone. About a month and a half ago I installed Ubuntu 13.04 on a new macbook pro. At the time I was having some issues with crashes, but I've since fixed them. The only thing that I cannot seem to get working at this point is sound.14:10
zachAlso, when I try to run gnome-alsamixer I get a seg fault14:16
zachWhen I list sinks in pacmd the only sink it can find is HDMI (name: <alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1b.0.hdmi-stereo>) but I'm not sure if that is because Apple does some crazy stuff and somehow hides the normal sound output. (I have no idea how hardware works).14:18
zachWhen I do sudo aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav no sound happens, but the program exits successfully14:20
zachInterestingly (at least to me) I get this when I do sudo aplay -l14:23
zachI will be back, I am going to try restarting after reinstalling some packages14:28
zachI am back, that did not work14:30
zachCan anyone hear me?14:39
mrjoeldesperately trying to get my touchscreen to support 2-finger scrolling.  Everything I can find on the web is pertaining to touchpads, not touchscreens.  My xinput for the device(3M 3M MicroTouch USB controller) is reporting evdev wheel emulation, but I can't figure out the right settings.15:00
zachok I got alsamixer to stop segfaulting15:05
zachbut I am at my wits end. The card looks like it is there. The drivers look like they are fine. Everything should be playing sound just fine. I just don't see the sound icon on the top right hand side.15:06
zachWould it help if I reinstalled ubuntu completely?15:06
genii-aroundCould someone using Kubuntu please check: To have Firefox open minimized, open Ksnapshot, "take another shot" , rectangular region, maximize Firefox. Here, (every time) Firefox goes totally blank grey and has to eventually be killed.15:29
genii-aroundI haven't yet filed a bug because I'd like to see if it affects others first.15:30
ubottuKubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde15:32
BluesKajgenii-around, I use prntscrn but FF crashes if minimized here , with "could not find firefox" error message15:35
BluesKajbut afterxing the dialogs FF is available agian15:36
BluesKajgenii-around,^  , I'll install ksnapshot and try with that15:36
IdleOnegenii-around: just tested and firefox is fine here15:37
genii-aroundBleh, mixed results :(15:38
IdleOnegenii-around: still worth filling a bug if you are able to reproduce every time15:38
genii-aroundIdleOne: Yeah, there isn't one filed yet for this, i checked earlier15:39
IdleOneyou are fully updated?15:39
IdleOneare you actually taking a snapshot?15:41
IdleOneand saving?15:42
IdleOnenope, can't seem to reproduce for you.15:44
genii-aroundIdleOne: Fully updated, yes ( dist-upgrade 2 hours ago). When ksnapshot first opens it has a fullpage capture available to save, I don't bother saving that. Then i have it set for a rectangular region, 5 second delay. No matter if I get a section of something already on the screen  or maximize another app to grab a section, I save that. Then maximizing FF it has only grey field for background and is unresponsive ( even after I close ksnapshot),15:45
genii-around it eventually has to be manually killed and restarted.15:45
genii-aroundInstalling firefox-dbg and some other stuff to get a better report15:46
IdleOneso you start with a  minimised FF right?15:49
IdleOneeven with 5 sec delay I am still fine.15:50
prappl93I'm trying to install my AMD drivers for my graphics, and it fails giving me an error involving headers. I tried updating the headers, and it says it's the newest version.15:57
prappl93I check for the file, and version.h is not there, the one it is searching for.15:57
prappl93So, is there a fix for this or do I have to wait?15:58
genii-aroundIdleOne: Are you using standard Task Manager or Icon-Only ?16:00
IdleOneI have no idea what that means lol16:01
IdleOnestarting ksnapshot with alt-f216:01
genii-aroundIdleOne: The default task manager usually shows the name of the running application on the bar, the icon-only one is just it's icon there ( that's the one I'm using)16:02
IdleOneoh default16:02
genii-aroundI'm starting ksnapshot from the K menu16:03
IdleOnelemme try16:03
IdleOneall good here16:04
BluesKajgenii-around, now that ksnapshot is properly installed , FF etc all work fine16:07
prappl93My AMD drivers won't install properly on Raring. I keep getting an error that reads "fglrx installation requires that the system have kernel headers. /lib/module/3.8.0-19-generic/build/include/linux/version.h cannot be found on this system." I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the headers for 3.8.0-19, and it has not worked.16:09
