snap-lI will never get tired of bands contacting me for playing their music on the podcast00:00
rick_h_snap-l: awesome00:00
rick_h_hopefuly in a good way vs a 'wft man?!' way00:00
snap-lYeah, it's all good00:01
snap-lUsually it's surprise that someone noticed.00:01
snap-lWhich makes two of us00:01
rick_h_hmmm, 37hr backup. This is more fun than I thought00:04
snap-lAlso the next time I decide to take up Packt on reviewing one of their books, please smack me00:05
snap-lLooking at this INstant Pygame book00:05
rick_h_snap-l: which jewel did you get?00:05
snap-lfucking trainwreck00:05
snap-lStarts off by having people install Python 2.600:05
snap-land doesn't sow them how to install Pygame00:06
snap-land punts off installing Numpy to another book00:06
snap-lwhich seems to be used for generating a random tuple of numbers for a RGBA value00:06
snap-lOh, brillant00:08
snap-lThey use numpy to generate a list of list of integers00:08
snap-l4x3 list00:08
snap-land then have people use color[0]00:09
snap-lInitializing arrays: We will define some arrays to hold the coordinates of the00:10
snap-lpositions, where we would like to put the image during the animation. Since the00:10
snap-lobject will be moved, there are four logical sections of the path: right, down, left,00:10
snap-land up. Each of these sections will have 40 equidistant steps. We will initialize00:10
snap-lall the values in the sections to 0:00:10
snap-lsteps = numpy.linspace(20, 360, 40).astype(int)00:10
snap-lright = numpy.zeros((2, len(steps)))00:10
snap-ldown = numpy.zeros((2, len(steps)))00:10
snap-lleft = numpy.zeros((2, len(steps)))00:10
snap-lup = numpy.zeros((2, len(steps)))00:10
snap-lSo later on the author then concatenates these into a positional array of x,y coordinates.00:15
snap-lTalk about the long way.00:15
snap-lUsing Matplotlib with Pygame (Simple)00:18
snap-lThat's a fucking topic in here00:18
snap-lWe need to have a MPEG movie for this demo. Once you have a movie you can convert it to be00:20
snap-lused in a Pygame game with the following command:00:20
snap-lffmpeg -i <infile> -vcodec mpeg1video -acodec libmp3lame -intra <outfile.00:20
snap-lI'm on page 28. There's 55 pages.00:20
snap-lThey mentioned blitting in passing00:20
snap-lCalling uncle with the publisher.00:29
rick_h_hmm, so last night the backup estimate (after running for 5hrs) was 1d 10hrs. Then I went to bed and it's at 1d 6hrs. I thought I got more sleep than that lol11:10
snap-lwhat are you using to back up your files?11:12
rick_h_built in 'backup' feature on the NAS11:19
rick_h_but yea, usb2 fml11:19
rick_h_https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoxiK7K28PU is kind of badass11:42
rick_h_interesting, my last 4 amazon orders have all gone out Prestige, no ups12:06
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, I've noticed that12:38
snap-lWell, not your orders inparticular12:38
snap-lThere have been times when my order was handed off to the post office while coming UPS12:39
snap-lI think it's all about who can make the last mile more efficiently.12:39
rick_h_yea, I don't usually get the USPS12:41
rick_h_but normally if I order late prestige gets it so that they can meet the 2nd day12:41
rick_h_more guys in a van than big brown truck12:41
rick_h_but normally it's once in a while. strange that all things the last week12:41
jrwren_my interent download speeds are faster than usb1 now :)13:22
snap-lYea, that's sick isn't it?13:23
jrwren_i love it.13:23
jrwren_maybe in anotehr 10 yrs it will be faster than usb2 :)13:23
snap-lYeah, and it'll cost one iMac a month.13:23
jrwren_did I share my insane download speeds since comcast doubled the area speeds?13:30
snap-lI don't think so13:30
snap-lDown or up?13:31
jrwren_i've not tested up.13:31
jrwren_i don't have a good way :(  turns out writes to s3 are notoriously slow.13:31
jrwren_i'll have to spin up and ec2 instance and try writing to that.13:31
jrwren_but still, 60+Mbit, I'm happy with that.13:32
snap-ltestmy.net is pretty good13:36
snap-lStill, that's awesome. I'm paying extra to get the 30/ 3 package from WOW!13:37
=== jrwren_ is now known as jrwren
greg-ghuh, I just hit an "advancedhosters.com" ubuntu mirror on my work laptop apt-get update17:14
greg-gmaybe I'm too old internet domain wise, but that looks non-legit to me17:14
rick_h_greg-g: yea, not sure on that17:14
snap-lIs it a mirror perhaps?17:15
greg-git's an official mirror17:15
greg-gthis is in my sources.list:17:15
greg-gdeb mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt17:15
brouschgreg-g: I thought you ditched Ubuntu17:18
greg-gbrousch: on my personal machine, this work one came with Ubuntu pre-installed (it is the POS dell xps) and I was already sprinting so much my first week (it was an in town week for all of my coworkers, so no down time what so ever).17:19
