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inetprogood morning Squirm ++06:06
Trixar_zaMorning Squirm06:09
henkjmorning all06:10
Trixar_zaMorning henkj06:13
Kilosmorning all and sundry06:16
Squirmmorning Kilos 06:20
SquirmKilos: I suppose Trixar_za falls under sundry?06:20
Squirmit happens when you format your linux partition to NTFS06:20
Squirmalbeit accidentally06:20
Trixar_zaIt's a talent06:21
Kiloshiya maiatoday 06:29
maiatodayhi Kilos06:30
Squirmhey maiatoday 06:32
SquirmI really don't feel like today :/06:32
Trixar_zaMe either. I feel more human than a day.06:33
* Squirm eyes Trixar_za 06:33
Squirmeven took me a while to figure out that sentence06:34
Squirmeven after noticing your spelling error06:34
Trixar_zaTried and tested it is06:34
Trixar_zaIntentional pun06:35
SquirmI never got that pun :/06:35
Squirmstill don't06:35
Squirmand I'm beginning to feel a bit sick again. decided I should come to work today06:35
Trixar_zaYeah, don't follow my example. If I work somewhere and I get sick, I tend to go to work. Mostly because the meds makes work way more fun06:36
Trixar_zaEspecially if you're tripping balls while you fix something :P06:37
SquirmI'm on no meds though :/06:39
Squirmbesides myprodol yesterday, nothing today.06:39
SquirmI was feeling alright this morning06:39
Trixar_zaWell, there goes the fun for the day06:39
Squirmmaybe I should pop 4 myprodol :P06:40
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Squirmand home07:11
magespawnhowdy all08:02
trendermornin pumpkins :)08:04
* Squirm yawns08:17
Kilosai! the power peeps are playing again08:19
Kilosmôre inetpro 08:39
inetprowb Kilos08:39
Kilosty 08:40
inetproand good morning Kilos08:40
Squirmoh... my... word08:43
Squirmjust watched the latest Game of Thrones08:43
SquirmI'm speechless08:43
ThatGraemeGuynot. a. word.08:44
ThatGraemeGuysome of us haven't watched yet08:44
Squirmmy eyes are watering it's so amazing08:44
SquirmI don't spoil08:44
Squirmjust know, you actually have to watch it asap08:44
ThatGraemeGuygoing to tonight08:44
Squirmnow that... is a long way away08:45
ThatGraemeGuydownload failed and i only realised when i got home :(08:45
Kilosare you okes watching later episodes than is on mnet?08:45
ThatGraemeGuyi wish sickbeard had a way to specify that certain shows should only be torrented08:45
SquirmI had it on last night, was so slow I'm surprised that it finished08:45
ThatGraemeGuybecause GoT never downloads from usenet08:46
SquirmKilos: I think it's 1 week08:46
Kilosah ty08:46
Squirmjust watched episode 4, I think mnet showed episode 3 last night08:46
ThatGraemeGuyoh, also ..... morning all :)08:46
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 08:46
SquirmKilos: cause it's released Sunday night, America time.08:47
Squirmmy new cellphone should be here today08:48
Kilosoh thats ok then, 1 week behind aint to bad08:48
SquirmKilos: you just need to try and avoid spoilers...08:48
Squirmespecially for this episode08:48
Kiloswhat are spoilers?08:48
Squirmwhen you're told what happens08:49
Squirmlike if I had mentioned why it is so amazing08:49
Kilosah, i forget anyway08:49
Squirmdefeats the point of watching it08:49
SquirmI'm in such a good mood now08:49
Kilosoften need to watch replays to see it all08:50
* Squirm goes and watches that part again08:50
Kiloshi tonberryE352  HawkiesZA 08:54
HawkiesZAhi ho09:03
Squirmhas anyone else had an issue with Chrome recently using up a lot of memory?09:04
tonberryE352define recently09:04
tonberryE352using chrome on a pc with less than 8gb of ram has been painful for me for about 3-4 years09:05
