rjelteI have a question that's more UK related than Ubuntu, but hopefully you'll be able to help me: I'm setting up international shipping for a web store, and I'm getting some unfamiliar options for "Administrative Areas" (mostly counties).01:28
rjelteI'm getting some normal ones like Bedfordshire and Blackpool, but I have quite a few that look like this:  (UK13), (UK83), (UK85).01:29
rjelteDo those have any significance, or are they just an artifact of the internationalization library?01:29
bootkigftrgdsMorning Aloha All..06:49
=== bootkigftrgds is now known as redtape
redtapeIs it release day today ??06:50
redtape                                    .... as in 13.04 ?06:51
redtapeRight , I'm off for a paper .. I expect a response within 17.8 minutes ..06:52
MartijnVdSredtape: could be yes07:03
redtapeMartijnVdS:  Ahh-ha  .. I will be installing 13:04 at the coffee shop ... Coffee Republic Ho !07:06
Myrttiprobably not07:09
MartijnVdSMyrtti: there aren't going to be too many changes though.. probably07:15
MartijnVdSapril 25th is official release day, according to the wiki07:15
Myrttiit's always a Thursday.07:16
MartijnVdSMyrtti: ah.. hadn't noticed that before07:16
* MartijnVdS upgrades anyway.07:17
MartijnVdSMust be my inner rebel.07:17
Myrttiusually the last Thursday of the month07:17
MartijnVdS\o popey07:21
TheOpenSourcererMorning one and all.07:25
BigRedSGood Morning!07:33
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JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy St George's Day! :-D08:16
SuperMatta happy st georges day to you too08:17
SuperMatthow many dragons do you plan to slay today?08:18
JamesTaitBig ones, too.08:20
AlanBellsave the dragons!08:21
JamesTaitBut the dragons eat our users' files and change their passwords and break their networks.08:21
AlanBellthey are just misunderstood08:23
czajkowskistill baffling how ye don't celebrate the day08:24
czajkowskinor why ye actually celebrate st. patricks day08:24
JamesTaitI tried getting to know one of these dragins once. Chomped my files right there in front of me. No word of apology nor explanation.08:25
JamesTaitI donned my mithral shield and slew him with my vorpal sword.08:26
JamesTaitHe hasn't chomped any more of my files.08:26
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:30
directhexare you sure it was a dragon and not a sysadmin?08:30
SuperMattsysadmins don't break stuff!08:31
SuperMattI spend all my time fixing stuff other people break D:08:31
mungbeanwe had squirrels/rats chomp through our datacentre fibre last month \o/08:32
SuperMattgood stuff08:34
NET||abusegreat fun, i have to re-connect every day cause sky bounces my ip :(08:45
directhexBT don't bounce mine, although my DSL was down for a bit last night08:46
SuperMattmy BT IP only changes if I get disconnected08:51
selinuxiumMORNING ALL   O/08:53
selinuxiumOops.. Shouty greeting..08:53
bigcalmVirginMedia only seem to change my IP if they have been dicking around with things08:54
SuperMattwhich is most of the time?08:55
bigcalmThankfully it's not as nutty as I sometimes make out08:57
SuperMattI must confess I've been on the wrong end of my own code in the past09:12
NET||abusemust consider moving isp09:28
NET||abusei only get 1024 up and 17000 down,, could do better09:29
NET||abusebeen with sky for about a year and few months,, what's contract exit like anyone know?09:29
NET||abusewhat's the recomendation on isp's in here?09:30
* popey is on virgin cable09:31
NET||abusemmm not bad09:33
mungbeanvirgin is very region dependent09:33
mungbeanthey tend to oversubscribe badly09:33
NET||abuselast test i did was 8Mb/s down, 700Kb/s up09:33
NET||abusereally upsetting when you're expecting 25Mb/s09:33
popey"up to" ☹09:33
NET||abuseyup, kinda sucky09:33
NET||abuseoh yeh, up to 25Mb/s,, you might hope for 16 or 1809:33
NET||abusebut 8.... blech09:34
popeymine rarely goes below what you see above09:34
