JoseeAntonioRpopey: hey, you didn't have the hangout01:25
dholbachgood morning06:41
popeyJoseeAntonioR: yeah, we ended up cancelling it because we had a duplicate one scheduled for today06:44
dholbachmhall119, I'm not quite sure how to edit the main page on - can you help me out there?07:00
elfydholbach: I spoke to someone re beginners team - I've edited the link at the doc pad07:01
dholbachelfy, ready to go? :)07:01
elfyI didn't look too hard at the rest of it - so if it was ok other than the BT bit then yes07:02
dholbachthanks muchly07:02
dholbachcopying it over07:02
elfyis someone checking for typos?07:02
dholbachI'm looking over it again07:03
elfydholbach: I'm not sure that it should be using *buntu - as far as I know documentation is done for Ubuntu and if other flavours want to do specific stuff they will07:29
elfyand I fiddled with the first paragraph a bit - it read a bit odd to me07:33
=== czajkows1i is now known as czajkowski
dholbachdpm, hola muchacho07:58
dholbachelfy, I'll update it in a bit07:58
dpmhi dholbach08:01
dholbachdpm, call time?08:01
dpmdholbach, yep, sorry for the delay, coming in08:01
smartboyhwdholbach, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityWebsite is really green:O08:58
smartboyhwdholbach, ;-D09:00
smartboyhwI think the support thing will take some time09:00
smartboyhwAs the Councils fill up their items09:00
dholbachsmartboyhw, I'm sure we'll get there - if some teams don't respond quickly enough we can always update the content09:24
dholbachelfy, which first paragraph did you edit? are we talking about http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-contribute-documentation?09:25
smartboyhwdholbach, of course. After all, this is much more a cross-team thing:P09:27
czajkowskidholbach: on http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-contribute-support  is the support referring to what is avilable to loco teams09:43
czajkowskijust wondering as some of the support stuff is covered in another pad on about locoteams09:44
dholbachyeah, some of these could do with a clearer agenda for the pages09:44
dholbachmaybe it's worth mentioning it09:45
dholbachbut talk about it in more detail on the "meeting people locally" page09:45
dholbachor something09:45
czajkowskilike a please see page... blegh for support09:45
czajkowskiI can do this hopefully at lunch today09:45
smartboyhwelfy, thanks for updating the Forums section:)09:46
smartboyhwOf http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-contribute-support09:47
czajkowskidholbach: in the locoteam one there is already a how to set up a lcooteam which wasn't linked to what ever was written so I added that to the page.09:47
dholbachthanks czajkowski - which pad was this?09:47
dholbachso I know which one to update09:47
dholbachis it http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-help-meeting-locos?09:48
czajkowskidholbach: http://pad.ubuntu.com/communitywebsite-help-meeting-locos09:48
dholbachgtg for a bit - see you09:49
czajkowskitoodle pip09:51
elfydholbach: yea - it was that one09:55
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JoseeAntonioRpopey: ok, no worries, but next time please let me know in advance so I can remove everything from the cal+twitter and others11:35
czajkowskidholbach: dpm something a bit different for the day. https://soundcloud.com/atlanticrecords/queen-feat-erykah-badu11:46
dpmczajkowski, indeed, something different to what I usually listen to, but it's got a funky vibe, thanks :)11:48
czajkowskiyup :)11:48
mhall119dholbach: the home page content is in the theme code12:58
dholbachmhall119, aha12:58
mhall119that is the norm for the web team's wordpress sites12:58
popeymhall119: looks like our blockers call was dropped because the guys are doing a hangout?13:01
mhall119oh, is that what happened?13:03
popeyyeah, hangout on air now13:04
dpmyep :)13:19
coolbhaviczajkowski, ping13:46
dholbachhey jono14:13
jonohowdy dholbach14:13
