dankLooks like a deadlock in the forest-of-fifos protocol.03:48
cjwatsondank: ok, possible patch in the bug04:52
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psivaacjwatson: xnox: our preseeded default installation of amd64 desktop image reports http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5594979/08:27
psivaai did not see any issues with manual installation though08:28
cjwatsonlooks like a python2.7 problem to me08:41
cjwatsonbut I wonder whether it's consistently reproducible ...08:42
cjwatsonseems to be working fine on my raring laptop08:43
cjwatsoncan you get at the target system it's created?08:44
stgraberthe only case where I've seen that was on my pandaboard (cosmic rays changing a couple of bits in a pyc apparently) but that was apport not the encodings module08:50
cjwatsonwe see that kind of thing occasionally on arms in the dc; they're crap08:50
cjwatsonyou notice it sometimes in build logs e.g.08:51
cjwatsonwell, my possible patch at least doesn't regress things in a test VM, although I can't reproduce the original issue09:08
cjwatsonso I guess we wait for Larry to show up and see if he can give it a spin09:09
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stgrabercjwatson: hey, I was looking into an LXC bug that's been annoying us for a while. Basically everytime we create a new container rootfs using debootstrap, the keyboard mode is changed from RAW to Unicode which makes using X a bit of a pain (alt+f4 will both close the window and change the VT).10:11
stgraberI've always assumed we were doing something wrong but now looking at bug 759674 it looks like it might be console-setup's postinst not doing the right thing10:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 759674 in console-setup (Ubuntu) "Upgrading console-setup in a chroot breaks X keymap" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75967410:11
stgraberspecifically the bit about running "setupcon --force -k" when under X10:11
stgraberdo you have any opinion on the matter? I'd personally be tempted to just drop that call completely (and just keep the --save-only call that requires a reboot) but that's for my specific use case and I don't pretend to see the big picture there10:12
stgraber(no rush, not planning on getting this for 13.04, or at least not in the release pocket ;))10:13
cjwatsonstgraber: the underlying tool in kbd that that calls is meant to detect this situation and not actually do the ioctl, IIRC10:16
cjwatsonif that isn't working, that's a problem for other reasons because I think that's called from a udev rule10:17
cjwatsonso I think we should fix it rather than remove it10:17
stgrabercjwatson: ok. I confirmed that calling "/var/lib/dpkg/info/console-setup.postinst configure" from within a chroot definitely changes the kbd mode (fixable with kbd_mode -s afterwards). I'll dig a bit deeper later10:22
stgrabercjwatson: hmm, so the problem appears to be that "kbd_mode -u < /dev/tty1" in a chroot actually changes the current tty instead of tty1 (and so changes tty7). The same outside the chroot works as expected.11:15
stgraberI'll have to play with strace a bit to see exactly what's going on as the device nodes for /dev/ttyX look correct (right minor/major)11:16
xnoxev: are you about? and/or bluefin? got a question about wubi boot helper that is not popping up / offering to help rebooting.12:33
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mwharrisim looking for advice on how to make d-i just emit a syslog message21:33
mwharrisim making a PXE target that's basically a test that PXE is set up correctly for a machine21:33
mwharrisand id like to use standard d-i infra, mainly because i need remote syslog21:33
cjwatsonyou should just be able to say   logger -t some-tag arbitrary message21:51
antarusmwharris: I'm confused why you don't just run a custom early_command ?21:53
antarusmwharris: is your question how to exit?21:53
mwharrisyeah, i suppose so.21:53
mwharrisi don't want to do an install, just emit a syslog message.21:53
mwharrisis early command the way to do that?21:54
antarusand then...reboot?21:54
antarusI'm confused what you want to happen afterward21:54
mwharrisreboot afterwards is fine.21:54
antaruscan't you just call logger and then call reboot? :)21:54
mwharrissure, but how do i do that?21:54
mwharrismake an early_command?21:54
antarusyou would need a custom preseed, yeah21:54
antaruswith a custom early_command21:54
mwharrisok, cool. i already have a custom preseed, so that's fine.21:55
antarusnot sure if you can preseed the early_command url on pxe?21:55
cjwatsonshould be fine21:55
* antarus nods21:55
antarusmwharris: sorry, I didn't quite grok what you wanted to do earlier ;p21:55
mwharrisheh no worries.21:55
mwharristhanks for the help21:55
cjwatsond-i preseed/early_command string logger -t d-i HELLO; reboot21:55
cjwatsonor some such21:55
cjwatsonkind of a heavyweight test, but ...21:56
antaruswe are batshit crazy here21:57
antarusdon't worry about it ;)21:57
antarus(this is one of our lightest tests, don't poke fun!)21:57
mwharrisbasically i want to give people an easy to test PXE setup on a machine21:57
mwharrishmm, early_command is too early, there's no networking.22:42
mwharrisis there a way i can have early_command run with networking up?22:42
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