popeymy wifi is more of a bottleneck than my net connection09:34
LaneyOur new product boasts an up to 100% success rate!09:34
* popey reboots to confirm bugs09:34
NET||abusepopey: saw the tail end of your interview with brian lunduke yesterday09:35
mungbeanhave laptop plugged into a monitor capable of 1920x1200 but only 1440x900 maximum offered ? any ideas?09:39
popeyNET||abuse: it's on youtube now09:44
NET||abuseyeh, was just cooking dinner when the live stream was half way through,, didn't wait to see when it would be ready for regular youtube viewing09:45
NET||abusewill have to watch it now09:46
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:54
mungbeanwhat a beautiful day10:02
mungbeani sit at a window with sunlight again now10:02
popeyit's a "blind up" kind of day10:02
popeymaybe even a windows-open day10:02
NET||abusearghghg,, evil day star!!10:02
davmor2Morning all10:03
mungbeannot on mile end rd10:03
mungbeansirens and pollution10:03
NET||abusemungbean: yeh, not on Old Street neither10:03
brobostigonmorning mungbean10:03
brobostigonmorning davmor210:04
popeylovely sunny day10:04
NET||abusegood postelevensespreprelunch12oclocktee brobostigon10:05
brobostigonNET||abuse: :)10:05
NET||abuseanyone used soemthing like oric.com to find ways to watch your tv stories without resorting to bad thins?10:22
popeyBad Things ™10:23
directhexb-b-b-b-b-baaad to the booooone10:24
NET||abuse:P yeh, i don't like using methods that could ultimately get me in trouble to watch shows i want to watch. So i have a netflix account(come on html5 version) and I've looked at love film and just saw blinkbox which i'll checkout10:25
NET||abuselove film just is too limited10:25
popeyI tried blinkbox and didnt see a very good selection10:25
NET||abuseit's just so easy to use a torrent,10:25
popeymuch like netflix10:25
popeyalthough I watched all of dexter on netflix so that was nice10:26
NET||abuseyeh, i've been wathcing house of cards.. netflix10:26
NET||abuseis dexter up to date?10:26
NET||abusei found uk netflix is often behind on seasons10:26
popeydexter is, yes10:26
NET||abuseoh, didn't realise..10:26
* mungbean isn't sure he would want to watch stuff that isn;t already on UK telly10:27
SuperMattif you're using the netflix-desktop program, just press ctrl+t and go to mediahint.com ;)10:27
* popey is using netflix on android10:27
NET||abusemediahint..interesting, will add that to my checkout list tonight.10:27
NET||abuseyeh, i've been using netflix-desktop so that's working great.10:27
NET||abusemy nexus 7 is dead at them moment, have to rma it, but the compholio project is working fine for me10:28
NET||abusei hear they're working on html5 version, but it might be 2014 bofore that happens..10:28
mungbeanwhat happened to the n7 NET||abuse ?10:28
NET||abusewell i've 2 n7's, oen for me and one for the missus, her one stopped charging, and i replaced it.. then both ehr and my one again stopped charging..10:29
mungbeanwhats the problem?10:30
NET||abusei'm really supprised, I only use hte official charger, and i charge my phone for the last 18months from the same charger and plugs as i use for the nexus, but they just seem to be flakey10:30
NET||abuseno, charger is fine, my phone still charges of it no issues.10:30
NET||abusebut that's 3 n7's that have just died on me10:30
mungbeanstopped charging while it had some charge, or the charge ran low and wouldn't charge?10:30
NET||abusei have both with me today, was going to start RMA on them at lunch today10:30
NET||abusei think the latter10:31
NET||abusethough, when i plug in my one,, i get a flicker of a few lines of static snow on the screen when i try to power it up while plugged in10:31
mungbeani had that with my touchpad HP10:31
popeyropey conector?10:32
NET||abuseanyway, not to worry, google will hopefully replace em.10:32
popeyusb really is the worst set of connectors ever10:32
NET||abusepopey: not sure to be honest.10:32