smartboyhwdholbach, jono isn't http://www.ubuntu.com/community/countdown supposed to be counting down 13.04 ?14:14
jonosmartboyhw, I don't think we are doing a countdown this time - I haven't see the web team announce it14:15
smartboyhwjono, OK.14:15
jonodholbach, can you look into the countdown for smartboyhw ?14:15
smartboyhwMaybe Canonical wants people to download LTS instead of non-LTS so no countdown:p14:15
smartboyhw(EVIL THEORY)14:15
dholbachjono, sure14:15
jonosmartboyhw, you are onto something14:16
jonoit is because we hate freedom :-)14:16
smartboyhwjono, mind that sentence, I will broadcast it everywhere:P14:16
jonodpm, can you find some time to look at the burndown14:24
jonodholbach, I see you have 2 TODO and 3 INPROGRESS, can you finalize those too?14:27
SergioMenesesmhall119, 100% :O14:29
mhall119SergioMeneses: ?14:30
dholbachjono, yes, I'm working on it14:30
jonothanks dholbach14:30
smartboyhwSergioMeneses, that's means mhall119 is extremely effective :P14:31
SergioMenesesmhall119, dont worry, I was checking the link that Jono shared and I saw you have 100%14:32
mhall119ah, well, that's misleading :)14:32
smartboyhwmhall119, !?14:32
smartboyhwAh most of them are POSTPONED:P14:33
mhall119it's really 50%, 50% posponed until a later date14:33
SergioMenesesmhall119, jaja14:33
mhall119SergioMeneses: but it looks good doesn't it? :)14:34
SergioMenesesmhall119, jeje sure! :)14:34
dpmjono, yes, sorry, it's been a morning of calls. I'm going to mark some as postponed14:35
dholbachsmartboyhw, the web people are busy right now it seems - I filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website-content/+bug/1171883 and subscribed you to it14:36
ubot2dholbach: Error: launchpad bug 1171883 not found14:36
smartboyhwdholbach, got the bug:)14:36
dholbachrock on14:36
smartboyhwdholbach, the web people are supposed to be busy, it's about release:P14:36
dholbachyeah :)14:36
dholbachthanks for noticing it14:36
smartboyhwdholbach, thank popey for that, I was looking at his old blogs and one of the countdown posts showed 12.10 :P14:37
dholbachah ok14:37
* smartboyhw hugs dholbach 14:37
smartboyhwand popey14:37
dholbachhugs back! :)14:37
popeyuh oh14:39
smartboyhwpopey, sorry:P14:39
jononp, thanks dpm14:44
jonomhall119, dpm we have this meeting now?15:30
dholbachall right my friends - see you all tomorrow - big hugs!15:52
* smartboyhw hugs dholbach15:52
jcastroJoseeAntonioR: yo yo16:00
jcastroI sent you an invite for a charmschool I would like to do next Friday16:00
jcastroI can run it, I just invited you so you know when I would like to do it16:00
ubot2Please remember that #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #lubuntu are support channels. To countdown to !Raring release and then party once it happens, join #ubuntu-release-party - For in-person parties, see http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/2322/16:10
=== Guest92449 is now known as balloons
jcastroimbrandon: way cool with the comments16:14
jcastrothe G+ thing16:14
jcastrojono: bah, I just remembered you had affiliates for amazon stuff on bbqpad16:19
jcastroordered my grill yesterday16:19
jcastrobut it looks like ubuntu will get that money, heh16:19
jonodamn you jcastro16:20
jcastrosorry, I totally forgot16:20
jcastrobut it's finally spring here16:20
jcastroand daddy needs to grill like a baws16:20
jonowhat did you get, jcastro?16:22
jcastrobut without the annoyance of a chimney tube, etc.16:24
jcastroso like, gas ignition16:24
jcastroI haven't grilled in a long time, been slumming in Florida for a year.16:26
bkerensajono: do you know what the sprint link for last vUDS was? https://launchpad.net/sprints/uds-130516:27
jonobkerensa, https://launchpad.net/sprints/uds-130316:27
bkerensajono: Ahh thanks... Tracking participation looks like less people participated in last vUDS than previous two UDSes16:31
bkerensajono: has anyone announced reg is open for 1305?16:31
