darkxstjbicha, so what do you think re logind then01:50
jbichadarkxst: you can go ahead, I don't think I'll have much of a chance to test it01:53
jbichaplease send an email to the ubuntu-gnome list though to give people a heads-up before they dist-upgrade next01:53
darkxstjbicha, ok01:54
eazel7the ubuntu-gnome iso installs inside windows?03:41
eazel7I'm getting the 12.10 amd6403:41
ricotzdarkxst, hi09:44
ricotzdarkxst, having network-manager and pulseaudio still using consolekit breaks quite some things :\09:46
darkxstricotz, really? I have been using pulseaudio with consolekit without issues09:55
darkxstbut can upload logind versions09:55
ricotzok, pulseaudio might work, but networkmanager doesnt09:55
ricotzat least not reliable09:55
ricotzdarkxst, yeah, uploading rebases of pitti patched versions would be nice09:57
darkxstricotz, what is the problem with networkmanager?09:58
ricotzdarkxst, it cant acquire the credentials while not finding a valid ck session09:59
ricotzso things like encrypted wlan won't work09:59
darkxstoh right, I only use wifi, which is work fine10:00
darkxstI will rebase pitti packages and upload10:00
ricotzat least here is it the case, and using pittis nm package works10:00
ricotzand i guess pulseaudio will just be silent while switching to a tty10:00
ricotzdarkxst, seems other ones have problems with nm too http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=213810610:01
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ricotzdarkxst, thanks!10:29
ricotzbut dont bump the version that way10:29
darkxstricotz, hmm how?10:34
ricotzdarkxst, it should have been
darkxstoh oops10:35
ricotzi mean dont skip version, since the next raring version will probably *ubuntu6.110:36
ricotzof course this might prevent updates to the non-systemd version10:37
darkxstha yes, I planned that all along ;) (even if it was an accident!)10:38
darkxstmight as well do the same with pulseaudio then10:40
ricotzif you keep an eye on archive updates and upload updates ;P10:41
darkxstI will try10:44
darkxstmeh, will just upload pulseaudio with a proper version for now10:45
darkxstricotz, so actually my network icon does seem broken11:01
darkxstbut wifi is working ok11:01
darkxstbroken as in it is displaying that network is disconnected when it isnt really11:06
jbicha_darkxst: are you still around?14:07
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jbichaah, nevermind I figured it out14:10
jbichaI'm fixing bug 1171789 by adding ubiquity to the gnome-shell favorites override in u-g-default-settings instead of doing it in casper14:12
ubot5bug 1171789 in casper (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu GNOME does not show "install" w/o typing in the dash" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117178914:12
bersace_nss_Hi, does anyone have error "No session found for uid 1000" with network-manager  ?14:29
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bersace_nssthats look relative to migration to logind vs consolekit14:30
bersace_nssi do have systemd-logind running14:32
chunkyheadhow to install gnome 3.8 on ubuntu14:51
bersace_nsschunkyhead, use ppa:gnome3-team/gnome314:53
chunkyheadthanks :D14:54
chunkyheadgnome 3 would gime me 3.0 or 3.4?14:54
bersace_nsschunkyhead, mostly 3.814:55
bersace_nsssee ppa page https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome314:56
bersace_nssyou also have gnome3-staging for some more 3.8 pieces14:56
bersace_nsschunkyhead, beware it will break some services14:56
bersace_nssi currently can't use plain jabber account with empathy14:56
jbichawe're respinning the images now15:09
jbichawe might need to respin the Ubuntu GNOME images twice to get the 1171789 fix in15:10
chunkyheadneed a little help, i updated repos, and then updated and upgraded, i'm not getting any option of new interfaces in the login menu15:47
jbichawhat do you mean "new interfaces"16:05
chunkyheadgnome jbicha. for install gnome interface16:07
camelinahatchunkyhead, use Ctrl+alt+F2 to switch to a vtty, then log in from the command prompt. Run: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:13
chunkyheadi dont want to update my distro16:13
camelinahatthen reboot. ;) Just doing upgrade doesn't grab everything, you need to do a dist-upgrade16:14
camelinahatchunkyhead, that doesn't update your distro. See 'man apt-get'16:14
chunkyheadi know what's apt-get16:15
chunkyheadwhat's dist-upgrade16:15
camelinahatSee the man file on apt-get. "dist-upgrade in addition to performing the function of upgrade, also intelligently handles changing dependencies with new versions of packages..."16:16
chunkyheadoh ok16:17
camelinahatjbicha, Once the rebuild is completed testing need to be started over again? (invalidate existing tests since they're technically for another image).16:21
jbichayes or mostly yes, you can ask in #ubuntu-quality if you have more questions about how that works16:40
camelinahatThat's what I expected anyways. Respin is just to address bug 1171789 ?16:45
ubot5bug 1171789 in ubuntu-gnome-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu GNOME does not show "install" w/o typing in the dash" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117178916:45
jbichathe first rebuild (which has finished now) was for bug 1080701, the second which will start soon is for the missing install link16:47
ubot5bug 1080701 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Raring) "After 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' screen, raring installation hangs" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108070116:47
camelinahatYay. Done. Testing time again :)17:35
camelinahat:( jbicha Still doesn't show up in Install Ubuntu-Gnome still doesn't show up in dash on 64-bit live CD17:40
jbichacamelinahat: did you use .1 or .2?17:41
jbichamaybe this is more complicated17:42
camelinahatLemme double check again (totally power off the VM, re-download image and try it again).17:42
jbichaI think it should have worked17:45
jbichathe testing I did here was to install the new package and ubiquity-gtk17:45
jbichaafter logging out and logging back in, the Install link was at the top of the "Dash"17:45
jbichait's possible casper could be doing something weird but I didn't think so17:46