mungbeanTP ran low, cable broke a bit, which resulted in the TP displaying the screen all night that says "use a better charger". this ran the battery down too low to re-charge it10:32
NET||abusei dont' think so.. seem solidly connected10:32
mungbeanhad to replace battery10:32
mungbeannow i'm paranoid when the battery goes below 30%10:33
mungbeanlooks like all change in july so gonna wait till then to buy my wifey a n710:37
mungbeanand maybe pick up a bargain10:37
NET||abusewhat's gonna change in july?10:38
mungbeannew model of n710:39
mungbeanmaybe cheaper again10:39
mungbeanplus the old models will be cheapy cheap10:40
mungbeangoogle just wanna shift units, rather than profit on these10:40
NET||abuseyeh, just read on the new iteration10:40
NET||abusehmm, not sure i am ready to invest in new hardware10:40
NET||abusejust spend money on setting up home server.10:41
NET||abuseand some family stuff to pay for next 3 months10:41
bigcalmMy goodness I hate sql server10:42
mungbeanlinux-headers-3.2.0-41-generic depends on linux-headers-3.2.0-41; however: Package linux-headers-3.2.0-41 is not installed.10:44
mungbean^^ trying to install linux kernel and headers from deb , as advised by launchpad10:45
mungbeanwhat's going on here?10:45
BigRedSare you using   dpkg -i   or   apt-get install   ?10:46
mungbeandpkg -i blah.deb10:46
popeyso install headers too?10:46
popeydo both10:46
popeydpkg -i *.deb10:46
mungbeani did10:46
BigRedSyeah, dpkg doesn't pull in dependencies, it just detects them10:46
mungbeansudo dpkg -i linux-headers-3.2.0-41-generic_3.2.0-41.65~spcreverted30ae292_amd64.deb linux-image-3.2.0-41-generic_3.2.0-41.65~spcreverted30ae292_amd64.deb10:46
BigRedSapt-get -f install will pull the dependencies in if they're in the repos10:46
mungbeanyeah that didn't work10:47
BigRedSah, no, you're not installing from the repos10:47
BigRedSwhat does just   dpkg -i linux-headers-3.2.0-41-generic_3.2.0-41.65~spcreverted30ae292_amd64.deb   say?10:47
popeywhere'd that come from?10:47
mungbeanbug 114071610:47
lubotu3bug 1140716 in linux-lts-quantal (Ubuntu Precise) "[regression] 3.5.0-26-generic and 3.2.0-39-generic GPU hangs on Sandybridge" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114071610:47
mungbeanBigRedS: it gives the error i posted up there &^^^10:48
popeyyou'll also want extras10:48
mungbeannothing else in the directory http://people.canonical.com/~sconklin/10:48
popeythere are 3 in there10:48
popeyimage, headers, extras10:49
mungbeanin http://people.canonical.com/~sconklin/precise-revert-4c443ec/ ?10:49
mungbeanyou are looking in quantal10:49
popeyah, i am10:50
mungbeanlook in precise10:50
mungbeanand v3.2.0.4110:50
mungbeanmaybe i'll wit until it's generally available10:50
mungbeanbut it's embarrassing if you are looking at facebook for 10 seconds and your screen freezes for a 30 secs just as your boss walks over10:51
mungbeani wonder if download.opensus.org gets throttled for ubuntu usrs...easily the slowest repo i have10:58
hooverhi folks10:58
popeyI'm getting ~4MB/s here11:01
popey10% [===>                                   ] 73,116,439  3.88MB/s  eta 2m 39s11:01
popeyand thats from mirror.ox.ac.uk, so not their box11:01
davmor2popey: 100%[======================================>] 515,525,161 7.41M/s   in 71s11:01
mungbeanapt-get update takes forever on that line11:02
mungbeanthe actual package install is quick11:02
popeyuse a different mirror?11:02
* popey wonders if his "which is the best mirror" script still works11:03
mungbeanbut the package donwload is quick11:03
popeywhat's slow?11:04
mungbeanapt-get update11:04
mungbeanfetching headers11:04
mungbeanjust on the Hit http://download.opensuse.org  Release.gpg11:04
mungbeanHit http://download.opensuse.org  Release11:04
mungbeanHit http://download.opensuse.org  Packages11:04
Laneygoogle's repo does that too11:04
mungbeanalways has done, every pc i owned11:04