jonobkerensa, yep, mhall119 did16:32
smartboyhwFor two weeks already?16:32
jcastrojono: apparently the gas ignition makes it braindead easy to reuse coal16:37
jcastroso light, cook, close vents, extinguish, reuse.16:37
jonojcastro, performers are nice grills16:38
bkerensajono: whats the key to cleaning gas grills?16:38
bkerensais there some magic spray I can use16:38
jonojcastro, you can also get a smokenator16:38
jonoto convert it into a smoker16:38
jonobkerensa, don't clean them :-)16:39
jonothat is the key16:39
jonofire it up, burn the crap off, and grill16:39
jcastroyeah the smokenator is on my list16:39
jcastroas well as some of the other little gadgets for it16:39
jcastrolike, they make a pizza stone for it, etc.16:39
bkerensajono: yeah see I tried that with the thighs and the fire protector caught on fire somewhat awful and hit my thighs a bit16:40
jonojcastro, pizza is not so good on webers, the temp is not high enough16:41
jonoit is good, but not brick oven style16:41
jonobetter than reg oven though16:41
jcastroI can probably get by on this kind of stuff for small smoking16:43
jcastrosince I have no idea how to cook without direct flame, heh16:43
bkerensajono: http://ubuntuone.com/4A7EJmn5oDSDPHjV9ecRQC16:45
jonobkerensa, yeah thighs have a lot of grease16:46
bkerensajono: so interesting trend.... Raring was the highest attended UDS so over many...  Sort of the peak16:46
jonobkerensa, interesting16:46
bkerensatraditionally lower the further you go back16:46
bkerensaso 1305 needs to be good16:47
jcastrohow are you measuring? by lp registration?16:47
bkerensajcastro: yeah its the only metric16:48
jcastroyeah cuz I was going to say, chasing after people to register on LP during non-virtual UDSes was painfully annoying16:48
bkerensajcastro: I'm going to graph them all16:49
balloonsjcastro,all your grill talk made me hungry16:49
bkerensajust waiting on LP to export them all16:49
jcastroballoons: I was eating, that's why I brought it up16:49
jcastrosick of crappy winter food and carryout, homeboy needs to grill16:50
czajkowskinot sure that's going to be accurate though as the same with any conference unless you can see an acutla head count or login, anyone can just sign up16:50
balloonsI'm just glad to feel like eating again :-016:50
jcastro<-- lunch over, back to the grind16:51
mhall119bkerensa: for uds 13.05 we're doing registration directly in Summit16:59
bkerensamhall119: http://ubuntuone.com/3fbppJtJcPj3o05j1xTzO917:09
mhall119bkerensa: btw, since it appears you missed it: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2013/04/09/uds-13-05-ubuntus-second-online-developer-summit/17:09
mhall119bkerensa: is that line the total of physical and remote attendees?17:11
bkerensamhall119: yes its the total of both (total attendance)17:11
bkerensamhall119: Is there a way to get a attendance total publically from summit?17:12
mhall119interesting, it seems nobody likes southern US cities17:12
mhall119bkerensa: from the API17:13
bkerensamhall119: well if you look at contribution and team trends it just kind of matches overall community growth and adoption17:13
bkerensamhall119: as core community grew and contributions did.... more people attended UDS17:13
mhall119bkerensa: http://summit.ubuntu.com/api/attendee/?summit__name=uds-r17:14
mhall119for example17:14
mhall119you'll need to do the counting yourself17:14
bkerensamhall119: lol no export to csv? :P17:14
mhall119bkerensa: nope17:15
mhall119jcastro: ping17:16
mhall119nvm, cjohnston ping17:16
mhall119cjohnston: https://launchpad.net/sprints/uds-1305 says UDS ends at 14:00 UTC on the 16th, but it ends at 20:00 UTC, can you fix this?17:16
mhall119cjohnston: you also need to get summit's database updated for those attendees17:17
imbrandonjcastro: thanks :) yea i thought it was pretty slick too17:21
bkerensajono: I guess I'm going to see Rick this weekend17:21
imbrandonjcastro: like my new pet project domain :)17:22
