Gumby`rhpot1991: my patches are unrelated to sasc-ng00:08
ZinnGumby`: sasc-ng is a method to ILLEGALLY receive cable or satellite broadcasts via a fake software dvb-s/c device.  It is forbidden from being discussed in #ubuntu-mythtv, #ubuntu-mythtv-dev, #mythtv-users, and #mythtv.  If you would like to learn more about it, please refer to its developers and keep any and all discussions about it there.00:08
rhpot1991Gumby`: good, just wanted to warn since most vague patch references are related to it01:55
qwebirc33453Are there any companies that sell mythtv systems?03:39
qwebirc33453Never mind - http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Commercial_MythTV_System03:40
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qwebirc82760Hi, have issue with Mythbuntu and hdhr. It appears that when using the mythtv for recording i receive lots of artifacts and choppy audio/video. Watching network I see drops (packet loss?) occur at same time the artifacts happen. I have updated hdhr firmware (which supposedly had a fix for simillar issue).19:25
qwebirc82760But issue still occurs.19:25
qwebirc82760Occurs more often on HD channels and when recording multiple shows at once19:25
qwebirc82760Anyone have ideas or suggestions?19:26

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