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Unit193skellat: You see http://www.newark.com/jsp/search/productdetail.jsp?sku=65W6016 yet?21:09
skellatStill need to look at specs21:10
skellatI know there was an article on planet.u.c calling it an RPi killer21:10
skellatThe previous BeagleBone didn't come with video21:10
skellatAnd I need to see what this one has & to think about it21:10
* dzho is starting to clue in to the idea that Cortex-A8, for instance, is >> ARM921:11
skellatARM is just a design bureau that licenses its IP.  Implementations can vary widely while still being called "ARM".21:12
dzhoI get that part, but there are still the different "levels"21:12
dzhoarchitectures, I guess, is the term21:12
skellatMore like revisions21:13
dzhowell, that page uses the term "sub-architecture"21:13
dzhofor the "Cortex-A8" bit21:13
dzhowhereas someone was talking about a board earlier this week that is 400MHz ARM9 subarchitecture21:14
dzhoskellat: but I would expect this Cortex one to kick that one's butt, even though 9 > 8 ;-)21:15
skellatI should check if Mouser Electronics has any quantities available21:19
skellatNot yet21:20
skellatDigi-Key should because they're a backer of the whole project21:21
skellatThey have a SKU for it but no quantity yet: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/BB-BBLK-000/BB-BBLK-000-ND/388445621:22
jrgiffordpaultag is all ready to disown my cleveland native-shipness. ;P23:26
paultagjrgifford: :)23:26
paultagjrgifford: I love that area23:26
paultagjrgifford: because that's right by the morning watch and the whole foods23:26
jrgiffordI need to find some friends and go hang out on the town more often...23:26
paultagjrgifford: and that plaza on the other side has the new stores, chipotle23:26
jrgiffordbut that stupid curfew they enacted is going to be a pain.23:26
paultag… curfew?23:27
jrgiffordyou never read about that.23:27
skellatWell, that makes my job as Leader even harder23:27
jrgiffordthey worded it so that basically, it's effective as soon as they call the city manager23:28
paultagjrgifford: wtf23:28
paultagjrgifford: how old do you have to be to avoid it, 18?23:28
paultagah yep23:28
jrgiffordand say "there is a problem, we've got weird people", and then the curfew is enacted as soon as he says "ok", even if it's 2PM.23:28
jrgiffordpaultag, yup.23:28
skellatjrgifford: Is it okay for you to go to events if accompanied by parental units?23:28
paultagjrgifford: how long until you're 18?23:29
jrgiffordpaultag, and it's worded so vaguely that they can extend it to residential areas too.23:29
jrgiffordskellat, yup.23:29
jrgiffordpaultag, another 1.3 years.23:29
jrgiffordpaultag, yeah, doesn't make me very proud of my city. ;P23:29
skellatpaultag: There are state-level curfew rules for minors in Ohio, if memory serves23:29
paultagskellat: youch23:30
paultaglucky I was never under 18 and in the Cleve'23:30
jrgiffordskellat, paultag - no clue about state, but Cle Hts has one. basically it's under 16, 10:30PM, 16-18, 12:00AM, 18, who cares.23:30
jrgifford(or something like that)23:30
skellatAh.  My mistake.  It can be adopted by counties on a county-by-county basis: http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/307.71 .  Townships can adopt such on their own authority too: http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/505.89 .  For municipalities it is an inherent part to home rule powers.23:31
jrgifford531.06 TEMPORARY SPECIAL CURFEW AREAS is the "fun" part.23:32
skellatWhoa.  Cool!  Anti-Flash Mob legislation!23:34
jrgiffordthat is scary as all get-out!23:35
skellatYou want scary law, this is scary: http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/16123:37
jrgiffordseems fairly straight forward and simple.23:39
skellatThat little bit hasn't been updated since 1963!23:40
jrgifforddoes it need to be?23:40
jrgiffordit looks pretty solid to me.23:40
skellatWe actually have no legal way to postpone elections in our state except in case of "enemy attack".23:40
jrgiffordbasically, positions can be filled, they expire within 2 years, elections can't be postponed more than 6 months, sounds decent to me.23:40
jrgiffordskellat, what is a situation where we would need to postpone elections.23:40
jrgiffordbecause there is none, other than a security problem.23:41
jrgifford(that i can think of)23:41
skellatRadiological or chemical release23:41
skellatThink about Perry Nuclear Power23:41
jrgiffordthat could potentially be termed a enemy attack, until proven that it's actually "just an accident".23:41
jrgiffordthey have to treat most of those like an attack.23:41
skellatAh, that's a novel way to reinterpret things! :-)23:42
jrgiffordi know a guy who works/worked at a Nuke power plant.23:42
jrgiffordhe told me the procedure dictates that they treat those like security breaches.23:43
skellatBut back to the main point of curfews...how late are you out that a curfew will cramp your lifestyle?23:44
Unit193When I was underage, I was out to about 2am once, but was right down the road from where I lived. :D23:57

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