imbrandonits gonna eventually have a juju "topic" ( section & forum ) too … slowly adding each of the topics I wanted to make sure are covered one by one as I stair step the site launch17:29
imbrandonwordpress dev topic got catapulted unexpectedly first tho , heh17:30
pleia2imbrandon: missed you at ods! I heard you had an adventure17:30
imbrandonyea, to say the least , i'm still drivers licenseless ( not legally but physically )17:31
imbrandonwas a whole ton of fun lemme tell ya17:31
bkerensaimbrandon: now you have to come for OSCON right?17:31
imbrandoni never realized just how much we depend on the few bits of info that are in our wallet or just how hard it really is to verify someoen is who they say by the cops unlike ncis that can do it in 30 sec17:32
imbrandonnever been to OSCON, i might see if i can swing it, no idea on what $$ is looking like right now17:33
imbrandonshould be ok, but i dont wanna say "yea" but then no $ :)17:33
imbrandonbay area ?17:34
imbrandonthey anounced city #3 btw pleia2 ( i bet you heard already tho ) for g fiber17:35
imbrandonnot salt lake, but somewhere in ut iirc17:35
* imbrandon wants to goto the Linux conf thats always in OH , cant ever rember the name … but yea it always rocks17:37
pleia2imbrandon: yeah, provo (turns out they already have fiber infrastructure, just no one to manage it - enter google!)17:38
imbrandonahhh cool17:38
pleia2well, they have a company managing it, but it's a mess17:38
pleia2it's owned by the city17:38
pleia2pro tip: if your city decides to run internet, leave :)17:38
pleia2I don't think it's ever worked17:39
imbrandoni'm seriously thinking about renting a place 2 or 3 miles closer to downtown … so i dont have to wait another 8 months for my install ( thats the ETA for my hood atm )17:39
pleia2philly tried to do similar with city-wide wifi, ugh17:39
imbrandonmt view isnt too bad , but thats by google FOR the city isnt it17:39
pleia2and hehe, moving for internet17:39
imbrandonhell ya I would :) just rent … but yea17:40
imbrandontheir is nice little cottage 2 bedroom flats down there for like $550 …. CHEAP , but in the already hookup zone17:41
imbrandonits sooo tempting to just grab one for 6 mo to a yr17:41
pleia2also, wow, it's been forever since I've lived in a place where rent was $550/mo17:41
pleia2here it's like, $5500/mo ;)17:41
bkerensapleia2: is anyone from Xubuntu docs missing from https://help.ubuntu.com/contributors.html ? I'm getting ready to push a update there17:41
bkerensapleia2: and you have contribute to Xubuntu docs right?17:42
imbrandonyea me too, mine is $1000 now and thats pretty good for a 4 bedroom17:42
imbrandonround here17:42
pleia2bkerensa: thanks! http://docs.xubuntu.org/ln-idp3702784.html has all contributors17:42
pleia2bkerensa: so yeah, I'm missing :\17:42
pleia2probably just add the current people, not the "contributors from previous"17:42
pleia2heh, right, so the only people currently listed on help. are old contributors, doh :)17:43
elfyI believe I went deactivated from that17:43
pleia2they haven't been around in ages17:43
pleia2elfy: xubuntu docs for 13.04 are pretty much the same as 12.10, so we can keep you on :)17:43
imbrandonwhat i've really been trying to do is find someone i know that has it already and just "colo" a machine there that i can use … to hold me over till install day17:44
bkerensaI cannot wait till Portland gets Fiber =/17:45
imbrandong fiber at that , 10x verizon speeds17:46
imbrandonfor their fios17:46
pleia2I did get to meet the director of network engineering for google fiber the other day (my fiance's boss, he's coming to my wedding)17:49
elfypleia2: sorry - was speaking out loud, not worried about it :)17:50
elfyand congrats on ^^17:50
pleia2thanks :)17:50
imbrandonpleia2:  nice ( on both counts ) :)17:51
bkerensapleia2: maybe you will get a private fiber pipe dropped to your home? :)17:51
pleia2bkerensa: hah, never going to happen17:52
