godbykHey, CarstenG. Did you push your changes when you unshortened that URL?  It's still using the shortened URL in my version.18:55
cqfd93Hi godbyk!19:02
cqfd93CoqIdeu're talking about the link in the wine section, I think I unshortened it, but I forgot to push it19:02
godbykcqfd93: Yeah.19:02
godbykcqfd93: Ah, okay.19:03
godbykI knew Carsten and I had discussed it and decided to unshorten it.19:03
godbykI thought he had already done that, but I guess not.19:03
cqfd93I'll do it now :-), sorry!19:03
godbykcqfd93: No worries!19:03
godbykThere seems to be lots of other little issues with the Wine section, too, but I don't know if we'll have time to fix them all.19:03
godbykI'm going to try to finish up all the editing today so that I can publish the manual late tomorrow night (US/Central time).19:04
cqfd93just pushed advanced-topics.tex19:05
godbykcqfd93: Thanks!19:05
cqfd93A few days ago, Thomas said he would make a change in the Wine section, but I didi't see it19:06
godbykYeah, I haven't seen it yet either.19:07
godbykI don't know enough about the state of Wine to make any substantial changes to the text.19:07
godbykBut I will try to clean up the formatting.19:08
cqfd93I don't know enough about wine either, I just use it for a couple of software that don't seem to use .net framework19:09
CarstenGHi Sylvie and Kevin.19:48
CarstenGI did only mention that short URL on crocodoc, but did not change it.19:49
CarstenGThanks Sylvie, that you have done it. :-)19:49
cqfd93Hi CarstenG19:57
CarstenGHi Sylvie19:57
cqfd93when I saw19:58
cqfd93I fixed the url when I saw your note on crocodoc, but I forgot to push :-)19:59
cqfd93is there anything else I can do to help finalizing the manual?19:59
CarstenGWell, I guess, reading and checking the information is always good. :-)20:02
CarstenGSee you all, good night.20:56
cqfd93good night!20:57

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