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CarstenGHi at all.15:40
CarstenGI just got an update of the Ubuntu Desktop Guide to my raring installation.15:41
CarstenGAnd I see, that there are some screenshots on the main page are still not updated to the raring layout.15:42
CarstenGE.g. if I hoover over the main captions »What's new in Ubuntu 13.04?«, »Use the Launcher to start applications« and »Find apps, files, music, and mor with the Dash«, I see old screenshots.15:44
CarstenGIs there a possibility to update these images before release?15:45
CarstenGOr is it now to late?15:45
bkerensaCarstenG: Its too late plus the screenshoot tool is not working very well16:08
CarstenGbkerensa: Thanks for your answer. ok, it's to late, but will the screenshots update during normal updates during the life of raring?17:51
bkerensaCarstenG: I defer to jbicha17:52
bkerensaI do not know how to use the script but if its not working then idk17:52
jbichaI defer to bkerensa ;)17:52
CarstenGAnd what do you mean with »screenshot tool«? Is there a special program for the docs?17:52
jbichait's possible to do an update after raring is released but it requires coordinating the schedule with dpm & the translators17:53
bkerensaWell I defer to pleia2 since her team owns doc committers now ;)17:55
* bkerensa runs and hides17:55
pleia2that's only as a temporary measure to make sure we don't lose control of the team entirely, we're not actually qualified to make major decisions on behalf of the team ;)17:55
pleia2CarstenG: yes, there is a specific tool that makes taking them easier17:56
pleia2(I don't remember it offhand)17:56
CarstenGpleia2: Sounds good. In the manual team we also have to to lots of screenshot, so maybe we can use this for our purposes, too?17:58
pleia2it may actually be the same one, bkerensa?17:58
jbichait's a script called collect-screenshots.sh in the root of lp:ubuntu-docs17:58
pleia2ah, thanks jbicha17:58
jbichait's different that what the manual team used17:58
CarstenGthanks Jeremy. I will have a look to it.18:00
jbichait didn't work quite right for quantal and it's like that the placement of the screenshots is off by a bit as developers tweak the UI18:05
jbicha*it's likely*18:05
CarstenGJeremy, do you mean Quickshot, which the manual team used in the past?18:06
jbichaquickshot didn't seem to work right for what I needed but I don't remember why18:09
CarstenGWell, this is not working any more. There is no developer... Now we are doing the screenshots by hand...18:09
jbichaI guess that's what the problem was18:10
CarstenGThanks for your help. See you later, good night.20:57

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