pleia2getting fiber ever in california seems like a long shot ;) crazy zoning laws here, impossible to lay anything new17:52
pleia2and downtown sf.. hah hah17:52
mhall119pleia2: there's always the hope of WiMax18:10
mhall119it's always only 10 years away, like fusion power and GNU/Hurd18:10
mhall119I did the math the other day, GNU/Hurd has been in development for nearly a quarter of a *century*18:12
pleia2we do have a wireless provider in our building (line of sight device on the building roof!), not wimax18:13
pleia2100M to the building, so we try not to have our neighbors sign up18:13
mhall119oh man, I supported a line-of-sight wireless connection before...what an unreliable pain in the rear that way18:13
mhall119I say "supported", but really my company just provided internet access for it, someone else had to support the physical link, but still was a pain18:16
bkerensapleia2: MonkeyBrains has been trying to apply to run Fiber in SF but until then they offer  amazing wifi http://monkeybrains.net/wireless.html18:17
balloonsmhall119, so you worked for a WISP?18:19
akgranerwow our connection is amazing here  (and I am in the middle of no where)- we have line of sight and get 50 up and down reliably (and they use Ubuntu Servers back end - it's pretty cool)18:23
mhall119no, just a local ISP, but we had a government client that wanted to setup a wireless link to us, and we just provided net access on our end18:23
balloonsakgraner, wow! I take it they use the terrain to their advantage18:28
akgranerof course :-)18:29
akgranerI have 4G as a back up, but it's slow if both kids and Pete are beating up the network - my kids say they are the only kids in their group whose mom says "get of my bandwidth"  My son kill me when his is on skype on one computer and  playing some and  game live across the internet and talking on his phone while I am trying to do hangouts and file transfers not to mention whatever Pete is doing (we have a don't ask don't tell policy at o18:33
akgranerur house when it comes to our jobs)18:33
akgranerdang - I give up typing today :-(18:34
akgranerwell in IRC anyway18:34
pleia2well, my crazy is now a published thing http://columbianewsservice.com/2013/04/chicken-livered-living-with-a-fear-of-birds/18:34
pleia2I feel like such a wacko reading this now18:34
pleia2best line: "Chickens and vultures, she says, are particularly fearsome for her."18:35
pleia2ah me :)18:35
akgranerAt least you know you aren't alone18:36
akgranerI'm that way about spiders18:36
balloonsakgraner, lol. don't ask, don't tell! It's fun sitting next to your SO, but with screens turned around and yelling at them "what are you doing? get off the bandwidth!"18:39
balloonsAlanBell, so i just tried a screen reader install for raring :-18:39
akgranerballoons,  that happens all the time here18:40
akgranersometimes we have use different providers if it's a heavy hangout and file transfer day - I am like you're killing my hangout to which I get you are killing mine Then we argue about whose call is more important.  Oh I am sure it would be hilarious to anyone but us :-)18:41
balloonsakgraner, it's definitely happened here before. i've had to put traffic shaping and bandwidth limits on my router by ip in order to get around it.18:42
akgraneryep - pete has too18:42
pleia2my fiance is working from home today, he's on the webpass and I am on the comcast ;)18:42
pleia2hooray for multihomed18:42
balloonsthe funniest things hammer the connection.. Lots of social media sites do it.. you know the endless scrolling sites?18:42
akgranerwe are all such geeks18:42
balloonsfor instance, pinterest wreaks havoc on my connection18:42
pleia2worst part is actually "hey, need your input on $wedding_thing" "I AM TRYING TO WORK!"18:42
balloonstry it on pete once.. just load a pinterest category and keep scrolling :)18:43
balloonspleia2, ahh weddings! enjoy it!18:43
balloonsand congrats118:43
pleia2balloons: thanks :)18:43