* greg-g is lazy, too17:19
brouschWhat do the wikipedia servers run?17:19
greg-gUbuntu Precise currently, but there's rumbling of moving to Debian.17:20
brouschI love Ubuntu server17:21
rick_h_greg-g: has it given them grief on the server? Or just for other reasons?17:21
greg-grick_h_: I'm not sure, honestly. I haven't heard anything along the grief lines.17:25
rick_h_greg-g: cool, just curious17:26
greg-gwe have a couple DDs on staff, but also an OpenStack contributor, so... /me shrugs17:26
snap-lIt's all greg-g's doing17:28
snap-lfess up17:28
* greg-g hangs head17:29
rick_h_greg-g: so I've met two others with that laptop and like it. Though one mentions the keyboard is mushy and can get double key-presses which is a red falg17:29
greg-gyeah, definitely experience that17:29
snap-lIsn't that supposed to be their gaming laptop?17:29
rick_h_:/ wonder if you got a dud?17:29
greg-gand the keyboard layout is just damn annoying to someone coming from a thinkpad17:30
snap-ldouble press == red flag17:30
rick_h_snap-l: no, they just did a new alienware thing with ubuntu that's diff17:30
snap-lAh, Ok17:30
rick_h_man, I'm so trying to want to love newsblur...but it's making it so hard!17:32
brouschWhat's the pro blem?17:34
rick_h_the ux is so bulky and extra content. Doesn't flow. Have to check items 2 or three times before it marks read17:37
greg-gthe lack of keybindings is annoying17:37
rick_h_so j/k works out ok17:38
rick_h_went nuts setting "show only unread" on every single damn thing until I happened upon the global setting17:38
rick_h_should default to the first item open for reading17:39
rick_h_the === Sun === footer needs to go. It's taller than many feeds17:39
rick_h_and all of the header 'buttons' need to go.17:40
greg-grick_h_: I mean scrolling, mostly.17:43
rick_h_greg-g: space doesn't work? /me goes to see if there's something new to try17:44
jrwrenwhat are DDs?18:05
rick_h_Debian Developers18:08
jcastrobittorrent sync is pretty awesome guys18:19
jcastrojust installed it on all my stuff18:19
ColonelPanic001I've thought of trying that18:26
ColonelPanic001just saw it a few minutes ago18:26
ColonelPanic001greg-g: http://labs.bittorrent.com/experiments/sync/technology.html18:26
ColonelPanic001like dropbox, but serverless, and over Bittorrent18:26
greg-ghuh, neat18:27
ColonelPanic001yeah. Only downside is you'd need at least one node up anytime you wanted to sync18:27
ColonelPanic001something to sync from18:27
ColonelPanic001but, aside from that, looks neat18:28
greg-gyeah, which most of us have ;)18:28
ColonelPanic001hi flippy18:28
greg-gColonelPanic001: bittorrent.com doesn't do FLOSS, right?18:28
ColonelPanic001greg-g: yeah, generally. I don't anymore (used to, but now my work machine is a laptop), but even still, kind of nice18:28
ColonelPanic001greg-g: not sure, tbh18:28
ColonelPanic001I very rarely torrent, not really into that stuff18:28
greg-gI can't find a source/repo link, so I'm guessing now18:28
ColonelPanic001I use bt to get linux distros, that's it18:28
greg-gjust meant the company, but yeah18:28
ColonelPanic001some discussion18:29
greg-gI don't open those links18:31
ColonelPanic001those ones?18:34
ColonelPanic001"I don't like discussion"18:34
snap-lI use BT for Humble Bundle Games to help save them bandwidth18:36
snap-lI wish Ubuntu used it for their private repos.18:36
ColonelPanic001that too, actually.18:37
ColonelPanic001to download linux installers, and humble bundle18:37
ColonelPanic001I wish they'd do another ebook humblebundle, that was awesome18:37
snap-lYeah, it was18:37
snap-lalso, pearson education is a bunch of fuckwits18:38
greg-gColonelPanic001: hackernews, specifically18:38
greg-gsnap-l: is this channel logged anymore?18:38
ColonelPanic001greg-g: ah. Why's that? I'm not a hardcore fan or anything, just a site I flip through here and there.18:38
snap-l30% discount, but they took it off of the price of the paper edition18:38
ColonelPanic001oh, he's asking about logging. This must be good.18:38
greg-gColonelPanic001: full of people I live near that I wish I didn't :)18:38
snap-lgreg-g: I think it is18:38
snap-lbut it's a matter of public record, as far as I'm concerned18:38
greg-gsnap-l: that was a pre-emptive question ;)18:39
snap-lgreg-g: Oh? :)18:39
ColonelPanic001I was hoping he just had really good dirty gossip on HN, and didn't want it logged. >_>18:39
snap-lLet's just say Pearson makes me appreciate clueful publishers like O'Reilly all the more18:42
snap-land Apress to a certain extent18:43
brouschWe rule. East side drools http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2013/04/forbes_list_grand_rapids_ranks.html19:03
