bjsnideri don't understand the alias created by the fglrx package. it says "alias fglrx fglrx"01:23
bjsniderthat whole section of the rules file is weird01:23
bjsniderit's using variables, but they're being filled manually, not from out-of-control stuff01:24
bjsnideri guess it would make sense if there was an alternate package with a different name than fglrx, like fglrx-updates or whatever01:24
bjsniderbut those could be different packaging scripts with different code01:25
bjsniderPKG_driver      := fglrx01:32
bjsniderPKG_module      := $(shell echo "$(PKG_driver)" | sed s/\-/_/g)01:32
bjsniderdon't know why that sed is in there01:32
bjsniderit yields fglrx01:33
bjsnideralias fglrx $(PKG_module)01:33
bjsniderthat is alias fglrx fglrx01:33
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tjaaltonmlankhorst: new test branch from whot08:07
mlankhorstoh and he fixed up the conflict correctly now, good :)08:11
tjaaltonit's rebased with master I think08:12
tjaaltonthe branch08:12
mlankhorst    dix: always copy grabs, don't reference them08:14
mlankhorstthat one should fix the issue I was facing08:14
mlankhorst    FIXME dix: remove TouchListenerGone hook08:14
mlankhorstdon't know about that one, seems to be a hack08:14
mlankhorstok let me build this on the n708:18
tjaaltonbuilding it straight or backported to 1.13+08:23
mlankhorststraight + reverts08:23
mlankhorstI applied the reverts first then merged it in again08:24
mlankhorstok, nexus seems to be working now08:29
mlankhorstlets see if i can build it..08:29
tjaaltonhuh, unpacking ubuntu-docs seems to kill i/o on my machines09:14
mlankhorstwoops, forgot to enable debug, it doesn't crash but it seems that it still fails on touch after a while09:23
tjaaltonthanks for testing09:24
tjaaltoni've now uploaded plymouth to -proposed09:24
mlankhorstor well, right away09:24
tjaaltonlightdm follows09:24
mlankhorstI'll try with --enable-debug09:24
mlankhorstfwiw, if we have the libdrm sru verified we could upload lts-raring to precise09:24
mlankhorstit builds on i386 and amd64, I disabled build for armel/armhf since that was unsupported anyway09:25
tjaaltonnice, apt-get autoremove cleans up old kernels09:37
tjaaltonalso, it just occurred to me that I hadn't tested the new plymouth job on my desktop at all, before now :)09:37
tjaalton3/3 successful boots though09:38
tjaaltonafter the tenth I'll call it a success and upload lightdm too09:39
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mlankhorstI guess I'll go verify libdrm works across all we care about..11:53
tjaaltonmlankhorst: add your findings to the touch bug :)13:21
mlankhorstI told whot in private, he knows13:22
mlankhorst11:43 <whot> really? that's a new instance of that bug then because it passes all the tests13:22
mlankhorst11:43 <whot> well, all except one, which is probably what you're seeing13:22
mlankhorst11:44 <whot> actually, that even makes sense - you triggered the bug when ungrabbing during a touch point and that's the test case I just added and it fails atm13:22
mlankhorstit was the same testcase that crashed before :-)13:24
tjaaltonah, good13:26
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