pleia2today is my last day of being around, I fly out tomorrow, will be back on May 13th (just in time for vUDS!)18:44
akgranerballoons,  I thought you liked me - that would not be fun for me.  You've meet Pete he would not find it funny.18:44
akgranerpleia2, go you!  Congratulations!18:44
balloonsakgraner, lol.. your right, pete would not be amused.. I never was when it happened :-)18:47
akgranerpleia2, if you want to a list of things to tell your soon to be hubby about what not to do/say to his soon to be wife  - he can read all the "oops did I say that" remarks Pete has said over the last 21 years.  His tactful filter seems to have a malfunction these days18:49
pleia2akgraner: haha18:50
nigelbhey akgraner!18:50
akgranernigelb, hey!!!18:50
nigelbI knew pulling an allnighter would be a good idea :P18:51
AlanBellballoons: how did it go? I have only done the orca install early in the raring cycle, I should try it again19:22
balloonsAlanBell, well I just lost my notes in a freak restart :-( I was going to edit the testcase to be a bit better. That said, it went better than it has in the past for me. There's 2 critical pieces. 1) It doesn't tell me after hitting enter on the final screen that it's begun installing, nor does it announce progress. 2) It doesn't work well on the timezone screen19:23
AlanBellyeah, timezone screen is pretty hard with the keyboard even if you can see what is going on19:24
AlanBellyour best hope is that you have a network connection and geolocation gets it right19:24
jonoballoons, how you doing?20:14
balloonsjono, recovering.. spending some time this afternoon catching up on some testing needs ;-)20:15
jonoballoons, thats an interesting way to recover20:15
balloonsjono, lol..20:15
imbrandonjcastro:  holly cr*p man, i mad techcrunch with that plugin :) http://techcrunch.com/2013/04/23/developer-brings-google-commenting-system-to-wordpress-a-week-after-google-launches-it-for-blogger/20:17
balloonsjono, I'll see you tomorrow I'm sure.. I trust I'll be floating on air by then.. haha20:19
bkerensaimbrandon: yeah because I pinged them for u20:20
bkerensaimbrandon: the writer is Portland based ;)20:22
bkerensaimbrandon: you should be on the verge later20:22
bkerensaand maybe mashable20:22
imbrandonbkerensa:  good news is i dident notice because the server was buckling heh20:22
jonoballoons, :-)20:22
imbrandoninfact /me is happy with how its doing20:22
bkerensaimbrandon: they even ganked my screenshot20:23
imbrandonheh, yea i noticed, i'm working on a options screen now for the admin section20:23
bkerensaimbrandon: nice... you should add a html element with a link that says "Hire the author of this plugin"20:24
imbrandonthats what devopsrockstar.com is for ( yes i own it , and no there is nothing on it yet , got busy with this plugin , heh )20:26
=== glebihan_ is now known as glebihan
jonoballoons, hey21:09
jonocan you finish your 2 TODOs on the burndown:21:09
balloonsjono, yes indeed..21:09
jonothanks balloons21:09
balloonsthings look good for the month.. it's been pretty nice doing this monthly cadence21:10
balloonsI have to wrap my brain around another UDS happening so soon.. so some adjusting is still on-going21:10
philipballewThis uds should be pretty interesting. to see the online uds like we had two months ago on a large scale.21:19
bkerensaphilipballew: What will make it larger in scale?21:20
philipballewbkerensa, amount of people attending21:20
philipballewI assume more people will be there because there is more notice now.21:21
bkerensaphilipballew: I think the lack of having a excuse to take off work for some and not being in the same time zone impacted it more than the notice21:22
balloonsI agree with philipballew.. I think/hope more will attend21:22
balloonswe'll all get a bit better at accommodating and attending21:22
philipballewIf any need a place to "attend" they're welcome to come to my house in Auburn CA.21:23
bkerensaphilipballew: I think Canonical has a Sprint in Oakland the same week :)21:24