genii-aroundwth. Now the (FF) icon is staying on the bar and when clicked opens it up again as if it's minimized but ps does not show it at all.16:15
* genii-around makes more coffee and contemplates16:15
genii-aroundBack in a bit16:16
IdleOnehe needs to unplug his pc so he can plug in the coffee maker hehe16:17
wilee-nileereal men use a french press. ;)16:18
BluesKajhe has a coffeemaker plugged in to the pc PSU :)16:18
BluesKajreal men don't use french anything :)16:19
wilee-nileeoui Doh16:20
IdleOneReal men aren't afraid to be a little French16:22
IdleOneI don't what that means :/16:22
BluesKajgetting some odd errors every second boot in to 13.04 , then i have to do a hard reboot because the bootup freezes16:22
IdleOneI don't know*16:22
BluesKajnot afraid , just not crazy about french anything ...I owned a Peugeot 504 once , that was enough :)16:25
IdleOnecoffee is ready16:29
BluesKajok , gotta test grub again ...bbiab16:33
genii-aroundMm, coffee16:42
genii-aroundWhats really weird, is now I have the debugging libraries installed, it's not doing it.16:54
genii-aroundWhereas previously, every time.16:54
moppersubuntu doesn't have mkinitrd? no hits in package search17:17
wilee-nileemoppers, What release are you running?17:18
mopperswilee-nilee, 12.1017:19
wilee-nileemoppers, this is the 13.04 channel only.17:21
mopperswilee-nilee, it's OK i saw your message in the +0 channel17:21
moppersi am building a new kernel for raring on a 12.10 box17:21
mopperstrying to work out why raring is so slow for me, that's all17:23
moppersand also learning how to build a kernel17:23
moppersi think the speed issue is they require a fancy GPU now and if you don't have one, llvmpipe is slow17:23
moppersfigured i would do the kernel anway, even though it's irrelevant, as i need to learn how to do it17:24
BluesKajmoppers, I'm using dual core amd cpu and 3G Ramon a 5yr old pc , and 13.04 is actually faster than 12,10 , given the same conditions17:26
BluesKajof course I don'17:27
BluesKajt use unity/gnome17:27
BluesKajkde here17:27
gatoxhi..... i'm having problems with several raring images..... i've created a startup usb..... and i've try lot of combinations, using live cd, direct install, and choosing different options in the installer wizard...... but the installer GETS STUCK always in the second screen.... in the Wireless part..... does anyone know this issue?17:49
newlinuxusrheloooooo all17:51
newlinuxusrany download links for 13.04 ?17:52
genii-aroundnewlinuxusr: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/17:53
* genii-around goes back to his coffee17:53
newlinuxusrmate is this stable one or beta 217:53
AndroUser2I installed fglrx yesterday and did not get it to work. After some dicussion here i was adwised to do a reboot. And all hell broke loose. Now unity will not load after login. I went to bash? Ctrl alt F2 and purged fglrx. It was installed from software center. I need help to get my desktop back.17:55
genii-aroundnewlinuxusr: This is the daily live CD as the URL indicates.18:00
newlinuxusri ll wait for distrowatch i think lol18:01
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deavIs 13.04 available via dist-upgrade?18:11
AndroUser2Is there no one able to help here?18:11
genii-arounddeav: No, requires do-release-upgrade -d18:27
wilee-nileeMake sure any 3rd party repos are off though18:29
BluesKajAndroUser2, reboot ,  the default driver should load and get you back to a desktop at least18:30
AndroUser2BluesKaj: done that. Login screen is fine. But after login ubuntu will not load18:33
AndroUser2As after first reboot18:34
AndroUser2I get access to file browsing and system setting18:35
BluesKajAndroUser2, install xserver-xorg-video-ati at the tty , that should get you back to a desktop18:35
AndroUser2Ill try that18:36
bjsniderhe already has it, and is using it18:37
AndroUser2Yes. 0 files to install18:38
BluesKajbjsnider, it should load the desktop then18:38
bjsniderit should18:38
AndroUser2Desktop loads but unity not18:38
AndroUser2So what do i do now? The easiest would be a reinstall. But i have limited net traffic using a mobile modem18:43
AndroUser2So downloading lates iso and reinstalling al apps break my traffic limit for the month18:43
tor_i am androuser2. i managaed to open .xsession error log and then managed to open xchat. now it seems like i am not able to minimize xchat and get access to gedit (the error log) and firefox to post a pastebin18:57
tor_alt tab not working18:58
BluesKajwhat about alt +f2 , type firefox19:00