mungbeantakes longer than rest of list combined11:04
bigcalmHad a shock this morning. Switched on the workstation and got a grub error that it couldn't find the harddrive and gave the uuid. ctrl-alt-del gave the same response. Power cycling fixed the issue. Not how one wants to start the day11:13
BigRedSI hate UUIDs in grub11:17
MooDoohello all11:17
brobostigonafternoonings MooDoo11:17
knightwisehey everyone11:19
MooDooeveryone ok?11:19
bigcalmUnlikely but mostly11:19
bigcalmHow are you MooDoo?11:19
popeynot gonna do it are they?11:19
MooDoobigcalm: I'm well thanks :)11:20
brobostigonMooDoo: just tryinh something new that i found when shopping the other day, butter made with goats milk, on my lunch sandwiches.11:20
MooDoobrobostigon: yun11:20
brobostigonMooDoo: yes, and i can have it aswell, as i am allergic to cows milk.11:20
mungbeanis buffalo mozzarella really from buffalo?11:22
* mungbean :S11:22
bigcalmBuffalo milk11:22
mungbeanwhat does buffalo mlk taste like?11:23
brobostigonno idea.11:23
* bigcalm shrugs11:23
bigcalmOnly had it in mozzarella :D11:24
MooDootime to go home yet?11:24
* bigcalm is home \o/11:24
bigcalmOh, wait a moment11:24
MooDooI was working at home this morning before I went to the dentist, it's so much more fun working from home11:26
popeyit is when it's http://popey.com/webcam like that out11:27
* brobostigon fears dentists, :(11:27
popeytoday is the first day of the kids back at school11:27
knightwiseever since I saw armageddon .. i fear dentists and their drils11:28
MooDoopopey: my son starts school in sept, having to purchase uniforms and everything11:29
popeyheh, expensive11:29
Laneysend him in a potato sack11:30
MooDooyeah and for a 4 year old that's taller than normal, we're having to get bigger sizes.....whay oh why am I so tall lol11:30
davmor2MooDoo: you have no-one but yourself to blame11:31
MooDoodavmor2: shush you11:32
davmor2MooDoo: Well you could blame your Missus but I reckon she'll find out what you said and we won't hear from you for a few weeks while the hospital puts you back together ;)11:33
MooDoodavmor2: thankfully she doesn't know about IRC and doesn't know it's logged :p11:34
Laneythat can be fixed11:34
davmor2MooDoo: More than one person ready to drop you in it, man you are popular :)11:35
* MooDoo takes a bow, I thank you :)11:35
knightwiseecho log.txt >> mailto://moodoo'swife@trouble.com11:36
LaneyMooDoo: saw your post about coworking spaces; do you work from home?11:36
MooDooLaney: no11:36
MooDoojust thought it was a great idea11:37
Laneyneed more east midlands home workers11:37
directhexknightwise,  ever since I saw armageddon .. i fear aerosmith11:38
davmor2Laney: you are welcome to trundle over to wolves some time and join me and bigcalm and moreati :)11:38
Laneynow what time in the morning would i have to get up for that v_v11:38
MooDooLaney: it would be nice11:39
Laneydavmor2: 06:37 train11:39
* Laney splutters11:39
davmor2Laney: where abouts are you then11:39
davmor2Laney: drive it's only an hour and a half :)11:40
Laneyi don't drive11:40
Laneycould cycle ...11:40
davmor2That's no excuse :)(11:40
davmor2- (11:40
davmor2Laney: Yeah cycle we'll see you in a month, you might be fired by then but you get to co-work :)11:41
Laneyprobably only take a solid day11:41
MooDooLaney: looked at http://nottinghack.org.uk/ ?11:42
Laney 67.0 mi, 6 hours 25 mins11:42
LaneyMooDoo: yeah, thought it was more for electronics stuff though11:42
Laneyalthough they do advertise it as a co-working space11:43
czajkowskiLaney: you in london this week11:44
Laneysame problem as getting to wolverhampton, with the added cherry on top that it costs about 85 quid11:45
Laneyi maintain that more stuff should be in the east mids11:45
MooDooLaney: there is another place in nottingham that's nice to work at11:47
czajkowskiLaney: find me a venue and we can do a hackntalk there :)11:47
directhexi am an even-handed and neutral person when it comes to the east and west midlands11:47
