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philipballewpleia2, Are there any Ubuntu events in June/July we need the banner for21:10
pleia2not that I'm aware of at this time21:10
philipballewpleia2, alright, I will be out of the country but I will make sure the banner is in northern ca in case its needed.21:12
philipballewNot that pleia2 will be around. Getting married and having fun without us. :)21:18
pleia2I get back on may 1321:18
philipballewnice! I hope all is well. When do you leave?21:21
pleia2tomorrow morning21:21
philipballewpleia2, Best of luck and safe travels. I wish you and MJ the best.21:22
pleia2thanks :)21:22
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The_Letter_MPleia2: Congrats on getting married.21:52
pleia2jus t5 days away, eeek21:52
grantbowpleia2: eek22:15
grantbowphilipballew: let me know if you need anything22:16
philipballewgrantbow, I will. You as well.22:16
grantbowwhat is your schedule for being out of the country?22:17

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