Squirmwell, I've only noticed in in the past 2 weeks or so09:05
SquirmI've been fine, but now I see it's using atleast 30mb, some pages 100mb+09:05
tonberryE352chrome will happily consume 4+gb of ram with only 10-20 tabs open09:06
Squirmmy netbook was acting slow, 700mb/1000mb used. had 3 tabs in chrome. closed chrome and down to 200mb09:06
Squirmthat's 500mb for 3 tabs09:06
tonberryE352it also has a habit of keeping a lot of stuff in cache from closed tabs09:07
tonberryE3524.8gb on this pc with far far too many tabs open09:07
HawkiesZAI'm using 2.5GB total with 2 instances of Chrome running (and other things, but Chrome chows most of that)09:14
HawkiesZAChrome does get kinda hungry with loads of tabs.09:15
tonberryE35211 windows, silly amount of tabs09:16
Squirmcause I've been struggling. Have 4Gb in my home machine and all of a sudden it's become an issue09:19
SquirmI have 8Gb in my office machine, can't have chrome with like 15 tabs open + a windows VM09:19
SquirmI actually crashed it the other day, somehow ran outta mem09:19
* Squirm must remember to check his swap space09:19
superflySquirm: I used Firefox until recently, got a bit fed up with it and switched to Chrome, now I remember why I stick with Firefox. It works.09:21
Squirmoh chrome works09:21
Squirmand I love it09:21
tonberryE352you just need to feed it09:21
tonberryE352a lot09:21
superflyIn Firefox I have 100+ tabs open without a worry. 10 in Chrome starts making my machine feel like a 28609:21
superflytonberryE352: that's not good enough09:21
Squirmchrome + 1 tab, 200mb :/09:21
tonberryE352true it is getting a bit out of hand with the ram usage09:22
Squirmit is, yes09:22
Squirmsuperfly: how is Firefox with it's sync these days09:22
SquirmI love the fact I have all my bookmarks, saved passwords, even history on all my machines09:22
superflySquirm: never had a problem09:22
superflySquirm: I can't recall if Firefox's sync does that09:23
Kiloshi superfly 09:25
* Squirm investigates09:27
SquirmFirefox Sync is a service that lets you synchronize your bookmarks, history, passwords, add-ons and open tabs with another copy of Firefox – like one on another computer or on a mobile phone. 09:27
nuvolario/ oh hi09:30
nuvolarianyone around using macs?09:31
nuvolariand noticed that mac users struggle a lot with quotes i?09:31
nuvolarithey always break stuff09:31
Kiloslo nuvolari 09:33
Kiloshi simeon 09:40
superflynuvolari: eh?09:41
Kilossimeon, your connections sucks today, you in and out10:26
nuvolarisuperfly: using 'mac-style' quotes and apostrophe's in html for attributes10:43
superflymac style? whats that? 10:44
nuvolarihrr, it's hard to reproduce on a 'proper' keyboard :P10:45
superflyYou mean ``10:45
nuvolariaka (aparently) curly quotes10:49
ThatGraemeGuyanyone using raring and bumblebee for nvidia optimus support?11:59
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Squirmpeople seem to be having connection issues today12:47
inetproyay! Seems I'm already getting a new firmware update on me Note II12:52
superflyinetpro: nice, up to 4.1.2 ?12:55
inetprosuperfly: I'm not sure what it is trying to upgrade exactly at the moment, I'm on 4.1.1 at the moment13:03
inetproso I guess it will go to 4.1.213:03
inetprohopefully we'll go to 4.2 at some point in the near future as well13:04
Kiloshi Cronus welcome to ubuntu-za13:06
CronusKilos: Thanks ;)13:07
KilosCronus, tell us about yourself, w3hat you do? what OS you use etc13:18
Kilosyou are welcome here regardless13:21