bkerensacjohnston: different week?21:24
balloonscjohnston -- driveby dream crusher21:24
philipballewOakland is not really the highlight of California.21:25
cjohnstonballoons: yes, that means you have to attend UDS :-P21:25
cjohnstonand so does mhall11921:25
philipballewSacramento, now that's a fine city.21:25
balloonsphilipballew, ohh.. auburn looks cool!21:25
cjohnstonsan diego wasn't bad21:25
philipballewcjohnston, I am there right now. Its great. (I go to collage here)21:26
bkerensaUDS-S Bodie, CA21:26
cjohnstonI think it was August21:26
cjohnstonwhen I was21:26
bkerensaI hear the accommodations and connectivity in Bodie is second to none21:26
cjohnstonwe went to the safari zoo thing... m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e21:26
philipballewcjohnston, Its like Mexico, without the danger of Mexico. (I actually really like Mexico)21:27
cjohnstonbkerensa: 56k with the best of them? ;-)21:27
philipballewcjohnston, I am sorry you had to go there.21:27
bkerensaimbrandon: stealing some of your TC traffic now k?21:27
imbrandonokies :)21:27
philipballewuds in Bakersfield!21:27
bkerensacjohnston: only in the summer... Winter months the snow destroys the poles :)21:27
bkerensaphilipballew: ewww21:27
bkerensaphilipballew: San Bernadino ftw21:28
* cjohnston is going to new orleans for the first time this year21:28
philipballewbkerensa, Inland empire bro!21:28
philipballewcjohnston, i have herd good things about that place21:28
* philipballew is going to Mexico City for the first time this year.21:29
philipballewGonna spend two months in Mexico this summer.21:30
philipballewand not Tijuana, that I go to all the time.21:30
bkerensaphilipballew: Mexico is a barrel of win21:30
bkerensaphilipballew: you should go to Los Algadones21:30
philipballewbkerensa, Its a nice place. I was just there Friday for the tj lug meeting.21:31
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: ping21:31
jcastroyo yo21:31
philipballewbkerensa, I have a lot of friends who go to Mexico for a week then go to Cuba.21:31
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: what's the UTC time for the show?21:35
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: I won't be able to host it, but can get everything set up, is that ok for you?21:37
JoseeAntonioRI can give you all the account details you need21:37
jcastrothat is all I need21:38
JoseeAntonioRok, let me get the calendar ready21:38
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: any important links I should put on the calendar?21:42
jcastrojust juju.ubuntu.com I guess21:43
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: can you please login to ubuntuonair.com/login with SSO?21:45
JoseeAntonioR(make sure to transfer all the info, including username and email and so on)21:46
jcastrook I am in21:47
JoseeAntonioRhave you got an admin role?21:47
JoseeAntonioR(should be fixed now)21:48
jcastrook so I just fix the URL prior to the broadcast?21:49
JoseeAntonioRyeah, but make sure to only change the URL as otherwise the video would be too small21:49
JoseeAntonioRleave the other iframe properties as they are21:49
JoseeAntonioRhave you got the ubuntuonair google account credentials?21:50
jcastrocan you mail them to me just in case though?21:50
* jcastro is heading to dinner21:50
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: done, if there's anything else I can help with just let me know21:53
jonomhall119, hey22:28
jonohow is the core apps technology unblocking deck coming?22:28
jonohey tiagoscd22:28
jonotiagoscd, you have one work item TODO on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-1303-revamping-ubuntu-community-pages - would you mind completing it and updating the status?22:29
bkerensajono: http://www.freedomsponsors.org/core/issue/250/support-fitbit-zip?alert=KICKSTART23:33
bkerensawill u match me if I sponsor? :P23:33

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