flipsidecreationDetroit is number one for a few things....19:07
flipsidecreationGood job Grand Rapids :)19:08
brouschWant to have a job and raise a happy family while drinking craft beers?19:41
ColonelPanic001yes, meh, yes19:41
ColonelPanic001my family being happy ins't a priority19:41
brouschWe don't want your kind!19:42
ColonelPanic001no kids, and the wife married me, so I assume she's accepted a life of misery19:42
snap-lMaybe that's what Detroit needs - more churches on corners than 7-11s19:46
snap-lOr is that a Holland-thing?19:46
brouschGR has too many churches too19:53
* ColonelPanic001 gets Norwegian black metal bands on the phone20:03
* jrwren curses distutils and setuptool20:44
brouschjrwren: Don't curse them! You'll make them worse!20:46
jrwrenis this answer wrong?  http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6344076/differences-between-distribute-distutils-setuptools-and-distutils2/14753678#1475367820:48
jrwreni thought i fell under the "unless your needs are very basic and I only need distutils"20:49
jrwrenbut AFAICT there is no way to specify requirements in distutils20:49
brouschI've only used pip and setuptools (via modern-package-template)20:53
jrwrenpip is irrelevant20:56
jrwreni'm trying to write a setup.py20:56
jrwrentrying to use only distutils20:56
snap-ljrwren: Any reason you're not considering modern-package-template?20:56
jrwrencuz its not moderna20:57
jrwrensetuptools is dead20:57
jrwrenoh, it uses Distrubte *sigh*20:57
jrwrendidn't want to take the dep.20:57
jrwrenI'll look at it20:57
snap-lyeah, I've packaged several things with it20:57
greg-g"I'm not drunk, I'm just drinking. I'm not stoned, I'm just thinkin'"20:57
greg-goh SomaFM boot liquor radio, how I love you20:57
brouschNo python3 version20:57
snap-lit makes things nice20:57
snap-lbrousch: who uses Python3 ?20:58
snap-lSheesh, what are you? Perl6?20:58
jrwrenright, sticking with distutils was getting me py320:58
jrwrenpython3 is awesome20:58
jrwrenas is pypy20:58
brouschOnly the awesome devs use Python320:58
snap-lDistribute supports Python320:58
brouschmodern-package-template does not20:59
brouschIt uses paste and all that crap20:59
jrwrenit uses setuptools, at least the version I still have instaelled.21:00
brousch"modern-package-template is a PasteScript template to create an initial layout for your Python projects"21:01
brouschlast release apr 201021:02
snap-lbrousch: If only rick_h_ were here to set you straight. :)21:02
brouschI asked him at his pyohio talk about python3 and modern-package-template and he told me to go fix it myself21:03
snap-lbrousch: And did you?21:03
brouschEven the pyramid guy ran away from python3 paste21:04
brouschtime to go home21:04
snap-lSame here. At least, time to go to the board meeting.21:05
greg-gso bourgeois21:06
greg-gexcuse me while I get aboard my private jet to attend our board meeting21:06
jrwrenpython3 then import setuptools and it works. now I"m more confused than ever.21:08
jrwrenI thought setuptools didn't come with py321:08
rick_h_jrwren: http://mail.python.org/pipermail/distutils-sig/2013-March/020126.html21:37
rick_h_yea paste was replaced21:37
rick_h_setuptools can be installed, not included ootb.21:38
rick_h_jrwren: but python packaging sucks for anything but basic stuff really21:39
rick_h_I think pastescript was replaced with whatever pcreate is21:44
rick_h_unfortunately most of the Paste world and unit tests didn't go hand in hand21:44
rick_h_jrwren:  http://guide.python-distribute.org/ is also probably the most maintained doc these days21:57
greg-gwow, caprisun is... crap22:02
rick_h_greg-g: lol22:03
rick_h_not had that since I was 10 or so22:03
greg-gme neither, but it was in the break room fridge22:04
greg-gand I needed something sugary, should've had just plain OJ22:04
rick_h_yea, I remember it probably more fondly than I'd find it today22:05
greg-git says "no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives"22:05
jrwrenwhere I come from, this kind of thing is called shit22:05
rick_h_just full of suck?22:05
greg-gyep, can't see, the individual things don't have the ingredients22:06
jrwrenanyway, setuptools is in python3 on both mac and ubuntu, so I guess I'm ok with using it22:06
rick_h_jrwren: what's shit now?22:07
rick_h_jrwren: the version string checker stuff?22:07
jrwrenyes, the version string checker stuff22:57
jrwrenits pretty bad22:57
jrwrenhi flipsidecreation how are you?23:04
flipsidecreationI have been looking for a way in Ubuntu to intergrate keepass with firefox for password sync.  I have tried KeeFox and loading keep pass using mono but it did not work all that well.  Any open source alternatives?23:08

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