directhexpartly because i live right on the border between them both11:47
Laneyczajkowski: the hackspace would probably be good for that11:47
Laneynot that i've got anything to do with it11:47
LaneyMooDoo: malt cross?11:47
MooDooLaney: lol no antenna11:49
Laneynever 'eard of it11:49
Laneylooks trendy11:49
MooDooit's not bad, £25 a year member ship quite cheap11:50
NET||abuseughh,, scp'ing a video down off my hom eserver to work, 76Kb/s,,,,, argh11:57
mungbeanArm Holdings was the strongest stock on the main index, up 8.3 per cent at 941.5p after it reported a 31 per cent rise in first-quarter pre-tax profits, helping it to repeat existing full-year profit guidance.11:57
NET||abuse:) I knew they'd say that...11:58
* NET||abuse made bad judge dred reference11:58
MooDooNET||abuse: yes it was bad :)11:59
* NET||abuse is ashamed of himself11:59
MooDooNET||abuse: so you should be, now give me 15 hail fedoras and 20 I love suse's as penance ;)12:02
NET||abuseneverrr.... i worship at the alter of gentoo and satanic linux!12:03
NET||abusei've never actually built gentoo,12:03
NET||abuseor done an LFS12:03
NET||abusewould be interesting.12:03
NET||abuseahh, who has time.12:04
NET||abusehmm, killed a mail backup i was doing, scp stabillised at 111KB/s12:05
NET||abusestill pretty crap12:06
NET||abuseok, there's a new one.. so the nexus7 trouble i was having,,, the thing wont charge,, qa girl in my office says to me, she had charging problem with her phone, it went nuts and then wouldn't charge off the wall cahrger, but she put it into the computer,, and that fixed it.. i just did the same with my now 3 weeks dead n7.....12:18
NET||abusewell.. we'll see,, the google symbox and the nexus X came up,, then it shut down again.12:18
NET||abuseok, google and nexus came up again... i quickly switched over to mains..... and pooof!!!12:20
NET||abuseij ust got my home screen... but now it says power off----- shutting down.12:20
NET||abusehmmm, how do you stop it booting up and power down over and over.12:21
brobostigonNET||abuse: maybe ask in #android12:21
NET||abusefair point12:22
NET||abuseoh god.. ok it wnet through another boot cycle, then got static on speakers and light snow on screen..12:23
NET||abusefor about 3 seoncds12:23
hooverhi folks12:23
mungbeanhow many devices can you attach to one netflix user account?12:24
mungbeanare you allowed simultaneous streams?12:25
popeymungbean: i dont think there's a limit12:26
MooDoohello hoover12:26
popeyyou dont attach devices, you just login and use it12:27
popeyit doesn't know one device from another12:27
popeythey probably dont allow multiple device streaming simultaneously, but not tried it12:27
mungbeaneven still, i bet a lot of people shared logins12:28
* popey tries it12:28
popeyi share my spotify login12:28
mungbeanwith mrs popey?12:28
mungbeanif multiple streaming is allowed then its a wonder they get more than one customre at all12:29
* popey has the same programme streaming on two devices 12:29
popeybut both on same IP12:29
mungbeanThe current plan lets subscribers stream to two different devices at the same time using one subscription, the new plan allows streaming to four devices at once.12:30
mungbeanmy whole extended family could use that12:33
Davieypopey: I was digging through my family tree, turns out we are related. Can i be sharing your netflix pls?12:35
mungbeanis it as nice as it looks outside?12:46
BigRedSI've just been informed so by someone recently back from lunch13:28
brobostigonsunny and blues skies and 15c, here.13:28
mungbeanbeen outside, v nice13:29
mungbeanhayfever, but warm13:29
mungbean17c her13:30
mungbeanpwncloud y u stealing all my cpu?13:30
=== andrei_ is now known as andrei_1112
gingdoes anyone know a simple way to setup an ubuntu box for texting to allow root login with a blank password (not using ssh key) ?14:03
mungbeannice password14:06