tor_that is how i started xchat19:01
tor_but stupid me maximized xchat and now it is stuck19:01
BluesKajtry ctrl -19:02
tor_when i press the minimize button the xchat menu/frame just gray out (out of focus)19:04
BluesKajctrl esc should bring up sys monitor19:04
tor_ctrl esc not working either19:04
tor_ill do a reboot and try again19:04
AndroUser2Now i do not find xsession error log19:10
AndroUser2Searched xsession and error in separate searches19:18
AndroUser2Also alt F2 did not respond19:19
AndroUser2Sorry it is ctrl alt t?19:19
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Guest19945is there a command to open aplications not maximized?19:24
Guest19945it is me tor_19:24
Guest19945in terminal19:24
AndroUser2Is there a operator to open apps not maximized?19:35
AndroUser2From terminal19:35
=== tor is now known as Guest32293
tor_i finally made it. here is a pastebin of xsession error log: http://pastebin.com/zJPrd2Cz19:54
bjsniderobviously line 48 is the problem19:57
* BluesKaj thinks having to use compiz is the problem :}\20:13
AndroUser2How do i disable compiz? And  how to revert system later?20:16
AndroUser2Let me rephrase how to start/enable opengl20:30
tor_Let me rephrase how to start/enable opengl20:32
k1lis the right driver running?20:34
tor_well i do not know20:35
tor_i installed fglrx and hell broke loose. i then purged it but still same issue20:36
bjsniderthat's because fglrx was never running, so it never contributed anything to the problem20:42
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tor_ok, i still dont understand a thing here.20:45
tor_fglrx must have something to do with the problem it was after installing it real problems started20:46
bjsniderthought it started after you upgraded to raring?20:46
tor_never upgraded. it was a clean install. there really should be a fool(tor_) proof system for reverting misfunctioning drivers and other system reliable stuff20:48
tor_i had problems with the clean install20:48
tor_but it was peanuts compared to this20:48
tor_i got freezes, and sometimes gui was slow or hanging20:49
tor_but everything "worked"20:49
tor_i was a fool to belive that a driver found in the software center actually would do good. this is my first computer with ATI graphics  so it is also a new experience and notting seems to be like it used to with NVIDIA20:57
AndroUser2Is it nottin for me to do?21:07
AndroUser2If i download latest iso. Is there an option to repair ubuntu?21:15
tor_Is there a chance to get my driver issue or what it is fixed, or shall i just stop asking for help here?22:18
tor_Sorry. Never mind my bad english.22:20
tor_Ok, thank you. Guess Microsoft is the best way to go where one can get support and or solve problems self. You also have the same free software in the latest versions without thinkin about broken this or dependency that. Ubuntu is if you want the best of it for Ubuntu developers only. I dont like the more and more commercial approach in Ubuntu anyway. Elder and old hardware not supported anymore and all sorts of shopping integrations in 22:39
tor_Had to get it out ;)22:39
k1ltor_: :(22:40
k1lwhy do you try a developing release if you are that unexperienced with that topic?22:40
tor_It was one day to stable when i installed it22:41
tor_I presumed it was ok to give it a shot then22:41
tor_Installed 17.22:42
k1l13.04 is still not released22:42
k1lit will be released on the 25.4.22:42
tor_18. Was set to freese kernel and be stable22:42
genii-aroundtor_: Only LTS versions which are released every two years are really considered to be stable, and hence supported for a long time. Interim releases even after released are only really stepping-stones to the next Long-Term-Support release.22:42
k1ltor_: sorry but you have no clue :/22:43
genii-around( and 13.04 is not even in release until Thursday)22:43
tor_The LTS is supporting the newest versions of apps i want22:44
tor_Is no supporting*22:45
tor_In windows i get the latest version of any app in any version of win. Well im tired of waiting  an toubling to get things working. Maybe i have no clue and stupid is....22:47
IdleOnenewest is not equal to most stable22:47
k1ltor_: wait. you want ubuntu to have the latest versions on stock but in windows its ok to download them somewhere else?22:48
k1ltor_: if you are that good in the topics install the right video driver and the gui will work22:48
tor_It works fawless in windows22:49
tor_In 12.04 i was stuck with 2.6 gimp ie.22:49
IdleOneIf Windows works better for you I suggest you use Windows.22:49
tor_Just my conclution22:50
tor_To bad22:50
tor_Too bad22:50
