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tdr112czajkowski: nice photo btw09:18
czajkowskitdr112: of the openstack09:19
tdr112yep and the one of your kitchen09:21
czajkowskioh yes09:23
czajkowskicheeky feckers I let them out to wander about and play09:23
czajkowskiand they come in09:23
czajkowskinot so smart09:23
czajkowskiwe're just giving them some worms now09:24
czajkowskiso that'll make them happy09:24
tdr112live ones ?09:25
czajkowskilive and not so live09:27
czajkowskiamazing what you can buy nline and have it delivered09:27
zmoylanyour postman must love you :-)09:29
tdr112wow they are sent via the post09:30
tdr112you would get them in fishing shops09:31
czajkowskitdr112: big sackfulls09:38
slashbelhehe → http://cf.broadsheet.ie/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/BIhU6nOCcAAoUe_.jpg « only in Limerick are Gardaí needed at a chess tournament09:54
ebelI was speaking to someone in TOG who raises bees.10:07
ebelHe says, in USA, he used to get his bees in the post.10:07
ebelGetting phone calls from post office: "Your package is here, and it's buzzing"10:08
slashbelthere's money in bees!?10:08
ebelslashbel: he didn't have em for money. though he would give the neighbours honey.10:08
czajkowskiwe have lovely eggs10:09
czajkowskilots of them10:09
czajkowskicant given enough of them away tbh10:09
czajkowskiwe get 3 a day10:09
tdr112do they mind you taking them10:11
zmoylanis there a local farmers market that might take them?10:11
czajkowskitdr112: nope not at al10:21
czajkowskiand you need to remove them or they will start to eat them10:21
czajkowskizmoylan: once a month10:21
czajkowskibut jons family will get some10:21
czajkowskineighbours got 12 the other day10:21
czajkowskipub meet up tomorrow wil give some more away10:21
zmoylanso time to make baked goods to sell at market? :-)10:21
zmoylanpsssst, want some eggs? :-D10:22

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