bigcalmFiddle sticks14:06
mungbeanssh root@bigcalm14:07
mungbean# rm -rf /14:07
bigcalmYay for cloaks14:07
mungbeanging: for "texting"?14:08
gingi meant over ssh14:16
BigRedSnot that I can think of; closest you'll get is probably an ssh key, really14:17
popeywhy not using an ssh key?14:17
popeywell, you can edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and allow password logins and allow root logins14:18
BigRedSyeah, but that just allows passworded root logins, he wants no-password root login14:18
popeywell you have to allow that initially14:18
popeythen blank the password14:18
BigRedSoh, I'm sure I tried that somewhere before and it didn't work...14:19
Laneythere's an sshd_config option for that too14:20
LaneyPermitEmptyPasswords or something14:20
mungbeanyou do know it's a bad idea though?14:23
BigRedSnot universally...14:23
gingso if i set a root password and then blank it, it should let me in with the right sshd config? how do i blank the root password after enabling it?14:28
gingdo i want to blank out the hash in the shadow file? or maybe put ! or * ?14:33
mgdmthat'd lock the account, surely14:35
gingseems to14:35
gingbut it won't allow me to change the password to nothing14:35
mungbeansudo sed -i 's/nullok_secure/nullok/' /etc/pam.d/common-auth14:39
mungbeanmight help14:40
mungbeanwarning : may shag your system14:40
shaunothat looks familiar.  nullok will accept passwordless root, nullok_secure will accept passwordless root from devices listed in /etc/securetty14:42
mungbeanthere's also a nopasswdlogin group its worth adding the user to14:44
popeyging: whats the purpose of this?14:47
popeyi.e. why not use keys?14:47
mgdmI'm wondering if it's to time how long the machine takes to get 0wned :)14:48
BigRedSdo dictionary attacks bother trying "root" and ""?14:48
mungbean[citation needed]14:48
mungbeanmy toddler has a tantrum if you snap his bread stick in two before putting it in the bowl, or if you ask him to take off his shoes, or ask him to wash his hands...14:52
mungbeanor if you speak "DADDY STOP TALKING"14:52
mungbeanwarning : don't read the ridiculous comments on teh article14:53
shaunothat's becoming common sense on the internet in general :/14:53
popeyi dont think we've ever really suffered with tantrums14:53
popeymaybe I'm blotting that out14:53
mungbeanscreaming like a banshee for 20mins14:54
popeythey're 9 and 6 now so that was ages ago14:54
mungbeantrashing the bedroom14:54
popeynope, never had that14:54
bigcalmNext door has a tantrum prone child. It's quite off putting14:54
popeysame here14:54
mungbeanyou can see a tantrum rising up14:54
popeyyou can hear him in the morning14:54
mungbeanbut if you give in , you become a victim14:54
popeyit helps that my wife has been looking after children for years before we had ours14:55
mungbeanmassive tantrum last night because we wanted him to clean his teeth14:55
mungbeani think its personality14:55
popeyhow old?14:55
mungbeanthey started at 214:55
mungbeanhe is stubborn, so are we14:55
mungbeanhe won't win14:55
mungbeanbecause if he did, his demands would escalate14:56
mungbeanit's like negotiating with a terrorist14:56
popeywe used to use the naughty step14:56
popeyworked well, calmed them down usually14:56
mungbeanthere's a place for it14:56
popeyyeah, not often14:57
mungbeangenerally toddlers sense that you want to do something on time14:57
mungbeanget out of the house etc14:57
mungbeansupermarkets are classic for it14:57
mungbeanother people come up and say, do you think he's lost?14:57
mungbean90% of the time he's lovely though14:58
Laneystoopid sun, come back14:59
mungbeani stole it15:01
Laneyasbestos hands15:01
bigcalmI'm usually quite lazy about my shaving habits. But should I make an effort for my new passport photos?15:03
SuperMattI can't remember when it was I last shaved15:04
SuperMattnot that you can actually see any beard15:04
SuperMattstupid genes15:04