genii-aroundtor_: Gimp 2.8 is available for Ubuntu 12.10, you don't need to be running 13.04 for that22:51
tor_I was running 12.04 and skipped 12.1022:51
jtaylorno one stops you from installing newer software on 12.0422:53
jtayloryou just might end up in a garbled mess like in windows if you don'T do it in an organized fashion22:53
jtaylorthe best approach is to backport packages22:54
jtaylorand if it works well request an official backport so others can profit from your testing22:54
tor_No but it involves terminal. Detpendency trouble and broken packages.22:54
tor_I want to use ubuntu. Not do troubleshooting 90% of the time22:55
k1lthen dont use developing builds22:55
tor_I dont have the skills or interest22:55
jtaylorunfortunately then you have to stick with LTS22:56
k1lso you can rant about ubuntu all day or start repairing your ubuntu.22:56
jtaylorsticking with the bleeding edge is always constant fixing22:56
tor_Just dont understand why it is so hard to get help22:57
IdleOneit isn't, you do need to ask an actual question though.22:58
tor_I test a beta jes22:58
k1ltor_: last time now: this is a developing release. users are considered to help themselves in the first place22:58
tor_I send error reports with apport22:58
k1lif you are not able to help yourself in the first place use stable releases. thats it22:59
tor_Ok. I see: write so on the download page22:59
jtaylorwhats the actual problem?23:01
jtaylorit doesn't boot into X?23:01
tor_Installed fglrx and now unity will not work/load23:02
jtaylorwhat do you get?23:03
jtaylora purple background?23:03
k1linstalled the headers? did the module build right? what is the error? is the module loaded?23:03
tor_If you can go back in the history of the  channel you see23:03
k1lanyway. im out23:03
tor_Im on a phone now23:04
jtaylorfwiw I recently replaced nvidia drivers with opensource drivers and unity did not start properly23:05
jtaylorthough lighdm and x was working fine23:05
tor_What do i do then?23:05
jtaylorI removed ~/.config/compiz ~/./config/unity and ~/./config/gtk* and it worked again23:05
jtayloryou might lose some settings like the launcher ordering and locking when you do that23:06
tor_No oroblem23:07
tor_I tried to reinstall fglrx. Do i have to purge it first again?23:08
jtaylorif x starts alright probably not23:09
tor_There is no ~/config/unity23:12
jtayloryeah, no idea where it stores its config23:12
tor_But unity tweak too23:12
jtaylorprobably compiz-1 and the gtk folders where enough23:12
jtaylorI just deleted everything that might be related and I know I have not customized myself23:13
tor_It is still the same23:16
jtaylorcan't help then23:17
jtaylorI must also leave, bye23:17
tor_Ok. Thanks23:18
tor_And thanks for beeing polite and tell you are leaving.23:21
=== tor is now known as Guest80163
Guest80163ok, found a solution. even though it nvidia related i thinkhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/1166765 solution:  gsettings reset org.compiz.core:/org/compiz/profiles/unity/plugins/core/ active-plugins23:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1166765 in NVIDIA Drivers Ubuntu "unity showing only blank desktop, no dash nor decorations" [Undecided,New]23:35
Guest80163pure luck i found it though23:35
Guest80163i am tor_ BTW23:36
tor_Did a reboot and it still is good. Happy23:39
tor_It is gonna be quiet here when i leave now. :)23:40
tor_He he23:40
troulouliou_devhi is there anybody that worked on secureboot for 13.04 hre ?23:50
wilee-nileetroulouliou_dev, Have you looked at the UEFI wiki?23:53
troulouliou_devwilee-nilee, yeah pretty much everywhere :) i think my laptop does nothave the recomended key23:54
troulouliou_devsecureboot mode don'tboot on 12.10 andi m facinf graphical glitches with sb kernel23:54
wilee-nileetroulouliou_dev, I would use the ubuntu forums the support for UEFI is best there, it is a hit and miss thing as far as installs23:54
troulouliou_devjust hope that 13.04 will help23:54
troulouliou_devwilee-nilee, yes need to do that since 2 week :)23:55
troulouliou_devjust busy finding back the pwd :)23:55
wilee-nileefiles with wrong names at times and manufacturers own versions make it tougher ai times then others.23:56
troulouliou_devreallyhope itwill be stable on 13.04 sb will be mandatory at work soon23:56
troulouliou_devwilee-nilee, you have particular knowledgein sb ?23:56
wilee-nileetroulouliou_dev, Nope but I know who does, they are at the ubuntu forums. ;)23:56
wilee-nileetroulouliou_dev, Post there and wait for a user called oldfred23:57

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