Kilosinetpro, you and plustwo are yoyoing today13:31
Kilosmind you dont get kicked13:32
Kilosfix it13:32
ThatGraemeGuymiddag konstabel!13:37
Kiloshes is the kicker13:45
trender  __13:45
Kilosohi trender 13:45
Vince-0surp durp13:55
Vince-0gosh darn work work, feel like a peon here today13:55
Kilosnever mind Vince-0 only 30 years to go13:58
SquirmS3 arrives tomorrow :/14:07
SquirmI'm not going to be here all day tomorrow14:07
nuvolariwise words oom Kilos 14:18
Vince-0ha! I'll have like 38 more years to go14:32
Vince-0but its gtfo time right now whoot14:33
bakumananyone have experience with gpg?14:36
nuvolaribakuman: what kind of experience with gpg?14:53
nuvolariI have extremely limited experience14:53
bakumanwith experience i mean 'used it'14:53
nuvolariwhich part? :P14:54
bakumanwell I am making some backups which I encrypt14:55
bakumanjust wondering if there is anything I should be wary if14:55
nuvolarilosing your keys14:55
nuvolaribut file encryption I do not have a lot of experience with14:56
bakumanokay thanks14:56
inetproKilos: I know, sorry for that16:14
Kiloslol np inetpro just teasing man16:15
Kiloslets blame telkom16:16
inetproKilos: good idea16:16
Kilosgoinf to kde. wbb16:20
Kilosgoing as well16:20
Kiloswhew we are min here tonight hey17:33
* Cantide makes some noise17:33
Kilosnuvolari: jaag jy die mense weg?17:33
Kiloshi Cantide 17:33
Kilosonly 20 here17:34
Cantidegood evening17:34
Cantidedamn, how do you spell 'goeie'17:34
Cantidei seem to have forgotten Afrikaans ._.17:34
Kiloslike that17:34
Cantidethen ..17:34
Cantidegoeie aand :)17:34
Kilosgoeie naand17:34
Cantideek moet Afrikaans leer ._.17:34
Kilosnee man jy gaam koreaans moet leer17:35
Cantideja, ek sal17:35
Cantideen ook Germanikaans en Latinikaans17:35
Kilosduits en latyns17:36
Cantidedankie :p17:36
Kiloslateins latyns?17:36
Cantideek weet nie!17:36
Kilosme neither17:36
Cantidewhat's your first laguange?17:36
Kilosinetpro: whats latin in the taal17:36
Cantidelanguage *17:36
inetproKilos: uh?17:37
Kilosno man not uh latin in afrikaans17:37
inetprosoos in Latyn?17:37
Kilosja dit kan wees dankie17:38
Kilosthere Cantide 17:38
Cantidebaie dankie, oom Kilos en inetpro :p17:38
CantideKilos, wat is jy eerste taal?17:38
Kilosalways ask the pro, he is a van der merwe17:38
inetproLatyn (Lingua Latina) was die taal wat oorspronklik in die gebied Latium in Rome se omgewing gepraat is. Dit het baie belangrik geword as die amptelike taal van die Romeinse Ryk. http://af.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latyn17:39
Kilosmy eerste taal is engels Cantide 17:39
Kilosen dis jou taal nie jy taal nie17:39
Cantideek sien :) ek ook17:39
Cantideas you can see :) my Afrikaans is not great :p17:39
Cantideschool was 11 years ago, and I've not used it since17:39
Kilosya durbs is all english17:40
CantideI live next to an Afrikaans high school haha17:40
Kilosfind an afrikaans chick17:42
Cantideno thanks :p17:42
CantideI have a Korean one :p17:42
CantideKorean chick = WIN17:42
inetprosuperfly: btw, that upgrade was to 4.1.217:44
Kiloshi smile4ever wb Vince-0 18:00
Kilosnight all , sleep tight18:14
Vince-0oh baai18:20
superflyinetpro: yeah. mine and mrs_fly's are both on that too18:58
superfly11 years ago? youngling18:59
Tonberrywhat phones?19:45
superflyTonberry: S3 and S3 mini20:01
Tonberryover the air yet?20:01
Tonberryor manually?20:02
Tonberryoh 4.1.2 not 4.2.220:11
Tonberryoh well20:11
Squirmmy S3 arrives tomorrow21:10
Squirmand I only get back at 5pm :/21:10

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