bigcalmSuperMatt: how old are you?15:05
MooDoo28?  that old ;)15:06
bigcalmThis is what I looked like at 28 http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigcuthy/2749634110/in/set-7215760664401822815:06
SuperMatttell you what, I won't shave before the meet on thursday and y'all can see how terrible my beard growing prowess really is15:07
davmor2bigcalm: I love the jedi look15:07
popeydisappointed you didn't do a hitler tashe after http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigcuthy/2749635478/in/set-72157606644018228/15:07
popeyI might go goatee next week15:08
bigcalmpopey: it wouldn't have shown up. When I broke my nose, I also split my upper lip in two. Big scar down my nose stops things from growing15:08
AlanBellpopey: monkeytail all the way15:08
AlanBellraring ringtail15:09
popeyooh, french have legalised same sex marriage and adoption15:09
* AlanBell decides to get adopted15:10
popeyooh, good idea15:10
popeya couple of rich sugar daddies15:10
SuperMattshame the french refuse to legalise being another race15:12
SuperMattoh, I just think the french are quite racist15:13
* BigRedS mulls the possible irony15:13
SuperMattI know it's a bit of a generalisation15:13
BigRedSit's also sort-of what you're criticising them for15:13
SuperMattI know!15:14
SuperMattwell, I'm against their anti-headscarf laws15:15
Myrttiiihhhhh ♥ http://www.flickr.com/photos/gemmacorrell/8499889901/15:15
diploAfternoon all15:16
bigcalmMyrtti: that's sweet15:16
PendulumMyrtti: awww :)15:17
SuperMattwooooo, I finally have my bind views replicating!15:18
davmor2popey: better still a couple of rich sugar mommies15:22
popeyI'm happy to accept the horrid imbalance that means two guys will likely earn more in this hypothetical situation15:24
bigcalmdavmor2: popey might prefer sugar daddies15:24
MooDoowhat?  lol coming in halfway through a conversation again lol15:25
davmor2popey: but you are a lot less likely to have one of them fancy you in my scenario :)15:25
bigcalmThe topic may have strayed a little?15:28
bigcalmTis a wondrous thing15:29
davmor2bigcalm: how are you getting on with it now as a day to day system?15:30
AlanBellI should totally try it again15:30
bigcalmdavmor2: fine on my 3 monitor workstation. Still a little iffy on my laptop though15:31
AlanBellall the new 13.04 hotness should be in place now I guess15:31
BigRedSI still dislike it pinching alt15:31
bigcalmOnly left alt though15:31
BigRedSyeah, but that's the one I use15:31
BigRedSalt+arrow keys15:32
AlanBellI haven't used virtualbox for a while, I might be able to cope with the HUD now15:32
davmor2BigRedS: it doesn't.  You just need to keep alt presses15:32
davmor2pressed even15:32
BigRedSdavmor2: yeah, I think I worked that out before. But I'm apparently not capable of using a keyboard properly :)15:32
BigRedSI've so far resuisted the urge to remap the hud to some other key, but I think I will in the not too distant future15:33
AlanBellit was only when the host grabs it from a virtualised guest OS that I got annoyed with it15:33
BigRedSI've still not used the hud intentionallyu15:33
bigcalmdavmor2: what's the firefox plugin to record and playback web page interactions?15:33
BigRedSanyway, hometime! :)15:33
bigcalmDon't seem to have it installed on this machine15:33
AlanBellthe firefox hud integration is kinda cool, I wrote a thing for OpenERP to expose the menu options to the HUD15:33
davmor2bigcalm: say what now?15:34
bigcalmdavmor2: Selenium, thanks15:35
davmor2bigcalm: ah right so simple selenium testdriver  or sst is the one we use you'll find it on LP15:36
davmor2bigcalm: that is the one where you use python to code with15:36
gingpopey: the reason was there was a script that tested test script i needed to run that connects to test machines via ssh and then tries to connect to connect to the other various test machines but the script was not built for ubuntu, i make it work with keys in the end16:28