jbichacheck the md5sum of the image17:46
camelinahatjbicha, No my bad it's there now. my VM must have cached a copy of the old image.17:47
jbichayay, thanks for confirming the fix :)17:47
jbichacamelinahat: it sounds in #ubuntu-release like they'll be pushing a new casper so I don't think they'll be rebuilding the images again later17:50
jbicha*so I think they will*17:50
camelinahatlol fun testing moving targets ;)17:52
jbichawe probably should just link to http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/269/builds and tell people to look for the two Ubuntu GNOME images17:55
camelinahatYeah I realized that after the fact as well. But if there is another rebuild coming out, might be best to wait until after that is finished.17:59
jbichayes but today's a good day to fix any final high priority bugs18:00
camelinahatOh agreed. I've only run into a couple minor things with ubquity I've mentioned before (screen shots, and wording on the install type).18:02
jbichaupdating the screenshots would affect every image and at this point I didn't think it was high enough priority this time18:03
jbichasame for the inconsistent wording18:04
jbichanext cycle it would be nice if things said "Ubuntu GNOME" instead of "Ubuntu-GNOME"18:04
camelinahatOh definitely minor bugs. And which is the 'official' name? With or without a space?18:05
jbichawith a space18:06
pavel__Did you try to install Skype in 13.04?18:23
ugonegood evening sorry for my English but is translated by google translator.18:46
ugoneI would like to ask when and if it will be implemented in gnome miniiso.18:46
ugoneFor example http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/quantal/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/18:46
ugoneif possible the insertion them obviously18:47
jbichaugone: no, we do not have plans to add any more images18:52
jbichathe mini iso is a very minimal command line only install18:53
ugonetrue but it is extremely convenient to install with this system18:54
ugoneand on old machines is definitely convenient to install so18:55
ugoneanyway thanks for solving my doubt though I hoped would be implemented in the future18:56
jbichaperhaps you are talking about an alternate image like the lubuntu team provides?18:57
jbichaI don't think our project is designed for hardward that is 10 or more years old. Providing an alternate image would require more QA work but not much benefit.18:59
ugoneUnfortunately, all the machines I use have more than 10 years and in many schools are also older19:00
ugoneoften happened that went fallback mode and not gnome shell19:02
jbichaok, in your case I would recommend Lubuntu19:03
jbichaUbuntu GNOME 13.04 does not include GNOME Fallback by default (although you can install it later)19:04
ugoneI managed to convince a number of people because I could resurrect old computers with Linux but if you have to change and take a new one is very likely to catch him already with windows19:04
ugoneis not a problem to install after fallback (although it would be nice to put gia default) but Lubuntu is not livvello gnome as DE19:05
ugoneLubuntu is not at the level of gnome as DE19:06
camelinahatugone, Unfortunately future versions of Gnome won't have any fallback mode at all19:08
ugoneIn fact, and this is a big problem19:08
jbichaI believe 13.10 will include GNOME and GNOME Classic by default; I think it would be too much to also include GNOME Fallback19:09
ugonebut perhaps you consider that there are many situations in which there are very old machines gnome fallback is a blessing for these19:13
ugonein addition to all the problem is not even more to fit everything on a cd now that the pictures are about 1 gb19:15
ugonepictures = iso19:15
camelinahatugone, well part of the issue is that I don't believe GNOME themselves support fallback mode any longer (not Just an Ubuntu GNOME decision).  see: http://blogs.gnome.org/mclasen/2012/12/05/gnome-3-7-what-is-happening-now/19:19
camelinahatCurrently the Ubuntu Repositories still have Gnome 3.6 which allows for the fallback mode.19:20
atrusi'm running into zombie processes, children of gnome-shell. anybody else seeing something similar?19:30
atrusugone: fwiw, i was running gnome-shell for a while without any 3d acceleration. it was noticably slow, but certainly usable.19:31
atrusmy radeon drivers were broken, so it was reverting to plain-ol-vesa.19:32
Ponch0Hey guys is there a way I can set up awesome wm with gnome 3.8?21:11
Ponch0or gals21:11
Ponch0no need to assume :)21:11
Ponch0it's my weak upbringing21:12
Ponch0anyway I'm getting off the subject here.21:12
cmathesonPonch0: gnome-shell is a wm, so it won't work with other wms21:12
cmatheson(it's not just a panel like gnome 2 was)21:12
Ponch0Hm, their wiki does say I can use it with gnome just not higher than 3.4, or maybe the instructions haven't been updated yet21:13
Ponch0I see, let me see what google pulls up, my first thought was to come here heheh21:13
Ponch0thanks cmatheson21:13
cmathesonnp, good luck21:14
jbichadarkxst: bug 1172062 is a logind regression right?23:01
ubot5bug 1172062 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "network manager icon does not correctly display status" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117206223:01
darkxstjbicha, yes, looks that way, its failing to connect to the user session23:01
jbichadarkxst: don't use -0ubuntu1+ in the gnome3 ppa version strings since it will sort higher than -0ubuntu1 which may be uploaded to the regular Ubuntu repositories23:22
jbichathanks for working on logind, I don't think it's gotten much testing yet (except from pitti)23:25
jbichayour work will make it smoother when it lands in S23:25
darkxstoh right, oops. but then we probably don't want it to be superceeded by archive versions23:32
jbichait depends on how soon logind lands in S but it's probably not too big of a deal this time as there's likely to be a -0ubuntu223:40
jbichadarkxst: I'm thinking we need one more PPA...to build packages for the GNOME3 PPA and make sure they work before pushing them to the main GNOME3 PPA23:51
darkxstjbicha, yes that could work23:53
darkxstcrap, looks like network manager is confused and still trying to use ck session tracking ;(23:53

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