Saltdoes anyone have an ubuntu tablet and is going to be lfnw? >_>23:38
bkerensaSalt: you mean a Nexus 7 running Ubuntu?23:39
bkerensayeah so Nexus 7 or 10 with Ubuntu Touch on it then23:39
bkerensamaybe Rick Spencer might have one he is VP of Engineering at Canonical and will be there23:40
bkerensaI quickly got Ubuntu Touch off my phone and tablet ;)23:40
bkerensaits demoware at this point23:40
Saltyeah, just thinking about if/what the demo machine will be23:41
bkerensaa laptop running Ubuntu? :)23:41
bkerensavalorie: you bringing a machine up?23:41
SaltI have an old old eee that'll have it if nothing else23:42
valorieI can bring 3 lappies if necessary23:42
valorie2 bigguns and my netbook23:42
Saltwe don't have THAT much table space :P but would be nice to see something23:43
valorieall three will have the newest kubuntu, but we can easily add unity to one if you want23:43
valoriewell, my main one is for ME23:43
Saltyeah, i want to display vanilla23:43
valoriethe other two are test boxes23:43
valorieok, I'll make sure to install that before heading north23:43
valorietablet with touch will be awesome23:44
valorieI've not been able to play with any of that yet23:44
valorieson has one, but last I heard hadn't put anything but stock on it23:44
valorieso excited for lfnw this year!23:45
bkerensaI got rid of my Nexus 7 unfortunately =/23:45
bkerensabut its really not amazing23:45
bkerensaits unity with dummy apps23:45
bkerensaall those demos you saw :)23:45
bkerensajust fake23:45
valoriewell, kubuntu active is almost there23:45
bkerensayou will be like.... Ohhhh coool... oh wat this is fake?23:45
bkerensaI will have my Firefox OS Phonew23:46
valoriejust a few kernel panics to work out and such23:46
bkerensawhich does work23:46
bkerensaoh dear I need to make sure I bring you guys a table cloth and banner huh?23:46
valorienot that I'm a tester or anything23:46
valorieyou have those, correct?23:47
bkerensaYeah I will bring our LoCo's up when I come23:47
bkerensait almost slipped my mind though... I am stacking swag to pack in the car on friday23:47
valoriego do it now23:47
bkerensaabout four boxes so far23:47
valorieoh wow23:47
bkerensayeah entire trunk will be swag23:48
bkerensaI really hope we dont get a flat this time23:48
bkerensalast time we took a zipcar on a long trip we did23:48
bkerensaand we got it in BFE so we had to wait like three hours for a tow truck23:48
valorieoh ugh23:52
valorieit's been so many years since I had a flat23:52
valorietires are about a million times better than when I was a kid23:53
valoriemy dad wouldn't let me test for my license until I could change a tire by myself23:53
valorieand change oil23:53
valoriecars in general are so much better as well23:53

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