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ali1234http://jsfiddle.net/NgDhy/21/ ... getting somewhere17:08
ukbeastanyone on ubunyu 13.04 beta2?18:20
AlanBellukbeast: yeah19:25
AlanBellor on a fully updated 13.0419:25
kvarley-phoneI got a shirt from the Ubuntu shop, ripped open the plastic bag it was in, tried it on and it doesn't fit. Can I return it? The FAQ says they must be as new and in original packaging.19:48
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Laneyi doubt a plastic bag counts for those purposes20:02
kvarley-phoneLaney: OK, thanks :)20:04
mungbeankvarley-phone: too big or small?20:32
kvarley-phonemungbean: small, I went off the chest size but its too tight on my arms20:35
mungbeanWe detected a login attempt with valid password to your Yahoo! account20:36
mungbeanfrom Turkey :-|20:36
shaunonice holiday?20:37
mungbeanhad 9 chars , letters and numbers]20:37
mungbeanwith diificult secret questions20:38
mungbeansomething suspcious20:39
mungbeaneven more strange was that it was from a mobile device in turkey20:53
shaunoor something masquerading as a mobile device, for various reasons20:55
diddledangeoip lookups may have been flawed20:55
mungbeanhowever they logged in , and then went to mail20:58
mungbeani haven't logged in to yahoo for weeks20:58
mungbeanand haven't looked at mail in > 2 yrs20:59
mungbeani use it for flickr20:59
mungbeanand while i was in a meeting21:00
shaunooh it's worth changing your password for, etc21:00
mungbeanoh for sure21:00
mungbeanbut it's all a bit weird21:01
shaunojust saying that not all 'mobile devices' really are.  get_iplayer calls itself a mobile device so that it gets mp4 instead of flash, for instance21:01
shaunoit's also a free pass for a lot of capatcha schemes21:01
diddledandon't you love when geeks get involved in naming:21:01
diddledannetname:        TurkTelekom21:01
diddledandescr:          TT ADSL-TTnet_dynamic_gay21:01
mungbean16:07Browser Mail AccessTurkey21:02
mungbean16:07Yahoo! Mobile Logged InTurkey21:02
mungbeanbetter check what app i have installed on my phone21:02
mungbeanif its official flickr one21:02
mungbeananother meerkat on the way \o/21:06
popeymungbean: where did the notification from from?21:13
mungbeanpopey: yahoo21:14
mungbeanthey emailed me on my alternative adress21:14
mungbeankind of "just checking but this might not be you"21:14
LaneyClick this link and enter your credit card number to reset your password21:15
mungbeanlol no it was genuine yahoo21:16
mungbeanand you can see login history on the yahoo site21:16
* Laney stops trolling :P21:17
mungbeanmaybe they were checking my mail for twitter/other subs21:18
mungbeanjust got the local freecycle i never realised i had 900 messages from21:18
zleapso are we going tobe able to get cd's of 13.0421:18
Laneyhttps://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=1076 these look nice21:19
diddledanzleap, afaik canonical won't be selling cd/dvds of the release, but you may be able to get copies from third parties21:20
diddledansuch as linuxemporium if they still provide that service21:21
popeyzleap: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/loco-contacts/2013-April/006307.html21:34
zleapok thanks21:50
Davieywho still uses cd's anyway?22:07
zleapcds dvds22:08
zleapDaviey, i have a nice collection of ubuntu cd's here22:08
zleapeven 4.04 (not complete 2 cd set) but its a wallet and cd22:08
zleapi think its 4.04 anyway22:09
* zleap has a pc with no cd or dvd drive its a pain sometimes22:09
zleapblank dvd x50 = cost of 1x 4gb or 8gb flash disk22:09
directhexthere was no 4.0422:13
zleapyeah that then sorry22:14
zleap2 cds in a wallet22:14
zleapanyway i am off22:14
ali1234i think i finally nailed the sharing button thing: http://dev.drumoff.tv/share/23:38
ali1234now i just need to figure out where to put them on the page23:38

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