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dholbachgood morning06:41
Milodovici want to ask one question10:00
ss_hazehello, and ubuntu 13.04 is already almost rock steady stable on my laptop10:00
Milodovicabout unity next as an app on ubuntu 12.0410:00
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dholbachhttp://ubuntuonair.com/ is updated for the event, we'll start in 10m12:50
FariAnybody here?12:52
diskettohi all12:53
rasha666Can someone explain me What is Ubuntu on Air. I sow on twitter and decided to get in :)12:54
FariYup I also want to know about ubuntu on air12:54
dholbachrasha666, Fari: some Ubuntu developers will discuss how to handle sensors in Ubuntu in about 5-6 minutes - it'll be a live videostream12:55
dholbachthis is the place where you can ask questions12:55
rasha666btw, i cant wait new release :)12:55
Farithanks <dholbach>12:55
linknissanok guys we are starting the session in 2 min!12:56
dholbach4 on my clock, but yes :)12:56
Faridholbach can you tell me in which programming language we program in ubuntu12:57
dholbachFari, all kinds, c, c++, python, perl, vala, many others :)12:57
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rasha666Fari, that is very nice in Ubuntu, all programming languages are supported, but c, c++ and python the most :)12:58
linknissani can install ubuntu in my PC12:58
linknissanshows sme partition problem12:59
linknissancan anyone help me12:59
rasha666linknissan, no, go to #ubuntu this is not support channel12:59
linknissani tired!12:59
linknissancouldnt fina a solution thr12:59
dholbachand we're going live13:00
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TT_Hi All13:01
reshreshreshhello everyone13:01
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Guest19341what is this all about ?13:01
dholbachplease ask questions13:02
dholbachand please prefix them with QUESTION:13:02
Guest20911can I have agenda tonight !?13:02
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Guest20911what is the agenda tonight !?13:04
ogra_Ubuntu Development: Handling sensors in Ubuntu13:05
MartyChangAre they all Ubuntu developers?13:05
dholbachMartyChang, yes13:06
commodore64can we join g+ ?13:11
nik90commodore64: no you cannot join g+, since g+ only allows about 15 people max to join the hangout..so only those working on the sensors are present in the hangout13:12
nik90you can ask your questions here13:12
AgentHYou should fix Ubuntu 12.10, it's pretty much fucked up13:18
leahcimBah, "Your browser does not currently recognise any of the video formats available.".13:18
regeris this about ubuntu system on tablets and smartphones?13:25
ogra_yes, but also about future desktops13:26
ogra_(since that will be all the same one day)13:26
des_reger: yes13:26
regerthanks a lot13:26
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nshiellAre we just talking about Ubuntu on mobile or are we talking about cross platform Desktop+mobile etc?13:34
ogra_nshiell, ubuntu touch in the first place but keeping convergence in the back of our mind13:35
nshiellhow do i type a personal message here?13:36
lool/m <nick of person> <your message>13:36
lool/m ogra hey there13:36
ogra_hey lool :)13:36
sergiusenslool: ogra_ that wasn't private ;-)13:39
ogra_geez ! you are right !13:39
lool/m ogra sergiusens didn't get it!11!13:39
ogra_all our secrets revealed !13:39
sergiusenslool: is this like the password joke? :-P13:39
Christoleis this conversation about ubuntu 13?13:40
loolexactly  :-)13:40
loolChristole: 13.10 touch13:40
Christolety =)13:41
ogra_5.1 ?13:42
ogra_Dolby Surround ?13:42
ChristoleDid I miss talk about wifi signal problem, that some laptop brands had with ubuntu 12.04?13:42
sergiusensogra_: I have half a speaker here, wouldn't know13:43
ogra_if dholbach wouldnt blink from time to time i would think he uses a still pic.13:43
dholbachogra_, haha13:43
nshiellI used to run 7.1 off ubuntu in my bedroom hahaha13:43
ogra_sergiusens, ah13:43
dholbachany questions from the audience? (please prefix with QUESTION)13:45
nshiellShould the questions only relate to ubuntu touch sensors?13:45
dholbachyes, that'd help13:45
ogra_well, they should be topic related13:46
dholbachif you have other questions the folks in here might be able to direct you to the right people to talk to13:46
AgentHWhy do you guys want to create an alternative to android?13:47
ogra_we dont :)13:47
ogra_we are crreating a converged OS that works across all devices the same13:47
ChristoleDid I miss talk about wifi signal problem, that some laptop brands had with ubuntu 12.04?13:47
ogra_it just happens that on android phones there are some bits we use of the android layer13:48
sforsheeChristole, that's off-topic for this discussion13:48
Christoleok ty13:48
lool(this session was specifically on sensors)13:48
netherlands6Hi I got an Dell inspiron 7520 15R inspiron Special Edition, only when I'm on ubuntu the fan goes to the max and do noise like grass cutter, Is there a comandline, script or something to fix this please?14:44
UbuPhillupnetherlands6: ask in #ubuntu14:46
netherlands6they said they can't help because I'm using ubuntu 13.04 but I seen other post in forum with the same bugs for ubuntu 12.10 no one had an answer that fix the problem14:47
Edio hi15:32

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